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Upper Clover Creek Cemetery
Bliss, Gooding County, Idaho

Contributed by Wes Blair [sinatra@magiclink.com]. Transcribed and compiled by Wes Blair (c)1999. Submitted by Wes Blair February 6, 2000. Total records = 21.

Bliss, Gooding, Idaho

CONDITION:This cemetery is overgrown and abandoned in a high-desert area. It is well-protected by double fencing, as well as many family plots having their own ornate fencing.The area is used as range land for cattle at this time. We found 28 graves, 7 of which have unreadable tombstones.

DIRECTIONS:There are no signs and no directions to get there. (we inquired of local residents for how to find it.) Bliss is a tiny town of about 250 people. Drive through town until you see the post office. Turn right (North) on Clover Creek Road (beside post office). Drive approximately 10 miles until you come to a bridge over Clover Creek. Just as you approach the bridge (before crossing), a dirt road goes off to the right (East) Follow it up and around the hill for approximately half mile and you will arrive at the cemetery. A weather- beaten sign states "Upper Clover Creek Cemetery"

Four stones in this section were standing, but unreadable. Only one
grave is relatively modern: It is a double stone with the following:

BRAY, John Sterling, b.October 16, 1918, d.July 30, 1995, m. January 20, 1948
BRAY, Rena Hellen Kotila, b.August 30, 1919, d.____, m.January 20, 1948

Other Graves:

Gaddy, Captain George E., b,1819, d.1888, 73rd Regiment, Missouri Militia USA
Holliday, Elias L., no dates readable, {this grave directly East of Richard T.}
Holliday, Richard T., b.____, d.1886, {this grave directly East of Rudolph}
Holliday, Rudolph, b.____, d.1889
Miller, Mary Ann, b.1834, d.1852
Robinacker, Henry, (no dates readable)
Stanislaw, Baby, (no dates readable)
Townsley, George, (no dates readable)

There is a wide section [approx. 75 feet wide] with no indication of graves present (e.g. no markers, etc.) Directly South is this group of graves:

Three stones in this section were completely unreadable. However, directly to the East was one stone which reads:

"Conway Family"

(Inside Small Ornate Rusted Fence- 2 graves):

Colvin, Ross, no dates readable
Colvin, Louise, no dates readable

Directly North (to the right) of these is:

Butler, Mary, no dates
Butler, Sarah Frances, b.1863, d.1942, "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow..." Rev. 21:4

North of Sarah Butler (to the right) is a fenced plot containing 2 children:

Butler, Edmund E., b.September 16, 1889, d.February 7, 1891
Butler, Donald, b.June 11, 1906, d.March 1, 1909

North (to the right) of these is another fence around a single grave:

Tyacke, Mary Butler, b.June 21, 1876, d.January 10, 1938, "A life member of the Order of The Midnight Sun, initiated July 4th on the Yukon River, 1937. One of the greatest women that ever lived in Idaho"

East of Sarah Butler is an adjoining fenced plot: with 2 graves:

Butler, P.B., b.1850, d.1932
Huston, Beecher, b.August 30, 1866, d.September 9, 1903, (footstone: "B.H.")

East of this is another fenced plot with one grave:

Augustine, Frederick, b.July 30, 1858, d.November 25, 1933

North of this (on the right) was another fenced plot with one grave:

Mandigo, Charles C., b.1853, d.1918

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