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Fiedler Cemetery
Glasgow, Jefferson County, Iowa

Lat: 40° 56' 20"N, Lon: 91° 49' 30"W
Round Prairie Twp, Sec 19

Contributed by Judy Neu, Feb 24. 2004 [jtrippneu@aol.com]. Total records = 77.

From Glasgow drive west for about 2 1/4 mi, then left or south on an abandoned road, which will take you over a dilapidated bridge from which the approaches have crumbled away.

This cemetery is very neglected and has overgrown with sprouts, etc. There may be other stones, fallen, and covered over with leaves, branches, etc. We noted a number of "pioneer" grave markers -- native rocks with no inscriptions.

This is an old transcription I did back on Mar 30, 1963. I cannot say if it is better or worse than when I did this reading.

- Judy Neu

Anderson, Infant Son, no dates, Son of A. P. & M. T. Anderson
Anderson, Sarah Anderson, b. Sep 24 1864, d. Sep 5 1887, Dau of AP & MT Anderson
Bell, Joshua, b. Dec 1 1775, d. Jul 12 1856, age: 81y 7m 11d, Private in Capt Lucas Co United States Army War of 1812
Brown, Elsada Giberson, b. 1893, d. 1914, Shared plot w/Stephen & Ella Giberson, stone reads, Their dau.
Eckerd, Conard, d. Aug 13 1908, age: 76y, Co L 1st Reg of CHR Cav
Fell, Albert E., d. Nov 5 1857, age: 1y 3m, Son of J. & J. Fell
Fell, John G., b. May 9 1858, d. Oct 28 1864, Son of D. &. M. E. Fell
Fell, Joseph, b. Sep 14 1794, d. Oct 2 1864
Fell, Joseph, d. Oct 15 1859, age: 26y 7?m 17d, Broken stone-badly weathered, Married 22 Jul 1858 Margaret E. Shamp
Fell, Louella, b. Jun 12 1870, d. Aug 28 1872, Dau of D. & M. E. Fell
Fell, Sarah, b. Nov 11 1795, d. Jan 6 1870, his wife
Giberson, Alice, b. Oct 10 1894, d. Jan 19 1896, Children of L. & I. Giberson
Giberson, Charles, Stephen, d. Aug 19 1920, Twins
Giberson, Ella, b. 1869, d. 1924, Shared stone w/Stephen Giberson, reads Ella, his wife
Giberson, Elzy, b. Sep 3 1887, d. Mar 9 1904, Children of L. & I. Giberson
Giberson, Ila Turnham, b. Sep 5 1868, d. Aug 22 1912, w/o Lafe Giberson
Giberson, Stephen, b. 1860, d. 1925, Ella
Giberson, Vernie, b. Oct 12 1900, d. Feb 28 1901
Grant, George D., d. Oct 24 1897, age: 76y
Hall, Elizabeth, d. Apr 18 1876, age: 70y 2m 6d, w/o Hosea
Hall, Hosea, d. Oct 16 1862, age: 60y 10m 13d
Harper, Alex, d. May 27 1853, age: 15y 28d
Harper, James, d. Nov 25 1852, age: 40y 7m 6d
Harper, John, d. Mar 26 1872, age: 82y
Harper, Kesiah, d. Apr 19 1880, age: 89y 6m, w/o John
Harper, Lillie D., d. Apr 14 1866, S face of Steven Harper stone
Harper, Stephen, d. Apr 11 1866, age: 24y, W face of stone
Heckethorn, Geo., d. May 29 1865, age: 59y
Heckethorn, Rachel F., b. Sep 8 1853, d. May 20 1893, age: 49y 8m 12d
Judy, Infant Son, d. May 14 1887, age: 7d, Son of W. T. & S. E. Judy
Klopfenstine, Lilly, d. Sep 10 1862, age: 1y 16d, Dau of D. & S. Klopfenstine
Layton, Hester, d. Oct 29 1879, age: 67y 3m 2d, William, w/o William Layton
Layton, Sarah C., d. Jun 1 1851, age: 39y 7d, w/o Wm. L. Layton
Layton, Stephen B., d. Sep 21 1879, age: 24y 4m 22d, Son of W. & H. Layton
Layton, William L., d. May 1 1871, age: 59y 4m 12d
Long, Charles T., d. Mar 31 1877, age: 3y 3m 25d, Son of G. M. & M. P. Long
Loving, Alice M., b. 1852, d. 1915
Loving, C. J., d. Sep 3 1884, age: 76y 1m 8d
Loving, Georgie A., d. Aug 10 1883, age: 1y 10m 25d, Son of C. J. & F. M. Loving
Loving, James G., d. Nov 1 1872, age: 1m 18d, Son of J. M. & L. M. Loving
Loving, James M., b. 1844, d. 1923
Loving, Rebecca M., d. Jan 11 1875, age: 60y 1m 21d, w/o CJ
Loving?, Ada, no dates
Martin, John, b. 1833, d. 1904, Mary Loving
Martin, Margurett, d. 1881
Martin, Mary Loving, b. 1838, d. 1928, John
Martin, William, b. 1863, d. 1887
Miller, Eliza Moore, d. Jan 14 1878, age: 68y 5m 2d, w/o Thos. Miller
Miller, Thomas, d. Jan 4 1892, age: 85y 4m 26d, Father, Gone but not forgotten
Powell, Catharine Harper, d. Jan 10 1873, age: 54y 2m 18d, w/o E. C. Powell, Our Mother
Powell, Enos C., d. Jan 30 1873, age: 60y 3m 18d, Our Father
Powell, Kesia, d. Nov 4 1853, age: 4y, Dau of E. C. & C. Powell
Powell, Sarah, d. Mar 9 1850, age: 9d, Dau of E. C. & C. Powell
Ritchey, Dorcas, d. Sep 17 1877, age: 70y 8m 20d, w/o James F.
Rowland, Lizzie E., d. Oct 6 1859, age: 6th yr, Dau of R. D. & E. J. Rowland
Sheldon, Harlan P., d. Aug 25 1855, age: 5y 7m 24d, Son of E. S. & T. G. Sheldon
Sheldon, Lestina, d. Aug 11 1855, age: 2y 7d, Granddaughter of E. S. & T. G. Sheldon
Sheldon, O. O., d. Sep 5 1877, age: 66y 9m 22d, Rachel
Sheldon, Rachel Fell, d. Oct 8 1885, age: 64y 2m 24d, w/o O. O. Sheldon, Dau of Joseph Fell
Smiley, George E., d. Nov 16 1863, age: 11y 16d, Son of Jas. & M. Smiley
Sturgis, Louisa Miller, d. Jan 7 1881, age: 38 years
Swope, Caleb, d. Dec 14 1902, age: 52y 5m 14d
Swope, John C., d. Feb 27 1888, age: 13y 5m 5d , Their Son
Swope, Rebecca M., d. Oct 13 1881, age: 30y 9m 19d, w/o Caleb Swope
Taylor, Robert, d. Nov 14 1852, age: 45y
Turnham, Emily R. Baldwin, d. Jun 20 1898, age: 57y 4d, w/o William Turnham
Turnham, Lemuel B., d. Oct 11 1873, age: 11y 3m 14d, Sons of W. & E. Turnham
Turnham, Lewis E., d. Mar 6 1879, age: 1y 5m 23d, Sons of W. & E. Turnham
Williams, Benjamin T., b. Feb 2 1822, d. Mar 13 1913, age: 91y 1m 11d, Susan E.
Williams, Charles M., d. Oct 24 1874, age: 19y 2m 17d, Son of Charles & Mary Williams
Williams, Matilda, d. Mar 14 1854, age: 19y 5m 21d, B. T., w/o B.T. Williams
Williams, Rev. Stephen, d. Feb 28 1865, age: 85y 27d, A minister in the Regular Baptist Church for 60? (or 66? or 68?) years
Williams, Sarah, d. Aug 25 1852, age: 71y 10m 13d, w/o Elder Stephen Williams, A member of the Regular Baptist Church for 40 years
Williams, Susan E., b. Oct 23 1828, d. May 8 1896, age: 67y 6m 15d, w/o Benjamin T. Williams
Williams, Velma J., d. Nov ? 13? 1866?, age: ? & 10 or 187d, Badly weathered stone
Yount, Elizabeth Fell, d. Sep 2 1861, age: 45y 7m 3d, w/o A. Yount, Dau of Joseph Fell
Yount, Mary E., b. Aug 8 1862, d. Oct 10 1864, Dau of H. & S. Yount
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