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Washington Street Cemetery
Middlesex County, Connecticut

Vine Street, Middletown, CT
This Cemetery was laid out by a committee appointed by the town in Dec. of 1739. About 1830 is was enlarged by an enclosure of a portion of the street on the north side. This cemetery is surrounded by a picket fence on two sides. There are several hundred brownstone markers, and many white marble stones. Many of the brownstones are flaking away, and are leaning forward. Many have no inscriptions.

Considering that this cemetery is directly next to one of the most prestigious and wealthest colleges in the Northeast, Wesleyan University, this cemetery is totally neglected and is in the poorest condition of all the cemeteries in Middletown. [IM]

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 43.

Contributor's Index:

Adkins, Elisabeth, d. 20 May 1752, 61 yrs, Wife of Benja'm Adkins, [IM]
Adkins, Elisabeth, d. 3 Feb 1775, 90 yrs, Widow of Ephraim Adkins, [IM]
Adkins, Elisabeth, d. 31 May 1739?, 35 yrs, Daughter of Ephraim & Elisabeth Adkins, [IM]
Adkins, Mary, d. 10 Oct 1762, 11yrs, Daughter of Joel & Mary Adkins, [IM]
Allen, Jonathan, d. 23 Dec 1783, 80 yrs, Deac'n, [IM]
Bacon, Eseher, d. 4 Mar 1742, 40 yrs, Wife of Nathaniel Bacon Jun'r -Samuel Bacon, s/w Samuel Bacon, [IM]
Bacon, Irene, d. 5 Apr 1751, 37 yrs, Wife of John Bacon, [IM]
Bacon, John, d. 27 Apr 1764, 57 yrs, [IM]
Bacon, Jonah/Josiah?, d. 21 Oct 1750, 51 yrs, [IM]
Bacon, Samuel, d. 18 Dec 1742, 9 yrs, s/w Eseher Bacon, & their son, Samuel Bacon, & lies by her left side., [IM]
Bacon, Thankful, d. 25 Oct 1750, 49 yrs, Wife of Jos??? Bacon, [IM]
Barns, Mabee, d. 6 Mar 1749, [IM]
Cornell, Benjamin, d. 20 May 1754, 65 yrs, [IM]
Cornwell, Abigail, d. 3 Jul 1785, 60 yrs, Wife of Cornelius Cornwell, [IM]
Crosley, Joseph, d. 1888, [IM]
Doud, Richard, no dates, [IM]
Elton, John, d. 20 Feb 1752, 78 yrs, [IM]
Gilbert, Ezek'l, d. 25 Aug 1752, 62 yrs, [IM]
Gilbert, Nathaniel, d. 19 Apr 1756, 67 yrs, [IM]
Grave, Josiah, d. 14 Jun 1772?, [IM]
Green, Samuel, b. 22 May 1909, d. 12 Apr 1995, [IM]
Hall, Daniel, d. 13 Oct 17??, 42 yrs, Son of Cap't Daniel Hall, [IM]
Hamlin, Cornet Edward, d. 4 Mar 1785, 48 yrs, [IM]
Hamlin, Phebe, d. 14 Aug 1782, 79 yrs, Amiable Consort of Edward Hamlin, [IM]
Hopkins, James, d. 14 Feb 1766, 14d, Son of James & Mehitabel, [IM]
Hubbard, Jemima, d. 19 Jan 1769, 25 yrs, Daughter of Deacon John & Elisabeth Hubbard, [IM]
Hubbard, John, d. Mar 1753, Deacon, Brownstone flaked away, [IM]
Hulbert, Hannah, d. 6 Jan 1796, 43 yrs, Wife of Hezekiah Hulbert-and is buried with her Babe in her arms, [IM]
Lane, Elisabeth, d. 16 Dec 1757, 29 yrs, Widow of Nath'l Lane and Daughter of Liev't Nath'l Gilbert, [IM]
Lane, Isaac, d. 21 Feb 1745, 62 yrs, [IM]
Lane, Nath'l, d. 6 Jan 1755, 39 yrs, Cap't, [IM]
Mariman, Sam'll, d. 15 Aug 1757, 46 yrs, s/w Sarah Mariman, [IM]
Mariman, Sarah, d. 7 Sep 1751, 43 yrs, s/w Sam'll Mariman, [IM]
Marshall, John, d. 30 Jun 1791, 18 yrs?, Son of Thomas & Rebeckah Marshall, [IM]
Powel, Ruth, d. Jun 1754, 26 yrs, Wife of John Powel, [IM]
Roberts, Rachil, d. 24 Jun 1748?, Wife of Samuel Roberts, [IM]
Scott, Eli Edmund, d. 30 Apr 1863, 6 yrs 8m, Only child of Merritt & Emeline I. Scott, [IM]
Sears, Anne, d. 8 Oct 1779, 17 yrs, d/o Mathew & Martha Sears, [IM]
Ward, Hannah, d. 17 Nov 1825, Relict of Joseph Ward, [IM]
Ward, Joseph, d. 12 Oct 1812, 85 yrs?, [IM]
Ward, Lucy, no dates, Wife of Joseph Ward, Brownstone flaked away, [IM]
Ward, William, d. The death date is underground, [IM]
Whittelsey, Newton, no dates, s/o Chauncy Whittelsey of New Haven, [IM]

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