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Cottonwood Cemetery
Gustine, Merced County, California

Contributed by Loretta Kanelos, Apr 20, 2000 [lkanelos@worldnet.att.net]. Total records = 74.

Many years ago this cemetery was abandoned by the Hills Ferry Cemetery District (Newman, CA). Many bodies were also removed to other cemeteries. Judging from the dates this cemetery dates back to the late 1800s.

The cemetery has been vandalized and only 4 markers remain on the gravesites, there are others laying in a ditch nearby.

I obtained this recorded log of the cemetery from Mr Mendonca in 1988. It is an account dated Sep 01, 1888. Many of the other documents of this cemetery were destroyed in a fire.

- Loretta Kanelos

Beckwith, John, no dates, Lot 112
Bertoley, Domingo, no dates, Lot 120
Bither, Arthur, no dates, Lot 41
Bither, Isabelle, d. Nov 25, 1895, Lot 40
Bollinger, Leticia, no dates, Lot 60
Bomback, Henry, no dates, Civil War Vet, Lot 97
Bradley, Adelia, no dates, Lot 42
Bradley, Hattie, no dates, Lot 42
Bradley, Rebecca Mrs, d. 1906, s/w Thomas, Lot 159
Bradley, Thomas, d. 6/21/1902, (Sp. Amer.War Vet), Lot 159
Clark, May, no dates, Lot 36
Coyle, Ruben, no dates, Jan 05, 1888, Lot 61
De Vaney, George Jr., no dates, Lot 72
DeGregori, Mike, no dates, Lot 120
Demint, George, no dates, Lot 23
Edwards, Cora, no dates, Lot 20
Erickson, L., no dates, Lot 143
Ewing, Andrew, no dates, s/w Mary, (Assemblyman, Merced County), Lot 153
Ewing, Mary, no dates, s/w Andrew, Lot 153
Ewing, Samuel, no dates, Lot 152
Graham, A. M., no dates, Lot 43
Hansen, Fredericka, no dates, Lot 108
Hansen, Laura, no dates, Lot 109
Hicks, Henry, no dates, (Civil War Veteran) Pauper, Lot 126
Hollingsworth, Mabel, no dates, Lot 83
Jefsen, H., no dates, Lot 113
Johns, Joseph, d. Mar 27, 1887, in ditch, Lot 98
Jusuchen, Henry, d. Aug 04, 1886, in ditch
Kruger, Charles, no dates, Lot 34
Kruger, Sarah, no dates, Lot 34
Lapp, William Daniel, no dates, Civil War, Lot 30
Lawrensen, George, no dates, Lot 18
Manning, Patrick , no dates, Lot 2
Manning, Patrick, no dates, (Fence Post cemented to grave marker)
McDowell, Lottie , no dates, Lot 133
McDowell, Lottie, no dates, Lot 89
McMulvaney, John, no dates, Lot 63
Menzel, Jean, no dates, twin, Lot 48
Menzel, John, no dates, Lot 48
Menzel, Paul, no dates, twin, Lot 48
Middleton, Robert, no dates, Lot 89
Miller, George C, no dates, Lot 88
Pettit, Joshua, no dates, 12 year old child, Lot 129
Potter, Lucretia, no dates, Aug 01, 1888, Lot 79
Ralley, Emily, no dates, Lot 55
Ralley, Jenette, no dates, Lot 55
Ray, D. W., no dates, Lot 165
Reeves, David Wesley, d. Jun 30, 1891, Lot 59
Reid, Eugenia, d. Jan 28, 1891, Reeves, Christopher & Alice, Lot 131
Reid, Jennie, no dates, Lot 116
Riddle, W. E., d. 3/20/1882, Lot 28
Rodden, William, no dates, Civil War Vet, Lot 29
Smith, D. W., no dates, Lot 33
Stefensen, Infants, no dates, 2 children, Lot 14
Steinberg, Carmelita, d. Dec 15, 1872, in ditch
Steinberg, Cordelia, d. Dec 15, 1892, in ditch
Steinberg, George, d. Feb 18, 1897, in ditch
String, E. L., no dates, Lot 168
Sweitzer, Lafayette, no dates, Lot 67
Taylor, Sylvester, d. Nov 15, 1879, Civil War Veteran, Lot 51
True, Ira J., d. Mar 06, 1877, Lot 39
Upton, Charles, no dates, Lot 157
Vierra, Antone, no dates, Lot 46
Vierra, Frank, no dates, Lot 46
Wehe, Frank Mrs, no dates, Lot 117
White, Billy, no dates, Lot 111
White, Claude, no dates, Lot 111
Wiggs, James, no dates, Lot 31
Woodworth, Alonzo, no dates, Lot 110
Woodworth, Julia (Twitchell), no dates, Lot 110
Worthy, Elizabeth Unida, Dec 29, 1880, s/w Janey and William, Lot 26
Worthy, Janey, d. 1/14/1881, s/w William and Elizabeth Unida, Lot 26
Worthy, William, no dates, s/w Elizabeth Unida and Janey, Lot 26
Yates, Sara, d. 1891, Lot 132

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