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U.S.S. Arizona War Memorial
Names of the Dead

Oahu Island, Honolulu, Hawaii

uss arizona war memorial
USS Arizona War Memorial

GPS: 21.364899, -157.949998

1 Arizona Memorial Pl
Honolulu, HI 96818

Information supplied by the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Total records: 1,175

How Many People Died on the USS Arizona?

1,177 soldiers and sailors aboard the U.S.S. Arizona lost their lives on Dec 7, 1941, the day the Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The Arizona sunk in less than 9 minutes taking most of the crew with it. Most the casualties came from the blast resulting from the 1,760 pound armor piercing bomb that slammed through the deck and igniting the ammunition magazine.

Why Didn't They Remove the Bodies?

In the months following the attack, efforts were made to recover the bodies, but it was determined the removal process was too difficult and dangerous. Arguments were made from surviving families and seamen that it would be in accordance with naval tradition to leave the remaining deceased with the ship.

How Many Bodies Are Still Inside the USS Arizona?

Approximately 900 bodies remain at rest with the ship.

It is not exactly known which bodies are still with the ship. Some of the dead were not on the boat when it sank. Others were blasted off the boat when it was hit. A handful of bodies were recovered floating in the water. These bodies were moved to morgues and some were later identified.

However not all recovered remains were identified. It's assumed that those seamen assigned to the USS Arizona but were never accounted for are remaining with the sunken ship.

Names of Persons Who Were Killed on the USS Arizona

The names linked below are those seamen assigned to the USS Arizona, or believed to be on the ship, when it was sunk during the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Note: This is not a list of persons still resting with the ship, but the official list of Arizona's casualties...

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