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Camp Butler National Cemetery
Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois

GPS: 39.83218, -89.55828

5063 Camp Butler Rd
Springfield, IL 62707

Published: July 2000, last updated: December 31, 2020
Total records: 29,247

Camp Butler National Cemetery is owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Surnames O

Records below were received from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These records were compiled by the Department on December 28, 2020, and include dates of death up through December 16, 2020.

O'BANION, Robert W, b. 10/01/1922, d. 06/06/2006, Section: X, Site: 238, US ARMY AIR FORCES, T SGT, WORLD WAR II
O'BRIEN, Charles Frances, b. 10/24/1892, d. 05/10/1967, Section: B, Site: 303, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
O'BRIEN, Dorothy Knox, b. 10/30/1920, d. 12/24/2012, Section: K, Site: 861, Wife of Thomas D O'Brien
O'BRIEN, Edward Patrick Jr, b. 04/09/1947, d. 08/04/2020, Section: S, Site: 325, US NAVY, FA, VIETNAM
O'BRIEN, Eileen Marie, b. 02/05/1916, d. 03/03/2001, Section: F, Site: 64-P, US NAVY, PHM3, WORLD WAR II
O'BRIEN, Harry R, b. 10/23/1922, d. 03/17/1942, Section: C, Site: 417, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
O'BRIEN, James, b. 05/14/1920, d. 05/20/1972, Section: E, Site: 1466, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
O'BRIEN, James P, b. 07/24/1915, d. 03/29/2003, Section: F, Site: 64-Q, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
O'BRIEN, Larry Wayne, b. 11/19/1937, d. 03/03/2017, Section: U, Site: 511, US AIR FORCE, A/B
O'BRIEN, Robert Emmett, b. 10/06/1893, d. 01/26/1970, Section: B, Site: 699, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
O'BRIEN, Thomas D, b. 05/06/1917, d. 11/15/1985, Section: K, Site: 861, US ARMY, MAJ, WORLD WAR II
O'BRYEN, Paul Junior, b. 07/05/1918, d. 08/09/2002, Section: CREMC, Site: 447, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II
O'BRYEN, Roland Felts, b. 08/10/1922, d. 01/10/1970, Section: I, Site: 1351, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
O'CONNELL, Edward Patrick, b. 04/21/1909, d. 08/25/1970, Section: I, Site: 1573, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
O'CONNELL, John Richard Sr, b. 08/11/1941, d. 10/21/2018, Section: O, Site: 250, US ARMY, PV2, VIETNAM
O'CONNOR, Caroline M, b. 05/17/1911, d. 07/31/1995, Section: E, Site: 746, Wife of Michael George O'Connor
O'CONNOR, Carrietta Jean, b. 05/23/1947, d. 12/11/2002, Section: F, Site: 64-CC, Wife of Edward Joseph O'Connor
O'CONNOR, David John, b. 09/29/1908, d. 07/19/1962, Section: D, Site: 433, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
O'CONNOR, Donald Leo, b. 03/01/1925, d. 03/04/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 171, US NAVY, PHM3, WORLD WAR II
O'CONNOR, Ellen C, b. 02/06/1913, d. 05/19/1979, Section: B, Site: 1050, Wife of Paul E O'Connor
O'CONNOR, James P, b. 06/19/1906, d. 01/13/1985, Section: K, Site: 864, US ARMY, T SGT, WORLD WAR II
O'CONNOR, Jerome Lawrence, b. 11/14/1927, d. 08/11/2011, Section: Y, Site: 379, US MARINE CORPS, S/SGT, WORLD WAR II
O'CONNOR, John, b. 08/09/1889, d. 11/28/1968, Section: I, Site: 344, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
O'CONNOR, Joseph J, b. 11/21/1891, d. 01/24/1953, Section: 4, Site: 204, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
O'CONNOR, Mary G, b. 03/05/1908, d. 10/27/1996, Section: K, Site: 864, Wife of James P O'Connor
O'CONNOR, Michael George, b. 03/03/1912, d. 03/08/1956, Section: E, Site: 746, US NAVY, SF3, WORLD WAR II
O'CONNOR, Patricia Anne, b. 03/10/1931, d. 04/21/2009, Section: Y, Site: 379, Wife of Jerome Lawrence O'Connor
O'CONNOR, Paul E Sr, b. 08/08/1914, d. 12/23/1982, Section: B, Site: 1050, US NAVY, COX, WORLD WAR II
O'CONNOR, Ray Joseph, b. 09/22/1917, d. 02/17/1977, Section: D, Site: 951, US NAVY, ADC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
O'CONNOR, Rita M, b. 09/27/1924, d. 04/22/2020, Section: CREME, Site: 171, Wife of Donald Leo O'Connor
O'CONNOR, Robert James, b. 10/21/1930, d. 04/14/1998, Section: M, Site: 1101, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
O'CONNOR, Robert James, b. 07/18/1928, d. 07/12/2014, Section: R, Site: 305, US NAVY, ICFN, KOREA
O'CONNOR, Ruth V, b. 02/28/1915, d. 08/04/1978, Section: B, Site: 997, Wife of William J O'Connor
O'CONNOR, Shirley Ann, b. 08/23/1935, d. 08/18/1996, Section: M, Site: 1101, Wife of Robert James O'Connor
O'CONNOR, Thomas James, b. 03/03/1912, d. 12/01/1967, Section: D, Site: 59, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
O'CONNOR, William J, b. 08/15/1905, d. 11/11/1978, Section: B, Site: 997, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
O'CONNORS, Geraldine Patricia, b. 09/13/1899, d. 04/20/2003, Section: C, Site: 643, Wife of William E O'Connors
O'CONNORS, William E, b. 11/02/1894, d. 04/05/1950, Section: C, Site: 642, US ARMY, PVT, MEXICAN BORDER, WORLD WAR I
O'DAY, Sharon A, b. 02/19/1944, d. 08/27/2017, Section: CAW5, Row: B, Site: 18, US AIR FORCE, 1LT, VIETNAM
O'DELL, Ashley A, b. 01/30/1983, d. 03/27/1983, Section: H, Site: 906, Daughter (Minor Child) of John E O'Dell
O'DELL, Erma May, b. 11/04/1900, d. 03/17/1962, Section: 3, Site: 931, Wife of Hurshel E O'Dell
O'DELL, Hurshel E, d. 06/27/1945, Section: 3, Site: 931, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
O'DELL, Ruth P, b. 02/19/1944, d. 07/07/2019, Section: F, Site: 326, Wife of William O O'Dell
O'DONNELL, Arlene R, b. 07/23/1937, d. 06/28/2018, Section: O, Site: 204, Wife of John Lyons O'Donnell Jr
O'DONNELL, James, d. 03/15/1945, Section: 3, Site: 361-C, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
O'DONNELL, Margaret Frances, b. 09/03/1920, d. 04/01/2016, Section: S, Site: 58, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II
O'GUIN, J R, d. 04/26/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 607, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
O'HALLORAN, Michael Ray, b. 08/19/1945, d. 09/19/2005, Section: X, Site: 306, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
O'HARA, Charles Thomas, b. 03/05/1937, d. 01/23/1998, Section: M, Site: 856, US AIR FORCE, A1C
O'HARA, Diann M, b. 12/03/1951, d. 06/28/2019, Section: M, Site: 856, Wife of Charles T O'Hara
O'HARA, Frederic Stanton, b. 06/30/1926, d. 10/18/1995, Section: M, Site: 1116, US NAVY, HA2, WORLD WAR II
O'HARA, Thomas Dewitt, b. 11/23/1947, d. 09/18/2016, Section: U, Site: 374, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
O'HARE, Charles P, b. 04/19/1943, d. 10/08/1984, Section: H, Site: 155, US NAVY, SN, VIETNAM
O'KEEFE, Charles R, b. 03/09/1917, d. 10/27/2004, Section: G, Site: 63, US ARMY AIR FORCES, T SGT, WORLD WAR II
O'KEEFE, Charlotte L, b. 03/30/1923, d. 06/23/2020, Section: G, Site: 63, Wife of Charles R O'Keefe
O'LAUGHLIN, James W, b. 04/15/1924, d. 07/11/2004, Section: G, Site: 113, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
O'LEARY, Dennis, b. 08/22/1894, d. 11/21/1951, Section: C, Site: 563, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
O'LEARY, Marie Helen, b. 08/16/1902, d. 08/20/1996, Section: CREMB, Site: 201, Wife of Thomas Michael O'Leary
O'LEARY, Virginia E, b. 04/26/1904, d. 10/03/1973, Section: C, Site: 564, Wife of Dennis O'Leary
O'MALLEY, Julia E, b. 08/17/1924, d. 07/30/2017, Section: I, Site: 3169, Wife of William G O'Malley
O'MALLEY, William G, b. 01/05/1924, d. 09/05/1976, Section: I, Site: 3169, US NAVY, SOMH2, WORLD WAR II
O'MEARA, James J, b. 08/06/1892, d. 07/17/1964, Section: D, Site: 307, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
O'NEAL, Charles F, b. 02/24/1907, d. 07/19/1976, Section: 3, Site: 1099, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
O'NEAL, F M, d. 03/14/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 699, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
O'NEAL, Mike, d. 05/05/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 452, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
O'NEAL, Norma L, b. 10/14/1925, d. 10/28/2010, Section: M, Site: 1461, Wife of Vernon E O'Neal
O'NEAL, Vernon E, b. 10/15/1919, d. 11/09/1995, Section: M, Site: 1461, US ARMY AIR CORPS, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
O'NEIL, Ernest I, b. 05/30/1919, d. 09/26/2008, Section: Y, Site: 464, US ARMY AIR FORCES, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
O'NEIL, Genevieve, b. 01/22/1903, d. 08/20/1973, Section: I, Site: 224, Wife of Hugh G O'Neil
O'NEIL, Hugh G, b. 02/22/1909, d. 09/28/1968, Section: I, Site: 224, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
O'NEIL, Joseph Walter, b. 11/28/1909, d. 12/19/1970, Section: I, Site: 1808, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
O'NEIL, Martin John, b. 11/29/1908, d. 06/03/1971, Section: E, Site: 1263, US NAVY, MMR2, WORLD WAR II
O'NEIL, Mary, b. 08/10/1930, d. 03/28/2014, Section: Y, Site: 464, Wife of Ernest I O'Neil
O'NEIL, William, d. 02/02/1864, Section: 2, Site: 223, INFANTRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
O'NEILL, Gerianne Marie, b. 05/08/1956, d. 02/25/1959, Section: E, Site: 631, Daughter (Minor Child) of John T O'Neill
O'NEILL, Gregory Robert, b. 03/29/1954, d. 05/08/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 233, US NAVY, S1, VIETNAM
O'NEILL, Richard J, b. 12/17/1922, d. 11/11/1994, Section: CREMB, Site: 202, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
O'NEILL, Robert Emmet, b. 05/03/1913, d. 01/09/1948, Section: 3, Site: 987-M, US NAVY, SK3, WORLD WAR II
O'PRINE, C S, d. 04/12/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 316, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
O'RAVIS, Cheryl L, b. 11/12/1948, d. 10/11/2018, Section: O, Site: 245, Wife of George Joseph O'Ravis Jr
O'ROURKE, Eugene Joseph, b. 12/18/1921, d. 01/17/2000, Section: M, Site: 548, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, WORLD WAR II
O'ROURKE, John Patrick, b. 12/11/1937, d. 11/11/2002, Section: H, Site: 614-E, US ARMY, SP4
O'ROURKE, Joseph Eugene, b. 10/27/1929, d. 07/07/1995, Section: M, Site: 1284, US NAVY, TE3, KOREA
O'ROURKE, Lawrence Walter, b. 09/04/1919, d. 11/07/2002, Section: CREMC, Site: 440, US MARINE CORPS, SGM, WORLD WAR II
O'ROURKE MOSCARDELLI, Constance M, b. 04/26/1924, d. 05/11/2008, Section: M, Site: 548, Wife of Eugene Joseph O'Rourke
O'SHEA, Anna Marie, b. 04/29/1920, d. 05/30/2009, Section: M, Site: 822, Wife of Thomas L O'Shea
O'SHEA, David James, b. 07/20/1953, d. 02/21/2013, Section: R, Site: 33, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
O'SHEA, Lillie M, b. 06/09/1925, d. 07/06/2007, Section: MB, Site: 44, Wife of John Robert O'Shea
O'SHEA, Robert Sumner, b. 04/09/1925, d. 11/18/2018, Section: U, Site: 669, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
O'SHEA, Thomas L, b. 06/15/1918, d. 04/10/1998, Section: M, Site: 822, US ARMY, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SSGT, 1LT, WORLD WAR II
O'SULLIVAN, Agnes E, b. 12/30/1899, d. 12/04/1985, Section: H, Site: 915, Wife of Patrick J O'Sullivan
O'SULLIVAN, Patrick J, b. 01/06/1889, d. 03/10/1983, Section: H, Site: 915, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
O'TOOLE, James William, b. 02/22/1929, d. 09/24/1950, Section: C, Site: 453, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, KOREA
OAK, William, b. 05/08/1909, d. 01/04/1988, Section: F, Site: 253, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SGT, WORLD WAR II
OAKMAN, Randal Dean, b. 06/03/1961, d. 02/03/2019, Section: O, Site: 305, US ARMY, SGT, SSG, AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, PANAMA
OBERG, William Roy, b. 03/16/1955, d. 12/04/2006, Section: CREMD, Site: 147, US ARMY, PV1, VIETNAM
OBERREITER, Walter J, b. 12/10/1939, d. 11/07/2002, Section: F, Site: 125-EE, US AIR FORCE, A2
OBERSAT, Ruth Albertine, b. 04/24/1936, d. 04/11/2001, Section: N, Site: 117, Wife of John William Floski
OCAMPO, Joaquin, b. 08/21/1896, d. 09/05/1971, Section: B, Site: 274, US NAVY, MATT1, WORLD WAR I
OCCOMY, Calvert, b. 11/09/1906, d. 01/24/1973, Section: I, Site: 2372, US NAVY, STM1, WORLD WAR II
OCCOMY, Lillian Mae, b. 05/21/1901, d. 04/10/2002, Section: I, Site: 2372, Wife of Calvert Occomy
OCHMAN, Eileen Lenore, b. 04/06/1924, d. 01/03/2011, Section: F, Site: 679, Wife of Paul Ochman
OCHMAN, Paul, b. 04/07/1915, d. 03/21/1993, Section: F, Site: 679, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
OCHS, Louis Peter, b. 03/01/1932, d. 06/11/1992, Section: J, Site: 766, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
OCKER, Walter C, b. 06/10/1908, d. 07/24/1989, Section: J, Site: 286, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ODAFFER, Frederick, b. 07/30/1888, d. 08/04/1964, Section: D, Site: 290, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
ODENEAL, Betsy Stockard, b. 06/13/1946, d. 06/28/2015, Section: Y, Site: 192, Wife of Michael Eugene Odeneal
ODENEAL, Ernest Duane, b. 09/25/1946, d. 07/10/1995, Section: M, Site: 1276, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
ODENEAL, Michael Eugene, b. 01/25/1948, d. 03/22/2010, Section: Y, Site: 192, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
ODOM, John, d. 04/26/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 206, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ODOM, Robert Travis, b. 10/14/1942, d. 09/16/2006, Section: V, Site: 150, US ARMY, MSG, VIETNAM
ODONNELL, Claire Martha, b. 08/16/1922, d. 05/09/2014, Section: W, Site: 270, US NAVY, Y2C, WORLD WAR II
ODONNELL, Lester R, b. 01/02/1924, d. 01/05/2001, Section: W, Site: 270, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ODUM, Geraldine M, b. 10/06/1946, d. 06/27/2009, Section: Y, Site: 330, Wife of Russell Eugene Odum Sr
OEHME, Harland F, b. 05/12/1924, d. 08/11/2013, Section: R, Site: 95, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
OEHME, Lois I, b. 08/04/1925, d. 12/25/2017, Section: R, Site: 95, Wife of Harland F Oehme
OEHMKE, Frances June, b. 06/17/1921, d. 02/19/2006, Section: CREMD, Site: 319, Wife of Kenneth H Oehmke
OEHMKE, Kenneth H, b. 06/17/1921, d. 01/05/2006, Section: CREMD, Site: 319, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
OEHMKE, Marshall Edward, b. 01/26/1914, d. 03/28/1964, Section: D, Site: 309, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
OESCH, Patricia Ann, b. 04/18/1939, d. 07/19/2010, Section: V, Site: 4, Wife of Samuel Waldo Oesch
OESCH, Samuel Waldo, b. 02/02/1934, d. 09/08/2007, Section: V, Site: 4, US ARMY, SP3, KOREA
OEST, Belinda Danette, b. 10/20/1959, d. 05/13/1961, Section: E, Site: 27, Daughter (Minor Child) of John F Oest Jr
OEST, John Frederick Jr, b. 10/10/1930, d. 09/06/1997, Section: E, Site: 27, US ARMY, US NAVY, SGT, SN, KOREA, VIETNAM
OESTMANN, Betty D, b. 05/15/1921, d. 08/09/2015, Section: J, Site: 488, Wife of Raymond L Oestmann
OESTMANN, Raymond L, b. 05/28/1917, d. 04/23/1990, Section: J, Site: 488, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
OFIELD, Jack E, b. 07/05/1926, d. 08/19/1988, Section: F, Site: 271, US ARMY, PVT
OFIELD, Marie E, b. 07/15/1923, d. 02/06/2020, Section: F, Site: 271, Wife of Jack E Ofield
OGDEN, Alva V, b. 08/24/1917, d. 05/27/1972, Section: E, Site: 1467, US ARMY AIR FORCES, CPL, WORLD WAR II
OGDEN, Gwen Katherine, b. 04/23/1923, d. 04/05/2015, Section: L, Site: 1546, Wife of Ray Wilford Ogden
OGDEN, Ray Wilford, b. 03/27/1921, d. 01/25/2000, Section: L, Site: 1546, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
OGGERO, William Thomas, b. 01/22/1958, d. 03/08/2015, Section: U, Site: 175, US ARMY, PV1
OGGERO, William Victor, b. 06/21/1932, d. 05/12/2003, Section: CREMC, Site: 383, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
OGLE, Roy Edward, b. 09/19/1916, d. 12/13/1971, Section: B, Site: 253, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
OGLEBAY, Ernest J, b. 01/01/1929, d. 08/09/1975, Section: E, Site: 1861, US NAVY, SA, WORLD WAR II
OGLEBAY, Mae N, b. 05/21/1929, d. 11/11/2007, Section: E, Site: 1861, Wife of Ernest J Oglebay
OGLESBEE, Robert Burns, b. 02/13/1921, d. 02/04/1973, Section: E, Site: 1591, US ARMY, T SGT, WORLD WAR II
OGLESBY, Audrey J, b. 10/02/1925, d. 01/13/2008, Section: Y, Site: 543, Wife of Robert E Oglesby
OGLESBY, Richard Cleon, b. 01/31/1930, d. 03/13/2017, Section: CREMC, Site: 243, US NAVY, RMN3, KOREA
OGLESBY, Robert E, b. 12/06/1926, d. 01/19/2015, Section: Y, Site: 543, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
OGLESBY, Roscoe C, b. 08/13/1895, d. 11/12/1966, Section: A, Site: 68, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
OGLESBY, Susanne Prince, b. 08/26/1930, d. 10/24/2008, Section: CREMC, Site: 243, Wife of Richard C Oglesby
OGLESBY, William Duane, b. 07/28/1932, d. 08/06/2019, Section: U, Site: 758, US MARINE CORPS, SSGT, KOREA
OHME, Otto A, b. 12/02/1916, d. 06/28/1951, Section: E, Site: 514, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
OHMER, G W, d. 03/17/1864, Section: 3, Site: 636, INFANTRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
OHMS, Wilbur R, b. 10/14/1917, d. 09/26/1944, Section: C, Site: 98, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OHRWALL, George Bruce, b. 02/02/1939, d. 12/05/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 44, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, VIETNAM
OHRWALL, Sylvia June, b. 06/05/1938, d. 02/03/2016, Section: CREME, Site: 44, Wife of George Bruce Ohrwall
OJEMAN, Allan Edgar, b. 02/03/1928, d. 01/09/1995, Section: B, Site: 936, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
OJEMAN, Norma E, b. 04/11/1933, d. 06/11/1975, Section: B, Site: 936, Wife of Allan E Ojeman
OLAH, John L Sr, b. 03/10/1922, d. 08/09/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 274, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
OLDENBURG, Clarence Edwin, b. 01/08/1911, d. 11/03/1995, Section: M, Site: 1444, US NAVY, BMRC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
OLDHAM, Gordon, b. 12/06/1911, d. 02/14/1981, Section: H, Site: 181, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
OLDHAM, Martha Viola, b. 04/17/1919, d. 04/05/2012, Section: H, Site: 181, Wife of Gordon Oldham
OLDHAM, William Proctor, b. 04/08/1927, d. 08/09/1977, Section: B, Site: 957, US NAVY, S2, WORLD WAR II
OLDRIDGE, John A Sr, b. 09/12/1932, d. 12/21/2002, Section: F, Site: 259-I, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
OLDRIDGE, Thomas Harold Jr, b. 12/07/1935, d. 02/04/1999, Section: M, Site: 622, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, KOREA
OLDRIDGE, Virginia, b. 05/16/1933, d. 09/18/2002, Section: F, Site: 259-I, Wife of John Alva Oldridge
OLEEN, Edith Elsa Eitner, b. 08/16/1922, d. 09/07/2014, Section: CREMD, Site: 366, Wife of Robert Allan Oleen
OLEEN, Robert Allan, b. 05/12/1921, d. 03/21/2005, Section: CREMD, Site: 366, US ARMY AIR FORCES, 1ST LT, WORLD WAR II
OLEHY, Charles E, b. 06/07/1921, d. 08/18/1944, Section: C, Site: 421, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
OLER, Floyd William, b. 06/21/1922, d. 10/03/1999, Section: N, Site: 602, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OLER, Margaret A, b. 03/24/1941, d. 08/10/2010, Section: N, Site: 602, Wife of Floyd William Oler
OLIEA, Charlean, b. 01/10/1933, d. 03/29/2009, Section: Y, Site: 381, Wife of Leo Oliea Jr
OLIEA, Leo Jr, b. 03/03/1931, d. 12/25/2016, Section: Y, Site: 381, US ARMY, PV2, KOREA
OLIPHANT, Willie, b. 12/18/1896, d. 10/08/1964, Section: B, Site: 681, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
OLIVER, Betty J, b. 08/17/1922, d. 02/12/1989, Section: B, Site: 220, Wife of Louis C Oliver
OLIVER, Cecilia Diane, b. 02/01/1946, d. 11/29/2002, Section: M, Site: 986-B, Wife of John D Oliver
OLIVER, Charles W, b. 03/10/1896, d. 02/08/1976, Section: A, Site: 205-C, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
OLIVER, Clyde W Jr, b. 08/19/1924, d. 09/21/1986, Section: K, Site: 726, US NAVY, BM2, WORLD WAR II
OLIVER, Daniel Joseph, b. 04/06/1949, d. 06/23/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 93, US NAVY, HM2, VIETNAM
OLIVER, Dorothy E, b. 10/11/1924, d. 06/11/2004, Section: K, Site: 726, Wife of Clyde W Oliver Jr
OLIVER, Isaac S, d. 04/01/1864, Section: 3, Site: 700, INFANTRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
OLIVER, John Anthony, b. 11/10/1940, d. 01/25/2003, Section: N, Site: 1-D, US NAVY, SR
OLIVER, John D, b. 06/27/1923, d. 02/19/1997, Section: M, Site: 986-B, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
OLIVER, Kenneth Hughes, b. 05/31/1957, d. 09/27/2010, Section: X, Site: 6, US ARMY, PFC
OLIVER, Louis Cally, b. 03/04/1918, d. 07/24/1967, Section: B, Site: 220, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
OLIVER, Marie, b. 05/01/1908, d. 06/07/1990, Section: J, Site: 523, Wife of Willie Lee Oliver
OLIVER, Minnie, b. 12/03/1892, d. 05/14/1981, Section: A, Site: 205-C, Wife of Charles W Oliver
OLIVER, Roland Archie, b. 04/24/1896, d. 06/11/1964, Section: D, Site: 298, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
OLIVER, Waldo A, b. 07/14/1907, d. 04/30/1980, Section: B, Site: 1152, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OLIVER, Willie Lee, b. 04/01/1903, d. 11/09/1991, Section: J, Site: 523, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OLIVERIO, Theodore Edgar, b. 12/07/1930, d. 05/01/1970, Section: B, Site: 631, US NAVY, LCDR, KOREA, VIETNAM
OLIVERIO SWISHER, Lynn C, b. 02/26/1939, d. 01/07/2009, Section: B, Site: 631, Wife of Theodore Edgar Oliverio
OLLECH, Edward P, b. 03/02/1916, d. 01/21/2009, Section: V, Site: 386, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
OLLECH, Herbert A, b. 08/26/1910, d. 11/03/1957, Section: E, Site: 894, US ARMY, T SGT, WORLD WAR II
OLLECH, Imogene, b. 03/29/1922, d. 03/11/2005, Section: V, Site: 386, Wife of Edward P Ollech
OLLER, Albert O, b. 05/06/1944, d. 09/20/2016, Section: CAW1, Row: C, Site: 18, US ARMY, WO2, VIETNAM
OLLER, Doris J, b. 01/07/1936, d. 11/30/2018, Section: CAW3, Row: C, Site: 24, Wife of Roy Dale Oller
OLLER, John Franklin, b. 07/25/1939, d. 08/26/2007, Section: X, Site: 60, US AIR FORCE, A2C, VIETNAM
OLLER, Leland Darrell, b. 01/13/1941, d. 04/22/1999, Section: MB, Site: 32, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
OLLER, Robert H, b. 07/29/1930, d. 08/17/1985, Section: B, Site: 97, US NAVY, BT3, KOREA
OLLER, Roy, b. 10/03/1931, d. 08/05/2014, Section: CAW3, Row: C, Site: 24, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
OLLER, Teresa, b. 01/29/1950, d. 11/14/2014, Section: CAW1, Row: C, Site: 18, Wife of Albert O Oller
OLNHAUSEN, August J, b. 12/11/1923, d. 11/05/1971, Section: E, Site: 1354, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OLOES, Nichols, d. 10/16/1865, Section: 3, Site: 379, INFANTRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
OLSEN, Don E, b. 08/07/1930, d. 05/27/2016, Section: U, Site: 339, US AIR FORCE, 2ND LT, KOREA
OLSEN, Mary Madeline, b. 08/29/1941, d. 07/13/2015, Section: R, Site: 529, Wife of Harold Andreas Olsen
OLSEN, Ole H, b. 12/02/1907, d. 11/09/1954, Section: E, Site: 261, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
OLSEN, Vigo, b. 08/12/1892, d. 01/25/1971, Section: I, Site: 1799, US ARMY, WAGONER, WORLD WAR I
OLSON, Alder Theodore, b. 06/16/1898, d. 07/23/1972, Section: B, Site: 113, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OLSON, Gustav, b. 11/30/1907, d. 02/01/1973, Section: I, Site: 2377, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
OLSON, Hazel L, b. 06/03/1919, d. 06/21/2003, Section: H, Site: 364, Wife of John A Olson
OLSON, Jeffery Vincent, b. 11/02/1961, d. 01/28/2002, Section: CREMC, Site: 461, US AIR FORCE, SGT, SGT
OLSON, Joel William, b. 10/04/1910, d. 05/20/1970, Section: E, Site: 1060, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
OLSON, John A, b. 11/15/1907, d. 12/27/1981, Section: H, Site: 364, US NAVY, CCM, WORLD WAR II
OLSON, Leroy Clarence, b. 02/23/1918, d. 01/26/1972, Section: B, Site: 245, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
OLSON, Mae, b. 12/25/1905, d. 05/04/2003, Section: B, Site: 113, Wife of Alder Theodore Olson
OLSON, Merrian Ener Jr, b. 01/15/1926, d. 04/02/2003, Section: CREMC, Site: 377, US NAVY, COX, WORLD WAR II
OLSON, Sharon Lee, b. 09/13/1948, d. 04/25/1956, Section: E, Site: 64, Daughter (Minor Child) of Edmund B Olson
OLSSON, Wayne Lee, b. 01/19/1947, d. 02/12/2005, Section: CREMC, Site: 328, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
OLTMAN, Helen Lucille, b. 09/16/1926, d. 01/25/2003, Section: M, Site: 423, Wife of Marion H Oltman
OLTMAN, Marion H, b. 01/04/1918, d. 01/09/2016, Section: M, Site: 423, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
OLTMAN, Paul James, b. 09/25/1990, d. 02/03/2016, Section: MA, Site: 53, US MARINE CORPS, SGT
OLTMANNS, Harriet C, b. 05/24/1921, d. 05/23/2003, Section: X, Site: 96, US ARMY, 1ST LT, WORLD WAR II
OLTMANNS, Roger William, b. 04/01/1920, d. 09/12/2009, Section: X, Site: 95, US ARMY AIR FORCES, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
OMAN, Bruce Robert, b. 01/03/1942, d. 07/21/2018, Section: U, Site: 618, US ARMY, SFC
ONEY, Robert H Sr, b. 08/03/1920, d. 10/28/1992, Section: J, Site: 788, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ONEY, Vernita Clare, b. 10/06/1923, d. 10/21/2019, Section: J, Site: 788, Wife of Robert H Oney Sr
ONYAN, Grove Thomas, b. 04/18/1892, d. 03/10/1958, Section: E, Site: 156, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
OPALKA, Robert R, b. 11/14/1931, d. 01/04/2020, Section: CAW6, Row: A, Site: 15, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
OPP, Paul Franklin Jr, b. 02/10/1937, d. 09/23/2014, Section: U, Site: 128, US AIR FORCE, 1LT, VIETNAM
ORE, Alice Rose, b. 04/27/1930, d. 02/08/2019, Section: T, Site: 409, Wife of Fred Robert Ore
ORE, Fred Robert, b. 03/21/1926, d. 01/06/2011, Section: T, Site: 409, US NAVY, US ARMY, EM2, 2ND LT, WORLD WAR II
ORE, Pearl C, b. 06/02/1919, d. 01/19/1984, Section: H, Site: 841, US ARMY, PVT
ORI, Della Nancy, b. 03/25/1922, d. 10/01/2009, Section: F, Site: 744, Wife of Joseph Edward Ori
ORME, Benjamin Jr, b. 03/09/1931, d. 07/02/2003, Section: HH, Site: 92, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, KOREA
ORR, Burley J, b. 03/31/1898, d. 06/25/1973, Section: E, Site: 1579, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ORR, Constance, b. 11/21/1938, d. 04/21/2017, Section: CAW3, Row: C, Site: 11, US AIR FORCE, A3C
ORR, Eugene Howard, b. 09/03/1932, d. 07/04/2015, Section: U, Site: 232, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
ORR, Joseph Allan, b. 11/06/1929, d. 01/17/1996, Section: M, Site: 1084, US NAVY, SK2, VIETNAM
ORR, Roberta, b. 05/29/1937, d. 11/24/2015, Section: U, Site: 232, Wife of Eugene Howard Orr
ORR, Russell Payton, b. 08/04/1890, d. 04/17/1972, Section: E, Site: 1409, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ORTMAN, Arthur Lee, b. 04/20/1917, d. 04/10/2000, Section: N, Site: 409, US ARMY AIR FORCES, MAJ, WORLD WAR II
ORTMAN, Delmar E, b. 08/21/1922, d. 11/24/1991, Section: F, Site: 596, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ORTMAN, Elsie Lorene, b. 04/04/1922, d. 02/11/2002, Section: N, Site: 409, Wife of Arthur Lee Ortman
OSBORN, Charles Sylvester, b. 05/30/1949, d. 01/07/2011, Section: T, Site: 408, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
OSBORN, Otto O, b. 06/16/1898, d. 03/17/1980, Section: I, Site: 3828, US NAVY, PTR3, WORLD WAR I
OSBORNE, Addie Lena, b. 03/22/1898, d. 10/14/1967, Section: B, Site: 741, Wife of George H Osborne
OSBORNE, Alice Marie, b. 08/11/1933, d. 10/17/2012, Section: W, Site: 20, Wife of James Barton Osborne
OSBORNE, Betty Jean, b. 05/22/1923, d. 01/30/2003, Section: M, Site: 421, Wife of James Perry Osborne
OSBORNE, Blanche S, b. 08/30/1900, d. 05/29/1966, Section: 3, Site: 361-K, Wife of Roland C A Osborne
OSBORNE, David Perry Jr, b. 11/25/1953, d. 02/21/2007, Section: M, Site: 421, Adult Dependent Son of James Perry Osborne
OSBORNE, Geroge H, b. 05/05/1895, d. 03/20/1964, Section: B, Site: 741, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
OSBORNE, James Barton, b. 09/10/1928, d. 11/20/2012, Section: W, Site: 20, US NAVY, RDC, KOREA, VIETNAM
OSBORNE, James Perry, b. 07/21/1921, d. 05/28/2007, Section: M, Site: 421, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
OSBORNE, Roland C A, b. 07/24/1895, d. 12/18/1947, Section: 3, Site: 361-J, US ARMY, BSGM, WORLD WAR I
OSBORNE, William Frank, b. 11/01/1943, d. 11/07/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 67, US NAVY, RM2, VIETNAM
OSBURN, G, d. 05/19/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 345, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
OSBURN, Mary Ann, b. 04/19/1916, d. 04/05/2010, Section: D, Site: 698, Wife of William Stephen Osburn
OSBURN, William Stephen, b. 08/19/1908, d. 05/23/1961, Section: D, Site: 697, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
OSBY, Annabel M, b. 10/12/1907, d. 02/20/1988, Section: F, Site: 157, Wife of Simeon B Osby Jr
OSBY, Dennis A, b. 04/01/1921, d. 05/08/2000, Section: E, Site: 289, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
OSBY, Mildred, b. 07/23/1927, d. 07/13/1973, Section: B, Site: 872, Wife of Robert V Osby
OSBY, Simeon B Jr, b. 05/15/1909, d. 07/14/1993, Section: F, Site: 157, US ARMY, 1LT, WORLD WAR II
OSBY, Simeon B Sr, d. 12/09/1939, Section: 3, Site: 873, US ARMY, PVT
OSBY, Virgie E, b. 03/09/1881, d. 06/12/1957, Section: 3, Site: 873, Wife of Simeon B Osby Sr
OSELAND, Robert Otto, b. 06/05/1930, d. 11/29/2015, Section: R, Site: 608, US NAVY, EM3, KOREA
OSENTON, Selby M, d. 08/19/1934, Section: 3, Site: 794, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
OSHANA, Rene Kara, b. 01/01/1912, d. 03/01/1973, Section: E, Site: 1597, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
OSHKESHEQUOAM, Robert Lynn, b. 05/06/1943, d. 01/31/2008, Section: Z, Site: 196, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, VIETNAM
OSMONSON, Darwin Thomas, b. 12/31/1922, d. 10/29/1991, Section: F, Site: 527, US NAVY, EM3, WORLD WAR II
OSMUN, Brian John, b. 12/05/1982, d. 07/01/2011, Section: Y, Site: 12, US MARINE CORPS, LCPL, IRAQ, PERSIAN GULF
OSTAPKE, Joseph, d. 01/01/1935, Section: 3, Site: 800, US ARMY, COOK, WORLD WAR I
OSTER, Albert H, b. 10/23/1923, d. 12/19/2006, Section: X, Site: 182, US AIR FORCE, US ARMY AIR FORCES, TSGT, SGT, SSGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
OSTERHUBER, Ernest Z, b. 10/26/1930, d. 05/27/2006, Section: CREMD, Site: 256, US ARMY, SP3, KOREA
OSTERMAN, Arthur Joseph, b. 07/02/1887, d. 09/08/1962, Section: E, Site: 802, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
OSTERMEIER, Helen M, b. 04/16/1896, d. 02/02/1983, Section: I, Site: 1240, Wife of Lawrence J Ostermeier
OSTERMEIER, Lawrence J, b. 04/18/1896, d. 11/08/1969, Section: I, Site: 1240, US ARMY, MECH, WORLD WAR I
OSTREM, David Eugene, b. 07/12/1935, d. 03/07/2000, Section: N, Site: 30, US NAVY, ADR3, KOREA
OSUNA, Edward, b. 02/15/1947, d. 08/29/2010, Section: X, Site: 1, US ARMY, PVT, VIETNAM
OSUNA, Frank, b. 02/15/1947, d. 12/12/2003, Section: F, Site: 193-FF, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
OSWALD, Charles J, b. 01/01/1920, d. 01/01/1979, Section: D, Site: 337-A, US COAST GUARD, PHM3, WORLD WAR II
OTIS, William Houston III, b. 06/02/1953, d. 09/17/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 235, US ARMY, PV2, VIETNAM
OTKEN, Frank J R, b. 07/05/1928, d. 06/17/1967, Section: A, Site: 52, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
OTKEN, Fred William, b. 03/26/1895, d. 10/05/1957, Section: E, Site: 773, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
OTKEN, Ronald Lee, b. 01/20/1946, d. 06/24/2018, Section: CAW3, Row: B, Site: 7, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
OTT, Harvey A, b. 09/19/1919, d. 12/13/1972, Section: E, Site: 1500, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
OTT, Herbert Ernest, b. 07/17/1928, d. 03/27/2003, Section: N, Site: 10, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
OTT, Oscar F W, d. 08/01/1930, Section: 3, Site: 755, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
OTT, Paul Raymond, b. 05/24/1943, d. 08/16/2011, Section: T, Site: 323, US AIR FORCE, A1C, VIETNAM
OTT, Velma Dorothy, b. 07/21/1933, d. 03/02/2016, Section: N, Site: 10, Wife of Herbert Ernest Ott
OTTA, Fredrick C, b. 06/18/1906, d. 06/29/1997, Section: CREMB, Site: 242, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
OTTA, J Wesley, b. 03/13/1919, d. 04/03/1995, Section: CREMB, Site: 139, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
OTTA, Mary A, b. 02/16/1905, d. 04/06/1997, Section: CREMB, Site: 242, Wife of Fredrick C Otta
OTTI, Margaret E, b. 02/16/1921, d. 06/23/2000, Section: N, Site: 521, Wife of Walter Edwin Otti
OTTI, Walter Edwin, b. 03/23/1918, d. 11/03/1999, Section: N, Site: 521, US NAVY, CSM, WORLD WAR II
OTTO, Charles Clifford, b. 03/31/1925, d. 04/13/2002, Section: CREMC, Site: 498, US MARINE CORPS, SSGT, SGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
OTTO, Gerald F, b. 10/04/1936, d. 08/19/2005, Section: CREMD, Site: 342, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
OTTO, Harvey J, b. 09/10/1912, d. 06/02/2000, Section: N, Site: 364, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
OTTO, Marian E, b. 01/25/1928, d. 07/02/2020, Section: CREMC, Site: 498, Wife of Charles Clifford Otto
OTTO, Mary Louise, b. 02/23/1917, d. 08/09/2005, Section: N, Site: 364, Wife of Harvey J Otto
OTTO, Robert Ezra Owen, b. 08/07/1947, d. 08/24/2017, Section: O, Site: 74, US NAVY, SN, VIETNAM
OTTO, Robert Lee, b. 07/17/1914, d. 04/06/2003, Section: HH, Site: 39, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
OTTO, Shirley Clarice, b. 05/28/1917, d. 12/20/2018, Section: HH, Site: 39, Wife of Robert Lee Otto
OTWELL, W H, d. 03/02/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 517, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
OURTH, Patricia, b. 02/13/1927, d. 09/18/2004, Section: H, Site: 589, Wife of Raymond A Ourth
OURTH, Raymond A, b. 12/02/1912, d. 07/08/1983, Section: H, Site: 589, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OUSKA, Thomas P, b. 10/19/1912, d. 12/22/1944, Section: C, Site: 233, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
OUSLEY, Arthur, b. 01/06/1922, d. 12/14/1971, Section: B, Site: 252, US NAVY, AEM1, WORLD WAR II
OUSLEY, James Jr, b. 10/20/1949, d. 02/24/2010, Section: Z, Site: 66, US MARINE CORPS, PVT, VIETNAM
OUSLEY, Marcelle D, b. 12/18/1911, d. 11/16/1986, Section: K, Site: 1484, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OUSLEY, Mildred Holman, b. 05/30/1910, d. 11/09/1995, Section: K, Site: 1484, Wife of Marcelle D Ousley
OUSLEY, Sylvester, b. 08/11/1930, d. 12/21/2007, Section: Y, Site: 570, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
OVERAKER, James T, b. 06/28/1931, d. 03/12/1985, Section: L, Site: 1579, US AIR FORCE, 1LT, KOREA
OVERBY, Alice A, b. 09/26/1930, d. 12/25/2005, Section: CAW5, Row: C, Site: 15, Wife of Robert E Overby
OVERBY, Charlotte N, b. 02/18/1920, d. 12/28/1985, Section: E, Site: 1636, Wife of Hubert E Overby
OVERBY, Hubert E, b. 11/07/1913, d. 08/19/1973, Section: E, Site: 1636, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OVERBY, Robert Eason, b. 08/20/1928, d. 10/06/2017, Section: CAW5, Row: C, Site: 15, US AIR FORCE, A1C, KOREA
OVEROCKER, David Lee, b. 02/22/1930, d. 01/21/2004, Section: E, Site: 128, US NAVY, SN
OVEROCKER, Lorraine Josephine, b. 01/19/1932, d. 01/27/2017, Section: E, Site: 128, Wife of David Lee Overocker
OVERSTREET, Thomas Lee, b. 10/11/1951, d. 10/01/2018, Section: U, Site: 670, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
OVERTURF, Ralph H, b. 08/17/1923, d. 07/10/1993, Section: CREMB, Site: 24, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OWDOM, Lowell Maurice, b. 11/01/1913, d. 05/13/1999, Section: N, Site: 221, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
OWDOM, Tessie M, b. 04/19/1918, d. 01/11/2003, Section: N, Site: 221, Wife of Lowell Maurice Owdom
OWEN, George W, d. 09/12/1944, Section: C, Site: 26, US ARMY AIR FORCES, 1LT, WORLD WAR II
OWEN, John, d. 03/27/1864, Section: 3, Site: 624, CAVALRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
OWEN, Robert D, b. 08/09/1931, d. 04/26/2016, Section: U, Site: 319, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
OWENS, Andre, b. 07/30/1969, d. 11/03/1989, Section: J, Site: 261, US MARINE CORPS, LCPL
OWENS, Autumn Dawn, b. 01/17/1963, d. 07/11/2013, Section: W, Site: 156, Adult Dependent Daughter of Robert R Owens
OWENS, Charles Earl, b. 03/25/1931, d. 04/15/1992, Section: J, Site: 58, US NAVY, HM2, KOREA
OWENS, Emilienne Louise, b. 08/16/1922, d. 02/20/2005, Section: X, Site: 326, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
OWENS, Fannie Louise, b. 06/23/1902, d. 05/17/1995, Section: C, Site: 62, Wife of William Kennth Owens Sr
OWENS, Frances L, b. 02/14/1917, d. 01/08/1989, Section: E, Site: 53, Wife of Raymond L Owens
OWENS, Glispon Sr, b. 12/07/1925, d. 01/01/2019, Section: O, Site: 285, US NAVY, CK3, WORLD WAR II
OWENS, Herbert D, b. 08/04/1919, d. 08/14/1975, Section: E, Site: 1859, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OWENS, Jackie L, b. 06/09/1941, d. 05/19/1969, Section: I, Site: 796, US ARMY, CAPT, VIETNAM
OWENS, Joann Louise, b. 02/11/1930, d. 12/12/2018, Section: O, Site: 275, Wife of Francis Joseph Owens
OWENS, Joyce Eileen, b. 01/24/1934, d. 08/16/2013, Section: W, Site: 156, Wife of Robert R Owens
OWENS, Lela M, b. 06/17/1923, d. 11/08/2018, Section: R, Site: 269, Wife of Thomas J Owens
OWENS, Lonnie Loyd, b. 09/13/1963, d. 08/27/2014, Section: U, Site: 145, US ARMY, SPC, PERSIAN GULF
OWENS, Mary E, b. 02/23/1921, d. 05/18/2007, Section: E, Site: 1859, Wife of Herbert D Owens
OWENS, Mary Elizabeth, b. 12/23/1922, d. 10/18/2003, Section: H, Site: 620, Wife of Paul D Owens
OWENS, Orville John, b. 12/21/1923, d. 05/12/1997, Section: M, Site: 907, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
OWENS, Paul D, b. 02/26/1923, d. 01/22/1983, Section: H, Site: 620, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
OWENS, Raymond L, b. 05/22/1914, d. 04/05/1977, Section: E, Site: 53, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
OWENS, Rexford Allen, b. 04/25/1929, d. 03/20/1972, Section: E, Site: 1401, US NAVY, SA
OWENS, Robert D Sr, b. 11/13/1942, d. 10/24/1980, Section: H, Site: 224, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
OWENS, Shirley, b. 12/31/1932, d. 10/19/2020, Section: J, Site: 223, Wife of William E Owens
OWENS, Thomas J, b. 10/24/1920, d. 05/29/2014, Section: R, Site: 269, US ARMY, 1SG, WORLD WAR II
OWENS, Vernon, b. 04/19/1904, d. 02/04/1966, Section: B, Site: 544, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OWENS, Virginia, b. 01/11/1934, d. 03/26/2019, Section: J, Site: 58, Wife of Charles Earl Owens
OWENS, William, b. 12/05/1892, d. 01/31/1958, Section: E, Site: 647, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
OWENS, William E, b. 07/30/1913, d. 08/25/1989, Section: J, Site: 223, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SGT, WORLD WAR II
OWENS, William Kenneth Jr, b. 02/08/1921, d. 09/28/1967, Section: D, Site: 98, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
OWENS, William Kenneth Sr, b. 02/26/1902, d. 02/04/1952, Section: C, Site: 61, US NAVY, CMC, WORLD WAR II
OWENS, William L, b. 09/28/1885, d. 08/16/1975, Section: E, Site: 1840, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
OWENSBY, Dolores Alice, b. 07/10/1931, d. 10/14/2019, Section: F, Site: 499-EE, Wife of John Winfred Owensby
OWENSBY, John Winfred, b. 03/12/1927, d. 07/25/2002, Section: F, Site: 499-EE, US NAVY, CM3, WORLD WAR II
OWENSBY, Robert L, b. 02/29/1896, d. 08/12/1979, Section: I, Site: 2154, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
OWINGS, Leroy, b. 01/07/1916, d. 04/18/1978, Section: E, Site: 2023, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
OWINGS, Melba R, b. 03/07/1923, d. 06/30/2000, Section: E, Site: 2023, Wife of Leroy Owings
OXFORD, Samuel, d. 03/15/1864, Section: 2, Site: 145, CAVALRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
OYLER, Earl Walter, b. 07/27/1930, d. 11/02/2011, Section: T, Site: 304, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
OYLER, Marie, b. 10/05/1913, d. 01/22/1991, Section: J, Site: 600, Wife of Walter G Oyler
OYLER, Ronald Loren, b. 01/13/1939, d. 04/13/2000, Section: CREMC, Site: 673, US AIR FORCE, A3C
OYLER, Virgil A, b. 11/15/1890, d. 08/28/1958, Section: D, Site: 897, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
OYLER, Walter C, b. 04/06/1911, d. 07/19/1990, Section: J, Site: 600, US NAVY, EM3, WORLD WAR II
OZEE, Charles, b. 09/24/1917, d. 08/26/1991, Section: F, Site: 546, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
OZEE, Willie, b. 09/29/1914, d. 11/27/1998, Section: F, Site: 546, Wife of Charles Ozee
OZELLIS, Peter A, b. 10/25/1910, d. 09/22/1986, Section: L, Site: 1436, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II

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What makes us Different?

Single-sourced, not crowd-sourced

Each transcription we publish comes from a single-source, be it the cemetery office, government office, church office, archived document, a tombstone transcriber. Other websites already do an excellent job of crowd-sourcing a single cemetery together. But genealogists also need to see the original records from a single source. That's what we offer.