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Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
Point Loma, San Diego County, California

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Jan 29, 2006. Total records = 36.

Contributor's Index:

Alexander, Carl Edward, b. 25 Apr 1920, Des Moines, IA, d. 15 Feb 1955, Utah. Capt, USAF, WWII/Korea. S.H. Fighter Pilot, [KA]
Black, Lester Kenneth, b. 19 Jan 1910, d. 01 Jun 1962, Iowa, HMC, US Navy Ret, WWII, Sec Y, #452, [GV]
Boggs, Woodrow L., b. 30 Dec 1921, d. 07 Oct 1981, s/o Everett L. and Florence L. Boggs, 82nd Airborne WW2, [MS]
Brady, Charles E., b. 14 Sep 1888, d. 24 Jul 1938, m. 7/24/1920 to Jennie Wagner, [JS]
Bustard, John Burton, b. Feb 19, 1893, Rock Island Co., IL, d. May 19, 1969, Los Angeles County, CA, [DT]
DeVote, Peter, b. Feb 28, 1891, d. Oct 1963, h/o Lorene DeVote, s/o Bartholomew and Patricia DeVote, [KH]
Durham, Curtis, b. 1914, d. 1996, h/o Joyce Durham, s/o William and Elizabeth Durham, [AR]
Feeny, Michael Owen, b. 1947, d. 1996, h/o Sandra, s/o Carlyle and Margaret Feeny, [SF]
Griffith, Gilbert N, b. 17 Aug 1920, d. 11 Nov 1983, memorial stone, bur. at sea, EM1 US Navy World War II, MW 129, [JG]
Harmon, Phronsia Jean, b. 21 Oct 1941, Ill, d. 17 Jun 1954, d/o Helen Louise Weeks & William Harmon, [PF]
Landry, Barbara Elizebeth, b. 12 Sep 1924, d. 12 Dec 2003, w/o Albert Henry Landry, bur. 17 Dec 2003, Plot: X 1562, [TL]
Larson, Albert Benjamin, b. 09 Sep 1909, d. or bur. 27 Nov 1957, Sec O, Site 838, [SP]
McCall, Oral Valentine, b. 14 Feb 1909, d. 24 Apr 2004, bur. 14 May 2004, SSgt US Army S1 US Navy WWII, Sec Q C-26B, [MR]
McCall, Violet Rose, b. 22 Nov 1914, d. 12 May 1998, w/o Oral V. McCall, [MR]
Morris, Harry Simond, b. 06 Dec 1887, d. Dec 1974, record holder for service in the US Navy, 55 years on active duty, [RC]
Olmstead, Steven E., b. 4 Oct 1948, d. 26 Feb 1985, Capt. USMC (Ret), h/o Leslie Swain Olmstead, s/o Lawrence and Phyllis (Edgerton) Olmstead, [RO]
Oyler, George S., b. 01 Feb 1950, d. 06 Sep 2000, bur. 18 Sep 2000, h/o Janet R. Masters-Oyler, U.S.N., HT3, Viet, [JO]
Powers, Ronald J, b. 1939, d. 1996, Capt USAF, [RT]
Pribble, Richard, b. 1923, d. 1966, h/o Kay Pribble, s/o John and Rose McDougle Pribble, [ML]
Purkey, Charlotte Pauline, b. 09 Jul 1923, d. 19 May 1964, w/o SSgt Wendell G. Purkey US Army, [JP]
Saylor, Bryc, b. 28 Aug 1935, d. 22 Apr 1989, [QS]
Saylor, Larry Lavalle, b. 30 Mar 1941, d. Jun 1992, [QS]
Scoville, Mable,, d. 20 Sep 1944, w/o Actg Pay Clerk E.L. Thayer, USN, [RT]
Snell, James Roger III, b. 8 Apr 1915, d. 20 Feb 1961, [SC]
Snodgrass, Duane Franklin, b. 15 Jul 1918, Bassett, Neb, d. 21 Mar 1961 San Fernando, Ca, s/o George and Lisla (Lee) Snodgrass, bur. 18 Mar 1961, Beloved stepfather of Shirley Sant, [SS]
Thayer, Alfred F, b. 6 Jul 1888, d. 12 Apr 1959, Massachusetts, Pvt, Gen Service Inf, [RT]
Thayer, Aloysius H, b. 17 Oct 1921, d. 23 Oct 1989, Cpl US Army WWII, [RT]
Thayer, Bernice Edna, b. 18 Dec 1903, d. 5 Aug 1965, His Wife, w/o Earl Franklin Thayer, [RT]
Thayer, Charles Reed, b. 21 Sep 1919, d. 14 Aug 1973, Washington, MMC, US Navy, WWII, Korea, f/o Julie A. and Sheri Ann Thayer, [RT]
Thayer, Earl Franklin, b. 14 Jun 1895, d. 19 Apr 1967, Massachusetts, Pvt Co D 42 Inf, 12 Div, WWI, h/o Bernice Edna Thayer, [RT]
Thayer, Earl Levi, d.24 Jun 1939, California, Acting Pay Clerk, U.S. Navy, h/o Mable Scoville, [RT]
Thayer, Guy Lang, b. 28 Apr 1917, d. 17 Mar 1962, Arkansas, GM3, USNR, WWII, [RT]
Thayer, Julie A,, d. 22 Apr 1960, His Daughters, d/o Charles Reed Thayer, [RT]
Thayer, Kenneth A, b. 1917, d. 1996, TEC 5 USA, [RT]
Thayer, Sheri Ann,, d. 17 Mar 1962, His Daughters, d/o Charles Reed Thayer, [RT]
Thayer, William G, b. 4 Oct 1886, d. 8 Sep 1964, Kansas, Sgt Trp B, 4 Regt Cavalry, [RT]
Young, William J, b. 3 Aug 1906, d. 15 Jan 1988, Capt US Navy, WWII Korea, [RT]

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