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Maromas Cemetery
Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut

Lat: 41° 31' 51"N, Lon: 072° 33' 50"W

To reach from Middletown drive south on Hwy 9, turn east onto Hwy 154 and continue south almost 2 miles, turning left or east onto Aircraft Road and continue for 2.5 miles. The cemetery will be on the east or right side of the road.

River Road (now on Pratt & Whitney property) Gain access thru Pratt & Whitney, Canal Road, Middletown. Not accepting new burials. It is a bit overgrown but hopefully will be cleaned up.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited May 19, 2008. Total records = 29.

Contributor's Index:

Carey, Lydia, d. 24 Dec 1870, age: 75y, w/o Sheldon Skinner, [CF]
Clark, Alvin, b. 1796, d. 28 Jun 1861, h/o Delilah Ray
Clark, Ashbel, b. 1842, d. 11 Apr 1863. s/o Alvin and Delilah, Civil War Veteran
Clark, Delilah Ray, b. 1801, d. 5 Sep 1888, w/o Alvin Clark
Kingsbury, ??, d. Sep 18, 1890, age: 24y, s/o N. P. & Jane E., stone on ground, broken at base, Row 1/18, [CF]
Kingsbury, Jane E. (Thayer), d. Sep 19, 1915, age: 83y, Row 1/19, [CF]
Kingsbury, N. P., d. 20 Nov 1889, age: 47y, [CF]
Kingsbury, N. P., d. Nov 20, 1889, age: 47y, Row 1/20, [CF]
Konkle, Ann Eliza, d. Jun 22, 1873, age: 21y 7m, d/o Aimrrey(?) & Lamira, Row 1/8, [CF]
Lucas, Eliza, d. 25 Jul 1859, w/o George Lucas, [AS]
Lucas, George G, b. 1803, d. 8 Jul 1876, h/o Eliza Bailey, [AS]
Lucas, George, d. 7 Aug 1843, s/o Eliza and George G, [AS]
Merwin, Eliza (Thayer), d. Jul 12, 1891, age: 88y, w/o Hezekiah, Row 1/9, [CF]
Merwin, Hezekiah, b. Aug 12, 1806, d. 19 Jan 1888, stone broken, [CF]
Otis, Daniel H., d. 17 Dec 1862, Falmouth, Va., age: 15y 8m 2d, "Fell in battle of Fredericksburg Dec 13", s/o Erastus S. & Elizabeth M., [CF]
Otis, Erastus S., b. Feb 22, 1814, d. 4 Aug 1864, h/o Elizabeth Young, [CF]
Otis, Lewie, d. Jan 1886, age: 1y 6m, "Our Lewie", "Our loss is Lewie's gain", s/o Wm. Y. & Elizabeth W., [CF]
Platenka, Frank, d. Jan 12, 1932, age: 38y, WWI, Row 1/2, [CF]
Platenka, Mary, b. 1894, d. 1932, w/o Frank, Row 1/1, [CF]
Scovill, Curtis L., d. Jun 5, 1876, age: 26y 8m, s/o Edwin & Eliza Ann, stone on ground, broken at base, Row 1/11, [CF]
Scovill, Edwin, d. Feb 7, 1886, age: 79y 9m, Row 1/14, [CF]
Scovill, Eliza Ann, d. 15 Sep 1865, age: 53y, w/o Edwin Scovill, stone broken, [CF]
Scovill, Hannah I., d. 5 Apr 1886, age: 33y, d/o Edwin & Eliza Ann Scovill, stone broken, [CF]
Skinner, Linda (Carey), d. Dec 24, 1870, age: 75y, Row 1/15, [CF]
Stefenac, Mary, b. 1894, d. 1932 w/o Frank Platenka, [CF]
Thayer, Eliza, d. 12 Jul 1891, age: 88y, w/o Hezekiah Merwin, [CF]
Thayer, Jane E., d. 19 Sep 1915, age: 83y, w/o N.P. Kingsbury, [CF]
Whitmore, Lydia, b. Apr 14, 1763, d. 23 Feb 1847, w/o #1 Josiah Cary m. Jan. 16, 1783, #2 Stephen Whitmore, m. Nov 21, 1798, [CF]
Whitmore, Stephen, b. Aug 16, 1746, d. 4 Sep 1835, s/o Daniel and Mary Chalker Whitmore, [CF]

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