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Live Oak Cemetery
San Joaquin County, California

2281 E. Armstrong Rd, Lodi CA

Lat: 38° 05' 14"N, Lon: 121° 17' 10"W

Contributed by Barbara Filbin, Jun 14, 2004, last edited Feb 25, 2008 [missmop@sbcglobal.net]. Total records = 70.

Located at the junction of Ham Lane and Armstrong Road, (between Lodi and Stockton in San Joaquin County, California.

Live Oak Cemetery started about 1860, under the jurisdiction of the Methodist Church, and at one time there was a nice little chapel there for services. It was used until around 1904-1905. Fires in the abandoned cemetery destroyed many of the wooden markers over the years. After many years some of the remains were removed to other cemeteries.

Some of the graves were removed in 1987, cremated and buried in the Lodi Memorial Cemetery, on Pine Street in Lodi, San Joaquin Co., California, then buried in 1998, for what reason the burials were delayed, I have not determined. These listings have and asterisk * at the end of each entry. There is still lack of information about the demise of this cemetery and removal of the remains.

After the removal of the graves in 1987, a home was built at the location of the old cemetery.

- Barbara Filbin

Ashley, Albert L., d. Jan 14, 1868. twin
Ashley, Alfred E., no dates, It is said a set of twins were buried there, (our little twin) *
Ayers, Julia, b. Oct 01, 1835, d. May 19, 1885, w/o A.T. Ayers
Ayers, Julia, b. Oct 1805, d. May 19, 1885, w/o Stephen Ayers
Ayers, Stephen, b. Apr 23, 1795, d. Sep 12, 1869, Native of Vt *
Bissell, Alonzo D., d. Feb 09, 1861, age: 35yr *
Blohm, Anna, d. Nov 23, 1891, age: 8yr 2mo 13da, d/o John Blohm
Cole, James E., d. Mar 29, 1867, age: 32yr, 8mo, 15da, native of Texas
Coprey, Uriah, d. Apr 22, 1862, age: 29yr
Cowles, Moes H., d. Oct 21, 1871, same stone as Lemuel Dewey and Maria Dewey, of Amherst Mass *
Cowles, Ruth L., d. Nov 28, 1868, age: 79yr 2mo
Craig, George W., b. Oct 15, 1851, d. Nov 08, 1870, s/o of J.& F. Craig
Crawford, Infant, d. Nov 19, 1864, s/o J.S. & P.O. Crawford
Crawford, Parnay O., d. Sep 15, 1875, age: 39yr 2mo 22da, w/o J.S. Crawford
Dayton, Catherine W., b. Feb 12, 1815, d. Dec 27, 1902
Dayton, Catherine W., b. Jan 29, 1848, d. Jun 08, 1882
Dayton, Clarkson W., b. Feb 19, 1840, d. Feb 15, 1872 *
Dayton, Priscilla N., d. Dec 13,(3) 1900, age: 85yr *
Dayton, Ranson, d. Apr 12, 1895, age: 78yr
Dewey, Lemuel, d. Feb 19 1875, age: 58 yr. (On same stone with Moes H. Cowles and Maria B. Dewey.) *
Dewey, Maria B., no dates, of Amherst, Massachusetts *
Dinsmore, Frankie, d. Mar 27, 1869 age: 10mo 18da, s/o W.H. and E.M. Dinsmore
Dodge, Kate, d. Dec 24, 1865, age: 20yr(or26yrs), w/o C.R.Dodge *
Earl, Laura E., d. 1869, age: 1yr 10mo 11da, d/o Robt.& R. Earl
Earl, Mary J., d. Jul 06, 1865, age: 21yr 5mo, w/o Robt Earl, Native of Indiana
Earl, Willie, d. Sep 10, 1869, age: 1yr 1mo 3da, s/o of Robt. & R. Earl
Eddy, Martha, d. Dec 26, 1866, age: 7yr 2mo 2da, d/o A.L. & E. Eddy
Elam, James T., d. Sep 14, 1869 (1861) age: 1mo 19da, s/o T.P. and Elizabeth Elam
Elliott, Edmund, d. 7-3-1884, removed to Lodi Cemetery about 1910
Elliott, Sarah S., d. 12-16-1881removed to Lodi Cemetery about 1910
Feimster, Helen, d. Feb 4,(8) 1884. age: 21yr 1mo 8da *
Feimster, William R., d. Dec 14, 1863. age: 37yr 3mo 17da, Native of N.C
Fisher, Robert T., b. 1781, d. Sep 27, 1861 age: 80 yr
Floyd, ?, d. Aug 26, 1865, age: 65yr
Floyd, Cassandra D., d. Aug. 20, 1863, 14yr (1yr?) 3mo, child of W.F. & N.J. Floyd, Same stone as Winna J
Floyd, Winna J., d. Dec. 23, 1860 age: 5yr 11mo, 23da, Child of W.J. & N. J. Floyd, Same stone as Cassandra D. Floyd
Fowler, Fannie A., d. Apr 15, 1864, age: 1yr 16da, d/o W.P. & F.A. Fowler
Fowler, Hattie A., d/o W.P. & F.A. Fowler d. Mar 29, 1863, age: 13mo 20da
Fowler, Joseph Miner, d. Jun 4, 1896 moved to Lodi Memorial Cem., no date available.
Hanson (Hansen), Mary, b. Jun 07, 1821, d. Aug 11, 1887, w/o Audro Hanson, Born near Hanover, Germany *
Husby, Lars P., b. Apr 1849, d. 1883, Stone broken in 1960 reading *
Jennings, Lula, d. Jan 5, 1887 moved to Rural Cem., Stockton 7-13-1917
Lane, John W., b. Fayette Me, d. Dec. 28 1864 age: 34yr 9mo 10da
Laue, John, b. 1830 d. 1864
Maxim, Alfred, d. Aug 28, 1889, Native of N.Y., Erected by his sons, 1960 reading stone was broken, age: 79yr 9mo *
Merrill, Alonzo, d. Apr 13, 1876, age: 49yr 7mo, (Albion C.) native of N.H
Mills, Freeman, d. Sep 20, 1875, age: 63yr 4mo 19da, (IOOF) native of Pa
Mills, Mrs. M.G., d. Jan 21, 1897, age: 81yr 7mo, 11da, Native of Mass
Misner, Elias, b. 1811 d. 1865, Native of N.Y. *
Mohier, Ellar, d. Dec 03, 1867 age: 20 yrs, 2mo 7da, w/o George Mohier
Mohier, Emma, d. Jan 26, 1877, age: 33 yrs 3mo 16da, w/o Ira Mohier
Pearson, Alice E., d. Jan. 31, 1864 age: 1mo 5da, d/o T.C. & S.A. Pearson
Peters, James V., d. Jun 24, 1869, age: 38yr 9mo 16da (removed to Lodi Cemetery 1984, buried 1998 when cemetery removed) *
Skey, C. C., d. Dec 15, 1880, age: 55yr
Skey, Josiah, d. Jun 29, 1878, age: 49yr 11mo *
Skey, Mrs. Josie, d. Mar 18, 1903, age: 85 yr, 5mo
Skey, Mrs. Myra, b. Jan. 29, 1800 d. Jan. 18, 1892
Tredway, Isabella, d. Sep 7, 1889 moved to Rural Cem., Stockton Sep 7, 1896.
Tredway, James P., d. Feb 25, 1868. age: 49yr 2mo 12da, Native of Calif, Oddfellow, Mason *
Tredway, Mary, d. Mar 18, 1876, age: 53yr 1mo 27da, w/o James P. (this is 1 of 2 metal caskets found.) *
Trimble, Francis, d. Feb 22, 1865, age: 29yr 11mo
Trimble, Maria J., d. Nov 25, 1864 age: 10mo 14da, d/o Francis M. and Mary A. Trimble
Wait, Wm. F., d. May 30, 1873, age: 38yr 5mo 18da
Wakefield, Allen H., d. Dec 10, 1883 moved to Rural Cem., Stockton 7-13-1917.
White, Addie, d. Feb 17, 1875, age: 13yr 10mo 2da, d/o W.B. & M. H. White *
White, Henry H., Aug 26, 1846 d. May 11 1877, native of Bristol, Mass
White, William F., d. May 30, 1873, age: 38yr 5mo 18da
Williams, Leah E., d. Nov 5, 1868, age: 11yr 5mo 15da, d/o T.&. E. *
Yoakum, Evalina, d. Mar 22, 1875, age: 22yr 7mo 14da, w/o Thomas J. Yoakum *
Yoakum, Infant, d. Mar 21, 1875, child of Thomas Y Evalina *

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