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Camp Butler National Cemetery
Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois

GPS: 39.83218, -89.55828

5063 Camp Butler Rd
Springfield, IL 62707

Published: July 2000, last updated: December 31, 2020
Total records: 29,247

Camp Butler National Cemetery is owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Surnames A

Records below were received from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These records were compiled by the Department on December 28, 2020, and include dates of death up through December 16, 2020.

AARUP, Carl P, b. 01/13/1928, d. 05/07/1988, Section: F, Site: 297, US NAVY, EM3, WORLD WAR II
AARUP, Ida Eileen, b. 07/29/1933, d. 08/18/2013, Section: F, Site: 297, Wife of Carl P Aarup
AARUP, John Edwin, b. 04/20/1933, d. 11/09/1992, Section: J, Site: 790, US NAVY, MML2, MML2, KOREA
ABBITTS, George, d. 02/23/1864, Section: 2, Site: 195, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ABBOTT, Amos Lee, b. 12/23/1924, d. 08/12/1996, Section: M, Site: 1096, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
ABBOTT, Earl Edward, b. 03/20/1911, d. 08/30/1962, Section: D, Site: 454, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ABBOTT, Eula Mae, b. 01/13/1925, d. 01/05/2000, Section: M, Site: 1096, Wife of Amos Lee Abbott
ABBOTT, Frank H, b. 04/29/1942, d. 03/28/2000, Section: N, Site: 420, US NAVY, MM2
ABBOTT, George, b. 12/17/1895, d. 11/08/1960, Section: D, Site: 727, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ABBOTT, Gloria L, b. 05/20/1927, d. 05/30/2012, Section: H, Site: 391, Wife of Robert E Abbott
ABBOTT, Jesse, d. 04/15/1864, Section: 3, Site: 560, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ABBOTT, Patsy Ruth, b. 02/05/1937, d. 04/02/2017, Section: N, Site: 420, Wife of Frank H Abbott
ABBOTT, Robert E, b. 07/12/1925, d. 06/16/1981, Section: H, Site: 391, US NAVY, ARM2, WORLD WAR II
ABDULLAH, Zebe D Sr, b. 07/18/1921, d. 06/05/2005, Section: H, Site: 813, US ARMY, PVT, PVT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ABEL, Dennis, b. 12/02/1911, d. 12/24/1984, Section: L, Site: 1478, US NAVY, F1, WORLD WAR II
ABEL, Floyd, b. 10/23/1917, d. 03/24/1973, Section: E, Site: 1514, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
ABEL, Helen Ann, b. 11/30/1944, d. 09/30/2014, Section: CAW5, Row: C, Site: 44, Wife of John Norman Abel
ABEL, John Norman, b. 05/22/1948, d. 01/26/2020, Section: CAW5, Row: C, Site: 44, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
ABEL, Sallye B, b. 07/18/1913, d. 05/02/2004, Section: L, Site: 1478, WOMEN'S ARMY AUX CORPS, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ABELN, Lewis Ray, b. 02/16/1930, d. 09/23/2014, Section: R, Site: 314, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
ABENDHOFF, Gerhard Robert, b. 11/04/1923, d. 05/16/2006, Section: V, Site: 230, US AIR FORCE, COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
ABENDHOFF, Ruth Lavena, b. 01/03/1922, d. 04/06/2019, Section: V, Site: 230, Wife of Gerhard Robert Abendhoff
ABILDGAARD, Rudolph W C, b. 01/29/1899, d. 04/27/1965, Section: A, Site: 129, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ABLE, Byron O, b. 05/30/1882, d. 02/04/1959, Section: E, Site: 75, US ARMY, PVT
ABNER, Levi, d. 03/01/1865, Section: 3, Site: 441, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ABNER, William E, b. 02/08/1920, d. 01/16/2012, Section: T, Site: 200, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ABNEY, Davis Ottawa, b. 11/22/1895, d. 12/20/1968, Section: I, Site: 453, US ARMY, MECH, WORLD WAR I
ABRAHAM, Frank Hnery, b. 12/30/1893, d. 12/25/1965, Section: B, Site: 534, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ABRAHAM, Gladys M, b. 09/09/1910, d. 11/22/1994, Section: B, Site: 534, Wife of Frank Henry Abraham
ACHAS, Charles Anthony, b. 08/05/1938, d. 02/20/2013, Section: W, Site: 76, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
ACHAS, Ida Marie, b. 05/21/1921, d. 04/03/2007, Section: D, Site: 225, Mother of Robert John Achas
ACHAS, Robert John, b. 01/01/1943, d. 03/14/1965, Section: D, Site: 225, US MARINE CORPS, LCPL, VIETNAM
ACKERMAN, Elma Catherine, b. 07/16/1915, d. 11/24/2003, Section: 1, Site: 76, Wife of Gene F Ackerman
ACKERMAN, Gene F, b. 01/10/1917, d. 07/11/1981, Section: 1, Site: 76, US ARMY, CWO, WORLD WAR II
ACKERS, Theodore P, d. 11/02/1864, Section: 3, Site: 298, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ACKERSON, Thomas Edward, b. 11/08/1924, d. 12/19/1972, Section: E, Site: 1521, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ACKLES, Allan D, b. 07/12/1929, d. 03/31/1989, Section: F, Site: 72, US ARMY, PFC, PFC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ACKLEY, Arlin S, b. 02/02/1924, d. 06/04/1992, Section: 3, Site: 319-A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ACKLEY, Donald Wayne, b. 03/10/1943, d. 10/25/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 276, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ACKLEY, Mary Jo, b. 05/16/1921, d. 05/20/2006, Section: M, Site: 1008, Wife of Therman Edgar Ackley
ACKLEY, Therman Edgar, b. 03/13/1922, d. 01/27/1997, Section: M, Site: 1008, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ACKLEY, Viola M, b. 08/10/1933, d. 08/09/2001, Section: 3, Site: 319-A, Wife of Arlin S Ackley
ACKS, George W, b. 08/17/1920, d. 03/25/2005, Section: V, Site: 390, US ARMY AIR FORCES, US ARMY AIR CORPS, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
ACKS, Nancy Kay, b. 03/17/1937, d. 10/10/2010, Section: V, Site: 390, Wife of George W Acks
ACREE, Andrew S, b. 09/14/1926, d. 08/15/2011, Section: T, Site: 322, US ARMY, TEC4, WORLD WAR II
ACREE, Elbert E, b. 10/11/1906, d. 07/12/1987, Section: K, Site: 1538, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ACREE, Kenneth Ray, b. 09/17/1954, d. 01/20/2006, Section: CREMD, Site: 315, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
ACREE, Ruth M, b. 05/24/1900, d. 09/20/1986, Section: K, Site: 1538, Wife of Elbert E Acree
ACRES, Freddie Gerald Jr, b. 05/20/1954, d. 02/10/2020, Section: CAW3, Row: D, Site: 36, US NAVY, SR, VIETNAM
ACUFF, Frank, b. 06/11/1887, d. 01/26/1972, Section: E, Site: 1376, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ADAMS, A V, b. 02/02/1932, d. 11/01/2014, Section: R, Site: 340, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
ADAMS, Angela Mary Viscardi, b. 10/29/1914, d. 05/12/2000, Section: N, Site: 382, Wife of Joseph Lewis Adams
ADAMS, Barbara Jean, b. 07/09/1930, d. 12/03/2012, Section: R, Site: 127, Wife of Leonard William Adams
ADAMS, Betty Catherine, b. 05/19/1930, d. 10/11/1994, Section: F, Site: 866, Wife of Kenneth W Adams
ADAMS, Carl Harding, b. 11/03/1920, d. 06/10/1997, Section: N, Site: 612, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Charles Edward, b. 12/11/1932, d. 10/21/2016, Section: MB, Site: 59, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
ADAMS, Charles Lynford, b. 01/01/1902, d. 04/03/1969, Section: I, Site: 678, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Charles M, b. 04/12/1922, d. 03/28/2007, Section: V, Site: 69, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Charles P, d. 03/17/1864, Section: 2, Site: 238, CAVALRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ADAMS, Charles R, b. 11/07/1914, d. 05/16/1982, Section: H, Site: 421, US NAVY, CM2, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Clarence E, b. 09/14/1928, d. 06/20/1997, Section: M, Site: 940, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
ADAMS, Clarence Leon, b. 06/20/1933, d. 04/19/1954, Section: C, Site: 424, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, KOREA
ADAMS, Cletus, b. 12/12/1893, d. 10/02/1951, Section: C, Site: 556, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ADAMS, Cora B, b. 07/05/1907, d. 12/06/1953, Section: C, Site: 557, Wife of Cletus Adams
ADAMS, Corbert, b. 02/02/1923, d. 09/10/2008, Section: CREMC, Site: 532, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, D, d. 02/06/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 858, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, CPL, CIVIL WAR
ADAMS, David Curtis, b. 04/01/1979, d. 10/08/2014, Section: R, Site: 376, Adult Dependent Son of Dayton Eugene Leazenby
ADAMS, David Edward, b. 11/26/1939, d. 07/31/2000, Section: N, Site: 290, US NAVY, SN
ADAMS, Debra Ann, b. 12/26/1953, d. 04/24/2016, Section: CAW1, Row: A, Site: 18, Wife of Mark Daniel Adams
ADAMS, Delmar L, b. 12/17/1920, d. 11/10/1989, Section: J, Site: 263, US NAVY, EM3, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Dennis L, b. 09/16/1907, d. 01/21/1990, Section: J, Site: 430, US ARMY, PVT
ADAMS, Donna L, b. 01/26/1927, d. 03/27/2012, Section: V, Site: 406, Wife of Samuel W Adams
ADAMS, Dorothy J, b. 07/30/1924, d. 09/13/2000, Section: N, Site: 230, Wife of Warren C Adams
ADAMS, Dorothy Mae, b. 05/11/1912, d. 01/07/1996, Section: H, Site: 421, Wife of Charles R Adams
ADAMS, Earl F, b. 08/06/1912, d. 06/12/1987, Section: H, Site: 784, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Eleanor, b. 07/20/1922, d. 04/11/2017, Section: V, Site: 69, Wife of Charles M Adams
ADAMS, Eleanor J, b. 10/04/1914, d. 03/05/1984, Section: H, Site: 784, Wife of Earl F Adams
ADAMS, Estle Pearl, b. 10/01/1896, d. 03/21/1969, Section: I, Site: 672, Wife of George A Adams
ADAMS, Floyd Lee Sr, b. 08/15/1932, d. 06/01/1992, Section: J, Site: 768, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
ADAMS, Frederick Waltamire, b. 09/28/1911, d. 12/06/1982, Section: H, Site: 315, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, George, b. 08/19/1912, d. 01/30/1979, Section: D, Site: 84-A, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, George A, b. 01/03/1890, d. 07/06/1975, Section: I, Site: 672, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ADAMS, Grace Lucille, b. 09/23/1921, d. 08/13/2008, Section: E, Site: 1209, Wife of Grant Burns Adams
ADAMS, Grant Burns, b. 09/21/1915, d. 12/14/1970, Section: E, Site: 1209, US NAVY, CM3, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Gwendolyn C, b. 03/02/1933, d. 08/08/2014, Section: J, Site: 768, Wife of Floyd Lee Adams Sr
ADAMS, Harold Evans, b. 12/16/1917, d. 02/19/1957, Section: E, Site: 48, US ARMY, 1LT, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Harry Reginald, b. 03/08/1945, d. 04/15/2016, Section: S, Site: 70, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ADAMS, Henry Burgess, b. 11/07/1914, d. 06/09/1970, Section: E, Site: 1129, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Henry L, d. 01/19/1864, Section: 2, Site: 164, US ARMY, CPL, CIVIL WAR
ADAMS, Howard E, b. 12/16/1909, d. 08/16/2004, Section: N, Site: 93, US ARMY AIR FORCES, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, James, d. 03/25/1865, Section: 3, Site: 552, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ADAMS, James H, b. 08/27/1925, d. 05/13/2012, Section: CREME, Site: 79, US MARINE CORPS, CORP, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, James I Jr, b. 08/23/1955, d. 05/21/2006, Section: CREMD, Site: 280, US ARMY, SFC, SFC, MSG, IRAQ, PERSIAN GULF
ADAMS, James Waltamire, b. 07/09/1939, d. 02/26/2012, Section: T, Site: 164, US AIR FORCE, US ARMY, SSGT, SGM, VIETNAM
ADAMS, Jerry Wayne Sr, b. 07/12/1949, d. 01/31/2007, Section: V, Site: 78, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
ADAMS, Joe Willis, b. 05/06/1895, d. 09/10/1960, Section: D, Site: 798, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
ADAMS, John B, d. 01/25/1864, Section: 2, Site: 127, CAVALRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ADAMS, John Charles, b. 05/01/1907, d. 05/01/1995, Section: E, Site: 1939, US NAVY, PHM2, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Joseph E Sr, b. 06/26/1924, d. 01/11/1987, Section: B, Site: 148, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Joseph Lewis, b. 11/20/1915, d. 02/29/2008, Section: N, Site: 382, US NAVY, CPO, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
ADAMS, Kathryn, b. 06/19/1909, d. 01/13/1980, Section: D, Site: 196-A, Wife of Rufus Adams
ADAMS, Kenneth Leon, b. 09/19/1938, d. 12/25/2009, Section: CREME, Site: 252, US ARMY, SP5
ADAMS, Kenneth W, b. 12/26/1925, d. 09/04/1996, Section: F, Site: 866, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Lavonnia J, b. 07/27/1929, d. 06/18/2017, Section: O, Site: 48, Wife of Robert Milton Adams
ADAMS, Leonard William, b. 07/20/1923, d. 10/09/2013, Section: R, Site: 127, US NAVY, GMM1, GMM1, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ADAMS, Linda Pauline, b. 10/27/1957, d. 09/13/2010, Section: CREMD, Site: 280, Wife of James I Adams Jr
ADAMS, Lloyd David, b. 09/13/1930, d. 12/31/1998, Section: M, Site: 647, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, KOREA
ADAMS, Lucius J, b. 09/30/1923, d. 04/30/1990, Section: J, Site: 550, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, M V, d. 01/31/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 846, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ADAMS, Margaret C, b. 08/03/1924, d. 09/29/2015, Section: U, Site: 265, Wife of William Harry Adams
ADAMS, Marie E, b. 08/04/1925, d. 09/28/2011, Section: J, Site: 550, Wife of Lucius J Adams
ADAMS, Marilyn Sue, b. 10/07/1946, d. 03/03/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 252, Wife of Kenneth Leon Adams
ADAMS, Martin V, d. 05/07/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 465, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ADAMS, Mary A, b. 03/21/1897, d. 12/08/1971, Section: C, Site: 257, Wife of Mike Adams
ADAMS, Mary Blake, b. 04/20/1907, d. 05/10/1977, Section: E, Site: 1939, Wife of John Charles Adams
ADAMS, Mary Frances, b. 10/31/1927, d. 06/29/2019, Section: CREME, Site: 79, Wife of James Henry Adams
ADAMS, Mary Grace, b. 09/26/1913, d. 05/24/1999, Section: N, Site: 612, Wife of Carl Harding Adams
ADAMS, Mike, b. 12/30/1878, d. 11/07/1951, Section: C, Site: 256, US ARMY, COOK, WORLD WAR I
ADAMS, Rita M, b. 08/01/1923, d. 05/09/2010, Section: M, Site: 647, Wife of Lloyd David Adams
ADAMS, Robert Milton, b. 12/30/1926, d. 02/23/1998, Section: O, Site: 48, US NAVY, SC2, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Roselle Montana, b. 07/05/1917, d. 07/27/1998, Section: H, Site: 315, Wife of Frederick Waltamire Adams
ADAMS, Rufus Lee Jr, b. 05/16/1949, d. 01/25/2012, Section: CREME, Site: 177, US AIR FORCE, AMN
ADAMS, Rufus Sr, b. 11/07/1926, d. 08/04/1995, Section: D, Site: 196-A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Samuel W, b. 07/10/1924, d. 04/18/2005, Section: V, Site: 406, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Sarah Anne, b. 03/01/1922, d. 12/21/2009, Section: J, Site: 263, Wife of Delmar L Adams
ADAMS, Stanley Nelson Jr, b. 02/01/1928, d. 03/07/2013, Section: T, Site: 25, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, Theresa, b. 08/25/1925, d. 12/20/1967, Section: B, Site: 148, Wife of Joseph E Adams Sr
ADAMS, Viola L, b. 05/27/1901, d. 06/19/1989, Section: D, Site: 799, Wife of Joe Willis Adams
ADAMS, Virginia A, b. 04/17/1921, d. 01/26/2002, Section: N, Site: 93, Wife of Howard E Adams
ADAMS, Virginia Marie, b. 07/04/1920, d. 01/02/2007, Section: E, Site: 48, Wife of Harold Evans Adams
ADAMS, Wanda Lee, b. 05/01/1928, d. 07/17/2018, Section: CREMC, Site: 532, Wife of Corbert Adams
ADAMS, Warren C, b. 02/26/1921, d. 12/16/2005, Section: N, Site: 230, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ADAMS, William, b. 07/14/1895, d. 03/26/1949, Section: 4, Site: 88-M2, US ARMY, COOK, WORLD WAR I
ADAMS, William E, b. 06/26/1943, d. 04/11/2005, Section: CREMC, Site: 288, US NAVY, GMT2, VIETNAM
ADAMS, William L, b. 04/30/1939, d. 01/25/1974, Section: B, Site: 884, US NAVY, PRAN, VIETNAM
ADCOCK, Erval E, b. 11/17/1914, d. 03/09/1987, Section: A, Site: 76, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ADCOCK, Juanita, b. 12/21/1919, d. 10/02/2001, Section: A, Site: 76, Wife of Erval E Adcock
ADDIS, Edwin Victor, d. 06/26/1945, Section: 3, Site: 940, US ARMY, PVT
ADDISON, M M, d. 05/13/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 487, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ADDISON, Thomas, d. 05/13/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 495, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ADE, Eunice Mignon, b. 07/03/1924, d. 02/04/2002, Section: N, Site: 91, Wife of Walter Ade
ADE, Walter, b. 10/03/1931, d. 05/15/2011, Section: N, Site: 91, US ARMY, LTC, KOREA
ADELMAN, Betty Lou Yvonne, b. 08/20/1924, d. 04/19/2002, Section: F, Site: 175, Wife of Robert Fred Adelman
ADELMAN, Robert Fred, b. 04/02/1920, d. 02/12/1988, Section: F, Site: 175, US NAVY, AMM2, WORLD WAR II
ADEN, Carroll Worthy, b. 12/18/1920, d. 09/21/1993, Section: H, Site: 641-D, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
ADEN, Martha J, b. 08/24/1924, d. 09/11/2000, Section: H, Site: 641-D, Wife of Carroll Worthy Aden
ADKINS, Calvin Harold, b. 09/14/1932, d. 07/23/1997, Section: H, Site: 101-E, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
ADKINS, Dale Eugene, b. 03/17/1934, d. 08/07/2003, Section: CREMB, Site: 271, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
ADKINS, Katherine C, b. 11/27/1929, d. 12/28/1983, Section: H, Site: 893, Wife of William W Adkins
ADKINS, William W, b. 12/16/1922, d. 01/05/2006, Section: H, Site: 893, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ADKINSON, Chester Errol, b. 05/19/1924, d. 02/01/2009, Section: CREMC, Site: 260, US NAVY, ARM3, WORLD WAR II
ADKINSON, Laura F, b. 11/21/1923, d. 05/01/2010, Section: CREMC, Site: 260, Wife of Chester Errol Adkinson
ADKINSON, Robert Nelson, b. 01/05/1920, d. 09/13/1998, Section: N, Site: 593, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, PFC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ADKISSON, Eleanor A, b. 03/22/1925, d. 07/13/2014, Section: H, Site: 265, Wife of James A Adkisson
ADKISSON, James A, b. 07/26/1919, d. 06/12/1984, Section: H, Site: 265, US AIR FORCE, CWO, WORLD WAR II
ADLER, Lillie B, b. 10/01/1906, d. 12/17/1978, Section: B, Site: 280, Wife of Michael Lawrence Adler
ADLER, Michael Lawrence, b. 02/22/1904, d. 04/26/1967, Section: B, Site: 280, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
ADLOFF, Oscar Charles, b. 09/15/1896, d. 05/08/1954, Section: E, Site: 190, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ADWELL, Albert Sidney, b. 11/05/1879, d. 03/12/1947, Section: 3, Site: 972, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
AEBEL, Agnes W, b. 10/01/1914, d. 06/28/2002, Section: E, Site: 1909, Wife of Victor L Aebel
AEBEL, Margaret, b. 03/20/1950, d. 11/28/2017, Section: E, Site: 1909, Adult Dependent Daughter of Victor L Aebel
AEBEL, Victor L, b. 03/05/1914, d. 06/23/1976, Section: E, Site: 1909, US AIR FORCE, CWO1, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
AFFRUNTI, Andrew A, b. 05/08/1925, d. 04/24/2016, Section: S, Site: 75, US ARMY, 2LT, WORLD WAR II
AFFRUNTI, Catherine, b. 02/02/1926, d. 11/23/2020, Section: S, Site: 75, Wife of Andrew A Affrunti
AGANS, Jerald Eugene, b. 09/02/1931, d. 12/18/2008, Section: T, Site: 432, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
AGATUCCI, Nicholas J, b. 12/30/1910, d. 05/12/1985, Section: K, Site: 1649, US ARMY, PFC, PFC, WORLD WAR II
AGEE, Dorothy Mae, b. 05/29/1917, d. 11/12/1999, Section: M, Site: 591, Wife of Thomas Howard Agee
AGEE, Thomas Howard, b. 03/24/1916, d. 02/25/1999, Section: M, Site: 591, US ARMY, M SGT, M SGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
AGENT, Mary Kathern, b. 05/14/1925, d. 11/27/1999, Section: B, Site: 288, Wife of William Henry Agent
AGENT, William Henry, b. 09/11/1916, d. 04/11/1967, Section: B, Site: 288, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
AHERIN, Joyce Marie, b. 02/15/1922, d. 01/04/2005, Section: M, Site: 493, Wife of Lawrence Francis Aherin
AHERIN, Lawrence Francis, b. 02/16/1922, d. 03/15/2002, Section: M, Site: 493, US ARMY, 1LT, 1LT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
AHLERS, Wayne Edward, b. 04/02/1932, d. 05/12/2012, Section: T, Site: 176, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
AHLFIELD, Alan Paul, b. 10/02/1953, d. 09/10/1972, Section: E, Site: 1529, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
AHRENS, Edward C, b. 01/11/1921, d. 04/30/1998, Section: M, Site: 776, US ARMY, T SGT, WORLD WAR II
AHRENS, Mildred Virginia, b. 11/23/1921, d. 01/27/1999, Section: M, Site: 776, Wife of Edward C Ahrens
AIELLO, Fannie M, b. 04/15/1925, d. 06/09/1986, Section: K, Site: 1557, Wife of William T Aiello
AIELLO, Jasper J, b. 03/29/1927, d. 06/24/2015, Section: R, Site: 509, US NAVY, SKD3
AIELLO, Marie J, b. 02/16/1930, d. 02/20/2020, Section: R, Site: 509, Wife of Jasper J Aiello
AIELLO, Michael, b. 07/10/1909, d. 09/30/1944, Section: 3, Site: 247-K, US ARMY, SSG, WORLD WAR II
AIELLO, William T, b. 06/18/1919, d. 06/17/1996, Section: K, Site: 1557, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
AIKEN, Curtis J, b. 07/15/1948, d. 08/18/2016, Section: U, Site: 362, US NAVY, ABH2, VIETNAM
AIKEN, Laura L, b. 04/30/1928, d. 05/31/2009, Section: Z, Site: 124, Wife of Richard Monroe Aiken
AIKEN, Richard Monroe, b. 10/13/1925, d. 02/23/2005, Section: Z, Site: 124, US NAVY, MOMM3, WORLD WAR II
AIKIN, John Keith, b. 03/20/1917, d. 03/13/1978, Section: 1, Site: 105-B, US ARMY AIR FORCES, MAJ, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
AIKIN, Katharina, b. 09/07/1918, d. 11/16/2009, Section: 1, Site: 105-B, Wife of John Keith Aikin
AIKMAN, Floyd J, b. 01/17/1916, d. 01/22/1998, Section: M, Site: 830-G, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
AIKMAN, James W, b. 05/19/1907, d. 04/29/1980, Section: B, Site: 1134, US ARMY, T SGT, WORLD WAR II
AIKMAN, Sharon L, b. 12/02/1941, d. 12/08/1998, Section: M, Site: 830-G, Wife of Floyd J Aikman
AILEY, Herman, d. 04/22/1865, Section: 3, Site: 418, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
AIRVETT, James M, d. 10/08/1864, Section: 3, Site: 266, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
AKEHURST, George A, b. 01/09/1927, d. 02/28/1989, Section: 4, Site: 191, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
AKERS, Charles Henry, b. 05/03/1925, d. 09/29/2001, Section: B, Site: 184, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
AKERS, Josephine A, b. 06/19/1912, d. 10/14/1989, Section: U, Site: 788, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
AKERS, Leonard Lee, b. 03/23/1928, d. 07/15/2005, Section: V, Site: 293, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
AKERS, Mae F, b. 06/13/1929, d. 12/31/1971, Section: B, Site: 184, Wife of Charles H Akers
AKERS, Olivia, b. 10/11/1928, d. 07/21/2012, Section: V, Site: 293, Wife of Leonard Lee Akers
AKERS, Virgil L, b. 11/22/1918, d. 05/02/2001, Section: N, Site: 111-A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
AKIN, Frances B, b. 10/14/1916, d. 01/21/2006, Section: F, Site: 872, Wife of Edward Bernard Akin
ALBANESE, Patricia A, b. 12/02/1933, d. 07/10/2004, Section: G, Site: 107, Wife of Joseph Dominic Albanese
ALBERINI, Wanda Olga, b. 09/20/1917, d. 04/02/2010, Section: Z, Site: 71, US MARINE CORPS, 1STLT, WORLD WAR II
ALBERS, Ethel M, b. 11/14/1921, d. 03/19/2009, Section: V, Site: 72, Wife of Harry E Albers
ALBERS, Fred John, b. 03/09/1901, d. 05/24/1967, Section: A, Site: 50, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ALBERS, Glenn Edward, b. 04/03/1915, d. 11/23/1997, Section: N, Site: 653, US NAVY, S2, WORLD WAR II
ALBERS, Harry E, b. 04/24/1918, d. 03/26/2007, Section: V, Site: 72, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ALBERS, Mary Alice, b. 06/17/1918, d. 05/16/2012, Section: N, Site: 653, Wife of Glenn Edward Albers
ALBERT, Cecelia Ann, b. 11/19/1916, d. 11/17/1966, Section: D, Site: 153, Wife of John Anton Albert
ALBERT, Eldon Eugene, b. 06/17/1923, d. 09/04/1981, Section: H, Site: 553, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ALBERT, John A Sr, b. 02/28/1910, d. 08/29/1975, Section: D, Site: 153, US NAVY, CSC, WORLD WAR II
ALBERT, Joseph F, b. 09/19/1913, d. 03/20/1998, Section: D, Site: 394, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ALBERT, Joyce B, b. 11/10/1926, d. 12/20/1991, Section: D, Site: 394, Wife of Joseph F Albert
ALBERT, Mary Ann, b. 02/05/1918, d. 10/03/2011, Section: D, Site: 854, Wife of Henry Steve Aubel
ALBERT, Vyetta June, b. 06/28/1923, d. 03/07/2016, Section: H, Site: 553, Wife of Eldon Eugene Albert
ALBERTINE, John, b. 10/17/1923, d. 10/05/1965, Section: B, Site: 510, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
ALBERTINE, Josephine T, b. 07/16/1924, d. 08/07/2011, Section: B, Site: 510, Wife of John Albertine
ALBORG, Betty Luta, b. 05/28/1920, d. 01/23/2008, Section: Y, Site: 544, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ALBORG, James Leonard, b. 03/13/1923, d. 08/17/2012, Section: Y, Site: 544, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ALBORG, Thomas M, b. 09/10/1949, d. 09/06/1988, Section: F, Site: 266, US MARINE CORPS, LCPL, VIETNAM
ALBORG, William Robert, b. 07/30/1947, d. 12/14/2012, Section: F, Site: 266, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, VIETNAM
ALBRIGHT, Blanche L, b. 07/07/1936, d. 09/04/2008, Section: CREMB, Site: 342, Wife of Charles A Albright
ALBRIGHT, Charles Arthur, b. 08/19/1929, d. 03/01/1998, Section: CREMB, Site: 342, US MARINE CORPS, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ALBRIGHT, Connie C, b. 10/23/1950, d. 04/25/2017, Section: R, Site: 184, Wife of Vernon Lee Albright
ALBRIGHT, Elsie M, b. 08/12/1917, d. 07/27/2011, Section: N, Site: 434, Wife of Vernon E Albright
ALBRIGHT, Harry H, b. 04/06/1895, d. 12/01/1953, Section: C, Site: 41, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ALBRIGHT, Harry P, b. 12/01/1924, d. 09/02/1944, Section: C, Site: 301, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ALBRIGHT, James Allan, b. 11/29/1943, d. 02/23/2020, Section: CAW3, Row: D, Site: 39, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
ALBRIGHT, Maude L, d. 01/07/1950, Section: C, Site: 42, Wife of Harry H Albright
ALBRIGHT, Vernon E, b. 08/30/1924, d. 01/10/2000, Section: N, Site: 434, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
ALBRIGHT, Vernon Lee, b. 08/17/1946, d. 11/17/2013, Section: R, Site: 184, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
ALCORN, James Crawford, b. 09/14/1943, d. 07/10/1961, Section: D, Site: 691, Son (Minor Child) of Stanley W Alcorn
ALCORN, Stanley Wilson, b. 07/25/1915, d. 03/13/2000, Section: D, Site: 691, US ARMY AIR FORCES, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, MAJ, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
ALDEN, Stephen Lee, b. 04/02/1947, d. 09/25/2002, Section: F, Site: 259-CC, US ARMY, SP5, SP5, VIETNAM
ALDERMAN, Joan, b. 07/31/1932, d. 03/14/2019, Section: HH, Site: 99, Wife of Virgil Alderman
ALDERMAN, Ray E, b. 07/28/1892, d. 01/28/1956, Section: E, Site: 886, US ARMY, HORSESHOER, WORLD WAR I
ALDERMAN, Virgil, b. 05/03/1931, d. 08/16/2003, Section: HH, Site: 99, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
ALDERSON, Margaret Viola, b. 08/17/1922, d. 02/28/2014, Section: R, Site: 236, Wife of Robert N Alderson
ALDERSON, Robert Earl, b. 03/10/1925, d. 03/18/2014, Section: R, Site: 222, US ARMY, TEC4, WORLD WAR II
ALDERSON, Robert N, b. 09/28/1918, d. 03/17/2014, Section: R, Site: 236, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ALDIS, Wallace R, b. 06/16/1925, d. 01/30/1944, Section: 3, Site: 855-L, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ALDRICH, Glen W, b. 03/04/1916, d. 11/06/1987, Section: F, Site: 87, US NAVY, CCM, WORLD WAR II
ALDRICH, Harvey Clarence, b. 03/13/1914, d. 11/16/2003, Section: M, Site: 1593, US NAVY, AOM3, WORLD WAR II
ALDRICH, Mary R, b. 03/22/1925, d. 01/13/2015, Section: F, Site: 87, Wife of Glen W Aldrich
ALDRIDGE, Barbara H, b. 06/29/1924, d. 11/02/2005, Section: C, Site: 173, Wife of William M Aldridge
ALDRIDGE, Cecil E, b. 01/23/1916, d. 02/27/1988, Section: F, Site: 216, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ALDRIDGE, Dennis L, b. 12/21/1950, d. 10/31/1969, Section: C, Site: 173, Son (Minor Child) of William M Aldridge
ALDRIDGE, William M, b. 03/12/1923, d. 06/17/1981, Section: C, Site: 173, US ARMY AIR FORCES, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ALESSANDRINI, Alfred, b. 04/30/1918, d. 01/23/1993, Section: J, Site: 42, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ALESSANDRINI, Mary Delores, b. 03/01/1920, d. 01/06/2003, Section: J, Site: 42, Wife of Alfred Alessandrini
ALEXANDER, Bettie L, b. 04/22/1921, d. 08/16/2002, Section: N, Site: 430, US ARMY, 1ST LT, WORLD WAR II
ALEXANDER, Dale Eugene, b. 08/18/1943, d. 07/25/2006, Section: V, Site: 240, US NAVY, EM2, VIETNAM
ALEXANDER, Emil Joseph, b. 10/09/1920, d. 07/09/1961, Section: D, Site: 656, US ARMY AIR CORPS, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ALEXANDER, Fred L, b. 06/22/1914, d. 08/09/1960, Section: E, Site: 147, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ALEXANDER, Fredric Lynn, b. 12/11/1949, d. 01/29/2004, Section: M, Site: 366, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ALEXANDER, George, b. 11/04/1888, d. 03/04/1945, Section: 3, Site: 924, US ARMY, PVT
ALEXANDER, George A, b. 02/06/1929, d. 02/20/2010, Section: Y, Site: 380, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ALEXANDER, Herbert J, b. 12/24/1921, d. 03/08/2000, Section: M, Site: 556, US ARMY AIR FORCES, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ALEXANDER, James P Jr, b. 11/02/1918, d. 11/19/1998, Section: N, Site: 430, US ARMY AIR FORCES, LTC, WORLD WAR II
ALEXANDER, Lavonna J, b. 03/14/1923, d. 04/01/2017, Section: M, Site: 556, Wife of Herbert J Alexander
ALEXANDER, Loron James, b. 04/06/1908, d. 01/04/1999, Section: M, Site: 632, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ALEXANDER, Lucille G, b. 09/15/1897, d. 04/26/1986, Section: 3, Site: 924, Wife of George Alexander
ALEXANDER, Lucinda Louise, b. 02/03/1941, d. 05/14/2013, Section: V, Site: 274, Wife of Stewart O Alexander
ALEXANDER, Luther T, b. 01/21/1935, d. 02/13/1986, Section: K, Site: 792, US AIR FORCE, A1C, KOREA
ALEXANDER, M H, d. 03/16/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 105, CAVALRY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALEXANDER, Maeola Leona, b. 01/01/1928, d. 04/13/2009, Section: Y, Site: 380, Wife of George A Alexander
ALEXANDER, Michael Ross, b. 07/07/1950, d. 02/27/2010, Section: Z, Site: 90, US NAVY, AMHAN, VIETNAM
ALEXANDER, Niles Jarrad, b. 05/18/1979, d. 05/02/2020, Section: CAW6, Row: A, Site: 11, US MARINE CORPS, LCPL, PERSIAN GULF
ALEXANDER, Ocie Lavoise Sr, b. 07/23/1947, d. 11/06/2017, Section: U, Site: 522, US NAVY
ALEXANDER, Rachel, b. 09/01/1904, d. 02/01/1987, Section: E, Site: 146, Wife of Fred L Alexander
ALEXANDER, Ray, b. 04/08/1951, d. 05/06/2018, Section: U, Site: 589, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, VIETNAM
ALEXANDER, Stewart O, b. 05/26/1924, d. 07/19/2005, Section: V, Site: 274, US NAVY, S2, WORLD WAR II
ALFORD, Harold D, b. 03/28/1939, d. 08/18/1989, Section: J, Site: 221, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
ALFORD, William I, b. 01/21/1905, d. 11/07/1974, Section: I, Site: 2705, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ALLDREDGE, George Michael, b. 12/17/1941, d. 03/11/2006, Section: CREMD, Site: 295, US NAVY, MMFN, VIETNAM
ALLEANS, John G, d. 03/16/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 224, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALLEN, Alfred Wayland, b. 10/11/1936, d. 01/27/2012, Section: T, Site: 195, US ARMY, PFC
ALLEN, Alonzo J, d. 05/16/1863, Section: 3, Site: 426, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALLEN, Archibald, b. 11/19/1925, d. 07/31/2015, Section: CAW1, Row: B, Site: 11, US NAVY, SK3, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Billie Faye, b. 08/07/1929, d. 09/08/2017, Section: Y, Site: 659, Wife of Robert Lozelle Allen
ALLEN, Bonnie Lee, b. 10/16/1959, d. 10/24/1966, Section: A, Site: 72, Daughter (Minor Child) of Ernest Wheeler Allen
ALLEN, Brian Albert, b. 08/30/1947, d. 01/02/2019, Section: U, Site: 755, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, VIETNAM
ALLEN, Charlotte A, b. 09/19/1900, d. 02/04/1983, Section: H, Site: 565, Wife of Ira M Allen
ALLEN, Chester E, b. 07/03/1918, d. 09/06/1980, Section: H, Site: 106, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Clifford Glen, b. 08/11/1929, d. 12/05/1992, Section: J, Site: 794, US NAVY, TN, KOREA
ALLEN, Daniel Jon, b. 02/05/1944, d. 02/09/1996, Section: CREMB, Site: 158, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, VIETNAM
ALLEN, David, d. 01/25/1864, Section: 2, Site: 126, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALLEN, Dolores J, b. 12/25/1929, d. 12/11/2017, Section: F, Site: 736, Wife of James Roland Allen
ALLEN, E D, b. 01/12/1920, d. 02/29/1992, Section: J, Site: 48, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Eddie Sr, b. 08/18/1920, d. 05/10/1988, Section: F, Site: 344, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Edgar David, b. 12/05/1947, d. 06/22/2008, Section: Z, Site: 162, US AIR FORCE, US NAVY, SSGT, PO1, PERSIAN GULF, VIETNAM
ALLEN, Edith Hazel, b. 08/15/1893, d. 01/14/1968, Section: 3, Site: 583-D, Wife of John C Allen
ALLEN, Edward Lee Sr, b. 04/27/1920, d. 04/19/1995, Section: M, Site: 1392, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Ellen, b. 07/02/1899, d. 02/05/1976, Section: B, Site: 530, Wife of Ernest Levi Allen
ALLEN, Ellen Robin, b. 12/09/1922, d. 09/30/1976, Section: E, Site: 1948, US ARMY, CAPT, KOREA
ALLEN, Ernest Levi, b. 07/04/1893, d. 12/19/1965, Section: B, Site: 530, US MARINE CORPS, SGM, WORLD WAR I
ALLEN, Ernest Wheeler, b. 09/24/1924, d. 09/01/2013, Section: A, Site: 72, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II, VIETNAM
ALLEN, Florence E, b. 10/27/1893, d. 12/18/1964, Section: E, Site: 599, Wife of Frank G Allen
ALLEN, Frank A, b. 03/11/1889, d. 02/04/1962, Section: B, Site: 649, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ALLEN, Frank G, b. 07/23/1890, d. 08/10/1963, Section: E, Site: 599, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
ALLEN, Frank George Jr, b. 09/19/1923, d. 03/01/1974, Section: E, Site: 1663, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Gary Leon, b. 12/23/1938, d. 09/04/2014, Section: R, Site: 294, US NAVY, SA
ALLEN, Geneta, b. 06/14/1911, d. 03/28/1962, Section: B, Site: 795, Wife of Otis Wallace Allen
ALLEN, George W, b. 10/10/1887, d. 03/21/1967, Section: B, Site: 295, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
ALLEN, Gilbert L, b. 03/07/1914, d. 02/21/1988, Section: F, Site: 212, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Gregory Joseph, b. 12/25/1949, d. 01/05/2008, Section: X, Site: 36, US NAVY, SN, VIETNAM
ALLEN, Harold Turner, b. 06/04/1920, d. 04/25/2007, Section: V, Site: 238, US AIR FORCE, LT COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
ALLEN, Herbert, b. 03/04/1912, d. 03/23/1976, Section: E, Site: 1365-A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Howard, b. 05/25/1887, d. 09/07/1965, Section: A, Site: 142, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ALLEN, Ida Linnea, b. 07/18/1923, d. 08/08/2006, Section: V, Site: 238, Wife of Harold Turner Allen
ALLEN, Ira M, b. 03/17/1899, d. 01/19/1983, Section: H, Site: 565, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ALLEN, Ira W, b. 10/04/1922, d. 04/21/2017, Section: CAW5, Row: A, Site: 12, US ARMY, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, J M, d. 08/16/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 685, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALLEN, James Edward, b. 07/28/1946, d. 05/03/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 245, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
ALLEN, James Ogle, b. 05/27/1918, d. 05/05/2000, Section: 3, Site: 777-C, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, James R, b. 08/06/1964, d. 10/18/2018, Section: CAW3, Row: A, Site: 32, US ARMY, PFC
ALLEN, James W, b. 12/04/1928, d. 12/09/1982, Section: H, Site: 625, US NAVY, S2, S2, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Jesse Lee, b. 09/06/1924, d. 07/31/1998, Section: CREMB, Site: 374, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, John A, b. 12/04/1920, d. 03/02/2001, Section: M, Site: 541, US ARMY, 2LT, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, John C, b. 09/08/1881, d. 08/25/1943, Section: 3, Site: 583-D, US ARMY, CPL
ALLEN, John H, d. 05/31/1864, Section: 3, Site: 496, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALLEN, Joseph Howard, b. 04/12/1915, d. 10/10/1998, Section: N, Site: 550, US ARMY AIR CORPS, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Lee Bennett, b. 04/15/1901, d. 03/18/1969, Section: I, Site: 571, US ARMY, SGT
ALLEN, Leland Junior, b. 05/16/1922, d. 08/25/2018, Section: U, Site: 629, US NAVY, LCDR, KOREA
ALLEN, Lewis G, d. 02/09/1974, Section: MB, Site: 9, US AIR FORCE, CAPT
ALLEN, Lucille M, b. 09/27/1920, d. 01/16/2011, Section: M, Site: 541, Wife of John Alfred Allen
ALLEN, Luke, d. 01/25/1864, Section: 2, Site: 129, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALLEN, Marguerite, b. 09/12/1928, d. 12/31/2017, Section: CAW5, Row: A, Site: 12, Wife of Ira W Allen
ALLEN, Martha Linda, b. 02/22/1928, d. 08/30/2008, Section: Y, Site: 446, Wife of Jack C Allen
ALLEN, Mary J, b. 10/20/1923, d. 03/14/2012, Section: U, Site: 629, Wife of Leland Junior Allen
ALLEN, Mary J, b. 04/05/1929, d. 12/12/2013, Section: F, Site: 895, Wife of William David Allen
ALLEN, Max Lee, b. 05/08/1927, d. 12/05/2003, Section: HH, Site: 136, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
ALLEN, Melva, b. 01/16/1928, d. 07/25/2013, Section: A, Site: 72, Wife of Ernest Wheeler Allen
ALLEN, Murry Coe, b. 06/29/1903, d. 02/26/1964, Section: B, Site: 721, US ARMY AIR CORPS, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Nadine E, b. 03/20/1923, d. 02/03/2015, Section: M, Site: 986-I, Wife of Roy H Allen
ALLEN, Nell, b. 11/29/1921, d. 06/16/2013, Section: CREMB, Site: 217, Wife of William Robert Allen
ALLEN, Otis Wallace, b. 11/08/1917, d. 07/07/1972, Section: B, Site: 795, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Patricia K, b. 01/01/1934, d. 08/25/1988, Section: H, Site: 625, Wife of James W Allen
ALLEN, Robert, b. 09/11/1891, d. 05/28/1967, Section: B, Site: 201, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ALLEN, Robert Lozelle, b. 11/30/1918, d. 06/22/2005, Section: Y, Site: 659, US ARMY, S SGT, SFC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ALLEN, Robert Wayne Sr, b. 12/24/1945, d. 07/22/1999, Section: N, Site: 546, US ARMY, PVT
ALLEN, Ronald Carleen, b. 07/26/1940, d. 08/30/2007, Section: X, Site: 108, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ALLEN, Roy H, b. 07/17/1918, d. 02/04/1997, Section: M, Site: 986-I, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Ruth Ann, b. 02/14/1950, d. 06/26/1999, Section: K, Site: 1451, Wife of James Charles Allen
ALLEN, Ruth J, b. 09/21/1893, d. 01/04/1975, Section: B, Site: 649, Wife of Frank A Allen
ALLEN, Samuel F, b. 04/26/1917, d. 04/04/1982, Section: H, Site: 705, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Sarah K, b. 06/12/1919, d. 06/22/1987, Section: H, Site: 705, Wife of Samuel F Allen
ALLEN, Shirley Jean, b. 01/16/1944, d. 10/23/2009, Section: CREME, Site: 343, Wife of Hubert C Allen Jr
ALLEN, Steven Brian, b. 08/26/1933, d. 09/10/1990, Section: J, Site: 573, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
ALLEN, Taylor, d. 03/23/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 723, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALLEN, Thomas James III, b. 12/18/1940, d. 12/02/2014, Section: U, Site: 151, US NAVY, SN, VIETNAM
ALLEN, William, d. 04/14/1864, Section: 3, Site: 605, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALLEN, William David, b. 09/08/1924, d. 12/09/1994, Section: F, Site: 895, US NAVY, AMM3, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, William Robert, b. 07/03/1919, d. 11/17/1996, Section: CREMB, Site: 217, US ARMY, 1LT, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Winston Ray, b. 02/11/1929, d. 04/10/2003, Section: N, Site: 15, US ARMY, US NAVY, PVT, RS, WORLD WAR II
ALLEN, Wynona K, b. 12/31/1913, d. 07/02/2012, Section: F, Site: 212, Wife of Gilbert L Allen
ALLERS, Leonard Frank, b. 03/22/1924, d. 12/29/1995, Section: M, Site: 1031, US NAVY, SM2, WORLD WAR II
ALLERS, Phyllis, b. 09/26/1934, d. 04/08/1999, Section: M, Site: 1031, Wife of Leonard Frank Allers
ALLERS, Vernon C, b. 09/21/1930, d. 01/04/1969, Section: E, Site: 1003, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
ALLERS, Wanda Marie, b. 06/30/1925, d. 10/18/1994, Section: E, Site: 1003, Wife of Vernon Carlyle Allers
ALLEY, Glenn A, b. 04/23/1920, d. 02/15/2007, Section: X, Site: 138, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ALLEY, Orthello C, b. 01/28/1914, d. 03/17/1945, Section: 4, Site: 89, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ALLGOOD, Norma J, b. 01/15/1953, d. 12/06/2016, Section: S, Site: 186, Wife of John William Allgood
ALLIERS, F J, d. 03/16/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 223, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALLISON, Dolores Jean, b. 03/20/1931, d. 01/23/2010, Section: Y, Site: 242, Wife of Glenn Ernest Allison
ALLISON, Dorothy A, b. 07/08/1921, d. 01/03/2010, Section: N, Site: 68, Wife of Joseph W Allison
ALLISON, Fred Henry, b. 01/17/1943, d. 01/01/1981, Section: H, Site: 90, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
ALLISON, James Robert, b. 09/28/1974, d. 07/01/2017, Section: U, Site: 465, US ARMY, 1LT, AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ
ALLISON, Jeremiah, d. 06/05/1865, Section: 2, Site: 228, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALLISON, John, d. 02/19/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 294, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALLISON, Joseph W, b. 11/11/1919, d. 12/10/1999, Section: N, Site: 68, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ALLISON, Michael Todd, b. 05/10/1963, d. 06/16/2016, Section: CAW1, Row: C, Site: 22, US ARMY
ALLISON, Thomas Eugene, b. 06/25/1943, d. 08/19/2012, Section: CREME, Site: 399, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ALLMON, B Constance, b. 01/31/1932, d. 10/17/1998, Section: CREMB, Site: 413, Wife of Clarence Robert Allmon
ALLMON, Clarence Robert, b. 10/23/1930, d. 11/20/2002, Section: CREMB, Site: 413, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
ALLMON, Doris Jean, b. 03/12/1932, d. 08/01/1998, Section: CREMB, Site: 390, Wife of Frank E Allmon
ALLMON, Frank Edwin, b. 05/01/1933, d. 08/28/2003, Section: CREMB, Site: 390, US ARMY, SP3, KOREA
ALLSUP, Earl Samuel, b. 02/13/1896, d. 03/25/1966, Section: B, Site: 547, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ALLSUP, Elizabeth J, b. 01/29/1912, d. 08/27/1994, Section: B, Site: 547, Wife of Earl Samuel Allsup
ALRED, James Melvin, b. 06/22/1938, d. 03/13/2017, Section: CAW5, Row: A, Site: 1, US NAVY, AQ2
ALSBROOK, William Noel Sr, b. 01/31/1916, d. 01/05/1998, Section: CREMB, Site: 311, US ARMY AIR FORCES, 1LT, WORLD WAR II
ALSBURY, Alexander, d. 04/02/1864, Section: 3, Site: 673, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ALSTOTT, Asa S, b. 07/22/1916, d. 01/14/2013, Section: J, Site: 557, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ALSTOTT, Leona J, b. 09/20/1923, d. 08/04/1990, Section: J, Site: 557, Wife of Asa S Alstott
ALTAMIRANO, Leslie A, b. 12/16/1922, d. 07/21/1985, Section: B, Site: 77-F, US ARMY, TEC 3, WORLD WAR II
ALTEMUS, James Donald, b. 09/16/1963, d. 04/04/2014, Section: CAW5, Row: A, Site: 47, US ARMY, PFC
ALTES, George John, b. 11/29/1926, d. 02/02/1997, Section: M, Site: 986-J, US NAVY, HM3, KOREA
ALTES, Helen Marie, b. 05/25/1932, d. 01/01/2008, Section: M, Site: 986-J, Wife of George John Altes
ALTIG, Clark U J, b. 08/28/1941, d. 01/20/2005, Section: G, Site: 30, US NAVY, MM3
ALTMAN, Herman L, b. 08/05/1925, d. 03/20/2015, Section: U, Site: 176, US ARMY AIR FORCES, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ALTOM, Bobby D, b. 03/24/1932, d. 06/20/1990, Section: J, Site: 513, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
ALTOM, Connie R, b. 05/14/1937, d. 12/28/2001, Section: J, Site: 513, Wife of Bobby D Altom
ALTON, Harry James Jr, b. 07/01/1935, d. 01/09/2008, Section: Y, Site: 542, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
ALTUM, Claude S, b. 05/18/1917, d. 11/19/2007, Section: L, Site: 1461, US ARMY, TEC4, WORLD WAR II
ALUMBAUGH, Richard Clyde, b. 09/08/1939, d. 01/24/2003, Section: CREMC, Site: 403, US AIR FORCE, SGT
ALUMBAUGH, Rita Maureen, b. 10/09/1942, d. 03/30/2004, Section: CREMC, Site: 403, Wife of Richard Clyde Alumbaugh
ALWARDT, Edith M, b. 12/10/1926, d. 12/27/2014, Section: B, Site: 204, Wife of John Marion Randall
ALWARDT, Marjorie June, b. 01/26/1925, d. 06/29/1967, Section: D, Site: 132, Wife of Stuart R Alwardt
ALWARDT, Peggy J, b. 03/13/1929, d. 11/17/1986, Section: K, Site: 1496, Wife of Wilbert Paul Alwardt Jr
ALWARDT, Stuart R, b. 04/19/1920, d. 08/11/2001, Section: D, Site: 132, US ARMY AIR FORCES, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ALWARDT, Wilbert Paul Jr, b. 11/04/1933, d. 02/05/2007, Section: K, Site: 1496, US NAVY, SN, KOREA
ALWERDT, Marlene Ora, b. 11/15/1939, d. 06/30/1970, Section: I, Site: 1578, Wife of Louis Carter Alwerdt
ALWERDT, Ronald James, b. 06/27/1942, d. 08/23/1969, Section: I, Site: 1015, US NAVY, RD2
AMACK, Eugene S, b. 05/26/1927, d. 07/24/2005, Section: CREMD, Site: 369, US NAVY, S2, WORLD WAR II
AMBROSE, Hugh Eugene, b. 07/16/1937, d. 12/21/2012, Section: W, Site: 64, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
AMBS, John J Jr, b. 04/23/1894, d. 12/26/1973, Section: D, Site: 245, US NAVY, BM2, WORLD WAR I
AMBS, Margaret Ann, b. 10/13/1909, d. 10/08/1967, Section: D, Site: 245, Wife of John J Ambs Jr
AMBUEHL, Valerie Leanora, b. 05/31/1917, d. 06/06/2001, Section: M, Site: 782, Wife of Walter Ellis Ambuehl
AMBUEHL, Walter Ellis, b. 12/13/1909, d. 05/09/1998, Section: M, Site: 782, US NAVY, MOMM3, WORLD WAR II
AMDAL, Edward, b. 10/19/1897, d. 10/08/1975, Section: MB, Site: 57, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
AMENDOLA, David, b. 03/10/1916, d. 09/05/1989, Section: CREMA, Site: 75, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
AMISCANT, W, d. 03/22/1864, Section: 3, Site: 656, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
AMOS, James Larry, b. 08/01/1922, d. 03/23/2005, Section: CREME, Site: 389, US ARMY, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, SGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
AMUNDSON, Alfred, b. 02/16/1896, d. 12/07/1967, Section: B, Site: 143, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
ANANIAS, Carl, b. 01/13/1912, d. 08/31/1991, Section: F, Site: 544, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
ANANIAS, Edward, b. 11/07/1917, d. 12/16/1961, Section: D, Site: 511, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ANANIAS, John Raymond III, b. 01/25/1939, d. 03/02/2008, Section: CREMD, Site: 66, US NAVY, SOG2, VIETNAM
ANANIAS, Mary Ellen, b. 08/15/1913, d. 06/18/1993, Section: F, Site: 544, Wife of Carl Ananias
ANANIAS, Mary R, b. 04/10/1918, d. 06/05/1966, Section: D, Site: 512, Wife of Edward Ananias
ANANIAS, Sheila A, b. 09/15/1963, d. 12/29/2005, Section: V, Site: 326, Wife of Paul W Ananias
ANDERBERG, Donald H, b. 06/29/1927, d. 08/19/1990, Section: J, Site: 595, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANDERBERG, Wanda Jean, b. 04/05/1952, d. 07/10/2002, Section: J, Site: 595, Wife of Donald H Anderberg
ANDERS, Barbara, b. 11/27/1930, d. 07/15/2012, Section: T, Site: 112, Wife of Harvey Junior Anders
ANDERS, Geraldine Ruth, b. 12/16/1925, d. 02/10/1995, Section: M, Site: 1540, Wife of Howard Leroy Anders
ANDERS, Harvey Junior, b. 04/29/1926, d. 03/12/2013, Section: T, Site: 112, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
ANDERS, Howard Leroy, b. 09/28/1920, d. 04/05/2003, Section: M, Site: 1540, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ANDERS, Ida Irene, b. 09/13/1922, d. 02/19/2012, Section: D, Site: 74, Wife of Raymond Oliver Mc Cawley
ANDERS, Lillie Mae, b. 08/22/1910, d. 02/08/1969, Section: I, Site: 568, Wife of Paul E Anders
ANDERS, Paul E, b. 05/29/1917, d. 12/12/1985, Section: I, Site: 568, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ANDERS, Paul L Sr, b. 07/23/1954, d. 01/21/2014, Section: CAW5, Row: A, Site: 32, US ARMY, PV1, VIETNAM
ANDERSEN, Andrew E, b. 03/27/1897, d. 09/17/1998, Section: H, Site: 530, US NAVY, S2, WORLD WAR I
ANDERSEN, Gregory Stephen, b. 02/09/1948, d. 03/04/1998, Section: M, Site: 826, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ANDERSEN, Muriel, b. 08/26/1908, d. 06/18/1983, Section: H, Site: 530, Wife of Andrew E Andersen
ANDERSON, Adolph A, b. 03/15/1909, d. 09/06/1974, Section: E, Site: 1750, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Alfie Emil, b. 12/23/1935, d. 04/15/2019, Section: O, Site: 327, US NAVY, CS1, KOREA, VIETNAM
ANDERSON, Allen J, b. 06/25/1925, d. 06/17/1991, Section: J, Site: 666, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Alvin E, b. 08/27/1922, d. 03/13/2004, Section: HH, Site: 178, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Amanda E, b. 01/15/1929, d. 02/02/2014, Section: J, Site: 750, Wife of Marion K Anderson
ANDERSON, Arthur, b. 07/07/1916, d. 08/30/1944, Section: C, Site: 213, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Atrice Lucille, b. 03/27/1926, d. 06/29/2006, Section: CREMC, Site: 590, Wife of Donald Edward Anderson
ANDERSON, Betty Jean, b. 10/27/1929, d. 01/21/2005, Section: K, Site: 1470, Wife of William P Anderson
ANDERSON, Billy Ray, b. 11/06/1932, d. 10/11/2002, Section: F, Site: 193-AA, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
ANDERSON, Charles, b. 09/21/1921, d. 03/03/2011, Section: N, Site: 152, US NAVY, SD1, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ANDERSON, Charles E, b. 09/09/1922, d. 05/14/2013, Section: CAW5, Row: B, Site: 28, US NAVY, AMM2C, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Charles Gordon, b. 03/01/1951, d. 10/29/2003, Section: M, Site: 586-A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT
ANDERSON, Charles H, b. 07/18/1925, d. 12/10/2004, Section: CREMC, Site: 264, US ARMY AIR FORCES, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Charles W, b. 08/20/1889, d. 06/08/1980, Section: H, Site: 12, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ANDERSON, Donald Edward, b. 06/16/1921, d. 03/15/2001, Section: CREMC, Site: 590, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Donald T Sr, b. 02/08/1910, d. 01/24/1991, Section: H, Site: 415, US NAVY, LT, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Dwight Douglas, b. 07/08/1945, d. 12/24/2002, Section: CREMC, Site: 414, US ARMY, SP5
ANDERSON, Earnest R, b. 07/20/1892, d. 10/29/1967, Section: D, Site: 107, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
ANDERSON, Eddie, b. 12/21/1937, d. 09/29/2001, Section: J, Site: 81-BB, US ARMY, PFC
ANDERSON, Edith Marie, b. 10/01/1921, d. 01/09/1999, Section: B, Site: 714, Wife of James L Anderson Jr
ANDERSON, Edward Thomas, b. 12/27/1936, d. 11/19/1999, Section: N, Site: 107, US ARMY, SP5
ANDERSON, Emanuel, b. 11/01/1948, d. 02/21/2014, Section: CAW5, Row: B, Site: 27, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
ANDERSON, Emma Hildegarde, b. 07/16/1897, d. 06/27/1992, Section: B, Site: 846, Wife of James Hildegarde
ANDERSON, Eula Mae, b. 01/02/1920, d. 12/25/2000, Section: N, Site: 152, Wife of Charles Anderson
ANDERSON, Francis Robert, b. 01/26/1923, d. 10/02/1997, Section: CREMC, Site: 689, US NAVY, YN2, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Gladys M, b. 09/15/1911, d. 04/18/2003, Section: J, Site: 274, Wife of Harold A Anderson
ANDERSON, Gordon, b. 06/11/1937, d. 03/19/2006, Section: M, Site: 1110-C, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, VIETNAM
ANDERSON, Harold A, b. 09/09/1908, d. 07/04/1989, Section: J, Site: 274, US ARMY, TEC 3, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Harry Oliver Jr, b. 07/01/1919, d. 02/25/1998, Section: CREME, Site: 134, US ARMY, 1ST LT, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Harry Ray, b. 01/22/1937, d. 09/16/2019, Section: O, Site: 363, US NAVY, AN, KOREA
ANDERSON, Helen, b. 04/17/1919, d. 05/17/1995, Section: M, Site: 1376, Wife of Theodore E Anderson
ANDERSON, Ivan George Jr, b. 08/18/1925, d. 09/12/1951, Section: 4, Site: 148, US AIR FORCE, 1LT, KOREA
ANDERSON, James, d. 03/28/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 312, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ANDERSON, James, b. 10/09/1895, d. 06/07/1973, Section: B, Site: 846, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ANDERSON, James L Jr, b. 09/27/1921, d. 09/12/1985, Section: B, Site: 714, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Jean E, b. 12/04/1923, d. 05/01/1990, Section: 4, Site: 196, Wife of Lennart W Anderson
ANDERSON, Jeanette M, b. 11/24/1914, d. 12/16/1985, Section: L, Site: 1555, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Jerfie, d. 06/26/1934, Section: 3, Site: 793, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ANDERSON, Jesse L, b. 09/29/1912, d. 08/02/1989, Section: J, Site: 281, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Jesse O, b. 08/13/1919, d. 06/03/1990, Section: E, Site: 1446, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, John, d. 06/17/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 604, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ANDERSON, John Arch, b. 12/07/1921, d. 10/05/2008, Section: CREMC, Site: 193, US NAVY, SKD1, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ANDERSON, John Edwin, b. 05/24/1939, d. 10/11/2016, Section: U, Site: 449, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ANDERSON, John W, b. 12/16/1925, d. 07/30/1992, Section: F, Site: 615, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Joyce F, b. 05/29/1936, d. 10/02/2017, Section: M, Site: 1657-A, Wife of Leroy John Anderson
ANDERSON, Kathleen Frances, b. 10/04/1920, d. 11/07/1991, Section: F, Site: 507, Wife of Richard Howard Anderson
ANDERSON, Kevin Lee, b. 09/11/1950, d. 01/11/2008, Section: X, Site: 42, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ANDERSON, Laura, b. 02/04/1963, d. 02/04/1963, Section: B, Site: 671, Daughter (Minor Child) of Albert E Anderson
ANDERSON, Lee Jr, b. 10/21/1944, d. 09/28/2000, Section: M, Site: 1599-E, US ARMY, PVT
ANDERSON, Lennart W, b. 02/16/1921, d. 11/11/1988, Section: 4, Site: 196, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Leroy John, b. 10/25/1934, d. 11/01/1997, Section: M, Site: 1657-A, US NAVY, AN, KOREA
ANDERSON, Lou Polly, b. 02/22/1947, d. 01/16/2018, Section: O, Site: 141, Wife of Howard A Anderson
ANDERSON, Lucille A, b. 03/04/1907, d. 06/16/1982, Section: H, Site: 415, Wife of Donald T Anderson Sr
ANDERSON, Luroy Arthur, b. 12/12/1929, d. 03/05/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 283, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
ANDERSON, Lyle William, b. 04/07/1915, d. 05/24/1971, Section: E, Site: 1287, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Marilyn Joan, b. 04/16/1936, d. 11/03/1996, Section: M, Site: 1110-C, Wife of Gordon Anderson
ANDERSON, Marion K, b. 01/14/1919, d. 05/21/1992, Section: J, Site: 750, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Mary Frances, b. 07/08/1944, d. 07/08/2011, Section: Y, Site: 7, Wife of Tom Anderson
ANDERSON, Maynard Alfred, b. 11/27/1942, d. 11/20/2017, Section: CAW5, Row: C, Site: 18, US NAVY, BTFN, VIETNAM
ANDERSON, Mellisse, b. 09/02/1920, d. 08/07/1972, Section: E, Site: 1446, Wife of Jesse O Anderson
ANDERSON, Mildred L, b. 02/28/1917, d. 11/24/2009, Section: J, Site: 281, Wife of Jesse L Anderson
ANDERSON, Myrna L, b. 01/17/1914, d. 04/27/2014, Section: CAW5, Row: B, Site: 28, Wife of Charles E Anderson
ANDERSON, Ola R, b. 11/28/1894, d. 05/12/1988, Section: 3, Site: 903-B, Wife of Virgil A Anderson
ANDERSON, Phyllis A, b. 07/10/1935, d. 12/19/2008, Section: CREMB, Site: 8, Wife of Thomas Franklin Anderson
ANDERSON, Richard Howard, b. 11/17/1922, d. 08/07/2003, Section: F, Site: 507, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Richard T, b. 12/17/1916, d. 09/06/1981, Section: H, Site: 551, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Rickey Duane, b. 11/25/1949, d. 07/21/2013, Section: R, Site: 88, US NAVY, SN, VIETNAM
ANDERSON, Robert Luther, b. 01/14/1939, d. 10/25/2007, Section: X, Site: 78, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
ANDERSON, Robert Rudolph, b. 10/03/1922, d. 08/05/1995, Section: M, Site: 1225, US ARMY, PFC, PFC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ANDERSON, Roy Edward, b. 02/13/1930, d. 01/29/2013, Section: R, Site: 20, US NAVY, FN, KOREA
ANDERSON, Roy Jerome, b. 03/12/1951, d. 02/25/1991, Section: CREMA, Site: 56, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, VIETNAM
ANDERSON, Roy L, b. 02/12/1924, d. 10/19/1986, Section: L, Site: 1556, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Steven Allen, b. 08/08/1951, d. 07/24/2015, Section: R, Site: 521, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ANDERSON, Sven Algot, b. 02/12/1906, d. 12/30/1971, Section: I, Site: 2139, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Thelma, b. 03/29/1928, d. 08/20/2020, Section: HH, Site: 178, Wife of Alvin E Anderson
ANDERSON, Theodore Eugene Sr, b. 05/16/1917, d. 03/27/1996, Section: M, Site: 1376, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, Thomas Franklin, b. 03/12/1932, d. 06/11/1993, Section: CREMB, Site: 8, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
ANDERSON, Tom, b. 07/11/1927, d. 01/17/2012, Section: Y, Site: 7, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
ANDERSON, Violet, b. 02/24/1916, d. 03/04/2017, Section: CREMC, Site: 689, Wife of Francis Robert Anderson
ANDERSON, Virgil A, b. 09/07/1892, d. 11/05/1975, Section: 3, Site: 903-B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
ANDERSON, William E, b. 09/11/1911, d. 04/28/1984, Section: H, Site: 884, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANDERSON, William Edwin, b. 01/27/1927, d. 04/05/2010, Section: Y, Site: 186, US NAVY, AS, LTJG, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ANDERSON, William H, b. 03/12/1944, d. 10/31/2015, Section: CAW1, Row: C, Site: 9, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, VIETNAM
ANDERSON, William P, b. 06/13/1928, d. 08/29/1999, Section: K, Site: 1470, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
ANDERSON, William Prince, b. 08/25/1915, d. 10/11/1998, Section: N, Site: 551, US ARMY, PVT, PFC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ANDERSON MURTHA, Anna Marie, b. 01/05/1924, d. 11/02/2007, Section: X, Site: 71, US NAVY, YNCS, SCPO, VIETNAM
ANDES, John N, d. 01/23/1864, Section: 2, Site: 135, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ANDES, John W, b. 11/08/1921, d. 03/21/1986, Section: K, Site: 1611, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ANDRE, Doris A, b. 01/28/1924, d. 09/26/2010, Section: M, Site: 588, Wife of Harold E Andre
ANDRE, Harold E, b. 08/09/1918, d. 02/21/1999, Section: M, Site: 588, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, CMSGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ANDREATTA, Albert Angelo, b. 07/18/1931, d. 07/02/1993, Section: J, Site: 872, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
ANDREATTA, Betty Jane, b. 09/03/1931, d. 10/13/2017, Section: J, Site: 872, Wife of Albert Angelo Andreatta
ANDRES, Judy N, b. 05/01/1941, d. 12/04/2015, Section: CREMC, Site: 371, Wife of Kenneth Lee Andres
ANDRES, Kenneth Lee, b. 04/23/1932, d. 03/05/2004, Section: CREMC, Site: 371, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
ANDRESEN, John W, b. 02/26/1925, d. 12/10/2015, Section: U, Site: 344, US ARMY AIR FORCES, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
ANDRESEN, Lillian E, b. 06/22/1928, d. 06/29/2009, Section: U, Site: 344, Wife of John W Andresen
ANDRESEN, Ole A, b. 04/20/1914, d. 02/16/1992, Section: J, Site: 114, US MERCHANT MARINE, WORLD WAR II
ANDRESEN, Virginia I, b. 01/27/1925, d. 12/22/1998, Section: J, Site: 114, Wife of Ole A Andresen
ANDREW, James A, b. 05/24/1925, d. 12/14/2002, Section: CREMC, Site: 384, US ARMY AIR FORCES, PFC
ANDREW, Joseph F, b. 03/25/1907, d. 12/25/1976, Section: B, Site: 945, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ANDREWS, Catherine A, b. 10/13/1912, d. 11/08/1988, Section: J, Site: 401, Wife of Harold R Andrews
ANDREWS, Charles B, d. 11/21/1864, Section: 3, Site: 291, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ANDREWS, Harold R, b. 02/26/1918, d. 03/06/1997, Section: J, Site: 401, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANDREWS, James William, b. 06/15/1923, d. 03/16/1997, Section: M, Site: 1019, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ANDREWS, Lila Lee, b. 04/30/1930, d. 03/24/2003, Section: HH, Site: 31, Wife of Wallace Keith Andrews
ANDREWS, Robert R, b. 01/27/1922, d. 06/14/1948, Section: 4, Site: 160, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANDREWS, Stanley J, b. 11/10/1916, d. 05/04/1979, Section: B, Site: 1031, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ANDREWS, Wallace Keith, b. 04/15/1922, d. 09/20/2012, Section: HH, Site: 31, US AIR FORCE, MAJ, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ANDREWS, Wm, d. 08/01/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 69, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ANDRS, Myles, b. 11/26/1893, d. 03/24/1964, Section: D, Site: 336, US ARMY, WAGONER, WORLD WAR I
ANDRT, Fred F, b. 11/08/1918, d. 09/21/1944, Section: C, Site: 309, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
ANDRUSKEVITCH, Delores J, b. 08/20/1927, d. 03/10/2012, Section: CREMC, Site: 422, Wife of George William Andruskevitch
ANDRUSKEVITCH, George William, b. 10/24/1917, d. 11/30/2002, Section: CREMC, Site: 422, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ANDRUSKEVITCH, John F, b. 12/22/1921, d. 11/21/2006, Section: V, Site: 93, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ANDRUSKEVITCH, Lorraine Clara, b. 07/21/1918, d. 06/16/2007, Section: V, Site: 93, Wife of John F Andruskevitch
ANFIELD, Darren Wayne, b. 09/16/1977, d. 09/17/1977, Section: I, Site: 2944, Son (Minor Child) of Dennis Anfield
ANGEL, Gus N, b. 05/21/1896, d. 02/09/1976, Section: D, Site: 3-A
ANGELES, Carol, b. 05/30/1940, d. 10/28/2013, Section: R, Site: 191, Wife of Louis Leroy Angeles
ANGELES, Thomas Lee, b. 12/23/1945, d. 01/21/2016, Section: CAW1, Row: D, Site: 2, US NAVY, RM3, VIETNAM
ANGELI, Barbara A, b. 06/23/1937, d. 06/11/2013, Section: W, Site: 125, Wife of Louis Angeli
ANGELI, Joseph, b. 10/18/1932, d. 12/30/1992, Section: J, Site: 6, US AIR FORCE, A1C, KOREA
ANGELI, Raymond William, b. 12/02/1924, d. 01/12/1970, Section: I, Site: 1350, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ANGELI, Rickey Joe, b. 11/14/1954, d. 05/26/2014, Section: W, Site: 240, US AIR FORCE, A1C, VIETNAM
ANGELI, Tina A, b. 04/04/1925, d. 11/25/1987, Section: F, Site: 150, Wife of William L Angeli
ANGELI, William L, b. 09/08/1926, d. 03/21/2013, Section: F, Site: 150, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANGELI-HOWARD, Terry J, b. 02/14/1956, d. 11/25/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 169, Wife of Norman William Howard Jr
ANGELL, Idell Dora, b. 09/24/1913, d. 09/26/1991, Section: F, Site: 518, Wife of Thomas J Idell
ANGELL, Thomas J, b. 02/08/1906, d. 09/04/1992, Section: F, Site: 518, US ARMY, PFC
ANGELO, Curtman I, b. 04/21/1909, d. 03/21/1986, Section: K, Site: 1609, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ANGELO, Doris Elizabeth, b. 09/12/1909, d. 01/16/2003, Section: K, Site: 1609, Wife of Curtman I Angelo
ANGELO, William Sylvester, b. 03/31/1934, d. 12/17/2006, Section: X, Site: 181, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
ANGELY, Louis D, b. 09/25/1896, d. 12/09/1947, Section: 3, Site: 375-A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
ANGERMEIER, Charles Markus, b. 06/30/1971, d. 12/09/2019, Section: O, Site: 404, US AIR FORCE, SRA, SRA, SSGT, PERSIAN GULF
ANGLE, Jerry L, b. 11/08/1947, d. 11/21/1983, Section: H, Site: 735, US ARMY, SP4
ANGLIN, Helen K, b. 09/04/1904, d. 05/15/1980, Section: D, Site: 476-C, US ARMY AIR FORCES, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANGLIN, Myron J, b. 01/28/1925, d. 09/27/2019, Section: CAW3, Row: C, Site: 32, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANGWIN, Betty A, b. 11/20/1920, d. 08/25/2010, Section: B, Site: 232, Wife of John Richard Angwin
ANGWIN, John Richard, b. 02/27/1909, d. 08/31/1967, Section: B, Site: 232, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ANGWIN, Thomas K, b. 05/01/1949, d. 01/28/2012, Section: CREME, Site: 97, US NAVY, BMSN, VIETNAM
ANNING, Charlotte C, b. 08/10/1923, d. 01/25/2004, Section: CREMB, Site: 4, Wife of Thomas John Anning
ANNING, John H, b. 06/16/1917, d. 05/08/1976, Section: E, Site: 1906, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ANNING, Thomas John, b. 10/15/1920, d. 04/24/1993, Section: CREMB, Site: 4, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ANNING-BRANHAM, Helen Marie, b. 07/07/1923, d. 04/10/2011, Section: E, Site: 1906, WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ANTCLIFF, Dorothy A, b. 08/14/1920, d. 12/04/1989, Section: J, Site: 370, Wife of Arthur E Antcliff
ANTENAN, Alfred H, b. 04/21/1921, d. 12/11/1978, Section: B, Site: 1068, US ARMY, TEC 3, WORLD WAR II
ANTLE, Larry Dean, b. 04/28/1946, d. 11/11/2001, Section: F, Site: 385-E, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, VIETNAM
ANTONACCI, Alice G, b. 09/21/1926, d. 08/18/2020, Section: O, Site: 499, Wife of Ernest J Antonacci
ANTONACCI, Anthony J, b. 03/03/1916, d. 10/29/2004, Section: G, Site: 62, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ANTONACCI, Anthony Vito, b. 01/25/1911, d. 09/12/1991, Section: J, Site: 895, US NAVY, GM3, WORLD WAR II
ANTONACCI, Antonio, b. 12/01/1904, d. 07/12/1956, Section: E, Site: 56, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
ANTONACCI, Charles Robert, b. 03/22/1927, d. 05/31/1999, Section: N, Site: 140, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
ANTONACCI, Ella, b. 01/09/1937, d. 03/16/2004, Section: C, Site: 560, Wife of Norman Charles Antonacci
ANTONACCI, Ernest, b. 04/21/1925, d. 09/08/2020, Section: O, Site: 499, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ANTONACCI, Gena M, b. 12/09/1909, d. 05/26/1991, Section: E, Site: 55, Wife of Antonio Antonacci
ANTONACCI, George A, b. 03/23/1920, d. 08/04/2000, Section: N, Site: 270, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
ANTONACCI, Gloria S, b. 06/02/1924, d. 08/29/2019, Section: F, Site: 588, Wife of Ike Joseph Antonacci
ANTONACCI, Hugo W, b. 09/23/1917, d. 08/21/2006, Section: V, Site: 145, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
ANTONACCI, Ike Joseph, b. 03/27/1924, d. 05/12/1992, Section: F, Site: 588, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ANTONACCI, Janet Lee, b. 08/06/1934, d. 07/23/2004, Section: N, Site: 140, Wife of Charles Robert Antonacci
ANTONACCI, Joan Marie, b. 12/25/1946, d. 03/15/2019, Section: O, Site: 322, Wife of Andrew James Antonacci
ANTONACCI, Lydia, b. 06/27/1919, d. 07/21/2011, Section: N, Site: 283, Wife of Orville Antonacci
ANTONACCI, Mary Ann, b. 02/08/1970, d. 02/08/1970, Section: C, Site: 560, Daughter (Minor Child) of Norman Charles Antonacci
ANTONACCI, Mary G, b. 09/22/1916, d. 04/19/2011, Section: H, Site: 337, Wife of Silvio J Antonacci
ANTONACCI, Norman Charles, b. 01/31/1931, d. 02/11/2013, Section: C, Site: 560, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, KOREA
ANTONACCI, Orville, b. 05/27/1915, d. 08/21/2000, Section: N, Site: 283, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ANTONACCI, Patrick Anthony, b. 08/04/1932, d. 03/27/2007, Section: CREMD, Site: 180, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
ANTONACCI, Roberta A, b. 05/20/1934, d. 09/29/2013, Section: CREMD, Site: 180, Wife of Patrick Anthony Antonacci
ANTONACCI, Silvio J, b. 09/05/1910, d. 05/18/1981, Section: H, Site: 337, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ANTONACCI, Valentino John, b. 02/14/1928, d. 02/01/1997, Section: M, Site: 1013, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
ANTONACCI, Walter H, b. 07/23/1924, d. 06/17/1998, Section: M, Site: 725, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ANTONIE, B, d. 11/09/1864, Section: 3, Site: 296, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ANTONINI, Philip Vincent, b. 02/11/1931, d. 10/28/1996, Section: M, Site: 1110-G, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
ANTONINI, Shans A, b. 12/16/1923, d. 04/01/1988, Section: F, Site: 312, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ANUCI, Frank Ralph Jr, b. 09/22/1942, d. 09/22/2015, Section: U, Site: 260, US ARMY, SP4
APPENZELLER, Robert H, b. 06/02/1925, d. 01/27/1984, Section: 3, Site: 1001, US MARINE CORPS, SSGT, KOREA
APPENZELLER, Theodore L, b. 10/04/1909, d. 05/03/1999, Section: N, Site: 620, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
APPERSON, Jno, d. 03/29/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 21
APPLEGATE, Carl R, b. 02/02/1912, d. 06/14/1957, Section: E, Site: 947, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
APPLEGATE, Russell Lee, b. 10/06/1922, d. 12/10/2001, Section: N, Site: 75, US ARMY AIR FORCES, MAJ, WORLD WAR II
APPLEGATE, Sarah, b. 08/16/1922, d. 07/06/2009, Section: N, Site: 75, Wife of Russell Lee Applegate
ARBOGAST, Stanley Paul, b. 09/06/1949, d. 03/28/2020, Section: O, Site: 447, US NAVY, AE3, VIETNAM
ARCEO, Gregory Jr, b. 09/14/1930, d. 03/01/1995, Section: CREMB, Site: 179, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ARCHER, Doris M, b. 04/11/1926, d. 03/24/2011, Section: M, Site: 1641, Wife of John L Archer
ARCHER, Earl W, b. 02/19/1917, d. 07/01/1977, Section: E, Site: 1965, US ARMY AIR FORCES, CMSGT, WORLD WAR II
ARCHER, Edwin Roy, b. 11/20/1893, d. 11/14/1973, Section: B, Site: 483, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
ARCHER, Harold N, b. 05/04/1920, d. 08/29/1993, Section: J, Site: 917, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
ARCHER, Leonard Sylvester, b. 12/06/1897, d. 06/14/1966, Section: A, Site: 116, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ARCHER, Lester Percy Jr, b. 04/11/1932, d. 01/29/2012, Section: T, Site: 203, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
ARCHER, Lillian I, b. 01/26/1920, d. 06/16/2013, Section: E, Site: 1965, US NAVY, SP3, WORLD WAR II
ARCHER, Margie Arlene, b. 02/11/1925, d. 05/31/2017, Section: V, Site: 53, Wife of Thomas E Archer
ARCHER, Mary K, b. 02/17/1939, d. 07/07/2002, Section: J, Site: 917, Wife of Harold N Archer
ARCHER, Ruth Mcmurry, b. 03/21/1895, d. 12/18/1970, Section: B, Site: 483, Wife of Edwin Roy Archer
ARCHER, Thomas E, b. 03/20/1925, d. 03/10/2007, Section: V, Site: 53, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
ARCHIBALD, Rosetta, b. 01/28/1945, d. 06/14/2016, Section: S, Site: 91, Wife of Paul W Archibald Sr
ARENDS, Clair Mae, b. 10/12/1912, d. 12/26/2000, Section: CREMB, Site: 319, Wife of George William Arends
ARENDS, G William, b. 04/18/1914, d. 12/25/1997, Section: CREMB, Site: 319, US ARMY, MAJ, WORLD WAR II
ARENZ, Ethel E, b. 11/15/1896, d. 11/21/1966, Section: E, Site: 493, Wife of Leland H Arenz
ARENZ, Leland H, b. 03/22/1894, d. 11/17/1959, Section: E, Site: 494, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ARISMAN, Chester P, b. 08/23/1912, d. 10/18/1971, Section: B, Site: 265, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
ARISMAN, Garrett William, b. 07/27/1903, d. 12/18/1966, Section: D, Site: 156, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ARISMAN, Lillian Jones, b. 01/18/1917, d. 12/05/1996, Section: B, Site: 265, Wife of Chester P Arisman
ARKEBAUER, James E, b. 05/12/1936, d. 05/30/2004, Section: M, Site: 379, US ARMY, CW4
ARKEBAUER, Robert Frederick, b. 12/31/1903, d. 05/29/1971, Section: B, Site: 352, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ARMBRUSTER, Donald R, b. 07/22/1918, d. 09/07/2003, Section: CREMC, Site: 358, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ARMBRUSTER, Helen V, b. 02/10/1925, d. 10/11/1999, Section: CREMC, Site: 358, Wife of Donald R Armbruster
ARMBRUSTER, Roger Mengel, b. 08/28/1940, d. 07/21/2013, Section: R, Site: 92, US NAVY, YN3, VIETNAM
ARMES, Frances Anna, b. 07/11/1917, d. 10/03/2013, Section: H, Site: 14, Wife of Raymond E Armes Sr
ARMES, Raymond E Sr, b. 02/06/1919, d. 06/26/1980, Section: H, Site: 14, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ARMINIO, Tordedi, d. 12/22/1935, Section: 3, Site: 814, US ARMY, PVT
ARMITAGE, Elsie Hayden, b. 07/14/1912, d. 10/18/1977, Section: E, Site: 1443, Wife of John E Armitage
ARMITAGE, John E, b. 08/12/1919, d. 07/29/1972, Section: E, Site: 1443, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ARMOUR, Charles C, b. 07/18/1899, d. 12/15/1981, Section: H, Site: 369, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ARMSTRONG, Arthur R, b. 01/23/1912, d. 02/24/1996, Section: M, Site: 1017, US ARMY AIR FORCES, LTC, WORLD WAR II
ARMSTRONG, Danny Marvin, b. 12/03/1930, d. 05/06/2003, Section: HH, Site: 54, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
ARMSTRONG, David Preston, b. 10/31/1971, d. 02/08/2002, Section: N, Site: 90, US ARMY, SPC
ARMSTRONG, Earl W, b. 03/15/1921, d. 08/08/2006, Section: CREMD, Site: 245, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth A, b. 04/12/1899, d. 08/26/1987, Section: D, Site: 630, Wife of Isaac Leslie Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Gwendolyn S, b. 09/05/1945, d. 04/26/2019, Section: O, Site: 299, Wife of John Laurence Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Harlin E, b. 11/23/1932, d. 11/22/1979, Section: B, Site: 1137, US AIR FORCE, A2C, KOREA
ARMSTRONG, Helen Louise, b. 07/05/1920, d. 12/11/2011, Section: E, Site: 1031, Wife of John B Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Isaac Leslie, b. 09/06/1894, d. 01/13/1961, Section: D, Site: 629, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
ARMSTRONG, Jacqueline Margaret, b. 08/02/1928, d. 06/10/2016, Section: H, Site: 531, Wife of Robert T Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, James, d. 10/03/1862, Section: 2, Site: 174, US ARMY, PVT
ARMSTRONG, Jimmy Dean, b. 03/19/1935, d. 12/07/2015, Section: CAW5, Row: A, Site: 7, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
ARMSTRONG, John, b. 09/05/1920, d. 07/20/1979, Section: B, Site: 1110, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ARMSTRONG, John B, b. 12/20/1899, d. 03/06/1970, Section: E, Site: 1031, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
ARMSTRONG, John Laurence, b. 09/04/1943, d. 03/14/2015, Section: O, Site: 299, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, VIETNAM
ARMSTRONG, Johnie B, b. 09/02/1925, d. 04/10/2016, Section: CREMD, Site: 245, Wife of Earl W Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Orlando W, d. 05/15/1865, Section: 3, Site: 630
ARMSTRONG, Robert Joseph, b. 05/01/1932, d. 02/18/2007, Section: Y, Site: 594, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
ARMSTRONG, Robert T, b. 02/03/1927, d. 06/27/1983, Section: H, Site: 531, US NAVY, SA, WORLD WAR II
ARMSTRONG, Steven Paul, b. 10/19/1944, d. 05/01/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 149, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
ARMSTRONG, Wanda L, b. 07/18/1925, d. 10/21/2006, Section: Y, Site: 594, Wife of Robert Joseph Armstrong
ARN, Lawrence Stanley, b. 08/07/1901, d. 12/03/1958, Section: D, Site: 898, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ARNAL, P H, d. 09/28/1864, Section: 3, Site: 261, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ARNDT, Gerard Jerry, b. 04/28/1928, d. 12/17/1971, Section: I, Site: 2144, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
ARNDT, Howard William, b. 06/26/1922, d. 10/13/1978, Section: D, Site: 477-B, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
ARNETT, Albert E, b. 08/10/1931, d. 07/07/2013, Section: R, Site: 100, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
ARNETT, F F, d. 03/31/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 416, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ARNEY, John E, b. 01/22/1877, d. 01/21/1952, Section: C, Site: 558, US ARMY, PVT, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
ARNEY, Patricia A, b. 11/27/1933, d. 09/07/2004, Section: W, Site: 179, Wife of William Wade Arney
ARNEY, William Wade, b. 01/13/1926, d. 08/05/2013, Section: W, Site: 179, US AIR FORCE, US NAVY, A1C, ARM3, WORLD WAR II
ARNOLD, Alice S, b. 02/19/1921, d. 11/06/1991, Section: CREMA, Site: 110-A, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
ARNOLD, Carl William, b. 12/29/1936, d. 07/05/2014, Section: W, Site: 274, US AIR FORCE, A2C
ARNOLD, Charles E, b. 10/19/1928, d. 09/02/1980, Section: C, Site: 75
ARNOLD, Floyd E, b. 02/10/1921, d. 10/05/1983, Section: H, Site: 673, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ARNOLD, Harold Wayne, b. 03/30/1949, d. 03/30/2003, Section: CREMC, Site: 416, US NAVY, HM2, VIETNAM
ARNOLD, Hugh Eddwin, b. 01/19/1926, d. 04/26/2009, Section: Y, Site: 301, US MERCHANT MARINE, WORLD WAR II
ARNOLD, Lorretta M, b. 01/17/1922, d. 01/21/1992, Section: H, Site: 673, Wife of Floyd E Arnold
ARNOLD, Madonna Kay, b. 06/26/1937, d. 08/05/2009, Section: Y, Site: 301, Wife of Hugh Eddwin Arnold
ARNOLD, Norman Walter, b. 03/15/1931, d. 08/02/2003, Section: N, Site: 670-H, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, KOREA
ARNOLD, Ray C, b. 01/08/1920, d. 08/10/1998, Section: CREMB, Site: 387, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ARNOLD, Richard Carl, b. 12/24/1947, d. 11/12/2017, Section: E, Site: 269, US AIR FORCE, TSGT
ARNOLD, Shirley, b. 09/11/1943, d. 12/03/2002, Section: E, Site: 269, Wife of Richard Carl Arnold
ARNOLD, Thelma, b. 03/10/1916, d. 02/08/2012, Section: CREMB, Site: 387, Wife of Ray C Arnold
ARNOLDI, Anneliese, b. 04/18/1934, d. 04/18/2018, Section: Y, Site: 614, Wife of Joseph Gerald Arnoldi
ARNOLDI, Joseph Gerald, b. 10/15/1929, d. 10/19/2006, Section: Y, Site: 614, US AIR FORCE, S SGT, KOREA
ARNOW, Edna L, b. 01/15/1921, d. 02/08/2013, Section: E, Site: 1471, Wife of Robert D Arnow
ARNOW, Robert D, b. 08/09/1912, d. 05/31/1972, Section: E, Site: 1471, US ARMY, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ARSENEAUX, Henry J, b. 09/04/1922, d. 07/18/1977, Section: I, Site: 3392, US ARMY AIR FORCES, TSGT
ARSENEAUX, Mary C, b. 03/31/1930, d. 05/18/2002, Section: I, Site: 3392, US AIR FORCE, A1, KOREA
ARTERBERRY, David Lee, b. 01/15/1951, d. 04/08/2011, Section: Y, Site: 98, US NAVY, SN, VIETNAM
ARTHUR, Donald William, b. 05/15/1943, d. 09/24/1977, Section: I, Site: 3507
ARTHUR, Thomas Edward, b. 10/04/1954, d. 07/01/2001, Section: J, Site: 1-I, US AIR FORCE, A1C, VIETNAM
ARTIS, Tomosina Cawthorne, b. 01/03/1956, d. 05/01/2007, Section: Q, Site: 21, US ARMY, SP4
ARTZ, Evelyn L, b. 02/19/1926, d. 07/21/2013, Section: V, Site: 344, Wife of Robert H Artz
ARTZ, Robert H, b. 01/14/1926, d. 01/05/2005, Section: V, Site: 344, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ARTZ, Robert L, b. 07/09/1923, d. 05/31/2002, Section: CREMC, Site: 472, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ARVIDSON, Dale R, b. 11/14/1924, d. 12/19/1990, Section: J, Site: 123
ARVIDSON, Hilda Mae, b. 09/27/1927, d. 03/02/2015, Section: J, Site: 123, Wife of Dale R Arvidson
ASCHER, William Jr, b. 03/24/1926, d. 10/26/1999, Section: N, Site: 522, US NAVY, AOM3, WORLD WAR II
ASHBROOK, William, d. 09/25/1862, Section: 2, Site: 166, INFANTRY, CIVIL WAR
ASHBURN, Judith, b. 12/15/1947, d. 07/14/2018, Section: CREME, Site: 258, Wife of Paul Lloyd Ashburn
ASHBURN, Paul Lloyd, b. 05/22/1945, d. 04/20/2012, Section: CREME, Site: 258, US NAVY, HM3, VIETNAM
ASHBY, Leland Elmer Jr, b. 02/17/1924, d. 10/04/2002, Section: F, Site: 193-CC, US AIR FORCE, US ARMY AIR FORCES, COL, 1ST LT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
ASHCRAFT, Josephine M, b. 05/02/1918, d. 07/14/2007, Section: F, Site: 734, Wife of Claude Ashcraft
ASHE, Rosalie E, b. 06/04/1900, d. 04/09/1967, Section: A, Site: 126, Wife of Russell James Ashe
ASHE, Russell James, b. 08/25/1898, d. 03/14/1965, Section: A, Site: 126, US ARMY, M SGT, KOREA
ASHENFELTER, Eunice I, b. 05/23/1926, d. 07/01/2015, Section: Y, Site: 598, Wife of Leo V Ashenfelter
ASHENFELTER, Leo V, b. 05/14/1923, d. 09/03/2006, Section: Y, Site: 598, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ASHER, Gary Dwaine, b. 01/30/1943, d. 08/05/2003, Section: J, Site: 957, US NAVY, SN
ASHLOCK, Lillie J, b. 12/26/1888, d. 11/09/1974, Section: B, Site: 250, Adult Dependent Daughter of Newton C Ashlock
ASHLOCK, Newton C, b. 11/30/1891, d. 12/31/1971, Section: B, Site: 250, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
ASHMORE, David Bruce, b. 01/02/1945, d. 01/10/1967, Section: B, Site: 389, US AIR FORCE, A3C
ASHMORE, Esther, b. 10/22/1922, d. 06/17/2009, Section: Y, Site: 322, Wife of Harry L Ashmore
ASHMORE, Harry L, b. 07/31/1922, d. 08/22/2019, Section: Y, Site: 322, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ASHTON, Betty, b. 03/09/1920, d. 03/03/2010, Section: N, Site: 154, Wife of Raymond Bryan Ashton Jr
ASHTON, Lewis Ralph, b. 10/01/1940, d. 07/12/2020, Section: U, Site: 835, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ASHTON, Raymond Bryan Jr, b. 12/30/1919, d. 12/27/2000, Section: N, Site: 154, US NAVY, MM3, WORLD WAR II
ASHTON, Thomas, d. 04/16/1864, Section: 3, Site: 596, US ARMY, PVT
ASKEW, Bonnie M, b. 02/17/1928, d. 09/06/1989, Section: L, Site: 1487, Wife of Thomas H Askew
ASKEW, Charles Russell, b. 12/28/1932, d. 09/06/1995, Section: M, Site: 1160, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
ASKEW, Patricia Ann, b. 03/02/1940, d. 04/04/2017, Section: M, Site: 1160, Wife of Charles Russell Askew
ASKEW, Thomas H, b. 07/17/1922, d. 09/30/1985, Section: L, Site: 1487, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ASMUSSEN, Howard Eugene, b. 04/21/1937, d. 12/27/1998, Section: M, Site: 650, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ASPAN, Frank Paul, b. 06/27/1922, d. 03/05/1969, Section: I, Site: 561, US NAVY, QMQ1
ATCHERSON, Leavern, b. 12/05/1910, d. 03/05/1973, Section: I, Site: 2365, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ATCHERSON, Leavern Jr, b. 04/17/1948, d. 04/15/2004, Section: HH, Site: 173, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
ATER, Esther L, b. 01/21/1922, d. 02/23/1993, Section: J, Site: 499, Wife of Franklin D Ater
ATER, Franklin D, b. 07/13/1928, d. 06/16/1990, Section: J, Site: 499
ATER, James Arthur, b. 06/12/1931, d. 07/27/2003, Section: N, Site: 111-B, US ARMY, SSGT, KOREA
ATER, Mary R, b. 12/30/1945, d. 03/15/2016, Section: N, Site: 111-B, Wife of James Arthur Ater
ATHERTON, Elary E, b. 01/03/1919, d. 07/09/1978, Section: B, Site: 1016
ATKINS, Earskin, b. 01/28/1921, d. 04/30/1987, Section: K, Site: 518, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ATKINS, Harold David, b. 06/02/1935, d. 03/05/2008, Section: Z, Site: 193, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
ATKINS, J W, d. 03/28/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 705, INFANTRY, CPL, CIVIL WAR
ATKINS, James Eugene, b. 03/07/1928, d. 11/05/2000, Section: M, Site: 1599-G, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
ATKINSON, Harry Leroy, d. 10/21/1944, Section: 3, Site: 916
ATKINSON, Harry Louis, b. 06/29/1943, d. 06/29/1970, Section: B, Site: 645, US NAVY, S1, VIETNAM
ATKINSON, Karen A, b. 04/03/1943, d. 06/23/2017, Section: U, Site: 461, Wife of Billy F Atkinson
ATKINSON, Pearl E, b. 01/28/1913, d. 11/14/1972, Section: 3, Site: 916, Wife of Harry Leroy Atkinson
ATKINSON, Robert Dale Sr, b. 12/22/1935, d. 01/19/2001, Section: CREMC, Site: 626, US AIR FORCE, A2C
ATKISON, Carl Leroy, b. 11/22/1915, d. 01/30/1987, Section: K, Site: 588, US ARMY, PVT
ATTEBERRY, Alice C, b. 04/04/1910, d. 06/09/1985, Section: L, Site: 1576, US ARMY, 1LT, WORLD WAR II
ATTEBERRY, Daniel Lane, b. 12/19/1953, d. 05/02/2011, Section: Y, Site: 65, US ARMY, PV1
ATTEBERRY, Deanie Ray, b. 12/27/1942, d. 11/28/2014, Section: U, Site: 183, US ARMY, PVT, VIETNAM
ATTEBERRY, Dorothy, b. 01/03/1925, d. 09/06/2020, Section: Y, Site: 237, Wife of John R Atteberry
ATTEBERRY, Edward E, b. 06/07/1928, d. 03/18/1983, Section: H, Site: 913, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ATTEBERRY, John R, b. 01/11/1918, d. 12/27/2009, Section: Y, Site: 237, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ATTEBERRY, Michael Wayne, b. 04/01/1943, d. 04/07/2009, Section: Z, Site: 131, US AIR FORCE, A2C, VIETNAM
ATTEBERRY, Robert Eugene, b. 05/18/1933, d. 08/06/1992, Section: H, Site: 899-A, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
ATTERBERRY, George E, b. 03/30/1919, d. 07/12/1984, Section: 3, Site: 1043
ATTERBERRY, Lloyd Cecil Jr, b. 06/08/1929, d. 03/20/2016, Section: CAW1, Row: A, Site: 25, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
ATWELL, Charles W, b. 09/01/1920, d. 11/27/1996, Section: H, Site: 214-E, US ARMY AIR CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ATWELL, G, d. 03/16/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 273
ATWOOD, James Mark, b. 05/11/1965, d. 04/15/2004, Section: HH, Site: 174, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, PERSIAN GULF
ATWOOD, Michael William, b. 11/18/1947, d. 03/09/2013, Section: T, Site: 24, US ARMY, MSG, VIETNAM
ATWOOD, Muriel Leah, b. 01/04/1927, d. 04/02/2010, Section: 3, Site: 408-I, Wife of Paul B Atwood
ATWOOD, Paul B, b. 09/21/1922, d. 07/03/1966, Section: 3, Site: 408-I, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
AUBEL, Henry Steve, b. 12/15/1915, d. 09/08/1959, Section: D, Site: 854, US ARMY, TEC 3, WORLD WAR II
AUBURN, Richard F, b. 12/19/1946, d. 06/30/2016, Section: S, Site: 111, US NAVY, BM3, VIETNAM
AUD, Robert Lee, b. 09/08/1941, d. 11/02/2010, Section: CREME, Site: 70, US AIR FORCE, A2C
AUER, Caroline, b. 08/19/1928, d. 07/28/2010, Section: CREMA, Site: 76, Wife of Joseph A Auer
AUER, Joseph A, b. 09/07/1917, d. 04/24/1989, Section: CREMA, Site: 76, US ARMY, TEC 5
AUERBACH, Joseph F, b. 07/24/1912, d. 10/02/1972, Section: B, Site: 34
AUGHENBAUGH, G Dolores Raynor, b. 01/13/1928, d. 02/25/2001, Section: H, Site: 597, Wife of Ernest A Raynor
AUGHTON, Willard L, b. 11/12/1890, d. 04/12/1961, Section: D, Site: 418, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
AUGUSTITIS, Sophie A, b. 03/23/1919, d. 11/11/2003, Section: M, Site: 1050, Wife of William J Augustitis
AUGUSTITIS, William J, b. 08/19/1915, d. 09/03/1996, Section: M, Site: 1050, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
AUKLAND, A Virginia, b. 12/28/1913, d. 03/26/2000, Section: K, Site: 1627, Wife of Gordon G Aukland
AUKLAND, Gordon G, b. 03/07/1911, d. 04/13/1999, Section: K, Site: 1627, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
AUMILLER, Francis L, b. 02/13/1929, d. 08/21/2017, Section: U, Site: 250, US AIR FORCE, SGT, KOREA
AUMILLER, Lois E, b. 07/20/1932, d. 08/16/2015, Section: U, Site: 250, Wife of Francis Aumiller
AUSMUS, Elmer, b. 01/24/1893, d. 09/21/1949, Section: C, Site: 707, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
AUSMUS, Francis Neal, b. 07/05/1929, d. 02/17/2004, Section: M, Site: 360, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
AUSMUS, James Augusta, b. 01/26/1935, d. 05/28/2017, Section: U, Site: 450, US ARMY, PVT
AUSMUS, James Thomas Sr, b. 11/12/1936, d. 09/05/1992, Section: F, Site: 628, US MARINE CORPS, PVT
AUSMUS, Lena, b. 03/10/1888, d. 04/12/1960, Section: E, Site: 93, Wife of Sylvester Ausmus
AUSMUS, Marlene, b. 06/10/1950, d. 02/18/2006, Section: Y, Site: 635, Wife of John William Ausmus
AUSMUS, Peggy Lou, b. 06/01/1931, d. 07/22/2004, Section: M, Site: 360, Wife of Francis Neal Ausmus
AUSMUS, Slyvester, b. 05/01/1896, d. 10/04/1968, Section: E, Site: 92, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
AUSTIFF, Glenn L, b. 05/23/1923, d. 08/25/1980, Section: H, Site: 112, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
AUSTIN, Charles Edward, b. 12/20/1960, d. 12/20/1960, Section: E, Site: 117-A, Son (Minor Child) of Wilber K Austin
AUSTIN, Frank, b. 10/06/1894, d. 04/19/1957, Section: E, Site: 789
AUSTIN, G G, d. 05/08/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 476
AUSTIN, James T, b. 02/25/1881, d. 09/22/1963, Section: E, Site: 392-A
AUSTIN, John, d. 06/16/1948, Section: 4, Site: 10
AUSTIN, Margaret, b. 11/22/1907, d. 03/03/1975, Section: E, Site: 1782, Wife of William M Austin
AUSTIN, Martha Phillps, b. 09/09/1924, d. 06/21/2002, Section: M, Site: 1110-K, Wife of Monque Austin
AUSTIN, Mary R, b. 12/10/1936, d. 11/16/1994, Section: E, Site: 117, Wife of Wilber K Austin
AUSTIN, Monque, b. 07/19/1924, d. 10/19/1996, Section: M, Site: 1110-K, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
AUSTIN, Richard A, b. 01/13/1916, d. 03/15/1945, Section: C, Site: 607, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
AUSTIN, Robert J, b. 04/23/1932, d. 07/26/1995, Section: M, Site: 1230, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
AUSTIN, Samuel, d. 05/21/1862, Section: CONF, Site: 535
AUSTIN, Wilber K, b. 12/13/1931, d. 02/08/1998, Section: E, Site: 117, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
AUSTIN, William M, b. 05/24/1890, d. 02/21/1982, Section: E, Site: 1782
AUSTIN, William Michael, b. 10/15/1962, d. 03/09/1966, Section: E, Site: 117-A, Son (Minor Child) of Wilber K Austin
AUSTIN, Willie, b. 05/03/1920, d. 12/04/1971, Section: B, Site: 256, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
AVART, Arthur F Sr, b. 07/04/1917, d. 05/14/1990, Section: J, Site: 541, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
AVART, John A Sr, b. 08/15/1922, d. 05/21/1992, Section: J, Site: 748
AVART, Rosaleen Maxine, b. 01/09/1923, d. 11/29/2008, Section: J, Site: 541, Wife of Arthur F Avart Sr
AVERELL, Robert William, b. 09/25/1939, d. 11/02/2004, Section: CREMC, Site: 282, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, VIETNAM
AVERILL, W J, d. 02/10/1863, Section: CONF, Site: 848
AVERY, Leonard Lavern III, b. 06/30/1988, d. 02/07/2014, Section: R, Site: 205, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, AFGHANISTAN
AVERY, Russell William, b. 02/04/1947, d. 09/17/2007, Section: X, Site: 63, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, VIETNAM
AVERY, William, b. 02/11/1894, d. 05/04/1967, Section: A, Site: 47
AVOLT, Christopher, d. 11/13/1915, Section: 3, Site: 731
AXELRAD, Leonard D, b. 06/05/1922, d. 03/24/1991, Section: J, Site: 156
AYACOCK, James M, Section: 2, Site: 197
AYDT, Dolores Caroline, b. 03/26/1923, d. 05/27/2018, Section: R, Site: 324, Wife of John Robert Aydt Jr
AYDT, John Robert Jr, b. 12/12/1922, d. 08/13/2014, Section: R, Site: 324, US NAVY, MMOM1, WORLD WAR II
AYER, Edgar B Jr, b. 08/23/1929, d. 03/04/1973, Section: B, Site: 828
AYERS, Barry Michael, b. 10/07/1946, d. 12/08/2011, Section: CREME, Site: 96, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, VIETNAM
AYERS, Esther L, b. 07/22/1899, d. 08/24/1983, Section: C, Site: 562, Wife of Jay Ayers
AYERS, Jay, b. 04/23/1894, d. 11/11/1951, Section: C, Site: 561, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
AYERS, Robert J, b. 12/10/1920, d. 05/05/1986, Section: K, Site: 1604, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
AYERS, Ruth, b. 01/11/1921, d. 12/22/2009, Section: K, Site: 1604, Wife of Robert J Ayers
AYLER, Kevin Albert, b. 12/15/1956, d. 04/23/2017, Section: U, Site: 438, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, VIETNAM
AYLESWORTH, Charles E, b. 05/30/1931, d. 05/20/1993, Section: CREMB, Site: 6
AYLWARD, Margaret, b. 03/17/1900, d. 02/27/1968, Section: 4, Site: 44-D, Wife of Thomas W Aylward
AYLWARD, Thomas W, b. 10/31/1893, d. 08/10/1963, Section: 4, Site: 44-D, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
AZERIS, Harry T, b. 09/27/1922, d. 05/23/2006, Section: CREMD, Site: 155, US NAVY, LCDR, VIETNAM
AZERIS, Lucy, b. 11/18/1921, d. 05/01/2007, Section: CREMD, Site: 155, Wife of Harry T Azeris

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