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Cabinet Cemetery
Bonner County, Idaho

T55N R35W Sec 27
Lat: 48°04'58"N, Lon: 116°04'02"W

Contributed by Mary Garrison, Mar 11, 2002 [mycougars@adelphia.net] Total records = 15.

Directions from Sandpoint are: Take Highway 200 into Clark Fork City. Once in the city limits turn to your right on Stevens Street and follow it toward the railroad tracks and river. When you cross the tracks take the road to the left which will go to the old Clark Fork Bridge across the river. The bridge is safe for travel even though it may not look it. Once across the bridge follow the road to your left for about 7 miles and you will notice a road goes to your left. There is a sign indicating the Cabinet Fish Hatchery is this direction. Follow this road for about 2 or 3 miles and you will notice a sign to the fish hatchery points to the road going to the left that crosses the tracks. Do not take this road. Stay on the main road and continue on. A short distance from there you will see a road to your right that goes up the hill toward a lodge.

Follow this road just past the lodge and you will notice some hound dog kennels on your right. The cemetery is just past these dog kennels on the right side of the road and is very hard to see. The cemetery is in it's natural state. Many of the stones are overgrown and many of the burial sites are not marked.

Johnny Painter has the actual deed to the Cabinet Cemetery, a gift from Julia Newell, a Montana woman, in the late 1960's. Mr. Painter and his wife, Pat, showed us the location of the cemetery.

This is an abandoned Cemetery. Not used and badly overgrown when I surveyed it 06-13-2001.


b.= birth
d.= death
deed = deed for plot
dau = daughter
dy = day
f/l = family plot
f/p = family plot
f/s = family stone
fhm = funeral home marker
  husb = husband
m. = married
mo = month
n/d = no date
s/l = same lot
s/p = same plot
s/s = same stone
WWI = World War I
WWII = World War II

- Mary Garrison

Harris, Alice Elnora, b. 08-05-1859, d. 09-20-1939
Harris, Charles Henry, b. 12-27-1855, d. 01-10-1935
Harris, Edgar Earl, b. 03-02-1930, d. 05-05-1945
Harris, Richard E, b. 1939, d. 02-19-1952
Kojander, Charles, b. 06-13-1887, d. 02-20-1933,f/p 3
Kojander, Elsie, b. 10-04-1886, d. 10-1970, f/p 3
Kojander, Hilda, b. 02-20-1865, d. 02-10-1924, f/p3
Lloyd, Donald, b. 11-26-1930, d. 09-04-1940
Lloyd, William Thomas, b. 01-26-1875, d. 11-23-1943
Maki, Victor, b. 1884, d. 06-15-1923
Painter, Charles Ray, b. 12-07-1895/6, d. 03-25-1969
Payne, Barry Edward, b. 1939, d. 11-30-1940
Payne, William Henry, b. 09-07-1889, d. 03-19-1939
Peterson, Paul Percival, b. 09-20-1932/3, d. 12-22-1933/4
Silta, Antti (Andrew), b. 09-16-1873, d. 05-03-1944

Unknowns (possible Chinese Railroad workers)
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