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Cotten-Granteer Cemetery
Mills County, Iowa

35080 Fry Road, Mills County IA
Lat: 41° 05' 03"N, Lon: 95° 31' 00"W
Anderson Twp, R41W Sec 36 NW�

Contributed by Anne Braun, Jul 01, 2003 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 49.

From Hastings, take Highway 34 and go 1 mile east until you hit County Road L66. Go north on L66 for 4 miles until you reach Fry Road. Turn east on Fry Road and go .25 miles. The cemetery is on the North Side of the road.

This is a small pioneer cemetery. It is well kept and the headstones are in good condition. The last burial took place in 1959. The first burials took place in the mid 1850's.

I did a complete walk through on Jun 25, 2003.

- Anne Braun

Anderson, Carrie E., d. Aug 29 1873, age 1yr 10mn 2da, d/o J. and W.W. Anderson
Anderson, Daisy, b. 1870, d. 1959
Anderson, Frances, d. Mar 16 1862, age 2yr 11mn 10da, s/o J. and W.W. Anderson
Anderson, John W., b. 1861, d. 1925
Anderson, No first name, b. Apr 25 1830, d. June 16 1902, (Missing Headstone)
Bare, Elizabeth, b. Mar 4 1850, d. Feb 21 1899, w/o Jacob
Bare, Jacob, no dates, Civil War Veteran
Basbitt, Taylor Verl, b. May 17 1906, d. Aug 30 1906, d/o N.A. and L. Basbitt
Bone, Amelia, d. Apr 20 1895, age 24yr 7mn 10da, w/o James
Chipps, Elizabeth, b. Feb 28 1838, d. Jul 25 1914
Chipps, John, b. Sep 9 1867, d. Nov 15 1889, s/o J.A. and Elizabeth Chipps
Chipps, Thomas H., b. Oct 27 1878, d. Jun 6 1889. s/o J.A. and Elizabeth Chipps
Cotten, Halas C., d. Feb 17 1859, age 3mn and 22da
Cotten, Jesse, d. Apr 16 1871
Cotten, Lucretta, d. Dec 11 1874, age 51yr 10mn 16da, w/o Noah
Cotten, Mary Anne, d. Dec 9 1854, age 19yr 11mn 18da, d/o Noah and Lucretta
Cotten, Noah, b. Jun 6 1811, d. Oct 8 1906
Cotten, Sarah K., d. Apr 17 1871, age 1yr 9mn 24da
DeVore, John, d. Nov 1 1874, age 58yr and 8mn
DeVore, Mary, d. Sep 10 1873, age 41 years, w/o John, (Missing Headstone)
Dimmitt, Harriett, d. Mar 27 1871, age 39yr 6mn 10da, w/o William
Dimmitt, Infant #1, no dates, child of Harriett and William Dimmitt, s/w Inf 5,2,3 & 4
Dimmitt, Infant #2, no dates, child of Harriett and William Dimmitt, s/w Inf 1,5,3 & 4
Dimmitt, Infant #3, no dates, child of Harriett and William Dimmitt, s/w Inf 1,2,5 & 4
Dimmitt, Infant #4, no dates, child of Harriett and William Dimmitt, s/w Inf 1,2,3 & 5
Dimmitt, Infant #5, no dates, child of Harriett and William Dimmitt, s/w Inf 1,2,3 & 4
Granteer, Doris, b. Aug 2 1904, d. Dec 22 1911, d/o Zachary and Olive Jean
Granteer, Emma, d. May 7 1884, age 27yr 5mn 9da, w/o Zachary
Granteer, Olive Jean, b. Jan 12 1871, d. Aug 11 1922
Granteer, Zachary T., b. 1848, d. 1936
Hicks, John H., d. May 13 1895, age 41yr 3mn 3da
Hicks, Thomas, d. Apr 12 1864, age 11yr 6mn 13da
Hunter, Charles H., b. Sep 10 1839, d. Jul 21 1867, Civil War Veteran
Lewis, Anson, d. May 23 1870, age 24yr and 2mn
Lookabill, Jacob, d. Aug 16 1865, age 57yr 10mn 11da
Lookabill, Luella, b. Sep 22 1866, d. Oct 26 1906, w/o Thomas
Lookabill, Martha, b. May 7 1836, d. Sep 28 1876, w/o Samuel
Lookabill, Mary, d. Sep 23 1885, 73yr 6mn 15da, w/o Jacob
Lookabill, Samuel, b. Oct 6 1836, d. Mar 13 1913
Lookabill, Thomas E., b. Aug 29 1862, d. Nov 28 1910
McKown, Manlie, d. Jan 21 1865, age 21 days, s/o O. and L. McKown
Parker, Nora, d. Apr 18 1867, age 1yr 2mn 5da, d/o A. and L. Parker
Remmington, Everett L., d. Sep 30 1878, age 1yr 8mn 23da, s/o A.R. and G. Remmington
Spurgon, Jenne T., d. Dec 17 1872, age 17yr 9mn 16da, w/o L.S. Spurgon
Vanardell, Lucas, d. Feb 20 1873, age 79yr 6mn 18da
Vanardell, Mary A., d. Mar 18 1923
Wing, Gewraldine L., b. Dec 21 1901, d. Apr 14 1902, d/o H.R. and L.D. Wing
Wing, James F., b. Oct 6 1802, d. Dec 6 1869
Wing, Mary H., b. Jan 13 1806, d. Jul 25 1874

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