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Jackson Street Cemetery (Old Athens Cemetery)
Clarke County, Georgia

Lat: 33° 57' 21"N, Lon: 83° 22' 25"W, approx

Contributed by Natalie Davis, Dec 28, 2003 [nkratfel@enter.net]. Total records = 60.

The cemetery is located on the grounds of the University of Georgia on Jackson Street between the Visual Arts Building and Baldwin Hall. From the Arch at Broad Street and College travel east 1 block and make a right. On the 3rd block just past the Art Building on the left is the Jackson Street Cemetery.

"Old Athens Cemetery" or "Jackson Street Cemetery" is the oldest in the county and many of the headstones are now hard or impossible to read. We have compiled from several previous transcriptions, obituaries and church records to create as complete a record as possible.

I do not know who owns this cemetery, it's condition or if it is still active.

Rhonda Moore and I transcribed this cemetery completing it on Mar 11, 2001.

- Natalie Davis

Atkinson, Nathan, b. 3/3/1817, d. 10/4/1838, Native of Camden Co, GA,UGA Senior
Bain, Ellen Maria, b. 4/12/1825, d. 9/11/1854, Wife of Wm. A. Bain
Barrett, Elizabeth, d. 9/29/1827, Dau of Cynthia Green, 8yr 6mo 22da
Bass, Mrs. R. H., b. 10/24/1810, d. 5/15/1853
Baxter, Martha, b. 4/3/1849, d. 9/1/1850, Inf Dau of Andrew & Marth Baxter
Beard, Moses, b. 4/22/1759, d. 2/9/1833, In honor of the soldiers of the American Revolution 1776-1783 buried here
Boggs, Elizabeth, b. 12/12/1775, d. 7/4/1856
Carlton, Frances Emily, b. 3/7/1833, d. 5/14/1849, Dau of J.R. & E.A. Carlton
Carlton, Georgia Clara, b. 3/?/1817, d. 8/30/1819, Dau of J.R. & E.A. Carlton
Carlton, William Elijah, b. 2/2/1824, d. 12/15/1847, Son of J.R. & E.A. Carlton, aged 23
Cherry, William, b. 1806, d. ?
Clark, Jane G., b. ?, d. 11/13/1849, Native of Scotland
Cole, James, d. 4/23/1837, 66 yrs old
Cole, Mrs. Sarah, d. 10/3/1856, Age 83
Conger, Abijah, b. 5/4/1782, d. 2/4/1865, Born in NJ, Missionary to Indians at Brainerd Station,Chattanooga,TN
Conger, Ann, b. 1/1/1832, d. 1847, Dau of David & ? Conger
Conger, Phoebe Tappan, b. 3/27/1781, d. 4/1/1856, Born in NJ, Wife of Abijah
Daniel, Asa B., d., Shared stone w/ Mary
Daniel, Mary, d., Shared stone w/ Asa B.
Dougherty, Charles, b. 10/5/1825, d. 11/6/1826, First son of Charles & Elizabeth Dougherty
Dougherty, Charles, b. 5/21/1830, d. 5/10/1834, Second son of Charles & Elizabeth Dougherty
Dougherty, Robert, b. 10/27/1836, d. 9/19/1837, Son of William & ? Dougherty
Espy, James, b. 12/7/1759, d. 11/12/1834, In honor of the soldiers of the American Revolution 1776-1783 buried here
Espy, Sarah, d. 3/18/1831, Wife of James Espy, aged 70
Farrell, Frances, d. 9/?/1845, Wife of James Farrell, aged 28
Felton, Mary Ann, b. 1/23/1828, d. 8/31/1851, Wife of Dr. W.H. Felton, Dau of J.R. & E.A. Carlton
Gamble, Mrs. Mary, b. 7/13/1794, d. 11/2/1837, Consort of Roger L. Gamble & Dau of the late Dr. J.M. Sterett of Louisville
Golding, Clementina, b. 1792, d. 9/9/1817, Wife of John R. Golding
Gorley, Ann Eliza, d. 1/2/1826, Inf Dau of Jonathan & Mary
Gorley, Mrs. Mary, d. Nov 1861, Aged 68 yrs
Graham, Abner, b. 11/9/1798, d. ?, Native of Rowan Co, NC
Graham, Andrew, b. 3/11/1791, d. 9/8/1830, Native of Rowan Co, NC
Graham, Martha, b. 11/11/1814, d. 8/27/1862, Wife of Abner Graham
Griswold, Elizabeth, d. Mar 1832, 21 yrs
Hardeman, Mrs. Arabella Rebecca, b. 10/2/1816, d. 6/9/1845, Consort of B.F. Hardeman & Dau of the late Hon. Stephen W. Harris
Hunt, Little Sis, b. 11/3/1849, d. 7/14/1850, Inf Dau of Josiah Meigs & Sarah Catherine Hunt
Johnson, Sallie E., b. 12/23/1838, d. 2/15/1859, Wife of H.W. Johnson, Dau of C.B. & J.E. Lyle
Lampkin, Angelica, d. 1866, Dau of Phil & Obediance Ryan, Wife of Lewis Lampkin
Lampkin, Edward, d. 10/29/1854, 51 yrs old
Lampkin, Lucas H., b. 5/7/1845, d. 10/5/1866, Son of Lewis Jackson & Lucy Philps Haynes Lampkin
Lampkin, Mary L.P., d. 11/4/1854, Wife of Edward L. Lampkin, aged 45
Lampkin, Robert Henry, b. 12/11/1850, d. 1/20/1869, Son of Lewis Jackson & Lucy Philps Haynes Lampkin
Lane, Winifred Aycock, b. 1741, d. 1794, Born in NC, Wife of Jesse Lane, Daughter of Wm. Aycock and Rebecca Pace Bradford
Lyle, Julia Emeline, b. 10/11/1820, d. 6/24/1851, Wife of Charles B. Lyle & Dau of J.R. & E.A. Carlton
Meriwether, Sarah Frances, d. 11/23/1837, Age 19
Mitchell, James, d. 9/18/1841, Aged 55 yrs
Moore, Alsa, no dates
Moore, Charles Dougherty, d. 8/11/1853
Norris, John Q.A., b. 10/16/1825, d. 11/23/1868, Born in NC, Methodist Minister and Tailor
Pressley, Rev. Samuel, d. 9/29/1836, Born in Abbeville District, SC,UGA Professor of belles letters & moral philosophy
Randolph, Dorothy, d. 3/16/1827, Dau of Richard Randolph of Wilkes Co, GA,aged 19
Richards, Willie, d. 9/30/1843, Inf Son of W.C. & C.H.B. Richards
Smith, Mary P., b. 1761, d. 2/?/1845, Born in VA
Taylor, Edward Clark, b. 2/24/1852, d. 12/13/1857, Son of R.S. & S.J. Taylor
Thomas, David, b. 10/17/1822, d. 10/27/1838, Native of Camden Co, GA,UGA Freshman
Waddel, William Henry, d. 8/22/1838, 1yr, 8mo 14da
White, Ann E., b. 2/7/1842, d. 2/1/1845
White, Mary B., b. 8/20/1839, d. 1/6/1845
White, Sarah J., b. 1/7/1841, d. 1/8/1845
Whitfield, Louisa Ann, d. 2/5/1846, Dau of Wm. & Alice Blackledge of NC, Wife of Geo. Whitfield of FL
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