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El Carmelo Cemetery
Pacific Grove, Monterey County, California

68 Asilomar Drive, Pacific Grove CA 93950

Lat: 36° 37' 56"N, Lon: 121° 55' 47"W

This cemetery is at the corner of Asilomar and Lighthouse Avenues in Pacific Grove, CA

El Carmelo was founded by the Methodist church in 1891 and still has a mainly Methodist section. It is also known as "The Little Chapel By The Sea".

In 1948 the City of Pacific Grove began caring for it. The older section was covered with berry bushes for many years until somewhere in the sixty or seventies they were cleared away. The view of the Pacific Ocean and the tall cyprus trees have always made this seem like a peaceful haven of rest.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Nov 14, 2006. Total records = 193.

Contributor's Index:

??, Georgia, no dates, G.L.M., Cummings Plot, [HH]
Abbott, Rev. Ida May, b. 25 Dec 1869, d. 17 Feb 1890, w/o Rev. Ils. Abbott, [HH]
Bailey, Jotham A., no dates, s/w Phoebus Bailey Johnson Plot, [HH]
Bailey, Phoebus, d. 08 Jul 1891, age: 53yr, s/w Jotham A. Bailey Johnson Plot, [HH]
Baker, Dorothy L., b. 08 Jul 1910, d. 08 Oct 1917, [HH]
Bertels, Mary R., b. 1876, d. 1911, [HH]
Birks, John L., b. 23 Nov 1845, d. 18 Mar 1919, s/w Martha S. Birks, [HH]
Birks, Martha S., b. 23 Jan 1849, d. 10 Jun 1931, s/w John L. Birks, [HH]
Bonney, Anne Elizabeth, b. 12 Oct 1842 England, d. 20 Nov 1920, Native of England, Bonney Plot, [HH]
Bonney, Baby Wallace Lewis, no dates, At Rest, s/w Anne Elizabeth Bonney, [HH]
Bonney, Ethelind M., b. 1875, d. 1968, Bonney Plot, [HH]
Bonney, John A., no dates, Co. E. 1 Nev. Cav., Bonney Plot, [HH]
Boynton, Kate Wheeler, no dates, Boynton Plot, [HH]
Brady, Ruth A., b. 1902, d. 1975, [HH]
Brinton, Virginia, b. 1902, d. 1921, [HH]
Brown, Blanche Edith, b. 1905, d. 3 Mar 1971, d/o William P. Sweeney & Lena Mae Kernohan, w/o Kenneth Brown, [DP]
Brown, Frank Ward, b. 1851 Chicago, IL, d. 1919, Native of Chicago, Ill, [HH]
Brugess, Elizabeth C., d. 25 Mar 1906, age: 76yr 11mo 20da, Native of New York, [HH]
Carver, E. V., d. 1905, [HH]
Casauran, Marguerite, b. 20 Jun 1920, d. 14 Dec 1920, Our Baby, The Lovely Flower Has Faded, [HH]
Clark, Emma, b. 1855, d. 1910, w/o Wiliam C. Clark, Native of CA, [HH]
Clark, William C., b. 1842 Michigan, d. 1925, Native of Michigan, [HH]
Coleman, Edmund, d. 21 Sep 1910, age: 52yr, Native of Tennessee, Coleman Plot, [HH]
Cornish, Baby, d. 21 Sep 1911, s/w Baby Goldstine, [HH]
Could (Gould?), Jean Barclay, b. 06 Mar 1857 New Brunswick, Canada, d. 20 Jan 1923, w/o Walter D. Could, Native of New Brunswick, Canada, [HH]
Cowell, Minnie A., b. 1870, d. 1959, [HH]
Cox, Sarah, b. 24 Jul 1837 Manea, Camb Eng, d. 29 Sep 1909 Pacific Grove, [HH]
Crawford, Alma Hemphill, b. 1855, d. 1935, [HH]
Crawford, William Emery, b. 1850, d. 1933, [HH]
Crepin, Mary Emilie, d. 07 Oct 1911, [HH]
Crosby, George S., b. 26 Sep 1847, d. 20 Jul 1916, At Rest, [HH]
Crossley, George P., b. 1882, d. 1952, [HH]
Crossley, Virginia, b. 1881, d. 1939, [HH]
Cummings, Lucy A., b. 1826, d. 1910, His Wife, s/w William A. Cummings, Cummings Plot, [HH]
Cummings, William A., b. 1822, d. 1898, s/w/ Lucy A. Cummings, Cummings Plot, [HH]
Davis, David, b. 1843, d. 1929, Member of Lucius Fairchild Post 179, Co. D 34th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers, Davis Crypt, [HH]
Davis, Ella C., b. 1861, d. 1936, Davis Crypt, [HH]
DeAlvis, Francis A., b. 09 Nov 1925, d. 12 Aug 1984, Loving Son & Brother, Peace, [HH]
DeForest, Mildred Lois, b. 23 Dec 1919, d. 11 Feb 1920, [HH]
Duncan,, no dates, Plot with no stones, [HH]
Ellis, Annie L., b. 1852, d. 1929, [HH]
Ellis, Frank W., b. 1846, d. 1922, [HH]
Ely, Lillie E., b. 09 Mar 1868, d. 29 Apr 1918, s/w Stebbings Ely, [HH]
Ely, Stebbings A., b. 1862, d. 1937, s/w Lillie E. Ely, [HH]
Ely, Susan D., b. 1894, d. 1938, s/w Stebbings Ely, [HH]
Etzel, Howard T., d. 17 Oct 1913, age: 6mo 22da, [HH]
Fackenthall, Charles Stewart, b. 1858, d. 1926, Priest, Rector St. Mary's Church Pacific Grove, St. John's Chapel Del Monte, St. James Church Monterey 1890-1899, s/w Charles + Sarah Wallace, [HH]
Farran, Amanda, d. 27 Dec 1914, s/w Samuel M. Farran, [HH]
Farran, Samuel M., no dates, , age: 71yr, At Rest, s/w Amanda Farran, [HH]
Fisher, Anna Bradbury, b. 1841, d. 1911, w/o Eli Fisher, s/w Eli Bradbury, [HH]
Fisher, Eli, b. 1841, d. 1924, s/w Anna Bradbury, [HH]
Fitch, Seth W., d. 01 May 1904, [HH]
Fuller, Douglass Bacon, b. 22 Mar 1880, d. 01 Nov 1890, Story Plot, [HH]
George, James, d. Jun 1897, age: 40yr, [HH]
Goldstine, Baby, d. 11 Apr 1911, s/w Baby Cornish, [HH]
Goodyear, Hannah, b. 1808, d. 1859, [HH]
Gosbey, Bessie, b. 06 Jul 1904, d. , age: 23yr 7da, w/o J. S. Gosbey (Cosbey?), [HH]
Gould, Albert Edward, b. 1867, d. 1922, Father, [HH]
Grice, Glen George, b. 02 Sep 1912, d. 26 Sep 1970, CA, Pvt 129 Abn Engineer BN World War II, [HH]
Griggs, Eli, b. 1831, d. 1916, Co. C. 15 Ill. Inf., [HH]
Griggs, Esther, b. 1844, d. 1933, His Wife, [HH]
Gripe, Robert C., d. 07 Oct 1923, Our Baby, Gone But Not Forgotten, [HH]
Haight, Hilda V., b. 22 May 1870, d. 18 Jul 1922, s/w N. Herbert Haight, [HH]
Haight, N. Herbert, b. 09 Dec 1864, d. 29 Dec 1916, Dr., s/w Hilda V. Haight, [HH]
Haines, Walter H., b. 18 Sep 1863, d. 03 Feb 1907, [HH]
Hasbrouck, Mary A., b. 03 Jan 1832, d. 28 Feb 1905, [HH]
Hazelrigg Jr., William B., b. 1916, d. 1932, [HH]
Hazelrigg, Irma M., b. 1889, d. 1920, [HH]
Hemphill, Maria, b. 1828 Ohio, d. 1910, Mother, Native of Ohio, [HH]
Higgins, Elizabeth, b. 16 Jul 1859, d. 24 Mar 1898, Beloved w/o J. Higgins, At Rest, s/w Leslie J. Higgins, [HH]
Higgins, Leslie J., b. 20 May 1853, d. 02 Feb 1918, age: 65yr, s/w Elizabeth Higgins, [HH]
Hollling, Ina K., b. 1882, d. 1970, Cummings Plot, [HH]
Hollling, William W., b. 04 Jan 1878, d. 26 Jan 1948, Pvt 1 Calif Inf, Sp Am War, Cummings Plot, [HH]
Horsefield, Richard, b. Barowford, England, d. 15 Oct 1910, age: 78yr, Native of Barowford England, [HH]
Hovey, Geo. A., no dates, Sergt. Co. K. 17 A. Inf., same plot as Zeruah B. Hovey, [HH]
Hovey, Zeruah B., b. 14 Jul 1832, d. 08 Jan 1919, same plot as Geo. A. Hovey, [HH]
Howes, Frank W., b. 18 Jan 1893, d. 16 Apr 1959, Pvt Co B 146 Machine Gun BN, Johnson Plot, [HH]
Huggins, Howard, b. 1820, d. 1897, [HH]
Ingram, Alice Josephine, b. 30 Jun 1866, d. 23 Nov 1912, [HH]
Ingram, George A., b. 30 May 1843, d. 24 Feb 1923, [HH]
Ingram, George P., b. 15 Nov 1886, d. 01 Aug 1927, [HH]
Jewell, Charlotte, B.", d. 20 Aug 1916, age: 85yr 2mo, s/w F. F. Jewell, [HH]
Jewell, F. F., d. 10 Feb 1899, age: 68yr 9mo, D.D., Jewell Plot, [HH]
Jewell, Orla H., d. 11 Dec 1883, age: 33yr 2mo 7da, s/w F. F. Jewell, [HH]
Johnson, Elayne, b. 11 May 1921, Saginaw, MI, d. 24 Jul 1997, d/o Dale Lavergne Ward & Myrtle Viola Sweeney, w/o R. Kenneth Johnson, [DP]
Johnson, Robert Kenneth, b. 26 Dec 1909, d. 27 Feb 1979, [DP]
Johnson, W. H., b. 16 May 1813 London, England, d. 07 Feb 1906, Johnson Plot, [HH]
Jones, Lucy J., b. 25 Apr 1873, d. 25 Jul 1912, [HH]
Jorgensen, Baby, d. 17 Aug 1920, [HH]
Kidd, Samuel J., b. 24 May 1828, d. 12 Apr 1904, [HH]
King, Everett, b. 1891, d. May 1935, [VH]
King, Grace, b. Jun 1895, d. May 1935, [VH]
Kridler, Olive O., b. 1875, d. 1969, Kridler Plot, [HH]
Kridler, Rebecca, b. 31 Oct 1847, d. 31 May 1926, Kridler Plot, [HH]
Lane, Eugene F., b. 1903, d. 1972, Higgins Plot, [HH]
Lange, J. A. Hermine, b. 1893, d. 1923, And Now Abideth Faith Hope and Love, [HH]
Lloyd, Mary Skan, b. 24 Feb 1839, d. 13 Apr 1909, Nix-Lloyd Plot, [HH]
Lucas, R. Mae, d. 16 Jun 1906, age: 37yr 10mo 29da, Farewell, w/o Rev. C. G. Lucas, [HH]
Lukcic, Vera Mae, b. 23 Jul 1904, MI, d. 13 Nov 1978, d/o William P. Sweeney & Lena Mae Kernohan, w/o Travis W. Pendergrass and Martin Lukcic, [DP]
McDougall, A. C., b. 1830, d. 1899, Reverend, [HH]
McKay, Mary C., b. 1852, d. 1907, [HH]
McKim, Howard H., b. 1917, d. 1919, Baby, [HH]
Medina, Graciela E., b. 25 Nov 1928, d. 29 Nov 1928, Baby, [HH]
Meyer, Charily E., b. 22 Jan 1855, d. 23 Feb 1915, age: 60yr, [HH]
Mill, James, b. 1843, d. 1917, Mill Plot, [HH]
Mill, Sarah C., b. 1846, d. 1890, Mill Plot, [HH]
Moyes, Charlotte E., b. 21 Aug 1881, d. 01 Jan 1912, s/w F. F. Jewell, [HH]
Moyes, Octavia S., d. 07 Jan 1882, age: 22yr 9mo 26da, w/o C. J. Moyes, s/w F. F. Jewell, [HH]
Murray, Duncan H., b. 1900 Chefoo, China, d. 1982, Chefoo, China, Pryor Plot, [HH]
Murray, Ebe, b. 1867, d. 1943, Pryor Plot, [HH]
Murray, Emma Ann, b. 1869, d. 1956, Pryor Plot, [HH]
Murray, Frances Pryor, b. 1899, d. 1991, Our Beloved Matriarch, Pryor Plot, [HH]
Murray, John P., b. 1932, d. 1985, Beloved Grandson, Pryor Plot, [HH]
Nix, Elizabeth Mary, b. 11 Dec 1869, d. 23 Jun 1940, Nix-Lloyd Plot, [HH]
Nix, Samuel G., b. 06 Jul 1869, d. 11 Oct 1948, Nix-Lloyd Plot, [HH]
Noble, Fanny M., b. 1850, d. 1925, [HH]
Noble, Frank D., b. 1844, d. 1923, Co. D. 39 Wis. Inf., [HH]
Norton, Lulu, b. 1876, d. 1968, [HH]
Oliver, Alice Higgins, b. 1856 Maine, d. 1943, s/w Frank Wildes Oliver, Oliver Plot, [HH]
Oliver, Frank Wildes, b. 1847 Maine, d. 1929, Natives of Maine, s/w Alice Higgins Oliver, Oliver Plot, [HH]
Oliver, Lyndon E., b. 1877, d. 1952, Oliver Plot, [HH]
Oliver, Ralph Raymond, b. 09 Sep 1897, d. 26 Jun 1959, Oliver Plot, [HH]
Olson, August, b. 1862, d. 1953, [HH]
Olson, Jennie, b. 1829, d. 1910, In Memory of Mother, [HH]
Perine, Martin, d. 1896, s/w Mary E. Perine, [HH]
Perine, Mary E., b. Orange. NJ, d. 1919, w/o Martin Perine, s/w Martine Perine, [HH]
Pine, Charles Andrew, b. 15 Feb 1826 Williston, VT, d. 12 Nov 1891, Father, Native of Williston, VT, s/w Louisa Wascatt Pine, [HH]
Pine, Louisa Wascatt, b. 26 Jul 1836 Salem, Mass, d. 03 Apr 1911, Mother, Native of Salem, Mass, s/w Charles Andrew Pine, [HH]
Pryor, Eliza Sappington, b. 1862, d. 1935, Mother, Pryor Plot, [HH]
Pryor, Frederic Hewes, b. 1893, d. 1915, Pryor Plot, [HH]
Pryor, John Porter, b. 1859, d. 1944, Pryor Plot, [HH]
Pryor, Thomas Aubrey, b. 1895, d. 1931, World War Veteran, Pryor Plot, [HH]
Puget, Henry J., b. 1904, d. 1996, Kridler Plot, [HH]
Puget, Ruth L., b. 1908, d. 1990, Kridler Plot, [HH]
Rickard, Clyde A., b. 1853, d. 1914, s/w Griffina Rickard + Lenora A. Smith, [HH]
Rickard, Griffina, b. 1875, d. 1938, s/w Clyde A. Rickard & Lenora R. Smith, [HH]
Rosenquist, Rev. Eric J. A., b. 1862, d. 1921, [HH]
Ross, Pauline Ruby, b. 22 Jun 1924, Pacific Grove, d. 3 Nov 1968, d/o William P. Sweeney & Lena Mae Kernohan, w/o Robert Ross, [DP]
Russell, James E. III, b. 1930, d. 1978, Dedicated Husband & Father, Pryor Plot, [HH]
Saal, Louis, b. 1850, d. 20 Nov 1911, [HH]
Schroeder, Luise Boynton, b. 1878, d. 1951, Boynton Plot, [HH]
Schroeder, Nellie F., b. 13 Sep 1872, d. 15 Jan 1940, Kridler Plot, [HH]
Scott, Harriet A., d. 24 Oct 1904, age: 66yr, Asleep in Jesus, s/w Samuel Scott, [HH]
Scott, Jane, b. 08 Feb 1852 Illinois, d. 21 Jun 1914, Native of Illinois, Mother-He Giveth His Beloved Sleep, [HH]
Scott, Letitia C., b. 1885, d. 1968, [HH]
Scott, Samuel, b. 01 Aug 1823, d. 09 Feb 1899, Resting in Jesus, s/w Harriet A. Scott, [HH]
Scott, Vira Carroll, b. 1884, d. 1959, [HH]
Self, Susan A., d. 22 Jun 1919, Mother, [HH]
Shields, Elizabeth H., b. 1911, d. 2000, Cummings Plot, [HH]
Shields, Kenneth R., b. 1909, d. 1994, Cummings Plot, [HH]
Small, Alice Williams, b. 1909, d. 1999, Beloved Wife & Mother, [HH]
Small, Joseph N., b. 1908, d. 1986, Beloved Husband & Father, Oliver Plot, [HH]
Smith, Lenora R., b. 1899, d. 1933, s/w Clyde A. + Griffina Rickard, [HH]
Smith, Patricia May, d. 03 Jul 1929, Infant daughter of Paul & Berenice Smith, [HH]
Sprague, Lydia L.(?), b. 04 Dec 1830, d. 16 Apr 1894, [HH]
Stewart, Amanda Ellen, b. 1854, d. 1932, s/w John Winfield Stewart (same side of stone), Stewart Plot, [HH]
Stewart, C. R., no dates, Stewart Plot, [HH]
Stewart, Charles Rupert, b. 1874, d. 1893, s/w John Stewart, Stewart Plot, [HH]
Stewart, John W., d. , Co. H. 7 U.S. Inf., s/w Johns + Amanda, Stewart Plot, [HH]
Stewart, John Winfield, b. 1849, d. 1913, s/w John Stewart, Stewart Plot, [HH]
Strong, Elizabeth Angell, b. 1838, d. 1907, w/o Frederick Strong, s/w Frederick Strong, Virginia C. Strong, [HH]
Strong, Frederick, b. 1835, d. 1919, s/w/ Elizabeth & Virginia C. Strong, [HH]
Strong, Virginia C., b. 1867, d. 1935, s/w Frederick + Elizabeth Strong, [HH]
Sweeney, Lena Mae, b. 24 Apr 1885, MI, d. 20 Oct 1972, d/o Hugh Kernohan & Minnie Crane, w/o William P. Sweeney, [DP]
Sweeney, Stanley Everett, b. 11 Nov 1909, Pacific Grove, d. 9 Jul 1983, s/o William P. Sweeney & Lena Mae Kernohan, [DP]
Sweeney, William Patrick, b. 19 Apr 1882, Brant, MI, d. 20 Jan 1952, [DP]
Thomas, Chauncey, d. 09 May 1919, Pennsylvania, Rear Admiral U. S. Navy, [HH]
Thompson, Carol Walker, b. 19 Jan 1929, d. 25 Feb 2007, Boynton Plot, [HH]
Thompson, Edwin J., b. 03 Jun 1894, d. 18 Oct 1921, Love Knows No Separation, [HH]
Thompson, John, b. 04 Jul 1860, d. 19 Sep 1942, In Loving Memory, Love Knows No Separation, [HH]
Thrush, Sophronia, b. 09 Aug 1856, d. 08 Oct 1915, Mother, In Loving Memory of, [HH]
Tollis, Jane Helen, d. 01 Sep 1925, Tollis Plot, [HH]
Towne, Ellen A., no dates, Story Plot, [HH]
Van Hess, Emma Ivy, d. 1909, Our Baby, Van Ness(?), [HH]
Walker, Charles F., b. 1921, d. 1983, Msgt US Army World War II Korea, Cummings Plot, [HH]
Walkington, Mary Estelle, d. 26 Dec 1908, age: 52yr 5mo 3da, s/w F. F. Jewell, [HH]
Walkington, T. C., d. 10 Jan 1905, age: 53yr 8mo 16da, s/w F. F. Jewell, [HH]
Wallace, George I., no dates, s/w Charles Fackenthall, [HH]
Wallace, Sarah C., no dates, s/w Charles Fackenthall, [HH]
Ward, Claudius Burton, b. 14 Jan 1920, Flint, MI, d. 8 Dec 1989, s/o Dale Lavergne Ward & Myrtle Viola Sweeney, h/o Beatrice Parrott, [DP]
Ward, Dale Lavergne, b. 11 Mar 1899, Brant, Saginaw Co., MI, d. 13 Oct 1964, [DP]
Ward, Myrtle Viola (Sweeney), b. 16 Jul 1899, Brant, MI, d. 27 Nov 1950, w/o Dale Lavergne Ward, [DP]
Wasson, Mary, b. 1853, d. 1929, s/w Nancy Wasson, [HH]
Wasson, Nancy, b. 1850, d. 1930, s/w Mary Wasson, [HH]
Waterhouse, Charles C., b. 1804, d. 1855, [HH]
Waterhouse, Frank G., b. 1850, d. 1921, [HH]
Waterhouse, Lavinia G., b. 1809, d. 1890, [HH]
Waters, Phebe A., b. 1843, d. 1917, Mill Plot, [HH]
Welch, David Thompson, b. 1843, d. 1930, Welch Plot, [HH]
Welch, Harriet Mary, b. 1864, d. 1933, Welch Plot, [HH]
Welch, Maria McMillan, b. 1851, d. 1908, Welch Plot, [HH]
Wermuth, Kenneth P., b. 06 Aug 1928, d. 20 Sep 1928, [HH]
Westcott, Robert E., b. 1907, d. 1925, [HH]
Westcott, Robert, b. 03 Feb 1877, d. 11 May 1956, Pvt Co K 1 Regt Calif Inf Spanish American War, [HH]
Wilke, Nellie Erlbeck, b. 10 Apr 1876, d. 02 Apr 1912, A gentle and loving daughter, wife, and mother, Peace Perfect Peace, [HH]
Williams, Anne Louise Oliver, b. 1879, d. 1967, I.O.O.F. symbol, Coleman Plot, [HH]
Williams, John Jarvis, b. 1874, d. 1964, I.O.O.F. symbol, D.D.S., Coleman Plot, [HH]
Wilson, Isaac, b. 28 Jul 1880, Brant, Saginaw Co., MI, d. 27 Oct 1942, s/o Isaac Wilson and Jane Potts, [DP]
Wilson, Sarah Esther, b. 12 Jul 1885, Brant, MI, d. 11 Jan 1955, d/o Hiram Crane and Amanda Weed, w/o Isaac Wilson, [DP]
Wolfe, Jos. B. (K.?), no dates, Lieut. Co. 1 107 Ill Inf, [HH]
Wright, Ida Scott, b. 1873, d. 1935, Bonney Plot, [HH]
Wright, J. J., b. 24 May 1837, d. 18 Jan 1906, [HH]
Wright, James M., b. 1871, d. 1922, At Rest, Bonney Plot, [HH]
Wright, Katharine Boynton, b. 1881, d. 1958, Boynton Plot, [HH]
Wright, Will E., b. 1861, d. 1940, [HH]
Yeaman, Louisa Huggins, b. 20 Jun 1821 Calif, d. 31 Aug 1904, [HH]
Yunoos, Essa Ismail, b. 14 Sep 1910, d. 09 Nov 1990, Loving Husband & Father, Peace, [HH]
Yunoos, Mary Bertha, b. 16 Jun 1896, d. 06 Sep 1996, Loving Wife & Mother, Peace, [HH]

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