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Calvary Cemetery
Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa

Lat: 41°01'34"N, 92°23'23"W

Submitted and written by Mary Ellen Lanigan Reisenauer [MaryLanigan1942@aol.com].  Total records = 197.

Calvary Cemetery of Ottumwa, Iowa
Pennsylvania Avenue
Old Original Part
Section A

Wapello County
Index taken: September 09, 1998
Updated index taken: May 1999
by: Mary Ellen Lanigan Reisenauer
Anna Lanigan and Helen Elizabeth Lanigan Martzahn
mreisenaue@aol.com or: Mary Ellen Lanigan Reisenauer
P.O. box 832
San Bruno, Ca. 94066

*A few years ago, my sisters and I on a very hot summer day, dug up and cleaned off a lot of stones in Calvary Cemetery. I told the Ottumwa Cemetery people to please go out and write down the info that was contained on these stones. Apparently, this wasn't done. I have had to go back this past summer and re-dig up a lot of these stones again, as the earth seems to want to reposes these old stones. I have included some epitaphs that may be of interest to those researching the Calvary Cemetery death records. Please give me some feed back and let me know if you think these stones should somehow be preserved. Funds of course are the problem. A fund raiser would be a great way to achieve this, and with volunteers such as myself. Also, I have most of the burial records, death records and census for Wapello County Early years.  I am going to go through them and see if I can locate any of the persons names below and correct the spellings as I find them. After all this digging, I was still unable to find the resting place of my Great Grandfather John Lanigan and my Great Grandmother Mary Burns. I will just keep looking.

- Mary Ellen Lanigan Reisenauer

Update: Taken May 1999 by Mary includes all stones prior to the 9th row. They are as follows with additional notes as indicated.

Update as of June 28, 1999
Row #1 starting next to fence of Pennsylvania Avenue

Gene and Steven (no surname is on this stone)12-15-1933 and 5-25-1954. These are the only names and dates on this stone.

Genochio Plot: Large Stone> Fred J. Genochioa 1917-1998 (WPA) has more Genochio records. Page 86

Robert Waddle 9-24-1904 to 3-24-1996

Nora A. Winslow 1888-1967 John J. Winslow 1884-1954
photo Cicila M. Sehl 5-29-1911 no more info

N. Catherine Sehl 1-08-1907 to 3-24-1993

Row #2 next to fence:

Worley Plot: Large Stone>has no names on stone

Elliott Plot: Large Stone>has no names on stone

Kerwin: Large Stone>has no names or dates

Courtney Mary A. 1882-1975 Cornelious J. Courtney 1873-1957
Large Sehl Monument

Betty Doud 5-13-1930 to 6-10-1956 James D. Dowd WW 11 U.S. Marine Corp 9-17-1922 to 10-23-1935

Row #3 next to fence:

Worley Charles L. medical insignia Iowa Capt. Med. Corps WWI and WWII 11-17-1898 to 3-17-1955

Josephine Magdeline Worley 9-12-1911 to 8-09-1953

Edwin Erwin 5-13-1892 to 4-25-1966

Kervin: Mother Anna S. 1887-1953

Kervin: Father Edwin J. 1885-1970

Cecilia Kline 1890-1966 Frank O. Kline 1886-1954

Charles E. 3-26-1872 to 4-12-1950

Hanna A. Couglin or Sehl 7-04-1871 to 12-18-1950

Anna M. Mesner 12-30-1884 to 5-12-1955 William J. Mesmer 12-18-1890 to 3-13-1962

Rogers Josephine M. 1890-1984 Micheal J. Rogers 1872-1955

Row #4 close to fence:

Melton Madeline C. 1915-1991 Glen Hook Melton 1912-1991 Military Marker

Cornelia M. Whitemeyer 1877-1974 

Edward Whitemmeyer 1875-1951 (Identical stones)

Couglin Emanuel Stone: 

John T. Couglin Died 1962 

Cawley Mabel L. 1886-1981 Double Stone: Wife of Lawrence Cawley
Lawrence E. Cawley 1880-1955 Double Stone: Husband of Mabel Cawley

Small Fir Tree / No more in this row.

Row #5 Starting at fence: 

Kamerick: has Army marker/not more is written on this stone.

Howard: Double Stone>Genevieve 1907-1991
Lyle P. Howard 1905-1990 Has cross on this stone.

James Wittenmyer 
Lamas Wittenmyer

Sheehan Cecil 7-15-1907 to 6-21-1987

Robert F. Sheehan 2-05- 1903 to 8-17-1972

Couglan Large Monument stone

Huston Rose 11-11-1889 to 4-16-1949
Christopher J. Huston 11-04-1888 to 10-18-1950

Genochio: Large Monument with a Christian Cross on it.

Elizabeth M. Garvin died 2-28-1970 (identical stone of Patrick)

Patrick G. Garvin died 2-09-1949 (identical stone of Elizabeth)

Carrow: Has floral decoration on stone

Madigan:Very large monument
Claire L. wife of C.G. Gorman 3-09-1926 to 11-19-1949
Nelda R. 12-03-1905 to 4-08-1956
J.J. Barber Madigan 1-19-1881 to 10-05-1965

Smith: daughter Betty A. 1958

Mother: Mary L. Smith 1936-1948

Ernest A. Martsching Iowa Pfc. 296 Truck WW 2 2-02-1928 to 6-04-1950

Bunker George E. 1892 to 1950
Mary J. Bunker 1893 to 1980

Kelley Joseph Pester 10-27-1957
Laurie Ann Pester 8-01-1966 to 8-02-1966

O'Malley Leo 9-02-1880 to 2-26-1952

Margaraet C. O'Malley 10-18-1891 to 3-05-1976

Florence P. O'Malley 11-02-1911 to 4-06-1962

William Pester: has Army marker MMS US NAVY WW 2 10-18-1923 to 11-24-1967

George T. Bissell: has Army marker 8-14-1928 to 7-10-1992

White Darlene E. 1912-1985
LLoyd V. White 1908-1954

Kistner Henry W. 1880-1952
Margarite Kistner 1905 
Mary Kistner 1881 - 1964

Mary Joanne Lynch Burr 3-27-1940 to 12-21-1983

Grandson Thomas Edward Burr 7-04-1968 to 7-06-1968

Large Lynch Stone: Double
Lola A. Dawson Lynch 12-11-1913 to 1-06-1990
Robert Kennedy Lynch 12-01-1905 to 4-12-1995

This index was taken of the Original Old section of the cemetery. The old section starts in the 9th row.

first gate: on the left as you enter through the gate on Pennsylvania Avenue

1. Catherine Williard / Wildwood or similar spelling

2. Buried stone: last name Bauer Died about 1900? unclear

3. Buried stone: can't read

4. Buried stone: can't read

5. Thomas Scully died February 02, 1865 age: 64 years (WPA says 1864)

6. Margaret Ann Gavin (Garvin) died August 14, 1879

7. Patricks Gavin (Garvin) can't read any more (WPA 1847 to Nov 04, 1904)

8 Wakley (first name not given) died April of 1875

9. Wakley most of stone is buried and I couldn't dislodge

10. small stone under plant: can't read

11. Catherine and John Coakley or Cogley died 1800's / Large monument Wpa record shows Catherine died May 13, 1860 at the age of 60. (This monument is next to my James Lanigan & Mary Burns)

12. Jonathan? small stone buried: can't make out script

13 John Madigan can't read dates (WPA says he died Jan 04, 1893 @ age 35)

14.Willie? can't read dates

15. Norah Cadie can't read dates

16. William Lox or Fox died 1866 (WPA says he died @age 58) (I dug this one up)

17.Margaret Ann Gavin or Garvin died 1879

18. blank marker (could be John Gavin or Garvin)

19. Joe Russo died October 25, 1901 at Mercy Hosp. in Chicago small marker with small cross at the top of this stone

20. Pat N. McGowan husband died 1875 (dug this one up)

21. can't read / cross at top of stone

22. Double heart shaped stone of Thomas O'Sullivan and wife Hanna Sullivan (died 1876)

23. Shea can't read more

24. small stone: can't read

25. Nanna E. Shea daughter of R.E. Hughes died December 05, 1886 age 1 year 3 months and 11 days old.

26. John M'Carty (or McCarty) died 1880/tree is partially surrounding the stone.
(WPA says he died July 08, 1880 @age 61) He fought in the Civil War. CO 1 17th INF Iowa)

27. small stone with cross leaning on a large tree can't read.

28. J. Doyle died 1875 small cross on stone 

29. small stone says: Daughter of M. and J. Doyle

30. Thomas C. Elsenson or Ellensenson died 1882 age 10 years

31. Joseph L. Elsenson born 1822 or 1832 died 1875 very large stone

32. Mulligan died April 15, 1868 age 24 years 3 mo. and 15 days, epitath reads: "Erected here by Thomas Mulligan in memory of his beloved wife Hannah". WPA says Hannah Mulligan died April 15, 1864 @age 24
small cross at top of stone

33. R. S. Catherine Cogley or Cagley died August 01, 1869 native of County Cork Ireland
epitath reads: "May his soul rest in peace" and has a small stone and a small cross.

34. Plain marker just says Father (NEXT TO CAGLEY) Could be P.P. Cogley

35. I dug these up: small stone? Hayes can't read anymore

36. James Malley or Malloy died 1802 or 1862 September 4th epitaph reads: 
"Here lies the body of James Malley" (I had to dig this one up again)

37. Bernis Murphy died 1858 Sep. 5th

38. Pat or Patty Wessley or similar spelling

39. small marker just says James

40. small marker just says Father

41. Margaret / wife of Peter Kelley or Kelly born in County Down Ireland died November 29.1859 at 62 yrs. I dug this stone up and it has an epitaph that I can't read at the bottom of this stone. There is a large cross at the top of the stone.
*This is the original stone which is underground.

42. infant marker I dug up (NEXT TO KELLY)

43. infant marker I dug up (NEXT TO KELLY)

44. infant marker (all the 3 stones were identical) may be of one family.)

45. Peter Kelley or Kelly 1782-1864 

46. Margaret his wife: 1797-1859 (LAST NAME KELLY)

47. James Kelley his son: 1830-1915 (a larger replacement stone is now here to mark the spot)

48. William pointed stone: can't read anymore (WPA says William Walter Kelly died October 03, 1918 @age of 59. He was a Seaman in W.W. 1)

49. Margaret wife of Thomas Kelley died November 1880 age 59 years
other side of this stone reads: Thomas Kelly died March 30, 1869 age 61

50. John Conelly or Conelly died May 20, 1872 age 16 years

51. Barry? small stone can't read anymore

52. Bridget O'Brien died 1881 age 10

53. Anna O'Brien died 1873 (Both Bridget and Anna have separate stones and 
are buried next to one another)

54. Moses O'Brien died February 19, 1901 age 75 very large beautiful monument 
next to Bridget and Anna. Very beautiful cross with a figurine on stone.

55. Bridget O'Brien wife of Moses O'Brien died May 30, 1874 (on other side of 
stone) age 40 years

56. Patrick Bunnfield or similar spelling born County Clare Ireland and died April 04, 1893 large monument with large cross on top. Eptitath reads: "Here awaiting the resurrection, rests the mortal remains of Patrick Bumfield and his beloved wife." May they rest in peace" Amen

57. small stone reads: P.B. Bumfield no other info (Wpa says Patrick Bumfield died April 04, 1893. He was the husband of Ann Cronan listed next)

58. small stone reads: A.C.B. Bumfield no other info (WPA Ann Cronan Bumfield died 1878)

59. Nelson Potter C.O.E. on shield: 89 inf: no other info (WPA says he was a Civil War Vet Illinois INF)

60. Mary daughter of John and Sophia Dough or Rough born January 16 1871 died: January 21, 1875 (Small heart shaped stone)

61. Mary Byrne "In Memory" and Peter Byrne 1865 no other info

62. small stone reads Nancy Roca

63. small stone reads Julia Roca

64. Katherine (KATEY) Dooley died November 17, 1877 child

65. M. and N. Hines died December 23, 1870 or 1879 age 1 year 3 mos and 30 days. Must be twins as stones are identical.

66. Thomas Hines stones is leaning on another stone and both stones are identical no other info. Next to M. and N. Hines stones.

67. Another Hines stone reads child of N. Hines died January 1820 1860 Or 1880 Lamb on top of it. This stone was buried and I needed to dig it up.

68. Miles Reily died 1882 can't read the rest of stone

69. Michael Hines Son of Hines died 1800??

70. Margaret Hines daughter died 1800??

71. Baby stone in Hines location: can't read

72. Wife of G. Cawley died February 16, 1860 age 32 years

73. Son of G.W. and Mary Cawlay died June 15 1857 age 14 years

74. John McAlldin or similar spelling died January 03, 1861 age 33 years born 
in Armagh county Ireland

75. Thomas Mulvany died November 22, 1878 age 2 yrs 2 mos and 26 days

76. W.G. Joseph Mulvany died October 19, 1867 age 10 mos and 27 days

77. Hugh Guggerty died March 26, 1886 age 63 years

78. Barthalomy Guggerty died April 13, 1892 age 72 years

79. Hughy Guggerty died March 26, 1886 at 63 years

80. W. M. Payne 1862-1929

81. Mary and Angeline?? (TWINS?) died August 09, 1892 at age 1 year 6 mos and 10 days

82. Patrick Sweeney died September 02, 1904 age 85 years and 76 days. On same stone is: Michael son of P.M. (Patrick M.) and Mary Sweeney died September 11, 1891 age 19 years and 50 days

83. Peter Winn Co. E. South Ill Inf. Plaque War U.S. Veteran no dates given

84. Catherine wife of J. Mein or Milen died January 08, 1898 age 47 yrs

85. Anthony Barrett died March 1886 age 73 years

86. Margaret wife of James Damalane or similar spelling died March 11, 1831 aged 19 years

87. Nelson Potter C.O.E. 89th inf Ill no more info (CIVIL WAR?)

88. John Wollmag? or similar spelling died February 21, 1875 age 51 years 2 mos and 10 days

89. William Fox no dates or other info on this stone (WPA says he died 1866 @ age 58.)

90. Eddie Norah died March 10, 1867 age 4 yrs 10 mos and 20 da

91. H. Walker died November 26, 1850? age 38 yrs

92. daughter of Ira Bauer died March 29, 1838 age 4yrs 4 mos and 29 da

93. Cohafer stone can't read anymore

94. Mary A. daughter of John and Sophia January 16 1871-January 21, 1875 no more info

95. Martin Mabery (Mayberry) or similar spelling Co. E. 3IA or Martin Naner

96. Joseph L. Elsensohn 1822-1875

97. John W. Sullivan August 07, 1892 age 49 yrs

98. Catherine L. daughter of G. Eakins died April 15, 1862

99. Katie daughter of Martin and Mary Dooley February 17, 1877 age 4 yrs 9 mos and 4 da

100. James Maller (Malloy?) died 1882 (WPA says he died September 04, 1862

101. Catherine wife of John Gneday? or similar spelling died May 20, 1872 age 46 yrs

102. Thomas C. Son of A. L. and S. Elsensohn died January 17, 1882 age 4oyrs 11mos and 10 days old.

103. Catherine daughter of J and C Calach died February 14, 1888 age 1 day

104. Patrick son of A. Ferr or similar spelling died March 03, 1881 age 18 yrs and 4 mos

105. Hannah Marie O'Sulivan and Thomas O'Sullivan died March 26, 1876 age 42 yrs and March 25, 1882 age 47 yrs (could be death dates for either Hannah or Thomas

106. Julia wife of Thomas Sullivan

107. John Shea died January 06, 1870 age 26yrs 6 das

108. William son of M.M. and C.E. Perry / also John son of J.W. Wolf on this stone no dates are on this stone.

109. Patrick S. son of D. and M.A. Scahill died August 25, 1876 age 10 yrs 10mos and 18 days old.

110. Margaret White died 1874 (Wife of William) has lamb lying down on top of stone. (TerryC78@aol.com)

111. William White has lamb lying down on top of stone. (Margaret & William have identical stones) informant: (TerryC78@aol.com)

112. Corrigan & Cavanaugh / close to drainage ditch and across from the shed: 
Between 2 large trees. Catherine Cavanaugh died January 07, 1900 age 71 years. John Cavanaugh died 1896 age 74 years. There is only 1 Cavanaugh stone and the other burial sites of Cavanaugh near this site are unmarked. Below the south tree are the graves of 3 infants all in the same plot. They are:

1. Francis Corrigan born February 17, 1896 died August 22, 1895.

2. James Corrigan born July 11, 1898 died March 09, 1904.

3. Thomas Corrigan born 1923 died an infant. North of these infants in rotation are: 

Catherine Cavanaugh Corrigan died November 25, 1924.

Elizabeth Cavanaugh died June 11, 1941

Mary Ann Corrigan died March 05, 1966. The family of Mary Ann Corrigan organized all of the grandchildren of Anthony and collected the funds to have this cement wall put in to help keep the graves from going into the swamp.
Source: Patrick M. Corrigan of Waycross Georgia gave me this info. Thanks Patrick! corrigan@brantleytel.net

111. Kavanaugh: in plot next to the Cavanaughs 1 Large Monument on the ground.

112. Here is our stone that my mother found over 40 years ago. My uncle Tim Lanigan remounted the stone which was lying on the ground a few years ago.

113. Baby Blanche Sutton died August 14, 1895? Age less than 1 year (cute small stone) Reclining Angel on the top of stone. Under large Oak Tree. There are also lots of stones near or leaning on this tree that I can't read. Wonder if they were Baby Suttons, family?

114. Father John Kreckel : Catholic Priest and founder of Calvary cemetery.
Born 1826 Ireland & died 1899 Ottumwa, Iowa

115. Coday
source: Cliff F. Wiedman 

This is a pretty large stone that is situated under a hazel nut tree.

Across the top of the stone, it reads LANIGAN on both sides.

This is the only LANIGAN stone that I have located in the old section so far.  I wonder if there were any children that did survive. I also wonder how the children and James and Mary died.  There are no records at the Wapello county Courthouse of Ottumwa, Iowa to give me a hint. It is strange that they all died so young. In some records and on some of my Great Grandmother's papers, our last name was sometimes spelled LANNIGAN.

James Lanigan 1834-May 11, 1899

Mary Davis Lanigan 1836-October 01, 1901

On other side of the stone it lists the children of James and Mary

Timothy 1861-March 27, 1881 age 20
Mary 1864-January 1865
Lizzie (Elizabeth) born 1865-October 02, 1885 age 20
Mary 1865-July 27, 1882 age 13 yrs
Maggie (Margaret) 1867-October 11, 1868 age 11 months
*James was the brother of my John Lanigan. He was my great Uncle.

Hope this lists helps other's who are researching their lost relatives that are buried somewhere in Calvary Cemetery at Ottumwa, Iowa.

*This old original part of Calvary cemetery was started by a Irish Catholic priest by the name of Father John Kreckel of St. Mary's Catholic Church of Ottumwa, Iowa. circa: 1855

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