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Fairhaven Memorial Park
Santa Ana, Orange County, California

This page shows all of the sections in Fairhaven Memorial Park as of Aug 05, 2005. The top list shows the 17 sections Jim Steffen has completed. 27 sections remain to be completed, out of a total of 44. Below the completed list is the listing of those yet to be completed.

If someone wishes to read one complete section, we hope these lists will be of help. There are other submissions which do not have their locations listed. It is good to also check the listings we have, to help prevent sending in duplications.

Sections, Lawns or Gardens completed:

  • Court of Reflections
  • Lawn AE
  • Lawn AG
  • Lawn AH
  • Lawn AJ
  • Lawn AK
  • Lawn AL
  • Lawn AN
  • Lawn I
  • Lawn K
  • Lawn L
  • Lawn R
  • Lawn S
  • Lawn T
  • Lawn U
  • Lawn Z
  • Serenity Garden
  • South Lawn

Sections, Lawn or Gardens not yet completed:

  • Court of ?
  • Court of ?
  • Lawn A
  • Lawn AB
  • Lawn AC
  • Lawn AD
  • Lawn AF
  • Lawn AV
  • Lawn AW
  • Lawn AX
  • Lawn AY
  • Lawn AZ
  • Lawn H
  • Lawn J
  • Lawn M
  • Lawn N
  • Lawn O
  • Lawn P
  • Lawn Q
  • Lawn V
  • Lawn W
  • Lawn X
  • Lawn XX
  • Mausoleum
  • Memorial Garden
  • North Garden

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