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Storrs Cemetery (Old and New)
Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut

GPS (old cemetery): 41.812144, -72.251034
GPS (new cemetery): 41.811399, -72.255734

N. Eagleville Rd
Mansfield, CT 06268

Published: July 14, 2016
Total records: 2,540

Surnames F-J

Records published here were acquired from the City of Mansfield on July 12, 2016. The City had combined records from both the old and new cemeteries into one, causing us to publish them as a single, combined transcription.

Fahey, Charles E.
, d. 9/3/1967, Newington, CT
Farrah, Lucy, d. 7/30/1910, W of R F, B-3/6/1853
Farrah, R. F., B-4/1/1827
Farrow, Clarence S., d. 11/7/1897
Farrow, Lulu S., d. 9/12/1920, W of William S., Age 38
Farwel, Mary Catherine, d. 2/16/1846, D of Isaac & Christian, Age 3 mos
Farwell, Annie, d. 2/9/1896
Farwell, Asa, d. 11/4/1911
Farwell, Christian Noble, d. 8/18/1876, W of Isaac, B-4/22/1808, Age 68 yr 4 mo
Farwell, Elisabeth, d. 7/29/1757, W of Isaac, Age 77
Farwell, Eliza I., d. 4/29/1850, D of Isaac & Christian, Age 19
Farwell, Fidelia A. Snow, d. 5/19/1911, Newton, MA, B-11/11/1834
Farwell, Fred A., d. 4/22/1887, S of Asa & Anna Cooper, B-4/12/1868, 19 yr 10 da
Farwell, Grace Noble, d. 9/29/1883, B-1/20/1881
Farwell, Hannah, d. 4/1/1822, W of Thomas, Age 59
Farwell, Harriet M., d. 10/1/1855, D of Isaac & Christian, Age 15
Farwell, Isaac, Jr., d. 4/2/1904, B-10/30/1832
Farwell, Isaac, d. 6/28/1753, H of elisabeth, Age 75
Farwell, Isaac, d. 8/31/1880, B-2/13/1805, Age 75 yr 6 mo
Farwell, Jennie M., d. 8/8/1925, Waltham, MA, B-9/27/1865
Farwell, Jerusha, d. 4/3/1862, Age 70 yr 5 mo
Farwell, John Charles, d. 4/23/1951
Farwell, Lucretia C., d. 4/28/1851, D of Isaac & Christian, Age 22
Farwell, Milford Kingsman, d. 9/12/1863, B-1/27/1863
Farwell, Norman B., d. 10/15/1850, S of Isaac & Christian, Age 3
Farwell, Permalia B., d. 9/5/1912
Farwell, William S.
Farwell, William Storrs, d. 5/13/1879, B-9/17/1878
Favretti, Giovanna, d. 1/24/1987, Norwich, CT
Favretti, Giovanni
Fellows, Irving F., d. 1/20/2007, Glastonbury, CT, Sec 7, Lot 54, Gr I-2
Fellows, Justine H., d. 10/7/2002, Mansfield, CT, Sec. I, Lot 54, Gr 1
Ferrero, Ruth Heather, d. 3/28/1965, Manchester, CT
Ferrigno, Elizabeth H., d. 2/12/1997, Windham, CT, G/64/3
Ferrigno, Frank F., d. 9/9/2012, Mansfield, CT, Sec 8-G, Lot 64, Gr 4
Ferrigno, Frank John, d. 4/28/2001, Windham, CT, G/64/2
Fickinger, Dorothy S., d. 4/21/1995, Windham, CT
Fickinger, Rudolph John, d. 11/27/2000, Torrington, CT, P/32/2
Filip, Charles (Ashes), d. 9/11/1980, Windham, CT
Filip, Ruth B. (Ashes), d. 9/12/2011, Norwich, CT, Sec 2-M, Lot 10, Gr 5
Fiser, (Infant)
Fish, George Christopher, Hartford, CT, I/42/6
Fish, George L., d. 1/30/1935
Fish, Helen W. (Ashes), d. 8/23/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 6, Lot 42, Gr 8-I
Fish, Henry A.
Fish, Levi L., d. 12/23/1899, B-8/10/1849
Fish, Lucinda A. Maria, d. 3/18/1903, 1905?, W of Thomas L., B in Griswold 1820
Fish, Rebecca M., d. 10/20/1926, B-2/1/1852
Fish, Russell Woodrow, d. 6/10/2003, Mansfield, CT, Sec I, Lot 42, Gr 7
Fish, Susan, d. 1/25/1975, New York, NY
Fish, Sybel Green, d. 2/11/1916, W of Levi L., B-6/19/1855
Fish, Thomas L., d. 1/4/1894, B in Voluntown CT, 7/6/1811
Fisher, Caroline Pearl, d. 1/25/1955
Fisher, Carrie R., d. 11/17/1881, W of Henry, Age 26 yr 8 mo
Fisher, David A., Easton, MD, H/62/7
Fisher, Henry Baker, d. 8/31/1926, Westerly, RI
Fisher, Jane, d. 1/23/1974, Boston, MA
Fisher, Marguerite M., d. 2/12/2003, Brooklyn, CT, Sec. P, Lot 40, Gr 3
Fisher, Sandra H. (Ashes), d. 3/10/2001, Buckannon, FL, I/61/2
Fisher, Susan J. (Ashes), d. 11/6/2005, Norwich, CT, Sec 5, Lot 37, Gr 3-N
Fisher, Vinton III, d. 4/27/1967, New Haven, CT
Fitch, Eliza Bidwell, d. 1/28/1894, W of John, B-7/2/1826
Fitch, John, d. 2/18/1914
Fitch, John, d. 2/22/1916, B-10/11/1825
Fitch, Minnie B., d. 12/27/1890, D of John & Eliza B., B-3/13/1858
Fitch, Virginia R., d. 1/1/1885, D of John & Eliza B., B-5/9/1855
Fitts, Anna Mabel Snow, d. 11/14/1926, Harris, PA, W of Edward B, B-3/3/1876
Fitts, Barbara, d. 12/9/1990, Burlington, MA
Fitts, Edward Alden, d. 6/10/1910, J/29/1, Infant S of Edw B & Anna
Fitts, Edward B.
Fitts, Ethel Walker, d. 1/15/1965, Windham, CT
Fitts, Faye Heath, d. 8/18/2005, Putnam, CT, Sec J, Lot 41, Gr 3
Fitts, Frances Ellen, d. 6/25/1926, Mansfield, CT, D of John & Ethel, B-8/5/1923
Fitts, Hartley Dennison, d. 10/14/1998, Killingly, CT, J/4/-4
Fitts, John Nelson, d. 1/27/1954
Fitts, Kenneth W., d. 6/2/2012, Mansfield, CT, Sec 4-J, Lot 29, Gr 7
Fitts, Nelson Osborne, d. 7/11/1925, Hartford, CT, S of John & Ethel, B-7/12/1919
Fletcher, Beatrice S. (Ashes), d. 12/12/2000, Hartford, CT, O/45/5
Fletcher, John H. (Ashes), d. 7/23/2008, Hartford, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 5-O
Fletcher, John, d. 6/29/1700, Age 78
Fletcher, John, d. 6/29/1778
Fletcher, Olive, d. 9/26/1794, D of Cindon & Esther, Age 1
Fletcher, Rachel, d. 4/20/1778, W of John, Age 80
Fletcher, Seth, d. 11/19/1768, Age 41
Fletcher, Seth, d. 12/15/1809, Patriot's Grave Marker, Age 61
Fontaine, Armand Emery, d. 9/30/1978, Windham, CT
Fontaine, Lillian C., d. 4/28/1983, Manchester, CT
Foran, Joseph Gerard, d. 10/7/2006, Tolland, CT, Sec 7, Lot 49, Gr 4-B
Forbes, George Tait, Sr., d. 7/22/2010, Hartford, CT, CS, Lot 15, Gr 1-3
Forsythe, William Francis, Jr., d. 6/23/2003, Mansfield, CT, Sec G, Lot 63, Gr 5
Forsythe, William Francis, Jr., d. 6/6/1965, Mansfield, CT
Foster, Eleanor E. (Warner) (Ashes), d. 9/27/1993, Wareham, MA
Frank, Dixie (Ashes), d. 2/16/1958, Norwich, CT
Freeman, Abigail, d. 4/19/1834, Relict of Frederick, Age 79
Freeman, Abigail, d. 7/2/1794, W of Frederick, Age 35
Freeman, Abigail, d. 8/5/1812, D of Skitt & Ann, Age 48
Freeman, Adeline C., d. 8/4/1926, Mansfield, CT, D of James & Abigail, Age 87 yr 5 mo
Freeman, Alice A. (Ashes), d. 7/29/1968, Santa Barbara, CA, Grave #3, W Warren lot
Freeman, Alpheus, d. 8/27/1796, S of Skitt & Mary, Age 3 yr 19 da
Freeman, Amanda Jane, d. 9/10/1880, W of Isaac Dimmick, B-12/22/1811
Freeman, Anna
Freeman, Anna
Freeman, Caroline Storrs, d. 1/1/1905, W of James O.
Freeman, Dwight
Freeman, Edith M., d. 1/15/1866, D of E & L A, Age 3 yr 5 da
Freeman, Edmond, d. 6/1/1766, B-8/30/1683 in Sandwich, MA
Freeman, Edmond
Freeman, Edmund (Dea.), d. 2/11/1800, Grad of Harvard 1736, Age 33
Freeman, Edmund, d. 3/9/1868, Age 85
Freeman, Edmund
Freeman, Elizabeth Storrs, d. 2/23/1893, W of Frederick, Age 76
Freeman, Esther Dimmick, d. 2/1/1875, W of Edmund, Age 90
Freeman, Eva M., d. 8/2/1868, D of E & L A, Age 7 mo
Freeman, Francis
Freeman, Frederick, d. 11/8/1905, Stonington, CT, Age 92
Freeman, Frederick, d. 6/19/1818, Rev War Marker, Age 62
Freeman, George Otis, d. 8/20/1860, S of Caroline Storrs & James O.
Freeman, George, d. 5/24/1856, B-3/24/1819
Freeman, Hannah
Freeman, Herbert Brigham, d. 1/1/1905, S of Caroline Storrs & James O., B-1848
Freeman, Ida Williams, d. 1/1/1913, W of James, B-1855
Freeman, Isaac Dimmick, d. 7/20/1875, B-10/9/1809
Freeman, James Otis, d. 1/1/1902, B-1821
Freeman, Kathrina, d. 8/1/1873, D of E & L A, Age 8 mo 25 da
Freeman, Kozia, d. 4/20/1764, Consort of Edmund, Age 77
Freeman, Laura, d. 7/17/1840, W of Tertius, Age 56
Freeman, Lucius, d. 8/22/1796, S of Skitt & Mary, Age 3 yr 14 da
Freeman, Martha
Freeman, Mary E.
Freeman, Southworth, d. 12/23/1861, Age 86
Freeman, Sylvanus, d. 5/29/1776, Age 59
Freeman, Tertius, d. 12/24/1851, Age 72
Freeman, Thomas, d. 2/26/1783, Patriot's Grave Marker, Age 40
Freeman, W. H.
Freeman, Zurviah, d. 9/24/1857, W of Southworth, Age 80
Fremd, Stanwood, d. 12/6/1983, Hartford, CT
Fritz, Anita D., d. 12/22/1991, Mansfield, CT
Fritz, Charles A., Jr., d. 3/14/2005, Windham, CT, Sec A, Lot 31, Gr 2
Frosch, Virginia Christine (Ashes), d. 3/27/1987, Boston, MA
Fuhrer, Joseph (Ashes), d. 2/10/1958, Newington, CT, Uconn
Fuhrer, Joseph, d. 2/10/1958, Newington, CT
Fuller, (Infant), d. 1/1/1865, B-1865
Fuller, Allison
Fuller, Ann Eliza, d. 2/5/1833, S of Daniel & Betsey, Age 3 yr 8 das
Fuller, Anne, d. 2/17/1774, W of Lieut Josiah, Age 33
Fuller, Charlotte A., d. 5/22/1871, D of S S & O A, Age 19
Fuller, Cornelia M., Hartford removal
Fuller, Daniel E., d. 8/21/1919, B-1831
Fuller, Daniel, d. 1/7/1883
Fuller, Harriett, d. 4/29/1924, Mansfield, CT
Fuller, Harvey E., d. 8/17/1911, S of Joseph C. & Mary J., B-1876
Fuller, Irving Washington, d. 1/24/1966, Windham, CT
Fuller, Joseph C., d. 11/6/1922, B-1853
Fuller, Louisa Maria, d. 1/1/1932, D of Samuel S & Olive A, B-1842
Fuller, Lysander Trowbridge, d. 11/3/1830, S of Daniel & Betsey, Age 8 yr 13 das
Fuller, Mary Ann Cleaveland, d. 3/27/1911, W of Daniel E, B-1835
Fuller, Mary J., d. 9/19/1918, W of Joseph C., B-1848
Fuller, Mehetabel (Mrs.), d. 5/30/1759, W of Dr. Jonathan, Age 22
Fuller, Ninetta, d. 11/2/1885, D of Samuel S & Olive A, Age 35
Fuller, Olive A. Hubbard, d. 3/2/1902, W of Samuel S., B-3/7/1816
Fuller, Samuel S., d. 6/30/1905, B-11/20/1813
Fuller, Sibyl, d. 8/14/1811, D of Rev Joseph Meachem, Age 77
Fuller, Sidney C., d. 4/6/1905, S of H E & H M Fuller, Age 2 mo 7 da
Fuller, Viola May, d. 12/30/1918
Gabriel, Hans, d. 12/15/1966, Cheshire, CT
Gabriel, Hans, Disinterred - Farmington, CT
Gallup, Charles H. (Ashes), d. 1/17/2000, Mansfield, CT, E/62/2
Gallup, George B., d. 1/1/1906, B-1837
Gallup, Lelia Peck, d. 1/2/1966, Hartford, CT
Gallup, Martha Jane C., d. 1/1/1907, Windham, CT, B-1844
Galub, Nicholas, d. 2/28/1963, Melbourne Beach, FL
Garbowski, Steve (Ashes), d. 7/3/1952, Norwich, CT, Uconn
Garbowski, Steve, d. 7/3/1952, Norwich, CT
Gardiner, Maria A., d. 3/18/1868, W of Stephen C., Age 39
Gardiner, William C., d. 11/8/1897, S of Maria A. & Stephen C., Age 38
Gardner, Stephen C.
Garrigus, Bertha May, d. 6/12/1941
Garrigus, Cora G., d. 12/16/1978, Windham, CT
Garrigus, Harry Lucian, d. 7/10/1968, Mansfield, CT
Garrigus, Ralph Henry, d. 8/16/1935
Garrigus, Upson Stanley, d. 1/1/2004
Garry, Russ, d. 5/2/1814, Age 36
Gates, James William, Virginia
Gaunya, William S. (Ashes), d. 12/9/2005, Windham, CT, Sec J, Lot 49, Gr 4
Gavitt, Lydia, d. 4/13/1871, Age 95
Gaylord, Donald Clifton, d. 4/6/1986, Windham, CT
Gaylord, Margaret Grace, d. 1/11/1986, Windham, CT
Geissler, Lawrence Russell, Sr., d. 3/9/2005, Mansfield, CT, Sec P, Lot 33, St 5
Gelinas, Ella Frances, d. 11/11/1976, Windham, CT
Generino, Amadore (Ashes), d. 6/14/1952, Middletown, CT
Gentry, Charles Burt, d. 11/16/1955
Gentry, Kathleen Moore, d. 4/21/1976, Cape Elizabeth, ME
Gergler, Doris
Gergler, Edith Amelia, d. 1/30/1994, Windham, CT
Gergler, Edward Carl, d. 1/13/1956
Gergler, Edward J., Sr.
Gergler, Ella Doris, d. 5/7/1977, Windham, CT
Gergler, Ellsworth, d. 4/16/1959, Mansfield, CT
Gergler, Everett, d. 1/13/1981, Rocky Hill, CT
Gergler, Floyd W., d. 4/11/1967
Gergler, Harvey Everett, d. 12/10/1975, Windham, CT
Gergler, Hattie V., d. 3/14/1987, Windham, CT
Gergler, Mabel Shaw, d. 3/10/1975, New London, CT
Gergler, Marianne, d. 5/11/1990, Mansfield, CT
Gergler, Nellie Adell, d. 12/4/1942
Gerling, Bernard Edward (Ashes), d. 11/24/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 39, Gr 6-M
Gerson, Elizabeth Shanley (Ashes), d. 8/21/1997, Mansfield, CT, A/49/5
Giannelli, Joseph Michael, d. 12/9/2002, Willington, CT, Sec G, Lot 49, Gr 2
Gianopoulos, John George, d. 7/22/2003, Windham, CT, Sec. N, Lot 38, Gr 8
Gianopoulos, Yolanda L. (Ashes), d. 5/27/2000, Windham, CT, N/38/8
Gilbert, Anna H., d. 4/9/1846, Relict of John, Age 48
Gilbert, Cynthia H., d. 9/1/1831, D of John & Cynthia, Age 33
Gilbert, Cynthia, d. 4/3/1821, W of John, Age 44
Gilbert, John, d. 2/14/1837, Age 62
Gilbert, Josiah, d. 10/16/1819, Age 26
Gilbert, Mary, d. 3/29/1820, W of Josiah Gilbert, Age 23
Gill, Antoinette P. (Ashes), d. 7/18/2008, Windham, CT, Sec C/5, Lot 58, Gr 1-B
Gill, Joseph N., d. 4/17/1998, Norwich, CT, Sec C/5, Lot 58, Gr 1-B
Gillespie, Allan E. (Ashes), d. 10/11/1997, Windham, CT, A/57/5
Gilman, Harry A.
Gilman, Mabel Langille, d. 7/15/1961, Manchester, CT
Gilman, Ralph Lawrence (Dr.), d. 5/5/1988, Evans, GA
Gilman, Ruby Gertrude, d. 9/30/1987, Mansfield, CT
Ginand, Myrna, d. 12/12/1991, Mansfield, CT
Giolas, Thomas G. (Ashes), d. 5/18/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 3, Lot 1, Gr 1-AA
Glanz, Robert E., d. 3/16/1967
Glazier, Evelyn Armstrong, d. 1/28/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 4, Lot 27, Gr 6-R
Glazier, Lynn Rodney, d. 5/30/1990, Windham, CT
Glynn, Dorothea Margenetta, d. 2/7/1965, Mansfield, CT
Glynn, John Julian, d. 12/15/1978, West Hartford, CT
Goehring, Mollie Katherine, d. 11/12/1980, St. Petersburg, FL
Golub, Vera
Goodale, Barbara, d. 1/20/1998, Windham, CT, J/19/6
Goodale, Willis Herbert, Jr., d. 7/19/1979, Boston, MA
Goodburn, Ellen Bennett (Ashes), d. 11/7/1982, Windham, CT
Goodburn, Ernest William (Ashes), d. 8/5/1986, Hartford, CT
Goodearl, George Percival, d. 2/12/1945, Windham, CT
Goodrich, Florence Hansee, d. 1/13/1982, Windham, CT
Gorman, Florence Fremd, d. 12/8/1984, Windham, CT
Gorman, Fred R., d. 12/29/1989, Windham, CT
Gottier, Florence (Ashes), d. 5/6/2001, Norwich, CT, K/39/1
Gottier, John Jacob, Sr., d. 9/14/1976, Windham, CT, K/39/1
Graf, Daniel Aloysius, d. 1/28/1987, Windham, CT
Graf, Roberta C., d. 2/17/1987, Windham, CT
Graham, George F., d. 2/6/2000, Mansfield, CT, A/35/2
Graham, Ruth Meloling, d. 12/26/2004, Mansfield, CT, Sec A, Lot 35, St 1
Grant, Andrew Miner
Grant, Arthur E., Disinterred to Hartford
Grant, Arthur E.
Grant, Charles C.
Grant, Charlotte C., d. 3/5/1970, Amherst, MA
Grant, Clinton J.
Grant, Frank A., B-1857
Grant, John E., B-1831
Grant, Lenora Dunham
Grant, Sarah A. Ayers, d. 1/1/1895, W of John E., B-1833
Grapp, Peter
Green, Bernice May, d. 1/5/1920
Green, Cornell Augustus, d. 5/22/1977, Putnam, CT
Green, Cornell, B-8/14/1862
Green, Cyril W., Jr., d. 3/26/2001, Manchester, CT, J/51/6
Green, Dezzie S. Rathbun, d. 4/25/1919, W of James C., B-1870
Green, Edgar, d. 1/16/1921, B-1843
Green, Elizabeth L.
Green, Emerald J. (Ashes), d. 1/2/2003, Windham, CT, J/47/1
Green, Eunice S., d. 1/14/1892, B-5/29/1817
Green, Francis B.
Green, Ina Dezzie, d. 6/26/1918, D of James C & Dezzie S, B-1903
Green, James C., d. 7/10/1936, B-1859
Green, James W., d. 5/17/1911, B-1/17/1831
Green, James W., d. 9/4/1973, Tampa, FL
Green, Jennie Bird
Green, Lawrence E. (Ashes), d. 8/14/1982, Manchester, CT
Green, Lillian Maurice, d. 2/14/1972, Windham, CT
Green, Luella Andrews, d. 1/4/1891, W of Cornell, B-9/22/1867
Green, Lydia A. Capwell, d. 12/30/1898, W of James W., B-8/6/1831
Green, Lydia H.
Green, Mary C., d. 12/10/1984, Warwick, RI
Green, Mary E., d. 9/8/1872, W of Samuel H, Age 61
Green, Mildred D., d. 2/2/1955
Green, Myron E., Jr., d. 10/15/1999, Lebanon, CT, J/51/1
Green, Myron Emerald, d. 2/21/1980, Windham, CT
Green, Newton Stedman, Sr., d. 6/7/2002, Windham, CT, J/51/5
Green, Roland C. (Ashes), d. 10/3/2008, East Hartford, CT, Sec 6, Lot 47, Gr 5-J
Green, Samuel H., d. 1/2/1896, B-9/2/1813
Green, Sarah Eunice, d. 5/21/1964, Tampa, FL
Green, Saul C., Putnam, CT
Green, William D., d. 5/3/1905
Greene, Ellen (Ashes), d. 1/27/1998, Mansfield, CT, Sec R, Lot 30-7
Greene, Fannie Waner, d. 5/30/1963, Coventry, CT
Greene, Flora, d. 4/26/1984, Windham, CT
Greene, Frances Marie
Greene, Francis B., d. 10/9/1918, Age 27
Greene, Gladys Beulah, d. 6/18/2004, Mansfield, CT, Sec K, Lot 33, Gr 7
Greene, John Colton, d. 11/12/2008, Monterey, CA, Sec 4, Lot 30, Gr 7-R
Greene, Joseph B., Sr.
Greene, Mary A.
Griffin, John Joseph, d. 10/10/1971, Windham, CT
Griffin, Marion Spring, d. 10/31/1970, Hartford, CT
Griffin, Michael, d. 12/5/1966, Newtown, CT
Griffin, Michael, Disinterred - Farmington, CT
Griswold, Crawford, Dr., d. 3/20/1962, Bridgeport, CT
Griswold, Gladys Carrie, d. 2/4/1987, Bridgeport, CT
Groll, Michael
Gruhn, Myrtis M., d. 4/19/1998, Brooklyn, CT, G/54/8
Gruhn, William T., d. 8/10/2000, Brooklyn, CT, G/54/2
Grzymkowski, Edward Frank, d. 8/27/1981, Windham, CT
Grzymkowski, Virginia J., d. 9/11/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 4, Lot 28, Gr 1-R
Guilbeault, Paul David, d. 10/30/1967, Windham, CT
Gurley, Arvilla, d. 8/22/1802, D of Roger S & Parmelia, Age 1
Gurley, Dorothy, d. 3/14/1803, W of Josephas, Age 22
Gurley, Josephas, d. 1/24/1838, Age 40
Gurley, Louisa, d. 10/28/1822, D of Roger S & Parmelia, Age 10
Gurley, Moses B., d. 6/15/1830, S of Roger S & Parmelia, Age 20
Gurley, Parmela B., d. 2/9/1842, W of Roger, Age 69
Gurley, Phila, d. 4/11/1825, W of Jonathan/D of Simeon & Ruth Allen, Age 29
Gurley, Roger (Capt.), d. 10/27/1836, Age 70
Guyer, Annie Phillips, d. 3/25/1980, Windham, CT
Guyer, Norma Jane, d. 7/4/1932, B-6/5/1925
Guyer, Roy Jones, d. 4/3/1956
Haas, Vinton B., Jr., d. 11/20/2007, Putnam, CT, Sec 5, Lot 36, Gr 4-N
Hale, Ann Z., d. 4/10/2012, Lakeland, FL, Sec 7-H, Lot 56, Gr 1
Hale, Charlotte S., d. 4/19/2003, West Chester, PA, A/55/3
Hale, Harold Homer, d. 10/29/1963, Mansfield, CT
Hall, Irene Jeannette, d. 7/10/1995, Windham, CT
Hall, James L.
Hall, Kenneth Noble (Ashes), d. 10/23/2009, Mansfield, CT, CS #18
Hall, Louis Earl, Sr., d. 8/20/1989, Glastonbury, CT
Hall, Rosemarie Dagamina, d. 12/26/1969, Hartford, CT
Haller, Kurt, d. 5/5/2004, Windham, CT, Tier A, Lot 29, Gr 3
Hallock, Bert Carlisle, d. 3/9/1974, Windham, CT
Hallock, Henrietta (Ashes), d. 8/12/2005, Cheshire, CT, Sec H, Lot 64, Gr 2
Hallock, James Dickerson, d. 9/6/1975, Windham, CT
Hallock, Mary D.
Hallock, Robert Carlisle, d. 1/16/1989, Bonita Springs, FL
Hamer, Caroline Rosa Marsh, d. 5/8/1949, W of Richard H., B-1877
Hamer, Paul Russell, d. 9/30/1984, Windham, CT
Hamer, Richard Hans, d. 2/13/1930, B-1874
Hammerberg, Gustave Haus, d. 3/10/1945
Hammerberg, Maggie O., d. 6/17/1952
Hamrick, Grace Weller, d. 2/16/1983, Hartford, CT
Hamrick, Randall B., d. 11/10/1969, Daytona Beach, FL
Hanks, Adelaide A. Parkhurst, d. 1/1/1928, B-1848
Hanks, Clayton Ward
Hanks, Dwight Hancock, d. 1/20/1966, Mansfield, CT
Hanks, Dwight Stedman, d. 6/11/2003, Mansfield, CT, Sec H, Lot 57, Gr 4
Hanks, Emily, d. 11/13/1813, D of Uriah & Sally, Age 10
Hanks, Emily, d. 3/25/1902, Age 81
Hanks, Ethel Raynes, d. 12/19/1956
Hanks, George
Hanks, Grace Katherine
Hanks, Henry Ward, d. 10/15/1934, B-1841
Hanks, Horace, d. 5/19/1850, Age 69
Hanks, Irena, d. 8/7/1807, Consort of Uriah, Age 72
Hanks, Lucius, d. 3/20/1887, Age 79
Hanks, Russell Sheldon, d. 9/14/1970, Mansfield, CT
Hanks, Samuel\, d. 7/4/1818, S of Rodney V & Olive, Age 3 yr 8 mos
Hanks, Sarah, d. 1/14/1847, Relict of Uriah, Age 79
Hanks, Sarepta, d. 7/10/1891, Age 87
Hanks, Sarepta, d. 7/21/1891, Age 87
Hanks, Sophia, d. 1/2/1850, W of Horace, Age 69
Hanks, Uriah, d. 12/12/1833, Age 73
Hanks, Uriah, d. 7/4/1809, Age 75
Hanks, Virginia S., d. 1/15/1985, Mansfield, CT
Hanks, William Gardner, d. 10/27/1814, S of Zebina & Crissa, Age 11 mo 13 das
Hanlon, Anna Elizabeth, d. 12/4/1983, Providence, RI
Hanlon, John Harold, d. 3/2/1987, Providence, RI
Hanlon, John Sebastian, d. 2/28/1964, Providence, RI
Hanlon, Margaret Elizabeth, d. 1/19/1968, Providence, RI
Hanna, Joseph Gordon (Ashes), d. 1/29/2004, Cheshire, CT, Sec O, Lot 35, Gr 2
Hanna, Josephine E. (Ashes), Meriden, CT, Sec O, Lot 35, Gr 2
Hanrahan, Isabelle, d. 12/14/2005, Mansfield, CT, Sec A, Lot 32, Gr 3
Hanrahan, John W., d. 4/7/1989, Windham, CT
Hansen, Christine E. Beebe, W of Harold K., B-9/14/1903
Hansen, Ebba C. (Ashes), d. 9/28/2002, Windham, CT, Sec D, Lot 54, Gr 2
Hansen, Harold K., d. 3/1/1933, B-11/28/1901
Hansen, Henry M. (Ashes), d. 1/31/1993, FL
Hansen, Jennie M. Jensen, W of Martin M., B-1881
Hansen, Lennie J.
Hansen, Martin M., d. 6/18/1960, B-7/12/1876
Harakaly, John J., d. 4/24/1985, Naples, FL
Harakaly, Margaret, d. 10/14/1956
Harakaly, Mildred M., d. 4/12/1995, Windham, CT
Harakaly, Susan Jean, d. 4/5/1987, Windham, CT
Harlow, Cynthia Demming, d. 10/10/1974, Windham, CT
Harlow, Grover Cleveland, d. 4/22/1942, Mansfield, CT
Harrington, Brey (Ashes), d. 3/18/1956, Preston, CT, Uconn
Harrington, Brey, d. 3/18/1956, Preston, CT
Harrington, Ellen E., d. 6/3/1911, New York, W of Isaac, Age 86
Harrington, Fannie
Harrington, Isaac, d. 12/1/1889, Age 83
Harris, Benjamin., d. 3/11/1913
Harris, Virgil Weston, d. 5/1/1959
Hartley, Edwin A., d. 4/23/2000, Mansfield, CT, J/36/8
Hartley, Margaret E., d. 3/24/2000, Mansfield, CT, J/36/8
Hartman, Elaine (Ashes), d. 6/26/1980, Morristown, NJ
Harvey, Alice S., d. 12/6/1865, D of Samuel & Jennie S, B-7/1/1864
Harvey, Annie C., d. 7/14/1875, D of Horace & Jennie S, B-6/21/1872
Harvey, Bernice L., d. 8/2/1995, Windham, CT
Harvey, Carl Cone
Harvey, Delia Shepard, d. 1/17/1896, W of Samuel C., Age 86
Harvey, Emily, d. 8/8/1874, D of Samuel C. & Delia, Age 28
Harvey, Evelyn Bennett
Harvey, Harriet N., d. 9/23/1865, D of Samuel C. & Delia, Age 31
Harvey, Horace, d. 8/4/1892, b-10/9/1841
Harvey, Jennie S., d. 11/8/1920, W/Samuel, Late W/Horace Harvey, B-2/14/1845
Harvey, John Boyer, d. 2/15/1983, Windham, CT
Harvey, Margery B. (Ashes), d. 10/28/1993, Windham, CT
Harvey, Martha M.
Harvey, Samantha Jane
Harvey, Samuel B.
Harvey, Samuel C., d. 6/2/1884, Age 80
Harvey, Samuel Hugh, d. 7/27/1968, Hyattsville, MD
Harvey, Samuel, d. 11/25/1865, B-3/6/1832
Harvey, Sarah J., d. 12/14/2001, Maryland, I/26/3
Harvey, Teresa, d. 1/2/1896, Age 52
Haskell, Amanda, d. 7/29/1931
Haskell, Burton
Haskell, Emilie S., d. 1/15/1892, Providence, RI, W of Solomon A., Age 15
Haskell, Frank A., d. 10/21/1925, Mansfield, CT
Haskell, Gertrude L., d. 4/5/1925, Preston, CT
Haskell, Lucy Helen, d. 9/15/1895
Haskell, Mary E., d. 7/12/1895
Haskell, Ruth Elaine, d. 2/4/1920
Haskell, Solomon A., Worcester, MA
Hatch, Jean Fitts, d. 3/15/2007, Windham, CT, Sec 4, Lot 30, Gr 6J
Hawkins, Edith Rylander, d. 8/2/1958
Hayes, Sylvia A., d. 1/19/1884, W of Moses, Age 56
He, Qianli (Ashes), d. 10/13/2007, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 35, Gr 4-N
Heck, Priscilla Faith (Ashes), d. 1/28/1987, Windham, CT
Heilweil, David (Ashes), d. 2/15/1989, Windham, CT
Heilweil, Eva Wolas (Ashes), d. 7/29/2003, Bellevue, WA, Sec A, Lot 42, Gr 4
Hempel, Donald, d. 1/18/1998, Hartford, CT, F/51/2
Henderson, Amos C., d. 3/18/1918, B-3/27/1849
Henderson, Eliza J.
Henderson, Elizabeth, d. 10/16/1882, Hyde Park, MA, W of John, B at Selkirk, Scotland 1799, Age 83
Henderson, George, d. 7/17/1922, Providence, RI, Lot 7, Tier K, Age 88
Henderson, Isabella Gertrude, d. 12/10/1925, Providence, RI, B-1888
Henderson, Jeanette Bertha
Henderson, John, d. 9/4/1868, Willington, CT, B in Scotland, Age 75
Henderson, Mabel Grace, d. 9/8/1961, Providence, RI
Henderson, Mary E., d. 1/1/1929, B-1850
Henderson, Sarah J., d. 5/19/1882, W of George, Age 37
Henderson, William Alexander, d. 5/1/1874, B-4/6/1873
Hendricks, Austin Leroy, d. 1/7/1983, Windham, CT
Hendricks, Margaret E., d. 12/17/1990, Windham, CT
Hernberg, Elsie G. (Ashes), d. 11/3/2004, Las Vegas, NV, Sec L, Lot 34, St 3
Hernberg, Ralph William, d. 2/23/1944
Hernberg, William John, d. 1/1/1974, Windham, CT
Hewitt, Harold George (Ashes), d. 3/23/1980, Hartford, CT
Hewitt, Martha Alexander (Ashes), d. 10/30/1991, Windham, CT
Heyer, Edgar Worth, d. 7/8/1960
Heyer, Ella M. B., d. 4/5/1967, Orlando, FL
Hibbard, Almira Stanley, d. 2/28/1887, W of Eliphaz Bolles, B-12/1/1808
Hibbard, Daniel F. (General), d. 3/19/1880, Flag, B-1784
Hibbard, Daniel T., d. 1/1/1827, S of Gen Daniel F & Lydia Royce Hibbard, B-1823
Hibbard, Eliphaz Bolles, d. 11/14/1880, B-1/8/1808
Hibbard, Eliphaz, d. 4/6/1830, Age 86
Hibbard, Jerusha, d. 11/28/1833, Relict of Eliphaz, Age 67
Hibbard, Lydia Royce, d. 1/1/1859, W of Daniel F., B-1781
Hibbard, Lydia, d. 1/1/1852, D of Gen Daniel F & Lydia Royce Hibbard, B-1807
Hibbard, Maria L., d. 6/20/1915, D of Gen Daniel F & Lydia Royce Hibbard, B-1818
Hibbard, Mary E., d. 1/1/1834, D of Gen Daniel F & Lydia Royce Hibbard, B-1812
Higgins, J. Warren (Ashes), d. 6/2/2012, Norwich, CT, Sec 7-H, Lot 54, Gr 4
Hilliard, Ambrose, d. 8/14/1811, Age 35
Hilliard, Edward, d. 8/2/1984, Huntsville, AL
Hilliard, Lucius, d. 10/4/1832, Age 24
Hilliard, Mabel Armstrong, d. 8/10/1982, Windham, CT
Hilliard, Marcia, d. 3/18/1809, Age 31
Hiltz, Andrew Delano, d. 12/2/1983, Windham, CT
Hiltz, Charles E., d. 9/13/1989, Torrington, CT
Hiltz, Douglas Andrew, d. 7/23/1996, Meriden, CT, J/55/1
Hiltz, Edna Meister, d. 7/26/1969, Mansfield, CT
Hiltz, Jessie James
Hitchcock, Charles William (Ashes), d. 5/3/1993, Windham, CT
Hitchcock, Louise Lind (Ashes), d. 11/25/1992, Hartford, CT
Hoagland, George W., d. 10/11/1925, Coventry, CT, (not sure which cemetery)
Hoagland, Susannah A., d. 9/22/1925, (not sure which cemetery)
Hobby, Charles H., d. 3/31/1925, Preston, CT
Hobby, Charles, d. 11/23/1889, Age 75
Hobby, Edward Azariah, d. 9/23/1974, Willington, CT
Hobby, Ellen Gertrude, d. 9/2/1897
Hobby, Mary E., d. 7/7/1914, W of Charles, Age 91
Hobby, Mattie Bessie Dunhm, d. 12/9/1929, W of Charles L., Age 59
Hobby, Raymond G., d. 11/8/2010, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 34, Gr 2-O
Hobby, Wilfred, d. 4/9/1896
Hoffmeyer, Bruno
Holinko, Melinda Sue, d. 8/9/1985, Manchester, CT
Holman, Abraham, d. 12/21/1868, Age 62
Holman, Jemima, d. 8/25/1849, W of Abraham, Age 44
Holman, Louisa, d. 7/25/1856, W of Abraham, Age 40
Holmes, Lemuel, d. 6/24/1899
Holt, Caleb, d. 8/23/1894, B-2/1/1826
Holt, Elizabeth Coggshall, d. 2/26/1894, W of Caleb, B-10/18/1822
Holt, Emma J. Weaver, d. 3/18/1926, Providence, RI, B-6/14/1853
Holt, Florence M.
Holt, Florence May, d. 9/2/1885, B-11/18/1884
Holt, Flossie M., d. 9/2/1885, D of Warren W & Emma, Age 9 mo 15 da
Holt, Freddie E., d. 12/12/1863, B-8/1860, Age 3 yr 1 mo
Holt, Roselle Louise, d. 2/23/1911, Removal to Dover, MA
Holt, Warren W., d. 4/29/1934, B-1/5/1856
Hopkins, (Male), d. 7/25/1915
Hopkins, Barbara G., d. 12/15/1997, Hartford, CT, O/40/8
Hopkins, Charles Henry, d. 3/8/1913
Hopkins, Edna Grace, d. 4/21/1950
Hopkins, Harry Joseph, Jr., d. 5/11/2001, Windham, CT, J/34/6
Hopkins, Harry Joseph, Sr., d. 5/24/1957
Hopkins, Josephine Christine, d. 2/19/1939
Hopkins, Lloyd Maine
Hoppe, Martha, d. 11/16/1989, Mansfield, CT
Hopson, James Robert, Jr., d. 3/27/1999, Windham, CT, O/37/7
Hornberger, Viola M.
Houston, Byron Duncan, d. 3/18/1969, Windham, CT
Houston, Francis I.
Houston, John Earl, d. 4/10/1952
Houston, John R., d. 3/22/1919, B-8/29/1845
Houston, Margaret Estelle Spencer Duncan, d. 8/4/1934, B-10/4/1850
Houston, Viola Sarah, d. 6/12/1959
Hovey, Aaron, d. 3/10/1812, Age 76
Hovey, Abigail, d. 1/10/1822, W of Capt Jacob, Age 67
Hovey, Abigail, d. 2/12/1831, Age 87
Hovey, Bela, d. 8/26/1841, Age 55
Hovey, Deborah, d. 4/4/1817, W of Bela, Age 55
Hovey, Elizabeth W., d. 7/12/1822, D of Alva & Orra, Age 2 yr 6 mo
Hovey, Elizabeth, d. 6/17/1773, W of Capt. Jacob, Age 32
Hovey, Jacob (Capt.), d. 12/22/1807, Patriot's Grave Marker, Age 67
Hovey, Olive, d. 7/29/1764, Consort of Aaron Hovey, D/Mrs John Fawell, Age 23
Hult, Martina, d. 12/25/1994, Windham, CT
Humphrey, Saloma, d. 4/9/1863, W of George Humphrey, Age 57
Hunt, Amy E., d. 6/29/1923, Westboro, MA, D of Frederick S & Amy Hunt, B-1849
Hunt, Amy Starkweather, d. 1/1/1917, W of Freerick, B-1824
Hunt, Annie S., d. 1/1/1851, D of Frederick S & Amy Hunt, B-1851
Hunt, Fred K., & 2 children removal to North Mansfield
Hunt, Frederick S., d. 1/1/1864, B-1820
Hunt, Lucy M., d. 1/1/1858, D of Frederick S & Amy Hunt, B-1858
Huntington, Cornelia, d. 3/20/1898
Huntington, Dwight C., d. 4/24/1856, S of Henry & Jane c., Age 5 mo 22 da
Huntington, Elizabeth Starkweather, d. 12/25/1885, W of Henry, B in Avon, OH 3/22/1841
Huntington, Henry, Sharon, MA
Huntington, Jane Cadmus, d. 12/20/1861, W/Henry, B in Castleton, Staten Isl, NY 5/27/1833
Huntington, Louisa, d. 5/14/1858, Age 25
Huntington, Lucretia, d. 4/5/1900
Huntington, Mary
Hwang, Min T., d. 1/23/1999, Hartford, CT, N/40/3
Hypes, James Lowell, d. 2/26/1960
Ihrke, Virginia S. (Ashes), d. 7/29/1996, West Hartford, CT, R/23/4
Ihrke, Walter R. (Ashes), d. 8/8/1992, West Hartford, CT, R/23/4
Ingalls, Katherine Morris, d. 1/8/1975, Hartford, CT
Ingalls, Patricia Ann (Ashes), d. 4/20/1990, TX
Ingalls, William Eugene, d. 2/26/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 6, Lot 43, Gr 4-A
Jablonskey, Albin, d. 3/15/1967, 12/11/68 Trans to Farmington, CT
Jachel, John A., d. 2/9/1954
Jambeck, Kathy S., d. 1/31/2012, Windham, CT, Sec 4-O, Lot 28, Gr 3
Jannke, Helen, d. 12/9/1970, Boston, MA
Jannke, Paul Joseph, d. 5/12/2005, Windham, CT, Sec B, Lot 54, Gr 5
Johnson, Abiel (Mrs.), d. 10/31/1795, Age 57
Johnson, Anne C. (Ashes), d. 11/8/1990, Boston, MA
Johnson, Argus H., d. 5/1/1957
Johnson, Betsey I. Fisk, d. 1/1/1882, W of Frederick, B-1847
Johnson, Emma L. Jacques, d. 1/1/1923, W of Frederick, B-1846
Johnson, Enoch, d. 5/24/1765, Age 37
Johnson, Enoch, d. 5/24/1765
Johnson, Esther, d. 9/28/1767, D of--- & Dorothy, Age 10
Johnson, Frederick E. (M.D.), d. 3/28/1915, B-1847
Johnson, Georgette H., d. 9/4/2012, Windham, CT, Sec 8-H, Lot 64, Gr 5
Johnson, Grace G., d. 5/13/1890, B-1887
Johnson, Hannah, d. 8/1/1756, W of William, Age 63
Johnson, Jean Ellen Stelzner (Ashes), d. 9/11/1979, Mansfield, CT
Johnson, John Alfred, d. 3/24/1979, South Kingstown, RI
Johnson, Louise T., d. 2/2/2009, West Palm Beach, FL, Sec 7, Lot 52, Gr 7-F
Johnson, Mary Carkin (Ashes), d. 6/13/1995, Windham, CT
Johnson, Mary, d. 7/9/1853, W of William, Age 94
Johnson, Myrtle Eunice, d. 5/15/1989, Mansfield, CT
Johnson, Reuben Botsford, d. 7/13/1993, New London, CT
Johnson, Stewart McNeil, d. 10/18/2007, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 36, Gr 8-O
Johnson, William F.
Johnson, William, d. 1/13/1816, Age 56
Johnson, William, d. 2/20/1752, H of Hannah, Age 65
Johnston, E. Russell, Jr., d. 1/24/2010, Mansfield, CT, Sec 7, Lot 53, Gr 7-E
Jones, Corrine Rachel, d. 1/19/1946
Jones, Marjorie Warren, d. 9/22/1971, Windham, CT
Jones, Roy Edwin, d. 12/18/1969, Windham, CT
Jones, Ruth Evelyn (Ashes), d. 9/20/2004, Windham, CT, Sec 1, Lot 66, St 4
Jordan, Jane K., d. 7/26/2011, Mansfield, CT, Sec 4-R, Lot 26, Gr 3
Jordan, William Henry, d. 2/15/1993, Windham, CT
Jorgensen, Albert N., Jr. (Ashes), d. 5/30/1989, Scottsdale, AZ
Jorgensen, Albert Nels (Ashes), d. 2/11/1978, Scottsdale, AZ
Jorgensen, Arnold, Disinterred - Farmington, CT
Jorgensen, Harriet Spring (Ashes), d. 6/11/1989, Scottsdale, AZ
Jorgensen, Maria Larsen, d. 3/13/1950
Jorgensen, Norma A. (Ashes), d. 11/3/1999, Scottsdale, AZ, G/65/7
Jorgenson, Arnold, d. 12/24/1966, Preston, CT
Jorgenson, Carl C., d. 11/23/1962, Manchester, CT
Jungherr, Erwin L., d. 4/16/1965, Nayack, NY, Disinterred from St. Lawrence, W Haven, CT
Jungherr, Marie H., d. 9/10/1965, Clarkstown, NY
Jurkovics, Alexander (Ashes), d. 9/10/1998, Windham, CT, H/39/8
Jurkovics, Celia Jazarnicky, d. 9/15/1982, Windham, CT
Jurkovics, Hazel, d. 7/21/2012, Windham, CT, Sec 5-H, Lot 39, Gr 8
Jurkovics, Helen, d. 7/11/2011, Windham, CT, Sec H, Lot 39, Gr 7
Jurkovics, Jerry Charles, d. 10/13/1980, Windham, CT
Jurkovics, Julius, d. 9/10/1953
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