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Bonanza Cemetery
Custer County, Idaho

From Challis, ID take Hwy 75 to Sunbeam, ID
turn right and proceed to Custer, ID.

Contributed by Irene M Lawson, Mar 23, 2001 [imlawson2@aol.com].
Total records = 81.

The Forest Service calls this cemetery the Bonanza Cemetery Gravesites. I transcribed from a Biographical Work given to me by Dorothy M. H. Wren. It was compiled by Dorothy Wren and W. G. "Bill" Haley a few years ago. Additional information may be had by contacting me at the above e-mail address.

A map of the area may be seen by clicking here. This cemetery is well cared for but is not used for burials anymore.

- Irene M Lawson

AH, Sam, d. 1894, Gunshot wound
AH, Young, first buried at Stanley Gold Dredge, later exhumed and transported to the Bonanza
ANDERSON, Chris, Native of Sweden, Approx 53 yr old. Died at Custer, ID on 9 Dec 1903.
BAIRD, Edward, b. 1837, d. 3 Jun 1897
BARKER, Martin, b. Bash Co, Ky, d. 25 Mar 1889 Custer ID, age 35
BELLAMY, Harry, b. 1850, d. 2 Dec 1912 Custer, ID.
BENEFIEL, Emma, b. 1843, Custer ID, d. 13 Oct 1880, s/w of John R. Benefiel
BENERELLI, Eliza, d. Oct 1880 at age (38 or 88), "Sacred to the Memory of Eliza Emma, s/w J.R. Benerelli"
BURTON, Estella M., b. 23 Oct 1851, d. 1 May 1903 Custer ID
BURTON, James W., d. 21 Nov 1895 at Custer, ID, age: 55
CAREY, Mike, b. 1850 in Ireland, d. Custer, ID on 21 Oct 1897
CEARLEY, James Jr, b. 1882 at Bonanza, ID., d. 8 May 1937 Bonanza. ID
CEARLEY, James L., b. North Carolina in 1839, d. Custer, ID on 17 Mar 1902, Lieut of Vol. Nez Pierce War
CENTAURAS, Henry, b. 1847 Hanover, Germany, d. 16 Jul 1921 CusterID
CENTAURAS, Herman, b. 1849 Hanover, Germany, d. 1923
CENTAURAS, Margaret (Myers), b. Hamburg, Germany on 28 Mar 1855, d. 1 May 1929 at Challis, ID., m. Herman Cenetauras in 1878
CENTAURAS, May (Mary), b. 23 Oct 1883, d. 18 Sep 1900 at age 17
CERAMELINE, Andrea, b. Italy, d. 8 Jul 1910, mining accident
CEREGHINO, Joseph, b. 1848 Italy, d. 31 Oct 1905 Bonanza, ID
CLAUDE, Joseph, b. 1834, 15 Sep 1879, buried one mile west of Bonanza, First mining death
CLAWSON, Calvin C., b. 1840 Lancaster PA, d. 15 May 1911
CLAWSON, Czarina (Llewellyn), b. 29 Jan 1840 Morgantown WV, d. 14 Feb 1905
CROGEN, A. M., d. 1896
CROSS, Julius W., b. Oct 1865 Indiana, d. 2 Dec 1905, Custer ID
DAVENPORT, Alice Leona, b. Jan 1928, d. Sep 1935 in Hailey ID
DAVIS, John D, d. 14 Feb 1904. Killed in snowslide
DUDLEY, John P., b. 1847 in KY, d. 14 Mar 1907 Custer ID
DUNN, Margaret "Biddy", b. 1856 Ireland, d. 9 Nov 1908
DUNN, William, b. 1843, d. 6 Jul 1907.
DUVALL, John, b. 1833 in MO, d. 1 Aug 1890 Custer ID
DeLAVILLIE, Godfrey, b. 1820 Canada, d. 19 Nov 1905 Bonanza
ERNST (Baby), b. 1899, d. 1899 in Bonanza ID, par. George and Susie (Williams)
GEER, Jasper, Son of D.& M. Geer, 2yr 5mo 4da
GEER, W., Son of D.& M. Geer, 4yr 9mo old
HARDY, George, b. 1876, d. 5 Aug 1902, Custer ID
HARVEY, John, d. 1917 at Custer, ID.
HARVEY, Louise, s/w John Harvey, d. 1909 (French Louise)
HIENS, George, d. 17 Sep 1898, at Custer ID
JOHNSON, Kathy, b. 6 Jul 1880, d. 1891, par. Peter and Annie (Ryan)
KNAPP, Henry M., b. 1823 in Florida, d. 2 Dec 1909 Sunbeam ID
LAUNDRY, George, d. 3 Mar 1905 Custer, Id
LAYTON, William (Banjo Bill), d. 20 Oct 1897, Custer ID
LEE, John H, b. Jul 1847 Illinois, d. 24 Jan 1888, age: 41 yr and 6 mo.
MONROE Triplets, d. at birth 1896, children of Dr. Monroe
MOORE, John, b. 16 Dec 1840, d. 2 Jul 1883
MULLEN, John, b. 1847, Ireland, d. 26 Mar 1907, Custer, ID
MURPHY, William, d. 12 Dec 1900
MacNAMER, Timothy, b. Aug 1829 Baltimore MD, d. 12 Jul 1910 Bonanza ID
McCULLOUGH, Peter, b. 1873, Indiana, d. 16 Jan 1906
McGOVERN, Thomas, b. 1851, Massachuests., d. 19 Nov 1909.
McMAHON, William, b. 1870, California, d. 16 Jan 1906
McNAB, John, b. 1852,Texas, d. 20 May 1897
McNAUGHTON, Charles, b. 1867 Belfast, Ireland, d. 6 Mar 190, Custer ID
OLLSON, Charlie, d. 5 Sep 1880
OLSEN, George, b. 1877, d. 3 Nov 1900 Custer ID
PIERCE, Clifford C., b. 1908 in MT, d. 26 Jan 1992 Andaconda MT, m. Lucille (Shoemaker)
PIERCE, Clifford L., d. 17 Jul 1936, s/o Clifford C. and Lucille (Shoemaker) Pierce
PIERCE, James Chester, b. 2 Nov 1873, d. 30 Jul 1935
PIERCE, Lucille, d. 31 Mar 1991, s/w Clifford C.
PIERCE, Sara J., b. Jan 1887, d. 22 Aug 1953.
PIERCE, Shirley Mae, d. 29 Nov 1935, d/o Clifford and Lucille Pierce
POQUETTE, Jerry, d. 29 Nov 1905
RAPP, Benjamin Franklin, b. 1841 PA, d. 28 Oct 1901
REECE, Youngest Boy, d. 8 Jun 1882
RILEY, James, d. 19 Feb 1897 at Custer ID
ROMER, Silas, b. Jul 1852, Ohio, d. 4 Oct 1903
STEEL, James E. J., b. 1835, d. 4 Mar 1880
STEEN,John, b. 1862, St. Clair, New Brunswick, Can, d. 12 Jun 1900
STRATTON, Jacob H., b. 1836, d. 11 Jul 1906
SULLIVAN, Child, d. 15 Mar 1889 Custer ID, 2yr, child of Mr and Mrs Michael Sullivan
SWENSSON, F. O., d. Nov 1880, "Sacred to the Memory of"
SWENSSON, Johanna, b. 1842 in Sweden, d. 28 Sep 1880. s/w F.O. Swensson
TAYLOR, Edna, b. 1875, d. 1879, Age 4, eldest c/o J.F. Taylor and Rose D
TAYLOR, John, b. China, bur in Chinese section
TERRY, Mike, d. Oct 1897 at Custer, ID.
TULLY, Francis S, b. 1828 England, d. 21 Mar 1898 Custer ID
TURNBULL, Anna, b. 1852 Ontario Canada, d. 20 Nov 1894, Bonanza ID, s/w James Turnbull, Age 42
TURNBULL, Thomas, b. 1878, d. Bonanza
VARNEY, Dudley B, b. 1838, New Hampshire, d. 7 May 1906, Custer ID
WILSON, Jack J., b. 1881, d. 10 Feb 1933
WRIGHT, E. J."Buck", b. 1858 Ireland, d. 27 Sep 1900

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