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Magic Valley Veterans Memorial Cemetery
Twin Falls County, Idaho

Contributed by Wes Blair, April 14, 2000 [sinatra@magiclink.com] Total records = 112.

Magic Valley Veterans Memorial Cemetery
Located 3 miles South of Hansen
Twin Falls County, Idaho

Cemetery is well-maintained, fenced and still in use. Despite its name, we found relatively few veterans buried there.

Adam, Reinhold H., b.1 Nov 1925, d.25 Sept 1997
Bacon, Wilma Dora, b.25 May 1908, d.15 Sept 1932
Banning, James F., b.11 Jul 1932, d.21 Sept 1995, US Air Force Korea
Barnette, Jerry K., b.17 Jul 1958, d.21 Jul 1973
Barry, Jean E., b.19 Feb 1926, d.17 May 1996
Baty, Grace E., b.13 Jan 1887, d.8 Apr 1970
Baty, Dan H, b.6 Dec 1886, d.15 Oct 1967
Blommer, James A., b.21 Jul 1933, d.20 Dec 1975, Cpl US Army Korea
Blommer, Lucille E., b.14 Dec 1908, d.12 May 1995
Breeding, Sharon Rose, b.19 Feb 1951, d.15 May 1990
Brooks, Jess W., b.1925, d.1995
Brose, Elsa, b., d.24 Jan 1895, 2yrs. 1 mo. 20 days, Dau. of Robert and Augusta Brose
Bucheri, Bertie Ruth, b.17 Mar 1929, d.1 Nov 1973
Cline, John R., b.3 Apr 1853, d.9 Aug. 1919
Cline, Raymond Horace, b.1888, d.1912
Coffelt, Edgar Harvey, b.13 Oct 1911, d.4 Mar 1986, Stone next to Pearl Maurine Coffelt
Coffelt, Pearl Maurine, b.17 Jun 1924, d.6 Nov 1974, m. 17 Jul 1942, Stone next to Edgar Harvey Coffelt
Cook, Irwin Whittington, b.1920, d.1973
Crockett, Carrie H., b.1889, d.1980
Crockett, George D., b.1878, d.1931
Crockett, M.D., b.1880, d.1916
Crockett, Marie G., b.18 Jun 1880, d.5 Mar 1920
Crockett, E. M., b.1839, d.1914
Crockett, E. M. Jr., b.1874, d.1905
Crockett, Phoebe A., b.1850, d.1907
Cunningham, Bernice L., b.15 Oct. 1911, d.Shares a stone with Orson R.Cunningham
Cunningham, Lillie, b.1 Sept 1918, d.14 May 1919
Cunningham, Orson R., b.10 Mar 1905, d.9 Mar 1979, Shares a stone with Bernice L.Cunningham
Dalrymple, Alan, b.20 Apr 1925, d.18 May 1994
Deloizer, Floyd W., b.12 Nov 1904, d.13 May 1993
Domrose, no dates
Nothing else on the stone. Stone is about 36 in.
Dunken, Frances Ferebee, b.1849, d.1907
Eignor, Lames M., b.16 Sept 1879, d.Shares a stone with Pearl L. Eignor
Eignor, Pearl L., b.20 Aug 1882, d.20 May 1954, Shares a stone with Lames M. Eignor
Dzakovic, Peter, b.6 Oct 1950, d.8 Nov 1995
Eignor, Hannah M., b.12 Jun 1867, d.4 Dec. 1923, Shares a stone with Merritt C. Eignor
Eignor, Lena Mae , b.29 Dec 1904, d.13 Jul 1928
Eignor, Merritt C., b.6 Feb 1857, d.13 Jul 1954, Shares a stone with Hannah M. Eignor
Gardner, William Herman, b.1913, d.1965
Griffith, Clark, b.11 Dec 1873, d.23 Feb 1934
Hansen, Anna E., b.1852, d.1939
Hansen, Henry, b.8 Jan 1883, d.19 Jun 1962, Shares a stone with Olive Hansen
Hansen, John F., b.1854, d.1929
Hansen, Olive, b.3 May 1883, d.27 May 1932, Shares a stone with Henry Hansen
Horris, Georgia E., b.27 Dec 1931, d.21 Jul. 1988, 'who got home before the dark'' Isaiah 57:1 & 2'
Howard, William T., b.5 Feb 1909, d.11 Mar 1979, Tsgt US Army WWII
Hurt, Virgil R., b.13 Jul 1931, d.19 Sept. 1999
Hyde, Lizzie, b., d.No Dates. The stone is directly left of John Samuel Weighall
Jensen, Anna, b., d.12 Aug 1878, 41yrs. 4days, wife of G. Jensen
Jensen, Christian, b., d.No Dates
Jensen, Martin, b., d.No dates
Kealy, William, b.17 Jul 1925, d.25 May 1997
Kincaid, Delmer J., b.1930, d.1984
Koontz, Lema R Lundy, b.4 Sept 1907, d.16 Feb 1936, Next to Eugene Lundy
Kulper, Ethel Marie, b.10 Mar 1901, d.21 Apr 1927
Larsen, Anna M., b.1892, d.1949
Larsen, Hans P., b.1862, d.1943, Shares a stone with Mary J. Larsen
Larsen, Howard J., b.1918, d.1982, Victorious in Jesus, Top of stone is a statue of St. Francis
Larsen, Mary J., b.1866, d.1935, Shares a stone with Hans P. Larsen
Larsen, 'Russell C. ''Bud', b.22 Mar. 1910, d.24 May 1971
Lundy, Arch, b.17 Dec 1869, d.26 Jan 1943, Next to Ona Lundy
Lundy, Arch F., b.1913, d.1981, Tec 4 Army WWII, 'Charley F, Arch F, and Michael Floyd are side by side.'
Lundy, Charley F., b.20 Jan 1912, d.4 Jan 1984, PFC Army WWII, 'Charley F, Arch F, and Michael Floyd are side by side.'
Lundy, Eugene, b.5 May 1918, d.24 Mar 1932, Next to Lema R. Lundy KOONTZ
Lundy, Frank, b.20 Jun 1905, d.23 Apr 1968, Shares a stone with Olive Lundy
Lundy, Michael Floyd, b.3 Jan 1957, d.16 May 1974, 'Charley F, Arch F, and Michael Floyd are side by side.'
Lundy, Olive, b.23 Jun 1911, d.Shares a stone with Frank Lundy
Lundy, Ona, b.5 Nov 1879, d.27 Aug 1965, Next to Arch Lundy and below Olive and Frank Lundy
Mc Clymonds, Vickie Young, b.7 Sept 1955, d.6 Dec 1995, 'married David 10 Sept. 1981 children:Brenna, Tara', Picture of Vickie on back of stone.
Mc Drummond, Agnes E, b.26 Nov 1909, d.23 Jan 1972, Shares a stone with William M. Mc Drummond
Mc Drummond, Herman H., b.12 Feb 1933, d.5 Jun 1976, Cpl US Army Korea
Mc Drummond, Jonathan Glenn, b.16 Apr, d.4 Jul 1983, I AM A CHILD OF GOD, Ornamented with a teddy bear
Mc Drummond, William M., b.20 Mar. 1904, d.Shares a stone with Agnes E. Mc Drummond
Murray, Marsha Danny, b.22 Oct 1963, d.20 Jun 1999, Shares a stone with Martin Danny Murray
Murray, Martin Danny, b.2 May 1957, d.16 Oct 1985, Shares a stone with Marsha Danny Murray
Patty, Joseph E., b.1889, d.1952, 'Triple stone for Triplets, Letha, and Joseph E. Patty'
Patty, Letha, b.1893, d.1922, 'Triple stone for Triplets, Letha, and Joseph E. Patty'
Patty, triplets, b.1922, d.1922, 'Triple stone for Triplets, Letha, and Joseph E. Patty'
Payton, Bryan Lynn, b.8 May 1976, d.25 Jul 1976
Petersen, Christian, b.1860, d.1949, Shares a stone with Hannah Petersen
Petersen, Hannah, b.1873, d.1964, Shares a stone with Christian Petersen
Pro, W., b.1891, d.1893
Reed, Alfred J., b.10 Jan 1898, d.28 Dec 1975, Shares a stone with Beulah P. REED
Reed, Beulah P., b.16 Nov 1902, d.7 Jan 1988, Shares a stone with Alfred J. REED
Ricks, Don K., b.4 Mar 1919, d.4 Jun 1979, Shares a stone with Vera Ricks
Ricks, Vera, b.18 May 1919, d.14 Nov 1997, Shares a stone with Don K. RICKS
Romans, Charles H., b.26 Apr 1919, d.6 Feb 1988, married 29 Nov 1940, Shares a stone with Janie Romans
Romans, Janie, b.10 Apr 1924, d.married 29 Nov 1940, Shares a stone with Charles H. Romans
Sanderson, Gordon A., b.24 Jun 1928, d.23 Oct 1996, 'Gordie'
Sandoval, Hetta Elizabeth Weighall, b.11 Mar 1911, d.24 Aug 1968
Still, Kenneth Burke, b.23 Jan 1930, d.13 Aug 1998
Stricker, Bernard, b.18 Jul 1883, d.27 Jan. 1972
Stricker, Clyde, b.7 Nov 1884, d.16 Nov. 1974
Stricker, Glayds, b.20 Mar 1899, d.26 Oct. 1982
Stricker, Herman, b.1841, d.1920
Stricker, Lucy G., b.1859, d.1949
Stricker, Roland, b.4 May 1893, d.19 Feb. 1969, Pvt. Co A 307 Inf. WWI
Tate, Lawrence, b.18 Feb 1915, d.8 Jan 1992
Tomkins, Donald E., b.13 Sept 1929, d.14 Oct 1996
Trotter, William, b.1864, d.1940, In STRICKER section of the cemetery.
unmarked stone, no dates
unmarked stone, no dates
unmarked stone, no dates
Walterman, Marlene, b.10 Oct 1936, d.Shares a stone with Melvin W. Walterman
Walterman, Melvin W., b.17 Dec 1932, d.17 Sept 1995, Shares a stone with Marlene Walterman
Weighall, Agnes, b.1885, d.1930, Mother--In Loving Memory, Shares a stone with Frank Weighall
Weighall, Delores Rachell, b.15 May 1905, d.1 Sept 1920
Weighall, Frank, b.1881, d.1941, Father--In Loving Memory, Shares a stone with Agnes Weighall
Weighall, Hughie E., b.4 Apr. 1925, d.8 Apr. 1988, US Navy WWII
Weighall, John Samuel, b.25 Dec 1848, d.8 Sept 1931, Grandfather
Young, Richard Allen, b.29 Dec 1933, d.13 Mar 1967, A Big Man
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