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Spring Lake Cemetery
Aurora, Kane County, Illinois

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 456.

Contributor's Index:

Baird, Edna F., b. Sep 10, 1888, d. Jun 9, 1922, Sec-JW Lot#11, [JH]
Baird, Hazel B. Kessler, b. 1893, d. 1960, "Mom", Sec-JW Lot#11, [JH]
Baird, James H., b. 1862, d. 1941, "Father", Sec-JW Lot#11, [JH]
Baird, Nellie E., b. 1864, d. 1927, "Mother", Sec-JW Lot#11, [JH]
Bradley, Edward A., d. 4 Oct 1899, age 69y 29d, Sec-EE, Lot 53, [AG]
Bradley, Elizabeth, d. 9 May 1909, age 81y 9m 20d, Sec-EE Lot#53, [AG]
Bradley, Hattie S., d. 25 Jan 1876, age 1y 6m 19d, Sec-EE Lot#54, [AG]
Bradley, Luther, d. 27 Oct 1879, age 40y 11m 28d, Sec-EE Lot#54, [AG]
Bradley, Mathew, d. 30 Nov 1878, Sec-EE Lot#143, [AG]
Bradley, Mrs. L.C., d. 15 Nov 1918, age 48y, Sec-FW Lot#16, [AG]
Bradley, Myra J., d. 9 Jul 1893, age 45y, Sec-GE Lot#47, [AG]
Bradner, Frances E., d. 2 Mar 1873, age 72y, Sec-GE Lot#31, [AG]
Bradshaw, Charles W., d. 10 Apr 1923, age 75y Sec-BW Lot#109, [AG]
Bradshaw, Dexter, d. 30 Sep 1888, age 37y, Sec-EE Lot#100, [AG]
Bradshaw, Harriet V., d. 27 Nov. 1977, age 91y, Sec-EE Lot#100, [AG]
Bradshaw, Helen, d. 1 Sep 1942, age 72y 9m 6d, Sec-BW Lot#109, [AG]
Bradshaw, James Roy, d. 16 Nov 1954, age 69y, Sec-EE Lot#100, [AG]
Bradshaw, James, d. 22 Aug 1896, age 77y, Sec-EE Lot#100, [AG]
Bradshaw, Maggie, d. 18 Aug 1895, age 28y, Sec-EE Lot#100, [AG]
Bradshaw, Margaret, d. 1 Mar 1898, age 76y, Sec-EE Lot#100, [AG]
Bradshaw, Minnie, d. 2 Nov 1883, age 20y 3m 28d, Sec-EE Lot#100, [AG]
Brady, Caroline K., d. 21 Jul 1883, age 64y, Sec-GE Lot#36, [AG]
Brady, Lorenzo D., d. 27 Feb 1892, age 82y 1m 8d, Sec-GE Lot#36, [AG]
Brandel (Calvert), Margaret L, d. 9 Sep 1987, Sec-KE, [AG]
Brandner, Leslie F., d. 14 Feb 1906, age 11m, Sec-FW Lot#10, [AG]
Brandt, (Unnamed), d. 13 Feb 1927, Sec-BW Lot#234, [AG]
Brandt, Albert, d. 26 Jul 1958, age 77y, Sec-JW, [AG]
Brandt, Bertha E., d. 7 Aug 1967, age 83y, Sec-JW, [AG]
Brandt, Daisy F., d. 29 Oct 1948, age 63y 11m 29d, Sec-PW, [AG]
Churchill, Henry W., b. 12-1-1854, d. 7-11-1922, Sec-JE lot 137, [DK]
Churchill, Mary J., b. 2-14-1848, d. 1-10-1922, Sec-JE lot 137, [DK]
Cinkesel, John, b. 12-23-1879, d. 11-25-1948, Sec-CE Lot#42, [DK]
Clair, Charles, b. 1-8-1827, d. 3-10-1879, Sec-JE Lot#154, [DK]
Clair, Mary, b. 11-3-1831, d. 12-16-1925, Sec-JE Lot#154, [DK]
Clancy, Elizabeth, b. 9-21-1882, d. 10-25-1941, Sec-KE Tile 105, [DK]
Clark (unnamed), d. 4-6-1914, Sec-FW Lot#2, [DK]
Clark (unnamed), d. 8-8-1896, Sec-GE Lot#26, [DK]
Clark, Adella, b. 8-17-1868, d. 8-26-1945, Sec-PW Tile 013, [DK]
Clark, Alexander, b. 1-31-1834, d. 3-25-1900, Sec-IE Lot#24, [DK]
Clark, Benjamin, b. 02-12-1802?, d. 2-11-1873, Sec-CE Lot#46, [DK]
Clark, Bertie M., b. 6-26-1869, d. 11-4-1886, Sec-JE Lot#256, [DK]
Clark, Carrie N., b. 1-25-1861, d. 10-25-1899, Sec-LW Lot#57, [DK]
Clark, Charles Almon, b. 1-6-1885, d. 7-22-1919, Sec-GW Lot#41, [DK]
Clark, Charles R., b. 10-16-1866, d. 3-30-1946, Sec-PW Tile 012, [DK]
Clark, E. Mae, b. 2-9-1833, d. 1-21-1901, Sec-JE Lot#256, [DK]
Clark, Edward F. Jr., b. 4-3-1964, d. 4-4-1964, Sec-RW Tile 83, [DK]
Clark, Ella Blanche, b. Oct 7, 1882 d. Apr 20, 1925, nee Loucht, 2nd wife of Harry T. Clark, [DK]
Clark, Emily A., b. Apr 3, 1866 d. Apr 20, 1915 , w/o Harry T. Clark, [DK]
Clark, Frank S., b. 12-5-1850, d. 11-25-1929, Sec-OW Tile 019, [DK]
Clark, Garnet Lee, b. 4-6-1914, d. 4-10-1914, Sec-FW Lot#2, [DK]
Clark, Harry T., b. Jul 3, 1863 d. Jul 3, 1932, [DK]
Clark, Howard L., b.9-1-1880, d. 1-12-1948, Sec-PW Tile 023, [DK]
Clark, Ida M., b. 9-15-1859, d. 11-11-1928, Sec-OW Tile 018, [DK]
Clark, Jacob, b. 4-4-1787, d. 11-3-1883, Sec-IE Lot#24, [DK]
Clark, James E., b. 12-1-1861, d. 2-1-1910, Sec-PE Lot#16, [DK]
Clark, James H., b. 1863, d. 4-1867 (4yrs) (Child), Sec-IE Lot#26, [DK]
Clark, James, b. 10-3-1824?, d. 10-2-1884, Sec-JE Lot#143, [DK]
Clark, Janet Brown, b.10-18-1876?, d. 10-18-1952, Sec-EE Lot#98, [DK]
Clark, Jay O., b. 11-10-1908?, d. 11-10-1966, Sec-OW Tile 041, [DK]
Clark, John D., b. 12-24-1857?, d. 12-23-1897, Sec-JE Lot#209, [DK]
Clark, Lena J., b. 3-21-1891?, d. 3-21-1970, Sec-PW Tile 024, [DK]
Clark, Margaret L., b. 12-13-1899, d. 9-12-1900, Sec-JE Lot#248, [DK]
Clark, Margaret, b. 10-14-1842?, d. 10-13-1897, Sec-IE Lot#24, [DK]
Clark, Maria, b. 1-15-1856?, d. 1-15-1906, Sec-CE Lot#46, [DK]
Clark, Mary E., b. 11-30-1837, d. 5-25-1933, Sec-PE Lot#19, [DK]
Clark, Mary Jean, b. 10-28-1914, d. 11-15-1914, Sec-FW Lot#2, [DK]
Clark, Mary Louise, b. 5-14-1877, d. 1-3-1944, Sec-OW Tile 040, [DK]
Clark, Mary, b. 4-9-1833, d. 4-9-1917, Sec-JE Lot#143, [DK]
Clark, Patricia A., b. 10-6-1931?, d. 10-5-1978, Sec-NW Lot#107, [DK]
Clark, R. H., b. 7-4-1802, d. 5-19-1875, Sec-JE Lot#256, [DK]
Clark, Roy C., b. 10-19-1887, d. 12-14-1932, Sec-CE Lot#116 (probably son of H.T. Clark), [DK]
Clark, Sarah Eliza, b. 11-29-1855, d. 3-25-1944, Sec-DW Lot#7, [DK]
Clark, Sarah, b. 3-15-1863, d. 10-9-1932, Sec-GW Lot#41, [DK]
Clark, Sarah, b. 9-6-1819?, d. 9-4-1889, Sec-CE Lot#46, [DK]
Clark, Susan L., b. 8-6-1806, d. 8-5-1889, Sec-JE Lot#256, [DK]
Clark, Sylvester B., b.7-21-1868, d. 4-30-1927, Sec-VW Tile 068, [DK]
Clark, Thomas F., b. 7-7-1846, d. 8-3-1913, Sec-DW Lot#7, [DK]
Clark, Thomas H., b. 11-19-1829, d. 11-11-1883, Sec-EE Lot#76, [DK]
Clark, William H., b. 11-13-1867, d. 10-12-1870, (Child) Sec.IE Lt 26, [DK]
Clark, Wilson G., b. 1-25-1851, d. 7-3-1873, Sec-CE Lot#46, [DK]
Clarke, Donald M., b. 7-14-1896, d. 3-19-1946, Sec-CE Lot#112, [DK]
Copelin, Cliffie J., b. 1885, d. 1900, Sec-BW Lot#138, [JH]
Copelin, Edward, b. 1883, Sec-BW Lot#138, [JH]
Copelin, Jennie S., b. 1849, d. 1903, Sec-BW Lot#138, [JH]
Copelin, John, b. 1843, d. 1909, Sec-BW Lot#138, [JH]
Cox, Henry, b. 1826, d. 1913, Sec-CE Lot#22, [JH]
Cox, Phebe H., b. 1830, d. 1911, Sec-CE Lot#22, [JH]
Finch, Mrs. E. E., d. 9 May 1902, age 85y, Sec-JE Lot#95, [AG]
Findlay, Zelpha T., d. 10 Nov 1909, age 82y 8m 6d, Sec-BW Lot#34, [AG]
Fink, Heinrich, d. 20 Sep 1901, age 51y 7d, Sec-CE Lot#113, [AG]
Fink, John Franklin, d. 28 Jan 1923, age 78y 1m, Sec-JE Lot#246, [AG]
Fink, Mary C., d. 12 May 1938, age 92y 1m 13d, Sec-FE Lot#10, [AG]
Finnerty, Jeffrey Stephan, d. 27 Oct 1980, Sec-PW, [AG]
Finney, Mary Schminke, no dates, Sec-KE, [AG]
Fisch, James A., d. 2 May 1898, age 48y, Sec-JE Lot#26, [AG]
Fish, J.M., d. 16 Dec 1909, age 93y 7m, Sec-LW Lot#70, [AG]
Fish, Martha B., d. 5 May 1897, age 72y, Sec-LW Lot#70, [AG]
Fish, Mary Foster, d. 11 Jun 1935, age 85y 3m 11d, Sec-LW Lot#70, [AG]
Fish, Mary, d. 18 Feb 1869, age 73y 1m 23d, Sec-GE Lot#35, [AG]
Fishburn, Fredrick, d. 17 Aug 1884, age 8m, Sec-GE Lot#36, [AG]
Fishburn, Joshua J., d. 1 Nov 1922, age 81y, Sec-GE Lot#36, [AG]
Fishburn, Sue B., d. 13 Apr 1917, age 70y 10m 14d, Sec-GE Lot#36, [AG]
Fisher, (Unnamed), d. 30 Jan 1924, Sec-JW Lot#21, [AG]
Fisher, Adam H., d. 22 Mar 1907, age 53y, Sec-LW Lot#74, [AG]
Fisher, Charlotte Clute, d. 21 Jan 1935, age 77y 7m 3d, Sec-GE Lot#24, [AG]
Fisher, Crystel, d. 6 Dec 1975, age 85y 9m 25d, Sec-GW Lot#24, [AG]
Fisher, Donald J., d. 5 Jun 1957, age 28y, Sec-JW Lot#21, [AG]
Fisher, Helen, d. 2 Dec 1934, age 29y 9m 22d, Sec-NW Lot#81, [AG]
Fisher, J.E., d. 19 Apr 1912, age 51y 1m 5d, Sec-GW Lot#24, [AG]
Fisher, James, d. 5 Oct 1955, age 71y, Sec-KE, [AG]
Foster, Oreader, d. 5 Feb 1984, Sec-RG Lot#79, [AG]
Foster, Pamelia J., d. 21 May 1902, age 79y 3m 1d, Sec-OE Lot#15, [AG]
Foster, Phebe, d. 25 Jun 1876, age 72y, Sec-IE Lot#17, [AG]
Foster, Robert Nixon, d. 6 Oct 1935, age 76y, Sec-OE Lot#15, [AG]
Foster, Thomas P., d. 27 Oct 1916, age 78y 3m 10d, Sec-CE Lot#83, [AG]
Foster, Troy, d. 24 Nov. 1992, age 53y, Sec-NW Lot#121, [AG]
Foulke, Florence Officer, d. 31 Mar 1952, age 85y, Sec-OW Lot#13, [AG]
Foulke, Mabel Lucy, d. 23 Feb 1962, age 69y, Sec-OW Lot#13, [AG]
Foulke, Ronald E., d. 23 Apr 1959, age 62y, Sec-OW Lot#13, [AG]
Foulke, William D., d. 23 Jul 1930, age 62y 2m 23d, Sec-OW Lot#13, [AG]
Foulton, Clyde W., d. 9 Feb 1926, age 45y 4m 9d, Sec-CE Lot#120, [AG]
Foutz, Bertha, d. 21 Dec 1906, age 31y 4m 20d, Sec-CW Lot#25, [AG]
Fowler, (Unnamed), d. 3 Jan 1942, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, Bertha C., d. 20 May 1935, age 48y 9m 22d, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, E. Y., no dates, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, Edna C., d. 2 Jun 1958, 77y, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, Edward Young, d. 13 Jun 1917, age 67y 3m 6d, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, Emma L., d. 27 May 1935, age 80y 10m 5d, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, Jonathan, d. 24 Jul 1932, age 86y 21d, Sec-LW Lot#63, [AG]
Fowler, Marion, d. 16 Dec 1986, Sec-LW Lot#63, [AG]
Fowler, Mary Clara, d. 11 Nov 1889, age 11y, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, Mary E., d. 30 Sep 1933, age 74y 8m 19d, Sec-LW Lot#63, [AG]
Fowler, Mary Jane (Chase), d. 31 May 1996, Sec-PW Lot#66, [AG]
Fowler, Mary W., d. 21 Jul 1933, age 78y, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, Mrs. E. Y., d. 29 Dec 1900, age 76y 1m 14d, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, Ned Y., d. 22 Dec 1953, age 72y, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, W. J., d. 24 Nov 1914, age 60y 8m, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, William Corbin, d. 13 Feb 1934, age 25y 7m 24d, Sec-NW Lot#43, [AG]
Fowler, William Jonathan, d. 29 Apr 1950, age 66y, Sec-JW, [AG]
Fox, Betsy M., d. 14 Dec 1870, age 43y 14 d, Sec-CE Lot#34, [AG]
Fox, Henry H., d. 11 Mar 1897, age 49y 10m, Sec-GE Lot#25,, [AG]
Fox, Ira, d. 12 Sep 1883, age 70y 11m 24d, Sec-GE Lot#25, [AG]
Fox, James D., d. 14 Nov. 1916, age 78y 11m 18d, Sec-FW, [AG]
Fox, Josephine S., d. 29 Nov 1878, age 29y, Sec-CE Lot#34, [AG]
Fox, Judson, d. 15 Apr 1902, age 55y, Sec-GE Lot#25, [AG]
Fox, Louisa, d. 18, Oct 1901, age 74y 10m 6d, Sec-GE Lot#25, [AG]
Fox, Michael, d. 21 Jan 1939, Sec-NW Lot#42, [AG]
Fox, R. W., d. 16 Jul 1884, age 79y, Sec-CE Lot#34, [AG]
Foy, Floyd F., d. 4 Aug 1979, age 68y, Sec-RG Lot#77, [AG]
Francisco, Caroline, d. 7 Jan 1922, age 64y, Sec-EW, [AG]
Frank, Bruce Kenneth, d. 5 Nov. 1920, age 2m 8d, Sec-FW, [AG]
Frank, Kenneth Howard, d. 26 May 1926, age 5y 1m 16d, Sec-BW Lot#226, [AG]
Franklin, Edward, d. 11 Sep 1977, age 65y, Sec-RG Lot#21, [AG]
Franklin, Thomas, d. 20 May 1974, age 34y, Sec-UW, [AG]
Fraser, Mabel Stolp, d. 23 Sep 1973, age 92y, Sec-PW Lot#26, [AG]
Fraser, Stolp D., d. 16 Feb 1948, age 39y 2m 14d, Sec-PW Lot#26, [AG]
Fraunhoff, Albert, d. 25 Feb 1921, age 60y 11m 21d, Sec-OE Lot#7, [AG]
Fraunhoff, Florence L., d. 31 Dec 1904, Sec-OE Lot#7, [AG]
Fraunhoff, Fred, no dates, Sec-OE Lot#7, [AG]
Fraunhoff, Johana, d. 26 Feb 1920, 85y 1m 5d, Sec-OE Lot#7, [AG]
Glossop, Robert L., b. 1875, d. 1962, "Father", Sec-KE Tile 090, [JH]
Glossop, Sadie, b. 1874, d. 1969, "Mother", Sec-KE Tile 090, [JH]
Greenaway, E. Maud, b. 1871, d. 1959, Sec-PE Lot#22, [JH]
Greenaway, Harriet E., b. 1851, d. 1933, "Mother", Sec-PE Lot#22, [JH]
Greenaway, J. William, b. 1873, d. 1959, Sec-PE Lot#22, [JH]
Greenaway, John S., b. 1845, d. 1930, "Father", Sec-PE Lot#22, [JH]
Greenaway, John S., d. 19, Jun 1930, age 85 y 12 d, Sec-PE Lot#22, [AG]
Greenaway, Joseph William, d. 5 Jul 1959, age 86y, Sec-PE Lot#22, [AG]
Greene, Hazel Bl, d. 5 Sep. 1899, age 1m 25d, Sec-BW Lot#187, [AG]
Greene, Jane, d. 28 Nov 1973, age 86y, Sec-LW Lot#128, [AG]
Greene, Maxon H., d. 27 Aug. 1922, age 7y 24d, Sec-LW Lot#128, [AG]
Greene, William B., no dates, Sec-LW Lot#128, [AG]
Greener, Frank, d. 20 Dec 1939, age 73y 17d, Sec-BW Lot#165, [AG]
Greenfield, G. W., no dates, Sec-AE Lot#7, [AG]
Greenfield, Millard Castle, d. 11 Jan 1893, age 7m 5d, Sec-AE Lot#7, [AG]
Greenman, (Unnamed), d. 26 May 1924, age 1d, Sec-FW Lot#1, [AG]
Greenman, Blanche, d. 11 Dec 1937, age 50y 3m 9d, Sec-LW Lot#120, [AG]
Greenway, (Unnamed), d. 17 Sep 1905, age 7d, Sec-BW Lot#138, [AG]
Greer, Carl S., d. 29 May 1926, age 12y 4m 4d, Sec-VW, [AG]
Greer, Claude, d. 27 May 1924, age 24y 4m 23d, Sec-VW,, [AG]
Greer, Lula, d. 8 Feb 1924, age 44y 5m 5d, Sec-FW, [AG]
Gregg, Lillian, d. 1 Aug 1888, age 6m, Sec-EE Lot#19, [AG]
Greggs, Caroline, d. 6 Apr 1912, age 68y 7m 22d, Sec-JE Lot#123, [AG]
Gregory, (Unnamed), d. 3 Dec 1905, age 1d, Sec-FE Lot#37, [AG]
Gregory, Anna, d. 6 Sep 1906, age 60y 4m 17d, Sec-FE Lot#37, [AG]
Gregory, Christ, d. 9 Sep 1983, age 83y, Sec-RG, lit 64, [AG]
Gregory, Donald S., d. 9 Jul 1904, age 1m, Sec-FE, lit 37, [AG]
Jackson, William R., d. 29 Aug 1978, age 20y, Sec-PW, [AG]
Jacobs, Anne M., d. 16 Jul 1927, age 73y 3m, Sec-CE Lot#122, [AG]
Jacobs, Charles H., d. 24 Aug 1881, age 1y 4m 22d, Sec-CE Lot#65, [AG]
Jacobs, Emily, d. 13 Jul 1910, age 66y, Sec-CW Lot#48, [AG]
Jacobs, Guy H., d 20 Apr 1954, age 76y 3m, Sec-CW Lot#48, [AG]
Jacobs, Henrietta M., d. 8 Jul 1953, age 69y, Sec-CE Lot#122, [AG]
Jacobs, Jessie L., d. 22 Jan 1990, Sec-RG Lot#118, [AG]
Jacobs, Lareda B., d. 15 Apr 1895, age 9y 4m 1d, Sec-CE Lot#122, [AG]
Jacobs, Lester J., d. 28 Sep 1913, age 25y, Sec-CE Lot#122, [AG]
Jacobs, Roy, d. 28 Jul 1924, age 29y, Sec-CW Lot#48, [AG]
Jacobs, Sammie L., d. 24 Jun 1993, age 74y 1m 15d, Sec-RG Lot#118, [AG]
Jacobs, William T. Jr., d. 14 Mar 1911, age 21y, Sec-CE Lot#122, [AG]
Jacobs, William T., d. 7 May 1939, age 87y 2m 19d, Sec-CE Lot#122, [AG]
Jacoby, Catherine, d. 27 Jul 1925, age 7y 4m 27d, Sec-BW Lot#76, [AG]
Jacoby, Clyde Hamilton, d. 24 Sep 1957, age 82y, Sec-BW Lot#76, [AG]
Jacoby, Elmer, d. 15 Feb 1897, Sec-BW Lot#76, [AG]
Jacoby, John E., d. 16 May 1936, age 83y 6m 7d, Sec-BW Lot#76, [AG]
Jaime, Francisca, d. 15 Jul 1993, Sec-RG Lot#112, [AG]
Jaka, Otto R., d. 23 May 1909, age 31y, Sec-FW Lot#5, [AG]
James, Julia H., d. 2 Nov 1969, age 81y, Sec-LE Lot#3, [AG]
James Devona Noel, d. 17 Mar 1996, Sec-PW Lot#74, [AG]
James Mary, d. 2 May 1945, age 36y v27d, Sec-VW, [AG]
James, Amelia, d. 7 Nov. 1888, age 69y, Sec-EE Lot#19, [AG]
James, Charlie D., 30 Jul 1988, Sec-RG Lot#45, [AG]
James, F. W., d. 26 Apr 1907, age 59y 5m, Sec-EE Lot#19, [AG]
James, Fred D., d. 10 Feb 1882, age 45y 4m, Sec-EE Lot#19, [AG]
James, George, d. 6 Feb 1931, age 72y 11m 8d, Sec-EE Lot#19, [AG]
James, Harriet Gertrude, d. 3 Feb 1952, age 56y, Sec-LW Lot#82, [AG]
James, James C., d. 13 Jun 1879, age 67y 7d, Sec-EE Lot#19, [AG]
James, James Chas., Sr., d. 31 Oct 1969, age 87y, Sec-LE Lot#3, [AG]
James, Leslie, C., d. 19 Mar 1979, age 53y, Sec-UW, [AG]
James, Mary Rooney, d. 12 Dec 1914, age 53y 7d, Sec-EE Lot#19, [AG]
James, William Louis, d. 20 Oct 1983, Sec-RG Lot#46, [AG]
Jameson (Unnamed), d. 22 May 1892, age 2d, Sec-JE Lot#27, [AG]
Jameson, Jennie M., d. 9 Mar 1916, age 60y 2m 4d, Sec-GW Lot#40, [AG]
Jameson, John, d. 11 Jul 1922, age 81y, Sec-EE Lot#103, [AG]
Jameson, Katie, no dates, Sec-EE Lot#118, [AG]
Jameson, Mary F., d. 3 Dec 1917, age 80y 3m 3d, Sec-GW Lot#40, [AG]
Jameson, Sarah, d. 15 Mar 1908, age 70y, Sec-EE Lot#118, [AG]
Jameson, Unnamed, no dates, Sec-EE Lot#118, [AG]
Jameson, William S., d. 15 Jun 1929, age 63y 9m 12d, Sec-EE Lot#118, [AG]
Jameson, William S., no dates, Sec-EE Lot#118, [AG]
Jamieson, Lawrence C., d. 24 Jan 1942, age 49y 4m 17d, Sec-GW Lot#36, [AG]
Jamieson, Mattie, d. 18 Jun 1945, age 79y 8m 22d, Sec-GW Lot#36, [AG]
Jamieson, William G., d. 2 Jan 1917, age 52y, Sec-GW Lot#36, [AG]
Janda, James F., d. 12 Dec 1966, age 83y, Sec-PW, [AG]
Janda, Minnie F., d. 31 Dec 1974, age 88y, Sec-PW, [AG]
Janes Harriet Hawley, d. 12 May 1903, age 86y 24d, Sec-GE Lot#79, [AG]
Janes Lottie M., d. 1 Sep 1873, age 29y, Sec-GE Lot#79, [AG]
Janes, Charles N., d. 27 Jun 1919, age 41y, Sec-OE Lot#10, [AG]
Janes, Herman Nelson, d. 29 Jan 1916, age 66y 1m 2d, Sec-OE Lot#10, [AG]
Janes, Lyman H., d. 31 Mar 1876, age 30y, Sec-GE Lot#79, [AG]
Janes, Lyman H., d. 5 May 1888, age 7y 9m 9d, Sec-OE Lot#10, [AG]
Jones, David, b. 1846, d. 1874, Sec-JE Lot#240, [JH]
Jones, Emma E. Stubbs, b. "His Wife" 1846, d. 1873, Sec-JE Lot#240, [JH]
Kapferer, Bessie, b. 1884, d.1902, Sec-BW Lot#142, [JH]
Kapferer, Elizabeth, b. 1851, d. 1950, "His Wife", Sec-BW Lot#142, [JH]
Kapferer, Meta May, b. 1878, d. 1899, Sec-BW Lot#142, [JH]
Kapferer, Robert, b. 1844, d. 1912, h/o Elizabeth, Sec-BW Lot#142, [JH]
Kessler, Charlotte Glossop, b. 1872, d.1955, Sec-JW Lot#11, [JH]
Kessler, Lindsey R., b. 1899, d. 1964, "Dad", Sec-JW Lot#11, [JH]
Lassitier, Rosa Lee, d. 24 Nov 1981, age 62y, Sec-RG Lot#31, [AG]
Lasson, Ada M., d. 26 Dec 1969, age 86y, Sec-VW, [AG]
Lasson, William C., d. 5 Jan 1951, age 65y, Sec-VW, [AG]
Lasswell, Roy, d. 25 Jul 1987, Sec-DW Lot#8, [AG]
LaSuer, Frank H., d. 13 Apr 1955, age 82y, Sec-CW Lot#14, [AG]
LaSuer, Lottie L., d. 29 Jan 1949, age 78y, Sec-CW Lot#14, [AG]
Lathrop, Amanda J., d. 7 Apr 1932, age 87y 3m 23d, Sec-EE Lot#19, [AG]
Latimer, Elma Ida, d. 1 Jul 1942, age 51y 11m 14d, Sec- PW Lot#51, [AG]
Latimer, William Harold, d. 30 Jul 1971, age 80y, Sec-PW Lot#61, [AG]
Lauder John W., d. 25 Oct 1973, age 47y, Sec-PW, [AG]
Lauder, Alfred Wallace, d. 17 Feb 1961, age 74y, Sec-PW, [AG]
Lauder, Elba M., d. 28 Dec 1976, age 79y, Sec-PW, [AG]
Laurence Lavilla R.,, d. 13 Nov 1909, age 37y 8m 19d, Sec-CE Lot#104, [AG]
Laurence, Anne, d. 11 Nov 1909, age 43y, Sec-FW Lot#6, [AG]
Lauterman, Charles E., d. 20 Jan 1906, age 31y 2m 20d, Sec-CW Lot#33, [AG]
LaVigne, Emil J., d. 28 Oct 1978, age 75y, Sec-RG Lot#40, [AG]
Law, Gladys, d. 18 Feb 1957, age 60y, Sec-OW, [AG]
Law, Hattie C., d. 14 May1942, age 83y 8m 24d, Sec-EE Lot#21, [AG]
Pollock, Barbara Murray, b. "His Wife" 1840, d. 1888, Sec-EE Lot#36, [JH]
Pollock, Chistey, b. 1832, d. 1912, Sec-EE Lot#36, [JH]
Pollock, Edward J., b. 1874, d. 1946, "Husband", Sec-EE Lot#36, [JH]
Pollock, Isabelle Clifford, b. 1838, d. 1914, Sec-EE Lot#36, [JH]
Pollock, James, b. 1840, d. 1927, Sec-EE Lot#36, [JH]
Pollock, John A., b. 1878, d. 1910, Sec-EE Lot#36, [JH]
Pollock, Lucy R., b. 1876, d. 1962, "Wife", Sec-EE Lot#36, [JH]
Poucher, Gilbert A., d. 12 Mar 1948, age 72y 3m 19d, Sec-NW Lot#58, [AG]
Poucher, John G., d. 15 Nov 1922, age 76y, Sec-CW Lot#54, [AG]
Poucher, Leigh M., d. 6 Aug 1963, age 71y, Sec-NW Lot#58, [AG]
Poucher, Mary A., d. 1 Oct 1911, age 57y, Sec-CW Lot#54, [AG]
Poucher, Maude A., d. 10 Mar 1968, age 76y, Sec-DW, [AG]
Poucher, Ralph, d. 18 Dec 1936, age 46y 8m 10d, Sec-MW, [AG]
Poucher, Sylvia A., d. 6 Apr 1950, age 71y, Sec-CW Lot#54, [AG]
Poucher, Wilbur E., d. 6 Dec 1958, age 76y, Sec-PW, [AG]
Pouher, LeRoy J., d. 9 Jul 1969, age 82y, Sec-DW Lot#12, [AG]
Poull, John, d. 28 Dec 1960, age 83y, Sec-OW, [AG]
Poull, Minnie H., d. 14 Apr 1939, age 55y 11m 4d, Sec-OW, [AG]
Poundstone, Golda Elsie, d. 27 May 1936, age 50y 22d, Sec-BW Lot#30, [AG]
Powell, Charles Everett, d. 17 Feb 1940, age 70y 4m 12d, Sec-CE Lot#7, [AG]
Powell, Diantha E., d. 31 Mar 1870, age 36y 9m 8d, Sec-GE Lot#68, [AG]
Powell, E. A., d. 19 Sep 1877, age 37y, Sec-GE Lot#68, [AG]
Powell, Ella, d. 4 Apr 1935, age 72y 9m 17d, Sec-GE Lot#59, [AG]
Powell, George A., d. 14 Nov 1924, age 65y 4m, Sec-GE Lot#59, [AG]
Powell, Grace, d. 14 Oct 1939, age 67y 2m 23d, Sec-GE Lot#59, [AG]
Powell, Ida L., d. 22 Nov 1939, age 78y 6m 23d, Sec-BW Lot#176, [AG]
Powell, James Sr, d. 31 Oct 1919, age 85y 7m 30d, Sec-GE Lot#59, [AG]
Powell, Jeremiah D., d. 26 Jan 1943, age 78y 3m 14d, Sec-BW Lot#176, [AG]
Powell, Josephine M., d. 20 Jul 1934, age 85y 1m 27d, Sec-BW Lot#69, [AG]
Powell, Marion Beaupre, d. 5 Oct 1948, age 72y 9m 17d, Sec-CE Lot#7, [AG]
Powell, Mary A., d. 25 Sep 1874, age 45y, Sec-GE Lot#68, [AG]
Powell, Mary Elizabeth, d. 12 Apr 1995, Sec-RG Lot#112, [AG]
Powell, Melissa Dent, d. 21 Sep 1919, age 85y 6m 20d, Sec-GE Lot#59, [AG]
Powell, Mina, d. 14 Oct 1947, age 70y 6m 29d, Sec-GE Lot#59, [AG]
Powell, O.D., d. 14 May 1907, age 77y, Sec-GE Lot#68, [AG]
Rees, E. Emmons, b. 1897, d. 1947, "Father", Sec-KE Tile 146, [JH]
Rees, Ethel M., b. 1901, d. 1991, "Mother", Sec-KE Tile 145, [JH]
Rees, Fannie E., b. 1862, d. 1933, Sec-OE Lot#27, [JH]
Rees, Frank H., b. 1858, d. 1925, Sec-OE Lot#27, [JH]
Rees, Herbert L., b. 1886, d. 1965, Sec-CE Lot#26, [JH]
Rees, Ida May, b. 1864, d. 1935, Sec-CE Lot#22, [JH]
Rees, Lewis E., b. 1860, d. 1955, Sec-CE Lot#22, [JH]
Rees, Zada S., b. 1884, d. 1961, Sec-CE Lot#26, [JH]
Reiseck, Albert, b. 1906, d. 1909, [LK]
Rodrich, Martha C., b. 1849, d. 1946, Sec-PW Lot#65, [JH]
Rodrich, Sara M., b. 1881, d. 1974, Sec-PW Lot#65, [JH]
Rodrich, Theodore, b. 1844, d. 1934, Sec-PW Lot#65, [JH]
Rosier, Ellen M., b. 1866, d. 1952, Sec-OE Lot#27, [JH]
Rosier, George A., b. 1861, d. 1943, Sec-OE Lot#27, [JH]
Safford, Fred F., b. 1868, d. 1911, Sec-OE Lot#20, [JH]
Safford, Luella M. Rees., b. 1872, d. 1897, w/o F.F, Sec-OE Lot#20, [JH]
Simms, Charlie B., d. 13 Feb 1948, age 61y 7m 4d, Sec-KE, [AG]
Simms, David, d. 9 Aug 1916, age 6y 9m Sec-JE Lot#257, [AG]
Simms, Eugene, d. 11 Aug 1925, age 40y, Sec-VW, [AG]
Simms, Kate H., d. 4 Apr 1869, age 8y 2m 3d, Sec-JE Lot#257, [AG]
Simms, Sadie, d. 8 Aug 1950, age 75y 7d, Sec-JW, [AG]
Simms, Samuel, d. 9 Dec 1885, age 52y, Sec-JE Lot#257, [AG]
Simons, John R., no dates, Sec-LW Lot#84, [AG]
Simons, Katharyn [sic], d. 2 Apr 199, age 83y, Sec-LW Lot#84, [AG]
Simons, Margaret, no dates, Sec-LW Lot#84, [AG]
Simons, Susanna R., d. 20 Mar 1927, age 82y 11m 27d, Sec-LW Lot#84, [AG]
Simpkins, Jesse Alvin, d. 25 Mar 1980, age 69y, Sec-RG Lot#67, [AG]
Simpson, (Unnames), d. 16 Sep 1945, age 1d, Sec-LW Lot#119, [AG]
Simpson, DeEttie C., d. 11 Nov 1876, age 30y 3m, Sec-CE Lot#37, [AG]
Simpson, George Edwin, d. 16 Aug 1922, age 75y 2m 20d, Sec-EE Lot#19, [AG]
Simpson, George O., d. 29 May 1879, age 48y 1m, Sec-JE Lot#222, [AG]
Simpson, George, d. 21 Oct 1896, age 58y 10m 1d, Sec-CE Lot#37, [AG]
Simpson, Gladys, d. 7 Jul 1979, age 70y, Sec-UW, [AG]
Simpson, Grace M., d. 25 Feb 1878, age 1m 10d, Sec-EE Lot#19, [AG]
Simpson, Harry A., d. 22 Apr 18980, age 8y 7m, Sec-EE Lot#91, [AG]
Simpson, James W., d. 8 Apr 1875, age 1y 4m 21d, Sec-CE Lot#37, [AG]
Simpson, Jessie E., d. 21 Jul 1871, age 2y 1m, Sec-JE Lot#222, [AG]
Simpson, Linda, d. 4 Jan 1884, age 42y, Sec-JE Lot#222, [AG]
Simpson, Zytilla G., d. 9 Feb 1910, age 55y 5m 18d, Sec-EE Lot#19, [AG]
Sims, Almira J., d. 1884, Sec-CE Lot#8, [AG]
Sims, Charles, d. 11 Feb 1878, age 7y, Sec-CE Lot#8, [AG]
Sims, Elijah, d. 3 Aug 1910, age 92y m, Sec-CE Lot#8, [AG]
Sims, Lee Mattie, d. 29 Jun 1985, Sec-RG Lot#61, [AG]
Smith, Harry S., d. 31 May 1870, age 15y, Sec-CE, lot 19, [AG]
Smith, Hattie R., d. 7 Dec 1911, age 45y 4m 2d, Sec-CW, lot 28, [AG]
Smith, Hattie W., d. 3 Jan 1923, age 66y, Sec-JE, lot 74, [AG]
Smith, Helen Louise, d. 11 Oct 1965, age 80y, Sec-GE, lot 23, [AG]
Smith, Helen, d. 10 May 1879, Sec-LW, lot 130, [AG]
Smith, Howard, d. 23 Apr 1900, age 1y 6d, Sec-JE, lot 14, [AG]
Smith, Ira, d. 29 Mar 1899, age 53y, Sec-GE, lot 16, [AG]
Smith, Jane Stewart, d. 29 Mar 1907, age 78y, Sec-CE, lot 127, [AG]
Smith, Jennie, d. 30 Mar 1950, age 80y, Sec-GE, lot 61, [AG]
Smith, Jesse I., d. 2 Jul 1909, age 11d, Sec-FW, lot 10, [AG]
Smith, John C, d. 28 May 1914, age 75y, Sec-JE, lot 225, [AG]
Smith, John H., d. 26 Apr 1898, age 56y, Sec-LW, lot 122, [AG]
Smith, John H., d. 4 Nov 1874, age 10y 1m, Sec-CE, lot 65, [AG]
Smith, John N., d. 4 Apr 1937, age 94y 4m 27d, Sec-FE, lot 48, [AG]
Smith, John P., d. 7 Mar 1897, age 51y, Sec-BW, lot 157, [AG]
Smith, Jonathan, d. 27 Sep 1920, age 81y 9m 10d, Sec-FE, lot 54, [AG]
Smith, Julia A., d. 2 Jun 1884, age 28y, Sec-JE, lot 144, [AG]
Smith, Katie, d. 3 Jan 1891, age 3y 9m 15d, Sec-CE, lot 113, [AG]
Smith, Laura E., d. 4 May 1929, age 80y 3m 22d, Sec-BW, lot 168, [AG]
Smith, Laura May, d. 26 Feb 1939, age 56y 6m 8d, Sec-CW, lot 37, [AG]
Smith, Leone, d. 23 Apr 1899, age 5m, Sec-CE, lot 45, [AG]
Smith, Lillian May, d. 27 Feb 1898, age 20y, Sec-FE, lot 54, [AG]
Smith, Lillian, d. 21 Apr 1929, age 44y 8m 1d, Sec-GE, lot 23, [AG]
Smith, Linda Lee, d. 11 Dec 1982, age 23y, Sec-RG, lot 82, [AG]
Smith, Loraine G., d. 28 Nov 1896, age 69y 10m 10d, Sec-CE, lot 19, [AG]
Smith, Lorenzo Brady, d. 10 Jun 1947, age 61y 10m 22d, Sec-GE, [AG]
Smith, Lottie, d. 25 Mar 1887, age 10m, Sec-EE, lot 33, [AG]
Smith, Louise H., d. 19 May 1914, age 37y, Sec-LW, lot 122, [AG]
Smith, Lucile, d. 30 Dec 1913, age 8y 5m 25d, Sec-AW, lot 2, [AG]
Smith, Lucinda, d. 2 Jan 1929, age 88y 8m 12d, Sec-MW, [AG]
Smith, Lydia, d. 12 Jan 1937, age 80y 8m 13d, Sec-GE, lot 23, [AG]
Smith, Lyle, d. 23 Aug 1914, age 33y 9m, Sec-DW, lot 33, [AG]
Smith, M. M.I., d. 18 Oct 1875, age 43y 1m, Sec-EE, lot 17, [AG]
Smith, Mabel P., d. 4 Dec 1969, age 75y, Sec-KE, [AG]
Smith, Margaret McWethy, d. 31 Dec 1986, Sec-PW, lot 60, [AG]
Smith, Maria, d. 4 May 1877, age 36y, Sec-GE, lot 16, [AG]
Smith, Marion, d. 22 Nov 1985, age 69y, Sec-RG, lot 82, [AG]
Smith, Martha E., d. 9 Oct, 1907, age 60y 10d, Sec-CE, lot 43, [AG]
Smith, Mary A., d. 24 Aug 1910, age 55y 10m 24d, Sec-AE, lot 16, [AG]
Smith, Mary Ann, d. 19 Mar 1925, age 83y 11m 3d, Sec-DW, lot 24, [AG]
Smith, Mary E., d. 23 Aug 1913, age 64y Sec-CE, lot 43, [AG]
Smith, Mary F., d. 12 Mar 1920, age 75y 6m 8d, Sec-CW, lot 29, [AG]
Smith, Mary Robb, d. 16 Oct 1992, age 56y 8m 14d, Sec-RG, lot 48, [AG]
Smith, Mary Rocher, d. 8 Aug 1936, age 66y 8m 16d, Sec-OW, [AG]
Smith, Mary S., d. 21 Jan 1908, age 91y 9d, Sec-GE, lot 23, [AG]
Smith, Mary, d. 4 Mar 1926, age 75y, Sec-FE, lot 37, [AG]
Smith, Maynard G., d. 6 Nov 1988, Sec-RG, lot 102, [AG]
Smith, Minnie H., d. 10 May 1943, age 72y 11m 12d, Sec-EE, lot 28, [AG]
Smith, Minnie L., d. 7 Apr 1993, age 72y, Sec-RG, lot 143, [AG]
Smith, Minnie, d. 31 Aug 1955, age 84y, Sec-GW, lot 44, [AG]
Smith, Myron, d. 10 Mar 1937, age 48y 12d, Sec-OW, [AG]
Smith, Nellie May, d. 30 Dec 1907, age 41y 4m 20d, Sec-LW, lot 122, [AG]
Smith, Paul B., d. 15 May 1911, age 30y 9m 8d, Sec-CW, lot 37, [AG]
Smith, Phebe, d. 13 Nov 1929, age 59y 7m 13d, Sec-AW, lot 2, [AG]
Smith, R. D., d. 21 Mar 1897, age 76y 1m 16d, Sec-CE, lot 127, [AG]
Smith, Rachel A., d. 29 Apr 1929, age 85y 4m 13d, Sec-FE, lot 54, [AG]
Smith, Ralph B., d. 18 Oct 1960, age 77y, Sec-GE, lot 23, [AG]
Smith, Robert J., d. 22 Dec 1923, age 57y, Sec-GW, lot 44, [AG]
Smith, Robert, d. 3 Jul 1974, age 49y, Sec-UW, [AG]
Smith, Roscoe L., d. 7 May 1977, age 61y, Sec-RG, lot 23, [AG]
Smith, Sadie Margaret, d. 4 Apr 1961, age 85y, Sec-BW, lot 139, [AG]
Smith, Sarah Jane, d. 24 Jun 1914, age 62y 10m 17d, Sec-FW, [AG]
Smith, Sarah, d. 10 May 1946, age 86y 7m 13d, Sec-BW, lot 9, [AG]
Smith, Selma C., d. 18 Apr 1943, age 92y 10m 16d, Sec-LW, lot 130, [AG]
Stopps, George W., b. 1852, d. 1915, Sec-CE Lot#27, [JH]
Stopps, Jennie B., b. 1859, d. 1950, Sec-CE Lot#27, [JH]
Stubbs, Anna M., b. 1884, d. 1973, "Mother", Sec-CE Lot#22, [JH]
Stubbs, Capitola Jane, b. 1858, d. no date, Sec-JE Lot#141, [JH]
Stubbs, Francis Joseph, b. 1858, d. 1923, Sec-JE Lot#141, [JH]
Stubbs, Frank J., b. 1882, d. 1940, "Father", Sec-CE Lot#22, [JH]
Stubbs, Genevieve, b. 1912, d. 1913, "Daughter", Sec-CE Lot#22, [JH]
Stubbs, Infant, d. 1888, Son of E. W. & A. Stubbs, Sec-JE Lot#240, [JH]
Stubbs, Joseph, b. Aug 2, 1819, d. Jun 16, 1891, Sec-JE Lot#240, [JH]
Stubbs, Mary E., b. 1853, d. 1922, Sec-JE Lot#240, [JH]
Stubbs, Sarah, b. 1820, d. 1899, "His Wife", Sec-JE Lot#240, [JH]
Sylvester, Edmund L., b. 1871, d. 1916, Sec-PW Lot#65, [JH]
Sylvester, Gretchen R., b. 1874, d. 1966, Sec-PW Lot#65, [JH]
Ware, Cora, d. 12 Jan 1878, age 49y, Sec-CE, lot 59, [AG]
Ware, Dora, d. 12 Jun 1878, age 49y, Sec-CE, lot 59, [AG]
Ware, Edwin, d. 11 Sep 1891, age 68y 1m 3d, Sec-CE, lot 58, [AG]
Ware, Lena R., d. 16 Jan 1870, age 7y 8m, Sec-GE, lot 84, [AG]
Ware, Lucile, d. 3 Jun 1893, age 1y, Sec-GE, lot 84, [AG]
Ware, Mrs. G.C., d. 6 Mar 1908, age 90y 6m, Sec-GE, lot 84, [AG]
Ware, Nellie B., d. 22 Nov 1889, age 31y, Sec-GE, lot 84, [AG]
Ware, Pamelia, d. 23 Mar 1939, age 89y 6m 29d, Sec-CE, lot 58, [AG]
Ware, Sarah J., d. 2 Jan 1881, age 36y 4m, Sec-GE, lot 84, [AG]
Waris, Raymond, d. 25 May 1983, Sec-NW, lot 27, [AG]
Warner, Alonzo D., d. 15 Jan 1908, age 79y 8m, Sec-CE, lot 27, [AG]
Warner, Arthur D., d. 9 Jan 1925, age 71y 8m 3d, Sec-NW, lot 17, [AG]
Warner, Axel, d. 28 Sep 1928, age 58y 4m 1d, Sec-MW, [AG]
Warner, Caroline B., d. 26 Apr 1915, age 84y, Sec-CE, lot 27, [AG]
Warner, Eleanor Ann, d. 8 Feb 1919, age 65y 5m 26d, Sec-EE, lot 19, [AG]
Warner, Ellen, d. 18 Oct 1934, age 77y 9m 25d, Sec-NW, lot 17, [AG]
Warner, Fred Curtis, d. 25 Feb 1868, age 12y 3d, Sec-CE, lot 27, [AG]
Warner, George R., d. 16 Mar 1953, age 70y, Sec-NW, lot 19, [AG]
Warner, Guy, d. 17 Aug 1875, age 4m 16d, Sec-EE, lot 46, [AG]
Warner, Harry B., d. 2 Mar 1960, age 87y, Sec-CE, lot 19, [AG]
Warner, Harry S., d. 15 Aug 1962, age 84y, Sec-EE, lot 46, [AG]
Warner, Ludo J., d. 26 Nov 1915, age 68y 11m 17d, Sec-EE, lot 19, [AG]
Warner, Luella May, d. 31 Aug 1875, age 27d, Sec-EE, lot 19, [AG]
Warner, Martha Edna, Sec-FW, lot 10, [AG]
Warner, Mearle B., d. 18 Oct 1954, age 70y 2m 18d, Sec-NW, lot 19, [AG]
Warner, Nacilla, d. 11 Oct 1877, age 22y, Sec-EE, lot 46, [AG]
Warner, Pearl D., d. 6 Sep 1941, age 65y 23d, Sec-CE, lot 19, [AG]
Warnicke, Frederick, d. 20 May 1921, age 81y 4m 10d, Sec-FW, lot 13, [AG]
Wilde, Lydia Marion, b. Apr 25, 1870, d. Dec 8, 1948, [CM]
Wulf, Henry, b. 1859, d. 1915, "Father", Sec-CW Lot#21, [JH]
Wulf, Mary, b. 1862, d. 1947, "Mother", Sec-CW Lot#21, [JH]
Wulf, William E., b. 1886, d. 1953, Sec-CW Lot#21, [JH]
Yocum, Edith, b. 1888, d. 1909, Sec-CW Lot#21, [JH]
Yocum, Harriett E., b. 1886, d. 1955, Sec-CW Lot#38, [JH]
Yocum, Orville L., b. 1884, d. 1927, Sec-CW Lot#38, [JH]

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