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Kinne Cemetery
Voluntown, New London County, Connecticut

Lat: 41°33'10"N, Lon: 71°53'03"W

Contact: Voluntown Town Hall

Contributed by Iva Arpin, Jun 22, 2003 [mama.bear1@earthlink.net]. Total records = 45.

Route #165 North, 1/4 mile on southeast side from Rt.201 and Rt.165 intersection. A few yards from the Griswold Town border behind the CT State sand shed. It has a legal right of way where the highway fence ends.

The land for this cemetery was part of the Samuel Kinne Homestead with the first burial 1824. Voluntown, CT was a milltown so there are many Rhode Island natives buried here. The last burial was in 1905. It's condition is now excellent and is maintained and owned by the town of Voluntown. No new burials.

There are 46 recorded burials and many fieldstone markers. Work was done by the Children of the American Revolution, Norwich, CT. Voluntown, CT. and descendents of the Kinne's.

The restoration represents two years of work to reclaim it from the elements and vandalism. The rededication Sep 2002 was a joyous occasion with descendents from many places.

These records were compiled using the 1936 CT Hale Inventory, the 1972 Voluntown His. Soc. Inventory and our own inventory when we restored, researched and mapped this site Apr 2000-Sep 2002.

- Iva Arpin

Babcock, Gideon G., b. 1835, d. 29 Apr 1835, age: 6 weeks, son of Gideon and Caroline Babcock of Exeter, R.I.
Brown, Francis L., d. 17 Jun 1842, age: 1yr, son of John and Amy Brown of R.I.
Brown, Melville W., d. 30 Jul 1850, age: 17yr, son of John and Amy Brown of R.I.
Carr, Thankful, b. 3 Jun 1822 West Greenwich, R.I., d. May 1839, age: 17yr, dau of Rev.Robert and Honor Hopkins Carr
Church, Betsey (Elizabeth) Bach, d. 16 Jun 1834, age: 62yr, wife of Rufus Church
Church, Betsey A., d. 26 Oct 1852, age: 4yr 8mo, dau of William and Mary A. Church Hibbar
Church, Betsey Corbit, d. 14 Nov 1848, age: 26yr, dau of Rufus and Elizabeth Bach Church
Church, Infant, b. 4 Mar 1858, d. 4 Mar 1858, son of William and Mary Church Hibbar, This stone discovered and recorded first time in 2002
Church, Mary A., d. 1 Apr 1858, age: 30yr, wife of William Hibbar
Church, Rufus P., b. 1770 Newport, R.I., d. 21 Oct 1846, son of Joshua and Katherine Kenyon Church, Mayflower descendent
Church, Sarah E., d. 13 Sep 1837, age: 15mo, dau of Alfred and Abby Coon Church, gdau of Elizabeth Bach Church
Dennis, Elisha S., d. 2 Nov 1846, age: 23yr, son of James and Polly Northrop Dennis
Dennis, Elvira, b. 1831, d. 24 Aug 1854, dau of James and Polly Northrop Dennis
Dennis, James, b. 23 Oct 1783, d. 23 Oct 1857, hus of Polly Northrop Dennis.
Dennis, Polly Northrop, d. 26 Jan 1872, wife of James Dennis
Dimmock, Benjamin, d. 27 Jan 1835, age: 38yr
Douglas, Charles P., d. 18 Nov 1843, age: 19yr, son of William Douglas
Douglas, Hannah C., d. 13 Aug 1850, age: 27yr, dau of Mary Douglas
Green, Freelove, d. 9 Feb 1846, age: 84yr
Kinne, Abby Holloway, d. 21 Mar 1848, wife of John E.Kinne Jr
Kinne, Amy Hutchins, b. 17 Nov 1754, d. 11 Sep 1837, age: 69yr, wife of Samuel Kinne, dau.of Wyman and Abigail Cutler Hutchins of Killingly, CT
Kinne, Catherine Church, b. 4 Jan 1794, d. 6 Feb 1867, wife of Joel Kinne, dau of Rufus and Betsey Hakes Church
Kinne, George Washington, b. 31 Jul 1838, d. 10 Jun 1866, age: 27yr 10mo, son of Joel and Catherine Church Kinne
Kinne, Happy Ann, b. 29 Oct 1833, d. 28 Jun 1840 in explosion of a powder house, dau of Joel and Catherine Church Kinne
Kinne, Joel D., b. 31 Jan 1793, d. 22 Nov 1845, hus of Catherine Church Kinne, son of Samuel and Amy Hutchins Kinne
Kinne, John Emerson Jr, b. 1811 Sullivan, N.Y., d. 1875
Kinne, John J., d. 18 Feb 1848, age: 16yr, son of Joel and Catherine Church Kinne, Shot in the side when he fell on his gun
Kinne, Samuel, b. 13 Apr 1753, d. 6 Dec 1837, age: 87yr, son of Jeremiah and Mary Starkweather Kinne, Samuel Kinne Rev. Patriot
Kinne, William, d. 28 Jan 1839, age: 2yr 4da, son of John and Abby Holloway Kinne
Robinson, Augustus H., d. 1850, son of John and Laura Robinson of Griswold, CT
Saunders, Hannah D. York, d. 17 Dec 1880, age: 56yr, wife of Edward Saunders
Stetson, Bela P., d. 15 Oct 1842, age: 40yr 2mo 18da
Stetson, Sophia, b. Mar 1823 Lisbon CT, d. 10 Jun 1842, dau of Bela P.Stetson
Stetson, Sophia, d. Mar?, this stone was buried at least 70 yrs and was never recorded, this is most likely the wife of Bela P. Stetson
Tanner, Anna, b. 3 Aug 1770 South Kingston, R.I., d. 2 May 1837, age: 66yr 9mo
Tucker, Catherine, d. 12 Feb 1879, age: 54yr, wife of Henry P.Tucker
Tucker, Henry P., d. 24 Jun 1883
Tucker, Julia A., d. 3 Feb 1905, age: 80yr, dau of Nathan and Naomi Tucker
Tucker, Naomi, d. 1861, age: 87 wife of Nathan Tucker
Tucker, Nathan, b. 8 Jul 1780, d. 30 Sep 1868, son of John and Alice Card Tucker of South Kingston, R.I., Served in War 1812
Tucker, Ralph M., d. 11 Mar 1893, age: 77yr 8mo
York, Naomi Ray, b. 12 May 1780, d. 20 Sep 1865, age: 85yr
York, Ray, b. 14 Feb 1820, d. 17 Mar 1852, son of William and Naomi York
York, William M., d. 21 Mar 1824, age: 47yr, Served in War 1812
York, William R., b. 1845, d. 15 Sep 1863, age: 18yr, at Portsmouth, VA Co G., 21st Reg CT
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