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Whispering Pines Cemetery (Morton Cemetery)
Bonner County, Idaho

T55N R35W Sec 27
Lat: 48°04'58"N, Lon: 116°04'02"W

Contributed by Mary Garrison, Mar 11, 2002 [mycougars@adelphia.net] Total records = 38.

It is 7.8 miles west of US Hwy 95 on Lakeshore Dr., nestled in a wooded area right along Lakeshore Dr (previously called Fish Hatchery Road). You enter through a large metal cattle gate.

This cemetery is also referred to as the Morton or Dawson Cemetery. A two acre plot was initially set aside by O. G. Hossier in 1913.

This cemetery was organized by G W Dawson, James Campbell and William T Milliken in 1913. Most of the grave sites are against a barbed wire fence on the west side of the cemetery.

There were several mounds that were unmarked along the fence line. Five children are buried here that are unmarked and no longer discernible. The oldest burial appears to be Henry E Cook in 1927; however, there are several unmarked graves that may be older.

The tombstone transcriptions were completed by Mary and Nellie Garrison during July 2000. Information was also gathered from the obituaries and death notifications from local newspapers furnished by the Bonner County Historical Museum. Updated 07-17-2000


* - Subjects listed as being buried in the Morton Cemetery.

b.= birth
d.= death
deed = deed for plot
dau = daughter
dy = day
f/l = family plot
f/p = family plot
f/s = family stone
fhm = funeral home marker
  husb = husband
m. = married
mo = month
n/d = no date
s/l = same lot
s/p = same plot
s/s = same stone
WWI = World War I
WWII = World War II
- Mary Garrison

Brixon, Charlotte E, b. 10-01-1906, d. 06-26-1972
Brockway, Philo I, b. n/d, d. n/d,
Brown, Ellsworth D, b. 01-09-1915, d. 01-12-1998, s/s Helen R
Brown, Helen R, b. 1920, d. - - -, s/s Ellsworth D
Cook, Edward Henry, b. 06-04-1893, d. 08-09-1962,
Cook, Henry E, b. 1859, d. 1927, s/s Mary W Cook
Cook, Leonard Ray, b. 1927, d. 1937
Cook, Mary Wilhelmine, b. 08-18-1872, d. 08-15-1942, s/s Henry E Cook
Cook, Raymond Charles, b. 1894, d. 03-30-1936, *
Dawson, (G W's mother), no data
Dawson, Child, no data
Dawson, Child, no data
Dawson, Frank (Mrs), no dates, Died in childbirth
Domke, Johannes A, b. 1880, d. 1963
Farrell, John, b. 03-14-1863, d. 11-29-1938,
Fickle, Robert E, b. 09-01-1926, d. 05-28-1992,
French, Cora Belle, b. 01-01-1893, d. 11-12-1984, s/s Rufus French
French, Rufus, b. 1882, d. 06-14-1965, s/s Cora Bell French
Haefner, Alexander J, b. 02-27-1912, d. 11-11-1992, f/p Overland
Halseth, Anne, b. 04-13-1897, d. 09-28-1991, s/s John I
Halseth, John I, b. 05-09-1891, d. 01-1979, s/s Anne
Helseth, Thomas Peder, b. 11-08-1909, d. 05-19-1997,
Judge, Carl S, b. 05-12-1901, d. 05-1989
Judge, George T, b. 12-15-1867, d. 03-26-1945, s/s Mary E Judge
Judge, Mary Ellen, b. 1872, d. 03-28-1952, s/s George T Judge
Langsdorf, Fern L, b. 03-17-1900, d. 02-16-1936
Langsdorf, Infant, b. n/d, d. 02-17-1936,
Merrill, Lorraine F, b. 05-14-1921, d. 08-15-1988, f/p Overland
Montgomery, Ivan Paul, b. 06-28-1932, d. 06-02-2000,
Overland, Emma E, b. 11-05-1899, d. 10-22-1984, f/p Overland
Overland, Magnus, b. 07-20-1892, d. 12-19-1963, f/p Overland
Peine, Myrna, b. 09-24-1943, d. 10-1997
Peterson, Geraldine Jane, b. 01-16-1916, d. 07-05-2000, s/s James Andrew
Peterson, James Andrew, b. 06-01-1899, d. 02-08-1984, s/s Geraldine, m-05-22-1936
Seymour, Everett William, b. 10-25-1928, d. 10-08-2000,
Strandwold, Alex, b. 01-11-1900, d. 01-07-1960, s/s Goldie
Strandwold, Goldie, b. 04-09-1893, d. 09-07-1971, s/s Alex
Tuuk, Jennie, b. 03-24-1863, d. 05-28-1947

Unknowns, Several mounds

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