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Pine Hill Cemetery
San Benito County, California

Near Bitterwater, CA

Contributed by Donna Hull, Feb 11, 2001 [dmhull@frazmtn.com]. Total records = 33.

From information provided by a family member to Donna Hull, then published in Donna's book, 1 Sep 1975.

AKERS, Amanda Harlow, b. 1842 TX or AR, d. 4 Jan 1879 Hernandez Valley, San Benito, CA, dtr/o John R. Harlow & Elsie Miler Chambers. wife/o Anderson Akers
AKERS, Elsie, b. 1877 Hernandez Valley, San Benito Co., CA, d. 15 Sep 1887, dtr/o Anderson Akers & Amanda Harlow
ASH, Josepha Cota, d. 25 Dec 1937
BALDWIN, John Morris, d. 8 May 1893
BOUTELL, Arthur, d. 3 Mar 1957
BOUTELL, Elmer, d. 13 May 1969
BOUTELL, George Washington, d. 9 Nov 1935, Father of Alice Mary Boutell Chambers & hus/o Susan Amanda Wainwright
BOUTELL, Susan Amanda Wainwright, d. 10 Nov 1931, wife of George W.
BOWDEN, (Baby), d. 6 Dec 1882
BOWDEN, Mrs., d. 27 Aug 1883
CHAMBERS, Frank, b. 1888 Bitterwater, San Benito Co., CA, d. 1890 Bitterwater, San Benito Co., CA, son/o George Wesley Chambers & Clara Bickmore.
CHAMBERS, Henry S., b. 15 Dec 1827 Estill Co., KY, d. 16 May 1888 Bitterwater, San Benito Co., CA, hus/o Sarah Akers, son/o James Chambers & Elsie Miller
CHAMBERS, William Yancey, b. 9 Apr 1863 Fresno Co., CA, d. 1 Apr 1901 Gilroy, CA, hus/o Katherine Maria Loretta Rudolph, son/o Henry S. Chambers & Sarah Akers
CHAVEZ, Augustine, d. 5 to 25 Oct 1942
HILL, Mary Esther, d. 1904
KANE, Mr., d. 7 Dec 1881
MATHEWS, Laura Logwood, d. 21 Mar 1878
MORELLINI, Charlotte, d. 16 May 1924
MOSSOP, R. G., d. 27 Jan 1885
McGUIRE, Francis "Frank" M., b. c1839 MO, d. 12 Nov 1914 Lonoak, San Benito Co., CA, hus/o Lucinda Harlow
McGUIRE, Lucinda Harlow, b. 2 Aug 1846, d. 8 Dec 1904, m 1st Benjamin A. Andrews, m 2nd Frank M, dtr/o John R. Harlow and Elsie Miller Chambers,
PRATER, Melvin, d. 2 Mar 1912
RUDOLPH, Baby,, d. 26 Aug 1874
SAWYER, Fred, d. 20 Mar 1881
SAWYER, Samuel, d. 24 May 1904
SELLECK, David Munson, d. 9 Oct 1907
SELLECK, Hannah G., d. 14 Dec 1884
SMOOT, Elsie Miller Chambers Harlow, b. 1810 Estill Co., KY, d. 28 Feb 1878 Bitterwater, San Benito Co., CA, dtr/o Jacob Miller & Priscilla Estes, 1st m. to James Chambers, 2nd m. John R. Harlow, 3rd m. to Samuel Smoot
TULLY, Baby, no dates, (Male)
VILLA, (Child), d. 13 May 1882
VILLA, Mrs. Domingo, d. 16 Mar 1883
VILLA, Susannah, d. 13 May 1882
WOLFE, William A., d. 1 Apr 1933

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