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Banning Cemetery
Kent County, Delaware

Lat: 39° 05' 39"N, Lon: 75° 30' 24"W

Contributed by Keith McKain, Sep 10, 2000 [geosci64@comcast.net]. Total records = 51.

Location: Near Magnolia, Kent County, Delaware. Specifically along the east side of US 113 Alternate, 2.2 miles south of the intersection with Delaware State Route 10.

This list includes all visible burials and those available in records of a local citizen. These are up to the summer of 2000.
- Keith McKain

Askins, Anna, d. Sep 23 1861, age 33yr 3mo 1da, w/o T. G.
Carter, Charles M, b. Oct 31 1854, d. Jun 30 1864, age 9yr 8mo 0da, son
Carter, Frances G, b. Feb 20 1857, d. May 6 1870, age 19yr 2mo 16da
Carter, Ida Blanch, b. Jan 13 1860, d. Aug 16 1860, dau
Carter, Robert M, b. Sep 7 1817, d. Jan 6 1864, age 47yr 4mo 29da
Carter, Roxanna, b. Apr 1 1823, d. Mar 14 1910, wife
Chambers, Ann Elizabeth, d. Apr 27 1857, age 33yr 0mo 28da, wife & dau of T.W.McIlvaine
Chambers, Ann Elizabeth, d. Dec 20 1855, age 3yr 11mo 3da, dau of Mark G & Ann E.
Chambers, Mark G, b. Feb 18 1826, d. Jul 1 1886
Chambers, Mark McClain, d. Aug 6 1856, age 2yr 3mo 1da, s/o Mark G & Ann E.
Conwell, Kate T, b. Feb 25 1844, d. Jul 11 1871, age 27yr 4mo 16da, dau of Charles and Ann E.
Dill, Annie, b. Jul 18 1869, d. Jul 22 1869
Dill, Elmira Green, d. Oct 20 1848, age 2yr 9mo 20da, dau of James W & Martha
Dill, James W, b. Jan 21 1810, d. Oct 17 1867
Dill, Martha N, b. Oct 12 1810, d. Aug 1 1880, wife
George, Laura E., b. Apr 12 1884, d. Apr 29 1887, age dau of David & Margaret A. George
Goffan, Cornelius, b. Sep 17 1813, d. Oct 19 1868
Grace, William & Mary, no dates
Hollis, Silas J, d. Jul 23 1877, age 1yr 5mo 11da, s/o J.M. & R. Hollis
Knight, Ann M, d. May 13 1857, age in her 22nd year, dau George H & Margaret
Massey, Hester Ann, d. Aug 9 1869, age 51yr 6mo 5da, wife & dau of Samuel and Aner Chambers
Massey, Joseph H, b. Mar 29 1841, d. Nov 30 1911, s/o Peter H & Hester Ann
Massey, Malora, d. Aug 28 1857, age 2yr 2mo 22da, s/o Peter H & Hester Ann
Massey, Mark, d. Sep 9 1845, age 0yr 9mo 1da
Massey, Peter H, b. Mar 18 1809, d. Dec 13 1880, s/o Henry & Margaret
Massey, Sarah E, d. Jan 2 1863, age 11yr 6mo 13da, dau of Peter H & Hester Ann
Massey, Wrixhom M, d. Dec 27 1851, age 4yr 10mo 26da, s/o Peter H & Hester Ann
McIlvaine, Catherine Isabell, d. Sep 27 1846, age 1yr 5mo 8da, dau of Thomas H & Hester J
McIlvaine, Henry W, d. Dec 31 1874, age 63yr 9mo 16da
McIlvaine, Isabel Nixon, d. Mar 28 1845, age 3yr 1mo 2da, dau
McIlvaine, John M, d. Jun 17 1864, age 18yr 2mo 28da
McIlvaine, Meredith McClain, d. Aug 1 1846, age 8yr 5mo 12da, s/o Thomas H & Hester J
McIlvaine, Nancy, d. Jan 21 1854, age 66yr 0mo 13da, consort
McIlvaine, Phebe R, d. Apr 25 1879, age 64years, wife
McIlvaine, Thomas Ashbury, d. Dec 13 1858, age 12yr 3mo 25da, s/o Thomas H & Hester J
McIlvaine, Thomas W, d. Oct 10 1849, age 61yr 9mo 23da
McIlvaine, Wrixhom M, d. Nov 7 1858, age 37yr 6mo 12da
McIlvaine, Wrixhom McClain, d. Feb 2 1854, age 1yr 11mo 10da, s/o Wrixhom & Lewaenor
Middleton, Mary G, d. Jul 28 1856, age 2yr 10mo 3da, dau of J & Margaret
Middleton, Thomas P, d. Aug __ 1853, age 0yr 22mo 7da, s/o J & Margaret
Moore, Floyd, b. Oct 31 1886, d. Jul 14 1887, s/o James E & Maggie
Orr, Louisa, b. Nov 25 1795, d. Mar 14 1880, age 84yr 3mo 19da
Paradee, Anna, d. Aug 18 1846, age 17yr 3mo 0da
Rickards, A P, d. Jan 25 1905, age 67yr 3mo 0da
Shockley, Thomas J, d. Aug 2 1861, age 0yr 7mo 28da, s/o T.H. & R.E.
Sterner, Levi N, b. Jan 14 1846, d. Aug 19 1871
Truitt, Elisha W, d. Apr 28 1864, age 20yr 2mo 23da, He died a soldier in arms against invaders and fighting to protect ______ liberty
Truitt, Elisha W, d. Nov 5 1854, age 41yr 11mo 29da
Truitt, Mary A, d. Jul 11 1857, age 41yr 22da
Truitt, Rebecca H, d. Jun 3 1851, age 0yr 2mo 8da, dau of Elisha W & Mary
Wagner, James, d. Jul 1 1865, age 23yr 9mo 12da, s/o Joseph & Prudence A
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