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The Cemeteries of San Ignacio
San Ignacio, San Diego County, California

The San Ignacio and San Ysidro cemeteries lie nestled in the mountains, trees, and chaparral of the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation.  Elevation here is about 4,000 ft. 

The tiny community of San Ignacio is located within the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation in eastern San Diego County, California.  The reservation is among the largest in California, yet is among the smallest in population.  The Los Coyotes band of Indians operate the reservation as a campground and recreation area.

There are two cemeteries found inside the reservation:

To get to these cemeteries, take Interstate 15 north or south to State Highway 79.  Go east on the 79 until you reach the town of Warner Springs.  At mile marker 35, look for a street named "Camino San Ignacio".  Go east on this street for about 0.6 miles, at which point you will enter the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation.  Here the street changes names to Los Tules Road.  Continue for another 4.5 miles until you reach the Check-in Station (noted on the map as "Start Here").

At the Check-in Station you will have to pay $10.00 for a day-use pass (per vehicle), and you will receive a map (same map as above).  Note that the map is not quite to scale.

San Ysidro Cemetery lies about 1 mile from the Check-in Station.  The cemetery lies just beyond a cattle-gate, and down in the canyon below.  From you car, the cemetery is difficult to spot when driving in this direction.  When driving from the opposite direction, it is very easy to spot.

San Ignacio Cemetery lies about 4 miles up the main road.  You will pass by a large corral with some cattle in it.  The road winds around the corral.  There are other roads the branch away from the corral; be careful to stay with the corral.  You will drive past an abandoned pink house, and soon you will easily spot the cemetery on your left sitting a top a hill.

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