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Camp Butler National Cemetery
Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois

GPS: 39.83218, -89.55828

5063 Camp Butler Rd
Springfield, IL 62707

Published: July 2000, last updated: December 31, 2020
Total records: 29,247

Camp Butler National Cemetery is owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Surnames N

Records below were received from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These records were compiled by the Department on December 28, 2020, and include dates of death up through December 16, 2020.

NACHTIGALL, Barbara J, b. 03/23/1945, d. 11/13/2019, Section: U, Site: 786, Wife of Robert Ernest Nachtigall
NACHTRIEB, Frank Hayes Jr, b. 10/08/1929, d. 08/11/1991, Section: F, Site: 476, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
NADZIEJKO, Aletha, b. 01/25/1921, d. 08/22/1991, Section: H, Site: 889, Wife of John J Nadziejko
NADZIEJKO, John J, b. 05/24/1919, d. 04/04/1984, Section: H, Site: 889, US NAVY, F1, WORLD WAR II
NAGEE, John, b. 02/05/1888, d. 01/18/1975, Section: B, Site: 620-B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NAGEL, Frank H, b. 09/08/1895, d. 01/04/1995, Section: CREMA, Site: 52, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NAGEL, Frank H Jr, b. 11/09/1922, d. 03/25/1945, Section: C, Site: 414, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NAGEL, Helen Jeanette, b. 05/27/1921, d. 12/19/2009, Section: CREME, Site: 244, Wife of Robert J Nagel
NAGEL, Henry Lee, b. 09/19/1923, d. 02/12/1992, Section: J, Site: 736, US NAVY, SFCA, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NAGEL, Ida H, b. 01/19/1896, d. 11/11/1989, Section: CREMA, Site: 52, Wife of Frank H Nagel
NAGLE, John K, b. 01/19/1893, d. 06/12/1960, Section: E, Site: 284, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
NAIGHTEN, Michael, d. 03/18/1864, Section: 3, Site: 691, INFANTRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NAIL, Clyde J, b. 06/30/1915, d. 08/29/2001, Section: CREMC, Site: 559, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NALESNIK, Eugene Anthony, b. 01/16/1941, d. 11/12/2020, Section: O, Site: 553, US ARMY, PFC
NALL, Chase Johnathan Tad, b. 02/12/1997, d. 02/04/2009, Section: Y, Site: 350, Son (Minor Child) of Tad Michael Nall
NANCE, Alvin Mose, b. 01/20/1916, d. 04/06/1972, Section: B, Site: 172, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NANCE, Elizabeth G, b. 09/12/1927, d. 05/18/2006, Section: Y, Site: 580, Wife of John E Nance
NANCE, John E, b. 06/20/1925, d. 08/25/2009, Section: Y, Site: 580, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, CPL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NANCE, John Thomas Sr, b. 10/24/1939, d. 04/14/2012, Section: T, Site: 216, US NAVY, SN, VIETNAM
NANCE, Nancy A, b. 04/20/1942, d. 01/25/2017, Section: T, Site: 216, Wife of John Thomas Nance
NANNEN, Reid Barrett, b. 10/15/1981, d. 03/01/2014, Section: I, Site: 7, US MARINE CORPS, MAJ, AFGHANISTAN
NAPIER, Charlie, d. 08/16/1944, Section: 3, Site: 304-K, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
NAPIER, James Richard, b. 07/31/1938, d. 01/29/2015, Section: U, Site: 168, US AIR FORCE, A3C
NAPIER, Robert Henrey, b. 08/09/1935, d. 05/23/2019, Section: CAW3, Row: A, Site: 40, US AIR FORCE, A1C, VIETNAM
NARCARDTI, Fred, d. 11/27/1943, Section: MA, Site: 14, US ARMY, PVT
NARDI, Delores A, b. 10/17/1932, d. 12/27/2009, Section: V, Site: 198, Wife of Eugene Nardi
NARDI, Eugene, b. 01/04/1923, d. 02/01/2006, Section: V, Site: 198, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA, VIETNAM
NARDI, Frank Eugene, b. 11/23/1897, d. 12/31/1968, Section: E, Site: 999, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NASCHINSKI, Betty J, b. 12/07/1928, d. 06/23/1999, Section: N, Site: 142, Wife of William E Naschinski
NASCHINSKI, William E, b. 01/30/1916, d. 03/09/2008, Section: N, Site: 142, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NASES, Thomas G, b. 12/04/1923, d. 04/19/1999, Section: K, Site: 1526, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NASH, Charles L, b. 02/28/1919, d. 01/07/1990, Section: J, Site: 383, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NASH, Derek Allen, b. 06/19/1950, d. 01/08/2014, Section: R, Site: 232, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NASH, Elizabeth A, b. 02/04/1925, d. 09/23/2008, Section: J, Site: 383, Wife of Charles L Nash
NASH, Evelyn Mae, b. 06/22/1926, d. 08/12/2006, Section: M, Site: 1404, Wife of Marion R Nash
NASH, Jerry Joseph, b. 05/12/1931, d. 11/24/2002, Section: CREMC, Site: 442, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
NASH, Louis, b. 10/05/1916, d. 08/19/1966, Section: B, Site: 465, US NAVY, MEGC, WORLD WAR II
NASH, Marion R, b. 07/09/1920, d. 01/15/1996, Section: M, Site: 1404, US ARMY AIR FORCES, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NASH, Mary P, b. 08/02/1912, d. 01/10/1996, Section: B, Site: 180, Wife of Virgil Leo Nash
NASH, Virgil Leo, b. 10/08/1910, d. 12/21/1971, Section: B, Site: 180, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
NASH, William Gale Jr, b. 11/02/1921, d. 12/09/1981, Section: H, Site: 370, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NASS, Barry Lee, b. 09/09/1946, d. 05/09/2019, Section: G, Site: 106, US NAVY, US ARMY, SGT, PERSIAN GULF
NASS, Dorothy J, b. 10/24/1921, d. 09/01/2017, Section: CREMB, Site: 397, Wife of Raymond E Nass
NASS, Raymond E, b. 06/24/1920, d. 12/20/1998, Section: CREMB, Site: 397, US ARMY AIR CORPS, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
NASS, Sandra Kay, b. 11/14/1948, d. 07/04/2004, Section: G, Site: 106, Wife of Barry Lee Nass
NATION, Anna, b. 06/24/1898, d. 09/19/1970, Section: E, Site: 1105, Wife of Harley W Nation
NATION, Anna A, b. 01/21/1918, d. 10/11/1995, Section: E, Site: 304, Wife of John Robert Nation
NATION, Annie E, b. 05/14/1925, d. 10/07/1978, Section: D, Site: 449-A, Wife of Leo E Nation
NATION, Barbara J, b. 04/06/1948, d. 03/21/2014, Section: R, Site: 220, Wife of Norman Lee Nation
NATION, Barbara L, b. 02/28/1952, d. 07/15/2020, Section: O, Site: 485, Wife of Michael A Nation
NATION, Blanche, b. 01/25/1900, d. 10/04/1982, Section: E, Site: 1368, Wife of Charles W Nation
NATION, Charles W, b. 12/30/1895, d. 03/25/1972, Section: E, Site: 1368, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
NATION, Donald Lee, b. 09/10/1944, d. 11/01/2001, Section: J, Site: 42-BB, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, VIETNAM
NATION, Dorothy I, b. 04/16/1926, d. 12/01/2006, Section: J, Site: 881-F, Wife of Thomas Wilson Nation Sr
NATION, Earl Columbus, b. 11/29/1916, d. 12/26/2009, Section: F, Site: 499-GG, US NAVY, F1, WORLD WAR II
NATION, Ed, b. 10/14/1889, d. 11/02/1969, Section: I, Site: 1238, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NATION, Grace, b. 09/29/1949, d. 09/13/2012, Section: J, Site: 42-BB, Wife of Donald Lee Nation
NATION, Harley W, b. 02/06/1891, d. 03/27/1981, Section: E, Site: 1105, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
NATION, John Robert, b. 03/30/1920, d. 02/24/1956, Section: E, Site: 305, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NATION, Leo E, b. 01/25/1923, d. 07/09/1989, Section: D, Site: 449-A, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
NATION, Norman Lee, b. 12/02/1942, d. 05/30/2018, Section: R, Site: 220, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NATION, Thomas Wilson Sr, b. 10/09/1924, d. 08/22/2001, Section: J, Site: 881-F, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
NATION, Zelma, b. 09/21/1919, d. 11/29/2003, Section: F, Site: 499-GG, Wife of Earl Columbus Nation
NATIONS, W A, d. 02/07/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 837, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NATT, James Jr, b. 02/26/1908, d. 03/01/2000, Section: N, Site: 447, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NATTERMAN-NOTHDURFT, Nancy Ann, b. 07/21/1938, d. 11/25/2019, Section: U, Site: 796, Wife of Ronald W Nothdurft
NATTERMANN, John W, b. 04/03/1921, d. 06/18/2014, Section: R, Site: 256, US ARMY, TEC3, WORLD WAR II
NATTERMANN, Patricia A, b. 05/10/1921, d. 10/12/2018, Section: R, Site: 256, Wife of John W Nattermann
NAU, Charles J, b. 11/25/1943, d. 04/17/2008, Section: L, Site: 1679, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NAUFEL, George Cornelius, b. 05/01/1916, d. 05/17/1971, Section: E, Site: 1285, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NAUFEL, Linda, b. 12/09/1916, d. 03/24/2010, Section: E, Site: 1285, Wife of George Cornelius Naufel
NAUFEL, Norciva L, b. 08/22/1916, d. 06/26/1970, Section: E, Site: 1131, Wife of John Joseph Naufel
NAVARRO, Pen Tejeiro, b. 06/07/1906, d. 05/22/1967, Section: B, Site: 319, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NAVEN, Frank Edward, b. 09/10/1928, d. 05/09/2001, Section: CREMC, Site: 486, US AIR FORCE, MAJ
NAVEN, Margaret J, b. 06/04/1931, d. 10/10/2019, Section: CREMC, Site: 486, Wife of Frank Edward Naven
NEAL, George C, b. 03/02/1914, d. 12/22/1996, Section: 4, Site: 189, US ARMY, TEC4, SGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NEAL, James Wilkie, b. 01/13/1949, d. 05/08/1995, Section: M, Site: 1382, US ARMY, PFC, PFC, VIETNAM
NEAL, Larry Dean, b. 04/07/1944, d. 04/03/2005, Section: V, Site: 417, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NEAL, Russell M, b. 12/23/1925, d. 08/21/1982, Section: H, Site: 464, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
NEAL, Ruth Carver, b. 09/18/1922, d. 08/14/2003, Section: 4, Site: 189, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
NEATHERY, Harry J, b. 07/24/1923, d. 12/29/1996, Section: M, Site: 992, US ARMY, 1SGT, WORLD WAR II
NEATHERY, Irene Pauline, b. 10/28/1921, d. 05/02/2019, Section: M, Site: 992, Wife of Harry J Neathery
NEAVILL, Lee Eldon, b. 12/15/1935, d. 07/10/2007, Section: X, Site: 118, US ARMY, PFC
NEECE, Harold L, b. 12/18/1925, d. 01/01/2009, Section: CREMC, Site: 251, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
NEECE, Victor James, b. 07/07/1934, d. 06/25/2019, Section: S, Site: 261, US NAVY, AN, KOREA
NEEDHAM, Oscar Osworth, b. 01/06/1914, d. 12/15/1990, Section: J, Site: 628, US MARINE CORPS, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NEELD, Carroll Wheeler, b. 12/22/1896, d. 03/20/1960, Section: D, Site: 722, US NAVY, HA2, WORLD WAR I
NEELD, Frances C, b. 10/04/1900, d. 12/02/1972, Section: D, Site: 723, Wife of Carroll Wheeler Neeld
NEELEY, Daisy Bernice, b. 12/03/1909, d. 04/17/2003, Section: D, Site: 345, Wife of Jarvis O Neeley
NEELEY, Floyd J, b. 06/12/1918, d. 09/09/1977, Section: E, Site: 2005, US MARINE CORPS, CCK, WORLD WAR II
NEELEY, Isabelle, b. 11/13/1921, d. 08/28/1988, Section: E, Site: 2005, Wife of Floyd J Neeley
NEELEY, Jarvis O, b. 09/12/1896, d. 01/13/1964, Section: D, Site: 345, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NEELEY, Robert Mark, b. 01/14/1963, d. 11/08/2001, Section: CREMC, Site: 546, US ARMY, PVT
NEELEY, Robt M, d. 03/04/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 180, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NEELEY, Thomas C, b. 04/24/1908, d. 04/18/1959, Section: E, Site: 278, US NAVY, SK2, WORLD WAR II
NEELEY, William Lee, b. 09/07/1932, d. 05/22/2014, Section: W, Site: 242, US ARMY, PV2, KOREA
NEELY, Donald L, b. 05/16/1914, d. 10/18/1989, Section: J, Site: 472, US NAVY, SC1, WORLD WAR II
NEELY, E Joyce, b. 03/07/1931, d. 09/16/2005, Section: J, Site: 309, Wife of Leonard J Neely
NEELY, James Woodford, b. 06/13/1917, d. 07/23/1970, Section: I, Site: 1575, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NEELY, Leonard J, b. 08/06/1926, d. 05/14/1989, Section: J, Site: 309, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
NEEMAN, Glenn William, b. 11/17/1948, d. 08/17/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 129, US MARINE CORPS, LCPL, VIETNAM
NEFF, Frederick L, b. 01/16/1908, d. 10/30/1976, Section: I, Site: 3165, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
NEFF, James Emmer, b. 05/24/1916, d. 09/22/1994, Section: I, Site: 12, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NEFF, John Richard, b. 05/26/1930, d. 08/07/1993, Section: J, Site: 847, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
NEFF, Yrinea, b. 08/17/1916, d. 07/04/1968, Section: I, Site: 12, Wife of James Emmer Neff
NEGRO, James J, b. 08/20/1918, d. 12/04/2002, Section: HH, Site: 59, US ARMY, M SGT, WORLD WAR II
NEGRO, Mary Elizabeth, b. 05/13/1923, d. 06/24/2003, Section: HH, Site: 59, Wife of James J Negro
NEIBERT, Alfred K, b. 01/18/1896, d. 03/01/1949, Section: C, Site: 535, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
NEIDERT, Howard C, b. 04/04/1913, d. 11/23/1944, Section: C, Site: 614, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NEIGHBORS, J Earl, b. 09/06/1921, d. 10/04/1983, Section: H, Site: 684, US COAST GUARD, QM3, WORLD WAR II
NEIGHBORS, Virginia E, b. 03/16/1927, d. 10/26/1999, Section: H, Site: 684, Wife of J Earl Neighbors
NEIL, Alberta, b. 03/06/1921, d. 05/05/2010, Section: V, Site: 243, Wife of Clifford M Neil
NEIL, Clifford M, b. 06/30/1916, d. 12/24/2005, Section: V, Site: 243, US ARMY, 1STLT, WORLD WAR II
NEIL, James, d. 04/25/1864, Section: 3, Site: 562, INFANTRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NEILL, Irene, b. 12/27/1911, d. 03/20/1976, Section: 2, Site: 117-A, Wife of James George Neill
NEILL, James G, b. 04/14/1911, d. 11/20/1978, Section: 2, Site: 117-A, US NAVY, SC2, WORLD WAR II
NEILSON, Frederick Albert, b. 11/14/1933, d. 02/17/2000, Section: N, Site: 463, US NAVY, SM3
NEILSON, James, b. 02/11/1912, d. 04/15/1945, Section: C, Site: 131, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
NEILSON, Sandra, b. 02/19/1941, d. 03/15/2015, Section: N, Site: 463, Wife of Frederick Albert Neilson
NEIN, Larry R, b. 12/31/1936, d. 02/17/1980, Section: D, Site: 616-B, US ARMY, SP4
NELAN, Terence J, d. 11/22/1944, Section: 3, Site: 923-U, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NELCH, Adam, b. 09/23/1928, d. 09/09/2013, Section: W, Site: 188, US NAVY, SA, WORLD WAR II
NELCH, Margorie Jeanine, b. 01/10/1930, d. 06/09/2019, Section: W, Site: 188, Wife of Adam Nelch
NELL, George, b. 05/02/1893, d. 01/05/1968, Section: B, Site: 158, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
NELL, Gilbert L Sr, b. 03/21/1919, d. 11/28/2000, Section: CREMB, Site: 343, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NELLE, Monita E Peggy, b. 07/09/1914, d. 01/06/2017, Section: N, Site: 156, Wife of Richard Stephen Nelle
NELLE, Richard Stephen, b. 07/29/1910, d. 12/30/2000, Section: N, Site: 156, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Agnes C, b. 06/05/1906, d. 05/16/1961, Section: D, Site: 719, Wife of Jonathan E Nelson
NELSON, Albert B, b. 08/29/1900, d. 02/22/1973, Section: I, Site: 2373, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
NELSON, Alexander F, b. 04/18/1913, d. 03/09/1945, Section: 4, Site: 88-M9, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Alfred, d. 03/17/1865, Section: 3, Site: 380, INFANTRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NELSON, B F, d. 05/27/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 190, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NELSON, Bert William, b. 06/18/1929, d. 06/22/1992, Section: J, Site: 760, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
NELSON, Carl, b. 12/05/1894, d. 12/05/1973, Section: I, Site: 2490, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NELSON, Charles Arthur Jr, b. 07/13/1937, d. 09/17/2009, Section: Y, Site: 263, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
NELSON, Charles Eugene, b. 07/20/1957, d. 10/09/2006, Section: CREMD, Site: 226, US MARINE CORPS, SGT
NELSON, Charles L, b. 04/22/1904, d. 02/26/1983, Section: H, Site: 570, US ARMY, PVT
NELSON, Charles Thomas, b. 03/13/1931, d. 08/14/2013, Section: K, Site: 279, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
NELSON, Clarence H, b. 01/15/1895, d. 02/17/1952, Section: C, Site: 462, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NELSON, David A, b. 11/04/1949, d. 10/10/1988, Section: J, Site: 343, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
NELSON, Dorothy Mae, b. 09/05/1937, d. 09/11/2004, Section: K, Site: 279, Wife of Charles Thomas Nelson
NELSON, Edna A, b. 04/28/1908, d. 09/21/1990, Section: B, Site: 620, Wife of Grant H Nelson
NELSON, Eleanor K, b. 02/03/1922, d. 06/04/1974, Section: I, Site: 2598, US ARMY AIR FORCES, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Elmer C, b. 02/04/1920, d. 05/27/1984, Section: H, Site: 923, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Ernest Evers, b. 02/22/1921, d. 02/10/1997, Section: CREMC, Site: 355, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NELSON, Frank David Sr, b. 12/19/1930, d. 05/21/1972, Section: B, Site: 105, US ARMY, SP3, KOREA
NELSON, George Edward Jr, b. 12/09/1954, d. 05/29/2012, Section: T, Site: 177, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NELSON, Grace M, b. 04/16/1885, d. 06/15/1956, Section: C, Site: 667, Wife of Jay Wesley Nelson
NELSON, Graham Henry, b. 03/29/1919, d. 11/05/1970, Section: I, Site: 1689, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Grant H, b. 06/11/1895, d. 04/16/1964, Section: B, Site: 620, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
NELSON, Harold Francis, b. 04/15/1909, d. 04/04/1973, Section: E, Site: 1565, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Ira William Jr, b. 02/09/1929, d. 10/29/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 65, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
NELSON, Isaac T, b. 06/16/1948, d. 09/08/2015, Section: R, Site: 553, US ARMY, PFC
NELSON, James Edward, b. 06/26/1934, d. 04/03/1999, Section: CREMB, Site: 422, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
NELSON, James R, d. 03/28/1864, Section: 3, Site: 678, INFANTRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NELSON, James Roger, b. 02/18/1938, d. 10/07/1996, Section: CREMB, Site: 209, US MARINE CORPS, PFC
NELSON, James Thomas, b. 04/29/1929, d. 07/17/2001, Section: CREMC, Site: 578, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
NELSON, Jay Wesley, b. 01/02/1888, d. 08/11/1952, Section: C, Site: 666, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NELSON, Jerome H, b. 03/22/1914, d. 06/18/1944, Section: 4, Site: 114, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Joan C, b. 09/13/1932, d. 06/03/2016, Section: H, Site: 669, Wife of John L Nelson
NELSON, John L, b. 10/23/1931, d. 09/20/1983, Section: H, Site: 669, US ARMY, CWO1, KOREA
NELSON, John Wesley, b. 08/10/1896, d. 06/17/1969, Section: I, Site: 898, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NELSON, Jonathan E, b. 05/09/1891, d. 01/10/1970, Section: D, Site: 718, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
NELSON, Joseph P, b. 01/30/1927, d. 01/15/1990, Section: J, Site: 440, US ARMY AIR FORCES, US AIR FORCE, A1C, A1C, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NELSON, Lloyd Olin, b. 06/02/1946, d. 04/12/2007, Section: CREME, Site: 203, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NELSON, Martha Ann, b. 05/21/1927, d. 12/17/1999, Section: CREMC, Site: 355, Wife of Ernest Evers Nelson
NELSON, Myrtle, b. 02/11/1895, d. 07/14/1977, Section: 3, Site: 830, Wife of Robert C Nelson
NELSON, Myrtle Lucille, b. 02/17/1939, d. 11/26/1995, Section: B, Site: 105, Wife of Frank David Nelson Sr
NELSON, Nels B, b. 02/16/1895, d. 06/24/1974, Section: I, Site: 2592, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NELSON, Paul W, b. 12/26/1925, d. 12/21/1986, Section: K, Site: 669, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Richard J, b. 06/26/1921, d. 08/06/1988, Section: F, Site: 260, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Robert A, b. 10/20/1948, d. 02/09/2019, Section: U, Site: 691, US ARMY, CPT, VIETNAM
NELSON, Robert C, d. 11/15/1936, Section: 3, Site: 830, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
NELSON, Robert Oswald, b. 06/21/1917, d. 08/04/1965, Section: A, Site: 140, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Robert W, b. 03/31/1921, d. 02/06/1998, Section: CREMB, Site: 328, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Sally M, b. 07/27/1926, d. 08/25/1992, Section: K, Site: 669, Wife of Paul W Nelson
NELSON, Sarah E, b. 01/06/1912, d. 10/04/2000, Section: H, Site: 570, Wife of Charles L Nelson
NELSON, Shirley A, b. 03/10/1935, d. 02/07/1984, Section: H, Site: 764, Wife of George E Nelson Sr
NELSON, Stella Mae, b. 05/19/1931, d. 01/25/2020, Section: CAW3, Row: D, Site: 42, Wife of Floyd Charles Nelson
NELSON, Timothy, d. 03/09/1940, Section: 3, Site: 728-B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
NELSON, Vern Wade, b. 04/17/1917, d. 12/13/2000, Section: I, Site: 2598, US AIR FORCE, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SMSGT, SSGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
NELSON, Walter Everett, d. 03/04/1939, Section: 3, Site: 865, US NAVY, F3, WORLD WAR I
NEMECZ, Gladys, b. 02/10/1923, d. 03/09/2011, Section: E, Site: 1242, Wife of John Andy Nemecz
NEMECZ, John Andy, b. 11/23/1921, d. 04/21/1971, Section: E, Site: 1242, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
NEPOSCHLAN, James T, b. 03/16/1925, d. 07/07/2007, Section: N, Site: 493, US ARMY, CAPT, KOREA
NEPOSCHLAN, Rita Jean, b. 11/11/1925, d. 09/03/1999, Section: N, Site: 493, Wife of James T Neposchlan
NEPTUNE, Joseph G, b. 10/11/1933, d. 08/27/2013, Section: W, Site: 152, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
NERA, Ricardo P, b. 04/30/1933, d. 10/28/1975, Section: I, Site: 2932, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
NERKOWSKI, Ronald Anthony, b. 11/29/1971, d. 11/30/1971, Section: E, Site: 867, Son (Minor Child) of Ronald Nerkowski
NERONE, Jack Lee, b. 01/05/1933, d. 10/17/2001, Section: F, Site: 499-B, US NAVY, HM1, KOREA, VIETNAM
NERONE, John James, b. 11/18/1925, d. 08/07/2009, Section: Y, Site: 304, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NERONE, Joseph E, b. 11/29/1912, d. 12/08/1987, Section: F, Site: 242, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NERONE, Norma Veronica, b. 12/24/1920, d. 12/02/1997, Section: F, Site: 242, Wife of Joseph E Nerone
NERONE, Wilma Laverne, b. 09/11/1937, d. 10/22/2016, Section: Y, Site: 304, Wife of John James Nerone
NESBIT, T J, d. 05/12/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 496, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NESBITT, Charles Edward, b. 06/19/1922, d. 01/26/2012, Section: CREME, Site: 117, US NAVY, SOM1, WORLD WAR II
NESBITT, Hugh B, b. 12/23/1914, d. 12/23/1991, Section: F, Site: 557, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
NESBITT, John Cameron, b. 02/27/1897, d. 12/12/1960, Section: D, Site: 735, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
NESCH, Albert P, b. 12/18/1889, d. 02/18/1956, Section: E, Site: 97, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
NESCH, Edward L, b. 10/14/1908, d. 09/12/1988, Section: E, Site: 208, US ARMY, TEC 3, WORLD WAR II
NESTER, T H, d. 03/26/1864, Section: 3, Site: 592, CAVALRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NETTLETON, Donald Edward, b. 01/07/1931, d. 12/27/2008, Section: CREME, Site: 424, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
NETZKE, Clao Marie, b. 07/07/1923, d. 05/23/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 126, Wife of Roland Rudolph Netzke
NETZKE, Roland Rudolph, b. 01/17/1921, d. 08/23/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 126, US NAVY, SK2, WORLD WAR II
NETZNICK, Ernest Adolph, b. 06/16/1915, d. 02/11/1970, Section: E, Site: 1043, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NETZNIK, Dorothy M, b. 05/15/1928, d. 01/23/2014, Section: V, Site: 368, Wife of Henry R Netznik
NETZNIK, George F, b. 07/03/1914, d. 07/15/1963, Section: C, Site: 569, US MARINE CORPS, PLSGT, WORLD WAR II
NETZNIK, Henry R, b. 12/10/1925, d. 12/24/2004, Section: V, Site: 368, US ARMY AIR FORCES, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
NETZNIK, John P, b. 06/19/1908, d. 03/22/1975, Section: E, Site: 1791, US NAVY, ML2, WORLD WAR II
NETZNIK, Maurine, b. 12/18/1908, d. 08/01/1974, Section: C, Site: 569, Wife of George F Netznik
NETZNIK, Raymond Gaylord, b. 09/14/1931, d. 11/08/2011, Section: T, Site: 284, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
NEUBER, John W, b. 05/27/1923, d. 08/14/1984, Section: H, Site: 485-I, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
NEUBER, Maxine E, b. 07/30/1925, d. 08/25/2014, Section: H, Site: 485-I, Wife of John W Neuber
NEUBERT, Fred Junior, b. 10/08/1924, d. 02/05/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 221, US ARMY AIR FORCES, 2LT, WORLD WAR II
NEUENDORF, Edward A, b. 02/11/1917, d. 09/16/1983, Section: H, Site: 668, US NAVY, MOMM3, WORLD WAR II
NEUHALFEN, Betty, b. 05/12/1920, d. 08/25/2016, Section: CREMC, Site: 635, Wife of Lyle Emmett Neuhalfen
NEUHALFEN, Lyle Emmett, b. 12/12/1917, d. 11/11/1999, Section: CREMC, Site: 635, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NEUHOFF, Elmer L, b. 04/15/1896, d. 03/26/1964, Section: B, Site: 731, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NEUHOFF, John Edward Sr, b. 03/23/1938, d. 07/06/2004, Section: G, Site: 117, US ARMY, SP4
NEUHOFF, Lucile Elizabeth, b. 12/13/1905, d. 08/25/1993, Section: B, Site: 731, Wife of Elmer L Neuhoff
NEUHOFF, Richard A, b. 06/23/1934, d. 12/23/1975, Section: E, Site: 1235-A, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, KOREA
NEVILLE, Ralph Allen, b. 01/14/1939, d. 01/22/2018, Section: U, Site: 558, US NAVY, IC2
NEVILLE, Robert Charles, b. 08/27/1927, d. 07/04/2009, Section: CREMD, Site: 33, US NAVY, ACAD, WORLD WAR II
NEVITT, Claude W, b. 08/12/1897, d. 07/02/1961, Section: E, Site: 544, US ARMY, WAGONER, WORLD WAR I
NEVITT, Gordon, b. 02/22/1902, d. 08/26/1955, Section: E, Site: 879, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NEVITT, Joseph R, d. 09/25/1935, Section: 3, Site: 808, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NEW, Curtis L, b. 07/22/1922, d. 07/21/2003, Section: K, Site: 597, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NEWARK, George F, b. 01/26/1887, d. 11/10/1971, Section: E, Site: 1389, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NEWBERN, William Roscoe III, b. 06/27/1972, d. 11/25/2014, Section: R, Site: 344, US ARMY, PVT, PERSIAN GULF
NEWBERRY, Beatrice M, b. 08/13/1928, d. 10/30/2020, Section: N, Site: 306, Wife of Richard G Newberry
NEWBERRY, Doris J, b. 10/27/1918, d. 01/03/2009, Section: E, Site: 1171, Wife of Glen Everette Newberry
NEWBERRY, Glen Everette, b. 04/16/1910, d. 02/22/1971, Section: E, Site: 1171, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
NEWBERRY, Richard G, b. 12/05/1923, d. 03/23/1999, Section: N, Site: 306, US MARINE CORPS, US ARMY, CPL, SFC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NEWBON, Leroy Sonny, b. 12/28/1939, d. 01/06/2004, Section: M, Site: 388, US MARINE CORPS, PVT
NEWCOME, Violet S, b. 01/24/1919, d. 08/18/2006, Section: CREMA, Site: 124, WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
NEWCOME, Wesley W, b. 09/11/1915, d. 12/29/1991, Section: CREMA, Site: 124, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NEWELL, Alonzo L, b. 04/25/1911, d. 12/27/1989, Section: H, Site: 775, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NEWELL, Ardeen E, b. 04/05/1923, d. 10/22/2018, Section: E, Site: 1797, Wife of Thomas S Newell
NEWELL, Charles William, b. 05/05/1910, d. 08/16/1965, Section: B, Site: 594, US NAVY, SC2, WORLD WAR II
NEWELL, Chester William, b. 05/23/1917, d. 01/08/1969, Section: E, Site: 1007, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
NEWELL, Francis W, b. 01/08/1916, d. 05/23/1975, Section: E, Site: 1813, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NEWELL, Howard W, b. 05/27/1921, d. 10/23/1976, Section: I, Site: 3159, US ARMY, TEC 3, WORLD WAR II
NEWELL, John D, b. 11/13/1920, d. 10/25/1993, Section: J, Site: 929, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
NEWELL, Mildred E, b. 07/30/1920, d. 03/17/1984, Section: H, Site: 775, Wife of Alonzo L Newell
NEWELL, Norma M, b. 09/13/1926, d. 05/12/2000, Section: J, Site: 929, Wife of John D Newell
NEWELL, Thomas S, b. 05/30/1918, d. 03/27/1975, Section: E, Site: 1797, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
NEWENHAM, Charles K Jr, b. 07/13/1931, d. 10/17/2004, Section: CREMC, Site: 365, US AIR FORCE, S SGT, KOREA
NEWENHAM, Edith, b. 03/10/1934, d. 08/29/2018, Section: CREMC, Site: 365, Wife of Charles K Newenham Jr
NEWHART, Linfred S, b. 04/01/1896, d. 06/16/1974, Section: E, Site: 1732, US NAVY, CM2, WORLD WAR I
NEWHART, Ruby E, b. 11/06/1904, d. 02/19/1980, Section: E, Site: 1732, Wife of Linfred S Newhart
NEWINGHAM, Harold E Sr, b. 07/22/1918, d. 07/24/1976, Section: 3, Site: 1098, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NEWKIRK, John L, d. 01/18/1942, Section: 3, Site: 695-G, US ARMY, PVT, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
NEWMAN, Bernard B, b. 03/19/1919, d. 02/06/1986, Section: K, Site: 806, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NEWMAN, Carl Hampton, b. 11/20/1957, d. 11/07/1991, Section: F, Site: 506, US ARMY, PVT, VIETNAM
NEWMAN, John Riccardo, b. 12/17/1946, d. 01/24/2012, Section: T, Site: 206, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NEWMAN, W A, d. 04/30/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 200, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NEWMAN, Winifred M, b. 10/15/1921, d. 08/25/1990, Section: K, Site: 806, Wife of Bernard B Newman
NEWQUIST, Wilma H, b. 06/29/1926, d. 07/04/1990, Section: J, Site: 508, Wife of Lloyd R Newquist
NEWTON, Elmer C Jr, b. 02/13/1929, d. 06/05/1988, Section: F, Site: 353, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
NEWTON, Harold Glenn, b. 09/04/1939, d. 08/09/2013, Section: R, Site: 82, US ARMY, US NAVY, SFC, BT2, BT2, VIETNAM
NICHOLAS, Oda E, b. 10/19/1918, d. 12/24/2009, Section: Y, Site: 250, Wife of Paul I Nicholas
NICHOLAS, Paul I, b. 08/17/1911, d. 03/19/1984, Section: Y, Site: 250, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
NICHOLS, A, d. 02/28/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 779, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NICHOLS, Anna, b. 02/20/1902, d. 12/06/1973, Section: D, Site: 468, Wife of Willis Paul Nichols
NICHOLS, Charles Aaron, b. 05/28/1926, d. 03/25/1998, Section: M, Site: 820, US MARINE CORPS, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NICHOLS, David C, b. 07/30/1921, d. 04/28/1993, Section: MB, Site: 22, US ARMY AIR FORCES, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
NICHOLS, Elias, d. 07/10/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 649, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NICHOLS, Floyd W, b. 05/18/1897, d. 03/10/1989, Section: B, Site: 775, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
NICHOLS, Francis Eugene, b. 06/24/1924, d. 02/15/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 305, US NAVY, GM3, WORLD WAR II
NICHOLS, G J, d. 03/18/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 267, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NICHOLS, Harry R, b. 07/27/1913, d. 03/31/1981, Section: B, Site: 1044, US ARMY, M SGT, WORLD WAR II
NICHOLS, John, d. 07/10/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 671, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NICHOLS, Joseph Marshall Sr, b. 12/31/1951, d. 10/26/2007, Section: X, Site: 70, US NAVY, SN, VIETNAM
NICHOLS, Lawrence Ray, b. 03/30/1934, d. 02/09/2005, Section: CREMC, Site: 330, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA, VIETNAM
NICHOLS, Leslie Edwin, b. 02/09/1925, d. 05/16/2003, Section: N, Site: 405, US ARMY AIR FORCES, FLT OFF, WORLD WAR II
NICHOLS, Lincoln Vern Jr, b. 04/14/1925, d. 03/27/1974, Section: E, Site: 1729, US NAVY, HA1, WORLD WAR II
NICHOLS, Mabyn E, b. 10/31/1899, d. 11/18/1969, Section: B, Site: 775, Wife of Floyd W Nichols
NICHOLS, Nathaniel D, d. 04/03/1864, Section: 3, Site: 607, CAVALRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NICHOLS, Noramae, b. 05/19/1925, d. 05/02/2000, Section: N, Site: 405, Wife of Leslie Edwin Nichols
NICHOLS, Perry Neale, b. 03/14/1957, d. 02/21/2007, Section: CREMD, Site: 140, US NAVY, AOAA
NICHOLS, Richard Allen, b. 06/18/1951, d. 09/15/2004, Section: CREMC, Site: 284, US AIR FORCE, AMN
NICHOLS, Robert E, b. 04/30/1927, d. 11/23/1945, Section: 3, Site: 964-L, US NAVY, S2, WORLD WAR II
NICHOLS, Rose C, b. 07/15/1907, d. 05/14/1979, Section: B, Site: 1044, Wife of Harry R Nichols
NICHOLS, Thomas Wayne, b. 03/26/1943, d. 01/09/2011, Section: CREMC, Site: 386, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
NICHOLS, Willis Paul, b. 04/15/1895, d. 02/02/1962, Section: D, Site: 468, US ARMY, WAGONER, WORLD WAR I
NICHOLSON, Betty Lee, b. 05/12/1942, d. 01/23/2007, Section: V, Site: 51, Wife of Robert Wesley Nicholson
NICHOLSON, Donna Marie, b. 02/28/1950, d. 08/01/2007, Section: Y, Site: 686, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NICHOLSON, John Arthur, b. 07/18/1948, d. 10/20/2008, Section: T, Site: 452, US AIR FORCE, AB, VIETNAM
NICHOLSON, Mary Waide, b. 10/20/1924, d. 12/10/2002, Section: M, Site: 875, Wife of Paul Wayne Nicholson
NICHOLSON, Paul Wayne, b. 05/15/1925, d. 07/28/1997, Section: M, Site: 875, US NAVY, RDM3, WORLD WAR II
NICHOLSON, Robert Chase, b. 02/04/1925, d. 02/08/1971, Section: E, Site: 1226, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NICHOLSON, Robert W Sr, b. 01/13/1942, d. 10/27/2016, Section: V, Site: 51, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NICKEL, George, b. 06/16/1895, d. 01/02/1964, Section: B, Site: 813, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NICKELS, F, d. 04/10/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 433, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NICKELSON, Lester L, b. 01/16/1920, d. 01/17/1971, Section: B, Site: 343, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NICKELSON, Paul Wesley, b. 05/23/1934, d. 01/01/2018, Section: O, Site: 130, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, VIETNAM
NICKERSON, Herbert C, d. 01/04/1943, Section: 3, Site: 509-C, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, WORLD WAR II
NICKEY, Mary Pearl, b. 12/11/1930, d. 04/07/2003, Section: N, Site: 9, Wife of Rene W Nickey
NICKEY, Rene, b. 09/15/1920, d. 10/03/2004, Section: N, Site: 9, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NICOLA, John Anthony, b. 07/01/1958, d. 10/15/2014, Section: U, Site: 134, US NAVY, CMM1, PERSIAN GULF
NICOLL, Byron W, d. 12/21/1918, Section: 3, Site: 733, INFANTRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NICOSIA, Sebastiano, b. 09/29/1888, d. 05/31/1968, Section: A, Site: 6, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NIEBRAND, Frank G, b. 02/01/1916, d. 02/08/1987, Section: K, Site: 1519, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NIEDERNHOFER, Robert Frederick, b. 03/27/1926, d. 05/09/2013, Section: W, Site: 197, US ARMY AIR FORCES, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NIEHAUS, Harold William, b. 07/01/1930, d. 04/23/2019, Section: U, Site: 709, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, KOREA
NIEHAUS, Loren L, b. 08/19/1924, d. 10/28/2006, Section: M, Site: 434, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NIEHAUS, Wanda D, b. 10/26/1924, d. 09/22/2002, Section: M, Site: 434, Wife of Loren L Niehaus
NIEKRENZ, Terence Eugene, b. 03/01/1936, d. 10/25/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 184, US ARMY, SP4
NIELSEN, Alfred Frank, b. 01/01/1906, d. 12/18/1955, Section: E, Site: 924, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NIELSEN, Anna J, b. 11/28/1903, d. 01/02/1991, Section: E, Site: 924, Wife of Alfred Frank Nielsen
NIELSEN, Clara F, b. 01/02/1899, d. 02/19/1990, Section: E, Site: 1406, Wife of Ernest Nielsen
NIELSEN, Ernest, b. 01/21/1889, d. 04/16/1972, Section: E, Site: 1406, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NIELSEN, Ernest W, b. 06/08/1919, d. 12/31/1944, Section: C, Site: 416, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
NIELSEN, Harry A, b. 06/28/1922, d. 12/02/2018, Section: C, Site: 416, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NIEMAN, Arthur H, b. 05/04/1904, d. 04/22/1968, Section: D, Site: 43, US ARMY, WOJG, KOREA
NIEMAN, Ethel M, b. 08/04/1908, d. 10/11/1999, Section: D, Site: 43, Wife of Arthur H Nieman
NIEMOELLER, John L, b. 03/25/1941, d. 12/16/1979, Section: I, Site: 3733, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NIEMOELLER, Ruth Ann, b. 07/06/1945, d. 01/17/1997, Section: I, Site: 3733, Wife of John L Niemoeller
NIERHOFF, John H, b. 07/06/1918, d. 06/14/1982, Section: H, Site: 453, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
NIERHOFF, Mildred, b. 06/10/1918, d. 11/18/2007, Section: H, Site: 811, Wife of William B Nierhoff
NIERHOFF, Vivian D, b. 06/02/1921, d. 04/05/2009, Section: H, Site: 453, Wife of John H Nierhoff
NIERHOFF, William B, b. 04/12/1915, d. 04/21/1982, Section: H, Site: 811, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NIESEL, Charles Ray, b. 12/02/1932, d. 09/19/2012, Section: W, Site: 122, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, SFC, A1C, KOREA
NIEUKIRK, Dan E, b. 06/20/1949, d. 06/08/2019, Section: CAW3, Row: A, Site: 45, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NIEUWKOOP, Infant, b. 10/26/1961, d. 10/26/1961, Section: D, Site: 544, Son (Minor Child) of Peter R Nieuwkoop
NIGHSWANDER, Harry T, b. 12/12/1919, d. 01/31/2007, Section: X, Site: 186, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NILES, Fred J, b. 10/17/1926, d. 03/13/1980, Section: D, Site: 728-B, US NAVY, SK1, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
NILES, Neida Faye, b. 06/23/1941, d. 08/31/2007, Section: D, Site: 728-B, Wife of Fred J Niles
NILL, Soraya M, b. 01/26/1960, d. 11/23/1960, Section: E, Site: 82, Daughter (Minor Child) of Leo Nill
NILSON, Niles L, b. 12/01/1919, d. 06/01/1944, Section: 3, Site: 830-E, US ARMY, 1LT, WORLD WAR II
NIMS, Charles A, b. 06/02/1902, d. 08/05/1974, Section: I, Site: 2716, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NIMS, Thelma I, b. 05/08/1912, d. 01/24/1996, Section: I, Site: 2716, Wife of Charles A Nims
NINSON, Jersey, d. 03/12/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 397, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NIX, Geneva Roberta, b. 10/10/1920, d. 12/20/2004, Section: H, Site: 550, Wife of William H Nix
NIX, William H, b. 01/13/1920, d. 09/09/1981, Section: H, Site: 550, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NIXON, Betty Ruth, b. 03/19/1931, d. 11/06/1997, Section: N, Site: 645, Wife of James Lawrence Nixon
NIXON, Dorothy Jane, b. 05/29/1924, d. 07/05/2018, Section: CREME, Site: 34, Wife of Vincent Holly Nixon
NIXON, Gerald Wayne, b. 02/02/1947, d. 09/04/2019, Section: U, Site: 762, US ARMY, SFC
NIXON, Harry Keith, b. 11/03/1915, d. 08/03/1964, Section: B, Site: 651, US ARMY, WOJG, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NIXON, James L Jr, b. 08/22/1961, d. 02/03/2007, Section: X, Site: 146, US ARMY, SP4
NIXON, Vincent Holly, b. 06/02/1923, d. 09/11/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 34, US ARMY, MSG, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NIZZIO, Batiste, b. 12/18/1894, d. 05/30/1972, Section: B, Site: 590, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NIZZIO, Donald D, b. 10/16/1929, d. 11/21/1983, Section: H, Site: 736, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
NIZZIO, Eva Lee, b. 05/13/1899, d. 09/20/1965, Section: B, Site: 590, Wife of Batiste Nizzio
NOBLE, William, d. 09/14/1923, Section: 3, Site: 743, INFANTRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NOBLET, Howard O, b. 12/07/1923, d. 01/15/1970, Section: E, Site: 1055, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
NOBLET, Paul Neil, b. 08/20/1952, d. 07/02/1973, Section: E, Site: 1055, Son (Minor Child) of Howard O Noblet
NOBLET-FEHL, Margaret Elizabeth, b. 02/09/1924, d. 12/12/2019, Section: E, Site: 1055, Wife of Howard O Noblet
NOE, Lola Marilyn, b. 10/10/1925, d. 12/09/2013, Section: G, Site: 101, Wife of Robert J Noe
NOE, Ralph V, b. 08/13/1922, d. 01/15/1981, Section: H, Site: 238, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
NOE, Robert J, b. 09/20/1922, d. 07/29/2004, Section: G, Site: 101, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NOE, Ruth J, b. 02/07/1924, d. 05/05/2001, Section: H, Site: 238, Wife of Ralph V Noe
NOEL, Jack Perry, b. 01/27/1931, d. 09/15/1996, Section: M, Site: 1064, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
NOEL, Wetzel, b. 12/11/1928, d. 02/18/2005, Section: CREMC, Site: 326, US NAVY, US MARINE CORPS, US ARMY, HA, SGT, SP4, KOREA
NOESGES, Dorothy M, b. 04/07/1924, d. 05/17/2007, Section: N, Site: 106, Wife of Robert F Noesges
NOESGES, Robert F, b. 09/24/1919, d. 11/23/1999, Section: N, Site: 106, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
NOESGES, Sandra Kay, b. 10/20/1949, d. 12/30/2009, Section: Y, Site: 225, Wife of Mark Matthew Noesges
NOLAN, Arthur L, b. 11/22/1925, d. 11/10/1975, Section: I, Site: 3057, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NOLAN, Dona P, b. 11/08/1931, d. 04/09/1997, Section: CREME, Site: 392, Wife of Jerry Thomas Nolan
NOLAN, J H, d. 03/18/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 228, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NOLAN, James J Jr, b. 12/31/1917, d. 06/30/1971, Section: I, Site: 2036, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NOLAN, Jerry Thomas, b. 11/24/1931, d. 03/21/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 392, US NAVY, AE1, KOREA, VIETNAM
NOLAN, Joseph A, b. 02/13/1892, d. 01/24/1958, Section: E, Site: 841, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
NOLAN, Joseph Thomas, b. 12/15/1936, d. 07/13/2020, Section: O, Site: 484, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
NOLAN, Mary, b. 09/10/1930, d. 06/12/2006, Section: J, Site: 516, Wife of William L Nolan
NOLAN, Mildred L, b. 08/01/1899, d. 08/20/1979, Section: E, Site: 840, Wife of Joseph A Nolan
NOLAN, Robert Leroy, b. 09/24/1949, d. 01/13/2019, Section: O, Site: 289, US ARMY, SGT, VIETNAM
NOLAN, William L, b. 05/29/1924, d. 06/15/1990, Section: J, Site: 516, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NOLEN, Valeria E, b. 04/18/1938, d. 09/30/2018, Section: S, Site: 273, Wife of Samuel William Nolen
NOLL, Dorothy, b. 07/04/1928, d. 10/26/1998, Section: E, Site: 1545, Wife of Earl Howard Noll
NOLL, Earl Howard, b. 02/04/1923, d. 06/23/1973, Section: E, Site: 1545, US ARMY AIR CORPS, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NOLL, Minnie Mae, b. 03/30/1896, d. 06/14/1991, Section: B, Site: 610, Wife of Theodore Noll
NOLL, Theodore, b. 02/18/1890, d. 06/07/1965, Section: B, Site: 610, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NOLL, Theodore Jr, b. 09/05/1923, d. 08/19/1981, Section: H, Site: 557, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NOLL-GRAY, Sybil A, b. 05/08/1926, d. 04/19/2015, Section: H, Site: 557, Wife of Theodore Noll Jr
NONNEMAN, Charles J, b. 06/23/1932, d. 12/12/1970, Section: E, Site: 1189, US AIR FORCE, A3C, KOREA
NORDELLA, Roy, b. 01/23/1891, d. 07/02/1956, Section: E, Site: 58, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NORDGREN, Earl C, b. 07/04/1920, d. 03/24/1945, Section: C, Site: 602, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
NORDSTROM, Charles Stephen, b. 06/16/1921, d. 10/28/2014, Section: U, Site: 136, US COAST GUARD, PS3C, WORLD WAR II
NORDSTROM, Darlene C, b. 04/15/1928, d. 05/21/2020, Section: U, Site: 136, Wife of Charles Stephen Nordstrom
NORDSTROM, Elmer, b. 12/08/1894, d. 03/11/1960, Section: D, Site: 672, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
NOREN, Donald E, b. 09/24/1926, d. 12/25/2003, Section: HH, Site: 147, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NOREN, Leonore A, b. 08/30/1923, d. 11/13/2007, Section: CREMA, Site: 128, Wife of William B Noren
NOREN, William B, b. 12/08/1923, d. 01/19/1992, Section: CREMA, Site: 128, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NORGAARD, Marla Jean, b. 06/16/1959, d. 08/26/2007, Section: CREMD, Site: 128, Wife of Lawrence Lee Norgaard
NORIEGA, Alberto N, b. 10/31/1911, d. 07/29/1972, Section: B, Site: 25, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NORMAN, Carma Lee, b. 11/30/1945, d. 02/13/2014, Section: R, Site: 219, Wife of David Lawrence Norman
NORMAN, Darlene, b. 08/11/1939, d. 06/02/2013, Section: J, Site: 61-CC, Wife of Kenneth Alvin Norman
NORMAN, Earl Leroy, b. 07/15/1940, d. 08/19/2010, Section: B, Site: 298, US ARMY, SP4
NORMAN, Frederick W, b. 09/14/1926, d. 09/27/2006, Section: CREMD, Site: 230, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SGT, WORLD WAR II
NORMAN, George Edgar, b. 10/12/1897, d. 08/27/1976, Section: B, Site: 946, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NORMAN, Hope, b. 02/03/1943, d. 06/04/2005, Section: X, Site: 300, US ARMY, SP4
NORMAN, James Eugene, b. 07/09/1931, d. 05/24/2005, Section: V, Site: 248, US ARMY, 1ST LT, KOREA
NORMAN, James W, d. 10/05/1864, Section: 3, Site: 270, INFANTRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NORMAN, John Jerald, b. 07/19/1947, d. 06/18/2009, Section: Z, Site: 99, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NORMAN, Kenneth Alvin, b. 02/06/1933, d. 10/22/2001, Section: J, Site: 61-CC, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
NORMAN, Kenny L, b. 09/30/1932, d. 01/05/2016, Section: CAW1, Row: C, Site: 15, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
NORMAN, Monte L, b. 06/15/1961, d. 03/27/1967, Section: B, Site: 298, Son (Minor Child) of Earl Leroy Norman
NORMAN, Pauline J, b. 08/07/1925, d. 05/04/2009, Section: CREMD, Site: 230, Wife of Frederick W Norman
NORMAN, William A, d. 12/10/1947, Section: 3, Site: 327-B, US ARMY, PVT, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
NORRIS, Arthur Lee, b. 12/23/1949, d. 04/29/2000, Section: N, Site: 398, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NORRIS, E June, b. 06/09/1921, d. 07/02/1989, Section: CREMA, Site: 86, Wife of Forrest D Norris
NORRIS, Forrest D, b. 12/17/1919, d. 09/20/1989, Section: CREMA, Site: 86, US ARMY AIR FORCES, 1LT, WORLD WAR II
NORRIS, Gale E, b. 11/04/1920, d. 08/21/1992, Section: F, Site: 620, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
NORRIS, Harry, b. 11/02/1907, d. 11/16/1963, Section: A, Site: 214, US NAVY, CM2, WORLD WAR II
NORRIS, Helen M, b. 03/09/1913, d. 01/30/1978, Section: A, Site: 214, Wife of Harry Norris
NORRIS, James Edward, b. 01/03/1934, d. 08/19/2008, Section: Y, Site: 459, US NAVY, ETR3, KOREA
NORRIS, Jerry William, b. 10/27/1929, d. 05/28/2012, Section: T, Site: 181, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
NORRIS, Kenneth Richard, b. 08/04/1927, d. 04/20/2007, Section: H, Site: 627, US NAVY, S2, WORLD WAR II
NORRIS, Marguerite Joan, b. 07/09/1939, d. 01/04/2019, Section: Y, Site: 459, Wife of James Edward Norris
NORRIS, Patricia K, b. 02/15/1927, d. 11/30/1982, Section: H, Site: 627, Wife of Kenneth Richard Norris
NORRIS, Richard Lyle, b. 08/18/1926, d. 07/14/2011, Section: W, Site: 117, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NORRIS, Walter L, b. 10/03/1920, d. 10/05/1995, Section: CREMB, Site: 138, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NORSWORTHY, Beverly Jean, b. 02/12/1943, d. 12/02/2020, Section: CAW1, Row: C, Site: 25, Wife of William Allen Norsworthy
NORSWORTHY, William Allen, b. 12/08/1948, d. 11/10/2016, Section: CAW1, Row: C, Site: 25, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
NORTH, Richard H, b. 12/26/1913, d. 10/30/1981, Section: 3, Site: 592-A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NORTH-OWEN, Christy, b. 06/30/1960, d. 05/09/2014, Section: CAW5, Row: B, Site: 34, Wife of Kevin Lee Owen
NORTON, Bradley Allen, b. 01/18/1961, d. 10/22/2019, Section: O, Site: 392, US ARMY, PV2
NORTON, Carla M, b. 08/31/1947, d. 09/17/2008, Section: Y, Site: 471, Wife of William Joseph Norton
NORTON, Howard Reeve, b. 05/05/1949, d. 07/17/1990, Section: CREMA, Site: 17, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NORTON, Kenneth Henry Jr, b. 07/16/1917, d. 01/23/2005, Section: G, Site: 36, US ARMY, TEC4, WORLD WAR II
NORTON, Michael K, b. 02/08/1947, d. 12/05/2017, Section: O, Site: 114, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NORTON, W D, d. 06/22/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 619, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NORTON, William J, b. 07/27/1935, d. 09/27/2011, Section: Y, Site: 471, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, KOREA
NORTRUP, Evelyn G, b. 07/07/1924, d. 10/08/2006, Section: H, Site: 432-F, Wife of Jack J Nortrup
NORTRUP, Jack J, b. 05/30/1925, d. 07/03/1984, Section: H, Site: 432-F, US ARMY, SGT, SGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NORWOOD, Damon, b. 09/06/1906, d. 06/14/1990, Section: J, Site: 606, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NOSECK, James Albert, b. 07/18/1933, d. 01/20/2012, Section: T, Site: 193, US NAVY, FN, KOREA
NOSECK, Mary C, b. 12/17/1934, d. 04/04/2018, Section: T, Site: 193, Wife of James Albert Noseck
NOTHDURFT, Ronald W, b. 03/31/1936, d. 07/24/2020, Section: U, Site: 796, US AIR FORCE, A2C
NOTTINGHAM, Orville M, b. 07/12/1921, d. 04/20/1980, Section: B, Site: 1143, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NOTTINGHAM, Paul J, b. 11/14/1922, d. 08/14/2016, Section: U, Site: 472, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NOVAK, Francis, b. 10/30/1934, d. 04/18/2016, Section: U, Site: 313, US MARINE CORPS, 1ST LIEUT, KOREA, VIETNAM
NOVY, Frank J Jr, b. 03/10/1934, d. 10/25/1982, Section: H, Site: 661, US AIR FORCE, SMSGT, KOREA, VIETNAM
NOVY, Marion E, b. 08/27/1914, d. 09/19/2008, Section: L, Site: 1411, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NOVY, Nicoline H, b. 02/16/1933, d. 07/19/2010, Section: H, Site: 661, Wife of Frank J Novy Jr
NOWLIN, B F, d. 03/20/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 777, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NOYES, Stephen Bradley, b. 11/13/1947, d. 09/28/2018, Section: CAW3, Row: C, Site: 27, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NUDO, Dominic W, b. 03/28/1965, d. 12/18/1987, Section: E, Site: 1066, Adult Dependent Son of Ernest Nudo
NUDO, Dorothy L, b. 04/29/1924, d. 02/27/1994, Section: CREMB, Site: 212, Wife of Vincenzo James Nudo
NUDO, Ernest Sr, b. 06/06/1924, d. 12/30/2001, Section: E, Site: 1066, US NAVY, ADE3, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
NUDO, Helen B, b. 10/18/1930, d. 06/06/1970, Section: E, Site: 1066, Wife of Ernest Nudo
NUDO, James O, b. 01/19/1944, d. 10/25/2018, Section: U, Site: 655, US ARMY, PVT, VIETNAM
NUDO, Vincenzo James, b. 07/17/1922, d. 10/15/1996, Section: CREMB, Site: 212, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
NUEHS, Roy William, b. 04/19/1894, d. 10/29/1947, Section: 3, Site: 401-A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
NULL, Paul, b. 03/01/1892, d. 09/22/1952, Section: C, Site: 459, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NUNES, Merle J, b. 05/09/1913, d. 04/30/1990, Section: J, Site: 552, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NUNN, Martha J, b. 06/22/1926, d. 08/24/1987, Section: K, Site: 1640, Wife of Vora Botts Nunn
NUNN, Vora Botts, b. 07/21/1925, d. 12/06/1984, Section: K, Site: 1640, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
NURDIN, Daniel, b. 04/16/1966, d. 04/16/1966, Section: B, Site: 435, Son (Minor Child) of Ramon Louis Nurdin
NURDIN, Mary B, b. 04/08/1937, d. 09/08/2007, Section: B, Site: 435, Wife of Ramon Louis Nurdin
NURDIN, Ramon Louis, b. 08/18/1927, d. 12/04/2003, Section: B, Site: 435, US ARMY, MAJ, VIETNAM
NUSBAUM, Amelia G, b. 02/25/1895, d. 10/25/1985, Section: E, Site: 565, Wife of Eugene A Nusbaum
NUSBAUM, Eugene A, b. 09/02/1894, d. 07/10/1959, Section: E, Site: 566, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
NUSS, Margaret Virginia, b. 12/17/1920, d. 08/25/2003, Section: HH, Site: 106, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NUTAUT, Anna A, b. 08/15/1913, d. 10/19/1991, Section: B, Site: 567, Wife of Peter Joseph Nutaut
NUTAUT, Edward Joseph, b. 08/18/1943, d. 09/13/2011, Section: T, Site: 328, US NAVY, SN
NUTAUT, Peter J, b. 05/09/1907, d. 08/27/1970, Section: B, Site: 567, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NYDEGGER, Dorothy M, b. 05/22/1928, d. 05/16/2017, Section: Y, Site: 581, Wife of F Dean Nydegger
NYDEGGER, F Dean, b. 04/08/1928, d. 06/06/2006, Section: Y, Site: 581, US ARMY, CPL
NYE, John G, d. 02/07/1987, Section: MA, Site: 12, US ARMY, TEC 3
NYSTROM, Carl V, b. 08/26/1890, d. 05/31/1970, Section: B, Site: 636, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I

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