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Teakean Cemetery
Teakean, Clearwater County, Idaho

GPS: 46.554772, -116.384196

Yenni Road
Teakean, ID 83541

by Jo Frederiksen [jofrederiksen@teakeanidaho.com]
Published: October 27, 2016
Total records: 137


Teakean Cemetery located in Clearwater County, Idaho was first organized on 27 Feb 1905 as the Clearwater Cemetery Association. At that time it was a part of Nez Perce County. The organizers were members of a small colony of Brethren who had settled in this remote area about 1900. For many years the cemetery was neglected until about 1957 when the Teakean Cemetery District was formed and the cemetery has been maintained since. --Mrs. Wayne K. Yenni, Alice Whitman Chapter, Idaho State Society, DAR

There are 108 plots in the Teakean Cemetery. Plot 1 is at the North East corner. Plot 2 is immediately West of plot 1. The numbering then continues East to plot 36 which is immediately South of plot 1. With this numbering system, the plots on the East side from North to South are: Plot 1, plot 36, plot 37, plot 72, plot 73 and plot 108 which is in the South East corner. Plots on the West side, going from North to South are: Plot 18, plot 19, plot 54, plot 55, plot 90, plot 91 which is in the South West corner. Each plot is 22 ft. by 8-1/2 ft. and has room for 6 graves. Grave 1 is the Northern most, grave 6 is the Southern most. Each grave is 44 inches by 80 inches.

More information about this cemetery can be found here.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were compiled by Jo Frederiksen from tombstone inscriptions, newspapers, and death certificates. Dates of death range from 1826 to 2016.

Bauer, Fred
, b. 16 Dec 1860, d. 1-Sep-1912, Husband of Bertha Kleindenst
Bauer, Walter A., b. 28-Jan-1908, d. 1-Jul-1908, Son of Fred and Bertha Kleindenst Bauer
Baysinger, Enid Crystal (Powell), b. 11-Jul-1920, d. 14-Jul-2006, Wife of Oval Baysinger; Daughter of Elmer H. Powell and Edith Myrtle Brown Powell
Baysinger, Oval Henry "Tob", b. 27-May-1916, d. 24-Oct-1985, Son of Marcilious F. and Ella May Williams Baysinger; Husband of Enid Crystal Powell Baysinger
Brock, Charlotte Stella Elizabeth (Chladek) "Lottie", b. 27-Jul-1906, d. 27-Mar-1961, Wife of Royal Ellwood Brock; daughter of James and Dorothy Anna Kalisek Chladek
Brock, Robert J. "Bob", b. 8-Dec-2003, d. 20-Aug-1938, Son of Royal Ellwood and Charlotte Chladek Brock
Brock, Royal Ellwood, b. 7-Dec-1899, d. 5-Sep-1988, husband of Charlotte Chladek; son of Haratio C. and Mary Williams Brock;
Burns, Lena B., b. 29-Apr-1895, d. 4-Jun-1976, Daughter of Theodore Scott and Mary Ann Armistead Burns; Mother (adopted) of Cheryl Burns Cosner
Candler, Flora Maude (Waite), b. 22-Jan-1894, d. 22-Oct-1971, Wife of William Lloyd Candler; daughter of Daniel Jerome and Sarah Helen Mace Waite
Candler, Floyd D., b. 3-Jun-1920, d. 26-Jan-1989, Son of William Lloyd and Flora Maude Waite Candler
Candler, William Lloyd, b. 3-Jul-1880, d. 25-Nov-1969, Husband of Flora Maude Candler; son of Charles Benjamin and Matilda Caroline Treadway Candler
Carey, Eileen, b. 4-Sep-1922, d. 11-Mar-1921, Daughter of Frank LaSalle Carey
Carey, Eunice (Mapes), b. 19-Sep-1892, d. 15-Dec-1957, Wife of William Judson Carey; Daughter of William C. and Alta Ostrander Mapes
Carey, Ralph, b. 13-Apr-1849, d. 22-Jun-1921, Brother of Frank H. and William J. Carey; Son of George M. and Almira Gray Carey
Carey, Schuyler Mapes, b. 27-Jun-1927, d. 4-Feb-2008, Son of William Judson and Eunice Mapes Carey
Carey, William Judson, b. 16-Sep-1859, d. 21-Apr-1945, Husband of Eunice Mapes Carey; Brother of Frank H. ad Ralph Carey; Son of George M. and Almira Gray Carey
Carey, William Marion, b. 16-Oct-1911, d. 12-Jun-1933, Son of William Judson and Eunice Mapes Carey
Carr, Bessie Lea (Kelley), b. 22-Oct-1917, d. 25-Mar-1991, Daughter of Leander F. and Lucinda Powell Kelley
Choate, Alice L., b. 11-Mar-1911, d. 6-Aug-1924, Daughter of Frederick C. and Maud Hall Choate
Choate, Alma J. (O'Hara), b. 10-Mar-1905, d. 10-Jul-1937, 1st Wife of Joseph H. Choate; daughter of James and Balzimere Cotture O'Hara
Choate, Joseph Hodges, b. 25-Jul-1899, d. 22-Apr-1972, Son of Frederick Z. and Wilhemina Freytag Choate; husband of Alma J. O'Hara (1st) and Norma Beatrice Hill (2nd)
Choate, Norma Beatrice (Hill), b. 25-Oct-1916, d. 12-Apr-2011, Daughter of Wilbur S. and Ione Hagerman Hill; 2nd Wife of Joseph H. Choate
Choate, Olive M., b. 18-Mar-1923, d. 18-Mar-1923, Daughter of Frederick C. and Maud Zumwalt Choate
Choate, Orval, b. 27-Aug-1904, d. 6-May-1982, Husband of Susie Pearl Gainer Choate; Son of Frederick Z. and Wilhemina Freytag Choate
Choate, Susie Pearl (Gainer), b. 16-Aug-1909, d. 6-Nov-2002, Wife of Orval Choate; Daughter of Charles G. and Alda Wells Gainer
Choate, William R., b. 25 Sep-1888, d. 13-Aug-1911, Son of Frederick Z. and Wilhemina Freytag Choate
Clanin, Franey (Lind), b. 20 Mar 1870, d. 7-Jul-1918, 1st wife of Lanson Clanin; daughter of David and Mary C. Fitz Lind
Clanin, Lanson, b. 21 Apr 1877, d. 21-May-1941, Husband of Franey Lind Clanin and Eva A. Brock Clanin
Clark, Bertha (Freund), b. 7-Feb-1916, d. 2-Jan-1992, Daughter of Fred Freund and Lena Olsen Freund Profitt
Cline, Charlotte (Jackson) "Lottie", b. 25-Jan-1911, d. Jan- 1826, Daughter of Evan and Elisabeth Hughey Jackson. Aunt of Frances Mary "May" Ross Sutton
Cosner, Cheryl (Burns), b. 8-Sep-1943, d. 4-Dec-1968, Wife of Richard H. Cosner; Daughter of Mary Burns (adopted)
Cosner, Jasper V., b. 7-Dec-1909, d. 7-Dec*1909, Son of Newton Jasper and Grace Yingst Cosner
Cosner, Joseph Birnay, b. 11-Jan-1866, d. 5-Dec-1905, Son of Daniel and Matilda Tucker Cosner
Cosner, Matilda (Tucker), b. Mar-1838, d. 16-Nov-1915, Wife of Daniel Cosner
Cosner, Nora, b. 6-Jun-1895, d. 15-Mar-1911, Nora's death certificate lists her mother as Anna Cosner but the cemetery records (from 2 sources) state she is the wife of M. A. Cosner. There is no record of Memphis A. Cosner ever marrying.
Cosner, Ony Modena "Dick", b. 3-Mar-1867, d. 8-Dec-1939, Son of Daniel and Matilda Tucker Cosner
Cosner, Richard Havelock, b. 2-Aug-1917, d. 18-Jul-1993, Husband of Cheryl Burns Cosner; Son of Achilles H. and Eva Crafer Cosner
Craddick, Baby, b. 1-Mar-1917, d. 1-Mar-1917, Infant of James Arthur and Elvira Donica Craddick
Crow, Catherina (Batz) "Kate", b. 16-Feb-1862, d. 13-Jan-1938, Wife of William A. Crow; Daughter of John and Elizabeth Nass Batz
Crow, John H., b. Jul-1875, d. 7-Feb-1909, Brother of William A. Crow
Crow, William Albert, b. 4-Apr-1861, d. 13-Aug-1911, Son of Jesse W, and Elizabeth Coley Crow; husband of Catherina Batz
Crutchfield, Benjamin Franklin, b. 21-Jul-1850, d. 28-Jan-1913, Husband of Cornelia Whittington Crutchfield
Crutchfield, Malissa Cornelia (Whittington) "Nelia", b. 6-Aug-1854, d. 7-Oct-1919, Wife of Benjamin Franklin Crutchfield; Daughter of Lorenzo Dow and Nancy Curtis Whittington
Dodge, Earl Franklin "Sonny", b. 11-Jul-1934, d. 24-Nov-2010, Son of Earl E. and Mayme Brown Dodge
Dodge, Russell Dean, b. 5-Sep-1956, d. 12-Apr-2006, Son of Earl F. and Clara Brock Dodge
Embree, Sharlene Vern (Choate), b. 26-Mar-1943, d. 28-Nov-2008, Daughter of Edward Z. Choate and E. Crystal Powell Choate Baysinger
Ferguson, Harold, b. 26-Oct-1922, d. 26-Oct-1922, Infant of George W. and Bertha May Billups Ferguson
Ferguson, Joseph George "Joe", b. 29-Jul-1912, d. 30-Apr-1980, Son of George W. and Bertha May Billups Ferguson
Fowell, James, b. 30-Mar-1843, d. 23-Sep-1906, Husband of Sarah Brindley Fowell
Frederiksen, Ane Elisabeth, b. 19-Jun-1899, d. 6-Jun-1919, Daughter of Frederik G. and Boline Jørgine Olsen Frederiksen
Frederiksen, Baby Boy, b. 30-Sep-1916, d. 30-Sep-1916, Son of Frederik G. and Boline Jørgine Olsen Frederiksen; the baby is buried in his mother's arms
Frederiksen, Baby Girl, b. 13-Jun-1912, d. 13-Jun-1912, Daughter of Frederik G. and Boline Jørgine Olsen Frederiksen
Frederiksen, Baby Girl, b. 27-Oct-1914, d. 27-Oct-1914, Daughter of Frederik G. and Boline Jørgine Olsen Frederiksen
Frederiksen, Boline Jørgine (Olsen) "Jørgine", b. 30-Sep-1916, d. 13-May-1871, Wife of Frederik G. Frederiksen; Daughter of Morton and Ane Andersdatter Olsen
Frederiksen, Clinton Rae "Clint", b. 24-Jul-1938, d. 20-Feb-2016, Son of Svend A. and Wanda Daniels Frederiksen
Frederiksen, Frederik Georg "George", b. 28-Aug-1874, d. 15-Jun-1967, Husband of Boline Jørgine Olsen Frederiksen; Son of Christen and Ane E. Jorgensen Frederiksen
Frederiksen, Svend Aage "Swen", b. 14-Oct-1903, d. 14-Apr-1961, Son of Frederik G. and Boline Jørgine Olsen Frederiksen; 1st husband of Wanda M. Daniels Frederiksen Wood
Furman, Jennie, b. 22-Sep-1862, d. 30-May-1914, Daughter of Oliver H. and Lovina Shaul Furman
Furman, Lester, b. 3-Oct-1850, d. 30-Dec-1850, Son of Oliver H. and Lovina Shaul Furman
Garrison, Abraham Lorenzo, b. Jun-1868, d. 20-Dec-1920, Husband of Bertha K. Eisenbise Garrison Lehman
Garrison, Chester, b. 1-Sep-1902, d. 8-Sep-1918, Son of Abraham L. Garrison and Bertha Eisenbise Garrison Lehman; Information via Death Certificate
Garrison, James Seibert, b. 6-Jan-1916, d. 26-Mar-1916, Son of Abraham L. Garrison and Bertha Eisenbise Garrison Lehman
Goin, Morton, b. 14-May-1918, d. 27-Aug-1918, Son of Joseph V. and Lillian Cole Goin
Harlacher, Alma Katharine, b. 7-Mar-1910, d. 14-Jun-1910, Daughter of John A. and Martha Lind Harlacher
Harlacher, Bert A., b. 15-Sep-1903, d. 27-May-1906, Son of Pius E. and Mary Henry Harlacher
Harlacher, Ruth, b. 18-Mar-1909, d. 30-Sep-1909, Daughter of of Pius E. and Mary Henry Harlacher
Harlacher, Susan Belle (Carson), b. 11-Nov-1856, d. 29-May-1922, Wife of William M. Harlacher; Daughter of Pius E. and Catherine Burgard Carson
Harp, Albert Lee, b. 13-Apr-1918, d. 14-Apr-1918, Infant son of Samuel Clarence and Lena G. (Piatt) Harp
Hasse, Henry "Hank", b. 12-Jan-1914, d. 22-Jul-1998, Husband of Mary Lauer Hasse; Son of Walter and Della Heflin; Adopted by Arhtur and Jenny Hasse
Hasse, Mary Anna (Lauer), b. 19-May-1915, d. 17-May-2000, Wife of Hank Hasse; Daughter of Michael and Anna Koetter Lauer
Heltzel, Alexander A., b. 1-Jul-1849, d. 18-Jul-1918, Husband of Mary A. Markley Heltzel; Son of Samuel and Mary Waltmach Heltzel
Heltzel, James Lyle, b. 26-Jun-1911, d. 26-Jan-1917, Son of Irvin E. and Mary Walston Heltzel
Heltzel, Joy Melvin, b. 17-Mar-1914, d. 13-Feb-1917, Son of Irvin E. and Mary Walston Heltzel
Henry, Maria (Heltzel), b. 9-Dec-1852, d. 15-Apr-1928, Wife ot Tempest Y. Henry; Daughter of Samuel and Mary Waltmach Heltzel
Henry, Tempest Ysador, b. 30-Aug-1847, d. 8-Sep-1927, Husband of Maria Heltzel Henry; Son of Nicholas and Marie Yohe Henry
Herring, Carrie Elizabeth (Heltzel), b. 30-Jan-1884, d. 3-Mar-1967, Wife of Orville E. Herring; Daughter of Alexander A. and Mary Markley Heltzel
Herring, Clarence Melvin, b. 21-May-1908, d. 10-Jul-1936, Son of Orville E. and Carrie Heltzel Herring
Herring, Ebenezer B., b. 20-Jun-1839, d. 9-Feb-1914, Husband of Mary Catherine Stubbs Herring; Son of John and Emeline Herring
Herring, Elbert Orville, b. 23-Mar-1905, d. 4-Jun-1973, Son of Orville E. and Carrie Heltzel Herring
Herring, Mary Catherine (Stubbs), b. 13-Mar-1926, d. Apr-1845, Wife of Ebenezer B. Herring; Daughter of Vinson and Sarah Hollingsworth Stubbs
Herring, Orville Ebenezer, b. 28-Sep-1878, d. 7-Nov-1965, Husband of Carrie Heltzel Herring; Son of Orville E. and Carrie E. (Heltzel) Herring
Huffman, Bradley Ray "Brad", b. 14-Jun-2013, d. 21-Nov-1990, Son of Douglas K. and Julie Seeley Huffman
Huffman, Grace Ellen (King), b. 29-Dec-2012, d. 18-Jul-1925, Wife of J. Lowell Huffman; Daughter of Raymond M. and Charlotte V. Davies King
Huffman, James Lowell, b. 31-Dec-2014, d. 13-Aug-1923, Husband of G. Ellen King Huffman; Son of Cecil J. and Sarrah Carey Huffman
Huffman, Sarrah Belle (Carey) "Sadie", b. 9-Aug-1896, d. 24-May-1925, Wife of Cecil J. Huffman; Daughter of Frank H. and Julia Wells Carey
Johnson, Thomas, b. 25-Jun-1834, d. 28-Nov-1912, Son of Jacob and Mary Pattenbecker Johnson
Keane, Morgan Faith, b. 14-Apr-2003, d. 17-Mar-2012, Daughter of Dan and Angela Marvin Keane
Kelley, Baby Girl, b. 24-Mar-1905, d. 24-Mar-1905, Daughter of Leander F. and Lucinda Powell Kelley
Kelley, Leander Franklin "Lea", b. 26-Feb-1881, d. 23-Jun-1936, Husband of Lucinda Powell Kelley
Lehman, Jacob S., b. Apr-1869, d. 7-Feb-1959, Husband of Rena Wenner and Bertha K. Eisenbise Garrison Lehman
Lehman, Rena (Wenner), b. 6-Mar-1861, d. 30-Sep-1921, 1st wife of Jacob S. Lehman; daughter of George and Telna Barkwell Wenner
Magid, Moses, b. Sep-1866, d. 24-Oct-1911, Buried in the Johann Olsen plot. According to his will he had a sister Elizabeth whose whereabouts were unknown
Mapes, Alta (Ostrander), b. 15-Aug-1857, d. 1-Jul-1930, Wife of William C. Mapes
Mapes, William Calvin, b. 12-Aug-1854, d. 1-Jul-1940, Husband of Alta Ostrander; Son of Calvin and Eunice Kinney Mapes
Meyers, Mary Eunice (Profitt), b. 2-Sep-1935, d. 8-Nov-2007, Daughter of Leonard and Lena Olsen Profitt
Newman, Glen F., b. 6-Jan-1922, d. 19-Feb-1998, Husband of Julia Carey Newman; Son of Fredrick W. and Ida Meilke Newman
Ogden, Bonnie Lynn (Thomas), b. 28-Oct-1949, d. 11-Aug-2014, Wife of Gary M. Ogden; daughter of William and Helen Thomas
Ogden, Harrison Loraine "Mick", b. 1-Sep-1918, d. 10-Jun-2001, Husband of Ruby Choate Ogden; Son of William H. and Sylvia Fuller Ogden
Ogden, Ruby Ellen (Choate), b. 5-Dec-1920, d. 7-Oct-1976, 1st Wife of Loraine H. Ogden; Daughter of Edward Z. and Lily Pedersen Choate
Olsen, Erik, b. 4-Feb-1855, d. 3-Jan-1937, Husband of Otelia Olsen
Olsen, Johan "John", b. 1-May-1844, d. 18-Jul-1910, Uncle of Boline Jørgine Olsen Frederiksen
Olsen, Otelia, b. 23-Sep-1853, d. 10-May-1913, Wife of Erik Olsen
Page, Theodore R. "Ted", b. 28-Aug-1934, d. 16-Nov-2006, Husband of Virginia Profitt Lee Page
Parsley, Jesse S., b. 30-Dec-1891, d. 18-May-1981, Husband of Violet S. Pederson and Ellen Ophelia Hathaway; son of James E. and Susan Boatright Parsley
Parsley, Susan Alice (Boatright), b. 8-Mar-1855, d. 14-Mar-1922, Wife of James E. Parsley; Daughter of Jesse S. and Mary Miller Boatright
Pederson, Baby, Son of John Pederson per burial records, no other information available
Pederson, Bernadine Alvira, b. 3-Jan-1925, d. 22-Feb-1926, Daughter of James C. and Sophia Frutchl Pederson
Pederson, Emma (Olsen), b. 1-Feb-1889, d. 10-Jul-1924, Wife of Theodore Pederson; Daughter of Erik and Otelia Olsen
Pederson, Everrett, b. 7-Jun-1920, d. 7-Jun-1920, Son of Theodore and Emma Olsen Pederson
Pederson, Lillian Fredrickia, b. 28-Nov-1923, d. 30-Jan-1928, Daughter of James C. and Sophia Frutchl Pederson
Pederson, Mari (Pversdatter), b. 1 Apr-1851, d. 12-Mar-1916, Wife of Tolger (sp?) Pederson; Mother of Theodore Pederson
Peterson, Dollie Dimple (Sewell), b. 13-Nov-1922, d. 19-Apr-2010, Wife of Leonard Peterson; Daughter of Charles and Alice Powell Sewell
Powell, Agnes Ella, b. 2-Aug-1915, d. 16-Aug-1917, Daughter of Elmer H. and Edith Myrtle Brown Powell
Powell, Edith Myrtle (Brown), b. 11-Nov-1895, d. 27-Nov-1995, Wife of Elmer H. Powell; Daughter of William L. and Jennie Holladay Brown
Powell, H. (Elmer), b. 8-Jul-1892, d. 23-Apr-1938, Husband of Edith Myrtle Brown Powell; Son of Wallace J. and Harriet Closson Powell
Preussler, Francis (Merton), b. 5-Nov-1902, d. 6-Dec-1991, Husband of Olive V. Herring Preussler; Son of Adolph and Mary Zebaugh Preussler
Preussler, Olive Vada (Herring), b. 25-Mar-1914, d. 15-Nov-2000, Wife of Merton F. Preussler; Daughter of Orville E. and Carrie Heltzel Herring
Profitt, Lena Rebecca (Olsen), b. 14-Nov-1898, d. 4-Jan-1975, 2nd Wife of Leonard Profitt; Daughter of Erik and Otelia Olsen
Ross, James D., b. 7-Jun-1854, d. 25-Oct-1920
Roth, Catherine Maud, b. 16-Jul-1926, d. 22-Jul-1926, Daughter of Edward and Lillian Mary Fruchtl Roth
Sewell, Alice Elizabeth (Powell), b. 15-Jan-1895, d. 20-Mar-1953, Wife of Charles H. Sewell; Daughter of Wallace J. and Harriet Closson Powell
Sewell, Charles Herman, b. 14-Sep-1889, d. 13-Feb-1939, Husband of Alice E. Powell Sewell; Son of Charles H. and Rosetta Heitman Sewell
Shideler, Ellen Lavinia (Buckwalter), b. 6-Mar-1863, d. 16-Jul-1922, Wife of George W. Shideler
Stalnaker, Baby Boy, b. 17-Feb-1913, d. 15-Feb-1913, Son of Ira H. and Lola Hewett Stalnaker
Studebaker, Bertha May, b. 15-Feb-1901, d. 4-Feb-1909, Daughter of George and Maria Studebaker
Studebaker, Maria (Moist), b. Dec-1854, d. 12-Mar-1908, Wife of George Studebaker; daughter of Samuel E. and Louisa Phillips Moist
Sutton, Frances Mary (Ross), b. 19-Jul-1861, d. 20-Jun-1943, Wife of Stephen A. Sutton
Sutton, Stephen A., b. 14-Jan-1860, d. 30-Aug-1932, Husband of Frances M. Ross Sutton
Tripplet, Jay, Information from burial records, nothing further available
Van Airsdale, Kenneth Joe, b. 16-Mar-1942, d. 29-Mar-1942, Son of Lloyd H. and Opal Powell Van Airsdale
Van Airsdale, Oscar Rollie, b. 23-Apr-1906, d. 2-Jun-1906, Son of Peter and Phoebe Bartlett Van Airsdale
Van Airsdale, Phoebe Mae (Bartlett), b. 14-May-1876, d. 6-Jul-1935, Wife of Peter Van Airsdale; Daughter of John and Mary Williams Bartlett
Waite, Daniel Jerome, b. Jan-1857, d. 29-Apr-1906, 1st Husband of Sarah Helen Mace Waite Settles
Walston, Abel Lister "Abe", b. 27-Nov-1848, d. 5-Jul-1925, Husband of Sarah Amanda Standley and Martha Jane Shingleton
Walston, Guy Hartwell, b. 17-Apr-1926, d. 9-Sep-1938, Son of Guy A. and Edith Brown Walston
Walston, Martha Jane (Shingleton) "Mattie", b. 19-Feb-1859, d. 9-Jan-1914, 2nd wife of Abel L. Walston
Whitney, Infant Daughter, b. 29-Feb-1912, d. 1-Mar-1912, Daughter of Alpheus R and Alice Donica Whitney
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