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Salem Cemetery
Union County, Georgia

129 Rte # 19
Union County GA

Lat: 34°47'55"N, Lon: 83°53'52"W

The cemetery is is north of Dancing Rabbits Lane on Hwy 19.

Contributed by Kathy Taylor, Aug 29, 2001 [kathycat2@juno.com] . Total records = 22.

My parents were taken there by someone to view the graves of my great grandfather and great grandmother, John Henry Lance and Caroline Turner recently and stones have been placed on their graves.

I have not been able to visit this cemetery. This information was sent to me by several different people in Blairsville, Georgia. They all say the same thing so I am pretty certain that this is correct and a complete work.

- Kathy Taylor

Duckworth, C. J., b. 12 Dec 1834, d. 26 Jun 1921, age: 86yr, h/o Sarah Lance Duckworth, [KC]
Duckworth, Sarah S., b. 27 May 1837, d. 13 May 1901, age: 63yr, d/o Samuel Riley Lance, [KC]
Henson, Mary Lance, no dates, d/o John Henry Lance, no stone, [KC]
Hood, S. C., b. Dec 83 Aug, [KC]
Hunter, James A., b. 17 Mar 1847, d. 3 Apr 1912, age: 65yr, [KC]
Hunter, Jasper F., b. 6 Jul 1862, d. 25 May 1897, age: 34yr, [KC]
Hunter, Margaret, b. 9 Jan 1819, d. 25 Jan 1897, age: 78yr, [KC]
Hunter, Nancy, b. 17 May 1888, d. 22 Jun 1897, age: 9yr, [KC]
Hunter, William J., b. 17 Jul 1813, d. 22 Jul 1893, age: 80yr, [KC]
Hunter, William J., b. 26 Apr 1854, d. 26 Dec 1906, age: 52yr, [KC]
Lance, Caroline Turner, b. 1842, d. no date, Wife of John Henry Lance, no stone, [KC]
Lance, Infants, no dates, John Lance and Emma Reece Lance had several infant sons buried here, no stones, [KC]
Lance, James Garnie, no dates, Infant son of F.L. Lance, no stone, [KC]
Lance, Joe Henry, no dates, Infant son of F. L. Lance, no stone, [KC]
Lance, John Henry, b. 1834, d. 1888, Son of Samuel Riley Lance, no stone, [KC]
Reece, Homer, no dates, Infant son of Anne Lance Reece, no stone, [KC]
Reece, Waynie, b. 16 May 1908, d. 15 Jun 1909, age: 1yr, Infant daughter of Juan and Emma Lance Reece, [KC]
Self, Cicero, b. 16 Feb 1863, d. 12 Jul 1893, age: 30yr, h/o Sarah Lance Self, [KC]
Self, Eunice E., b. 23 Oct 1909, d. 14 Dec 1910, age: 1yr, Grandchild of Harriet Lance Frady, [KC]
Self, Sarah, b. 15 Mar 1862, d. 21 Feb 1909, age: 46yr, d/o John Henry and Sarah Caroline Turner Lance, [KC]
Self, V. C., b. 15 Jul 1907, d. 1 May 1909, age: 1yr, Grandchild of Harriet Lance Frady, [KC]
Self, W. A., b. 2 Mar 1903, d. 21 Jun 1904, age: 1yr, Grandchild of Harriet Lance Frady, [KC]
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