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Forest Home Cemetery
Forest Park, Cook County, Illinois

Forest Home Cemetery
863 Des Plaines Ave
Forest Park, IL 60130

Lat: 41°52'04"N, Lon: 087°49'36"W

Forest Home (in German: Waldheim) was originally an Indian burial ground in 1835. The cemetery was first organized by a group of German Masonic Lodges in 1873. The first interment took place on May 9, 1873.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 51.

Contributor's Index:

Andersen, Antonette, b. 1847 Nordlund, Norway d. 1912 Oak Park Hosp, w/o Benjamin Andersen, (BF)
Barrett, Helen Elizabeth Dwight, b. 1865, d. 1948, d/o Isabelle Morrison Walker and Benjamin Walker, [PT]
Basinger, Omer Laska, b. 1897, d. 1970, s/o Elizabeth Reed Basinger and George Redden Basinger, [PT]
Basinger,Louella, b. 1909, d. 1970, w/o Omer Laska Basinger, d/o Louella Ada Dwight Price and Cloyd Bruce Price, [PT]
Bechler, Ernestine (Kley), b. Sep 16, 1862, d. Jul 4 1947, s/o Louis Kley, [TE]
Bechler, Henry F., b. 1891, d. 1956, h/o Ernestine Bechler, s/o Henry, [TE]
Bechler, Henry, b. 1848, d. 1913, [TE]
Bohl, Ella, b. Dec 1885, d. 17 Feb 1946, d/o Freidrich and Johanna Bohl, [RB]
Bohl, Freddie, b. 31 Jul 1886, d. 4 Aug 1886, s/o Friedrich and Johanna Bohl, [RB]
Bohl, Johanna Schalk, b. 11 Nov 1853, d. 11 Sep 1936, [RB]
Bohl, Oscar, b. Oct 1889, d. 30 Oct 1891, s/o Friedrich and Johanna Bohl, [RB]
Dwyer, Vera M., d. 1971, w/o Raymond Dwyer, d/o Helen Elizabeth Walker Dwight Barrett and Lewis Wilbert Dwight, [PT]
Holub, Sherman James, b. 5 Oct 1901, d. 21 May 1939, s/o Edward and Ida Holub, [SS]
Kley, Emeile (Schalk), b. Mar 1866, d. Jan 31, 1926, m. Jun 8, 1889, Louis Kley dau of Fredrick & Henrietta (Wandersee) Schalk, [TE]
Kley, Louis, b. Sep 18, 1864, d. Sep 10, 1916, m. Emeile Schalk Jun 8, 1889, [TE]
Klug, Johanna, b. 11 Oct 1849, d. 11 Apr 1924, [PK]
Legner, Carl, b. 4 Mar 1834 Kreis Neustadt, West Prussia, d. 14 Sep 1927 Chicago, h/o Fredricke (Noetzel), Maria (Elminger), Mrs. Lena Schmidt, Hermena Hoffman, with whom he is buried, [DK]
Legner, Emma 'Mina', b. 1871 Danzig, West Prussia, d. 4 May 1956 Chicago, d/o Wilhelm and Florentine (Noetzel) Legner, [DK]
Legner, Ernst, b. 1864 Danzig, West Prussia, d. 9 Aug 1945 Chicago, [DK]
Legner, Florentine (Noetzel), b. 2 Sep 1837 Kreis Neustadt, West Prussia, d. 5 May 1885 Chicago, w/o Wilhelm Legner, [DK]
Legner, Freddie, b. 1893 d. 18 March 1896 Chicago, child of Louis Charles Legner and Mathilde
Legner, Katherine Auguste, b. 1875 Chicago, d. 12 Apr 1958 Chicago, d/o Wilhelm and Florentine (Noetzel) Legner, [DK]
Legner, Louis Charles, b. 10 Sep 1862 Danzig, West Prussia, d. 21 Mar 1929 Chicago, h/o Mathilde Legner, [DK]
Legner, Wilhelm, b. 22 Apr 1833 Bolschau, Kreis Neustadt, West Prussia, d. 4 Dec 1882 Chicago, h/o Florentine (Noetzel) Legner, [DK]
Legner, William Ernst, b. 26 Feb 1892, d. 19 Feb 1947, h/o Pauline Legner (Beck), s/o Louis C. and Mathilde Legner, [LA]
Loser, Clara F., b. Mar 1891, d. Jun 20, 1923, dau of Louis & Emeile (Schalk) Kley, [TE]
Loser, Johan (John) H., b. Sep 17, 1886, d. Jan 12, 1924, h/o Clara (Kley) Loser, s/o John & Celestine (Zonsius) Loser, [TE]
Mack, Goldie, b. 28 Apr 187?, d. 22 Jun 1953, w/o John D. Mack, nee Mechanic, [LS]
Mack, John D, b. 25 Apr 1876, d. 15 Dec 1914, h/o Goldie (Olga), [LS]
Malcolm, Dean, b. 1958, d. 1959, s/o Anita Elizabeth Basinger Malcolm and Al Malcolm, [PT]
Nagle, Helen, b. 26 Jan 1886, d. 10 Nov 1932, w/o Frank John Nagle, [SS]
Nagle, Jrank J, b. 15 Sep 1884, d. 25 Apr 1965, s/o John Norman and Nellie Nagle, [SS]
Negele, Carl, b. 5 Dec 1869, d. 16 Nov 1945, [DW]
Negele, Sophie, b. 24 Jul 1866, d. 7 Mar 1933, [DW]
Neuhaus, Emma, b. 1870, d. 1954, w/o George Neuhaus, d/o Christoph and Margaretha Ronshausen, [DC]
Neuhaus, George, b. 1866, d. 1925, h/o Emma Ronshausen, [DC]
Osterhaus, John H. or Jan Hiddo, b. 26 Mar 1840, d. 9 Dec 1902, bur. 12 Dec 1902, h/o Anna Catherina Reiseger Osterhaus, m. 27 Apr 1865, s/o Jan Tjeerts Oosterhuis and Titia Arents Wessels, [MS]
Pahl, Frida, b. 9 Dec 1881, d. 2 Aug 1960, w/o Theodore Pahl, w/o Joseph Trentz, [LS]
Pahl, Theodore, b. 7 Jan 1873, d. 14 Jul 1943, h/o Frida, nee Kalbitz, [LS]
Price, Louella Ada, b. 1888, d. 1919, w/o Cloyd Bruce Price, d/o Helen Elizabeth Walker Dwight and Lewis Wilbert Dwight, [PT]
Rose, Margaret Enger, b. 16 Apr 1860, d. 10 Dec. 1937, w/o Axel Rose, bur. 13 Dec. 1937, [FS]
Thompson, Ada Walker, d. 1941-48, d/o Isabelle Morrison Walker and Benjamin Walker, [PT]
Walle (Oalle), Joseph, b. 24 Aug 1877, Calle, France, d. 20 Jul 1946, bur. 25 Jul 1946, [PP]
Westerman, Emma, b. 1867, d. 1927, w/o Frank Westerman, d/o Frank W. Rudolph and Augusta Barnes, [KC]
Westerman, Frank, b. 1869, d.1906, h/o Emma Rudolph, [KC]
Westerman, Walter, b. 1891, d.1906, s/o Frank & Emma Westerman, [KC]
Wilke, Henry, Sr., b. 2 Oct 1865, d. 26 Jun 1926 Forest Park, IL, h/o Martha (Legner) Wilke, [DK]
Wilke, Martha, b. Danzig, West Prussia, d. 7 Jun 1954 Chicago, w/o Henry Wilke, Sr., d/o Carl and Fredricke (Noetzel) Legner, [DK]
Witte, Herman, b. 17 Sep 1862, d. 18 Jul 1918, h/o Regina, [DP]
Witte, Regina E., b. 1874, d. 14 Dec 1904, w/o Herman Witte, [DP]
Witte, Rudolph O., b. 4 Oct 1869, d. 1 Jan 1909, h/o Ella, [DP]

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