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Union Cemetery
Bakersfield, Kern County, California

union cemetery bakersfield california

GPS: 35.363795, -118.994379

King & Potomac Sts
Bakersfield, CA

Last upated, December 1, 2019
Total records: 43

Union Cemetery is owned and managed by the Union Cemetery Association, a non-profit organization that has cared for this property continuously since 1904.

Cemetery History

It was the middle of the 19th Century when Colonel Thomas Baker, the man for whom Bakersfield is named, moved to Kern County and ultimately settled in what was then known as Kern Island. A prosperous lawyer, politician and businessman, he hand-selected this parcel of land as the place he wanted to "Lay my bones".

Baker's grave in 1872 marked the beginning of Union Cemetery, which later became the resting place of thousands of pioneers and settlers.

"Union Cemetery" is so-named because, in the late 1800's, both the city of Bakersfield and the City of Sumner had old, neglected and rundown cemeteries. The newspaper complained about them so much that when Col. Baker was buried at the present location of Union Cemetery, the townspeople wanted that area to become the new cemetery. The County bought the property and the name of Union Cemetery was adopted as the two cemeteries were united as one.

Vistor Submitted Records

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Contributor's Index:

Baker, Caroline, d. Apr 21, 1872, age: 29yr, w/o William, [DO]
Baker, William, d. Feb. 28, 1880, age: 45yr, [DO]
Bertrand, Billy J, b. 18 Sep 1978, d. 14 Nov 1999, s/o Billy G. & Sharon Bertrand, [BD]
Burkhart, Christianna A, b. 1866 CA, d. Sep 03, 1941, w/o Jefferson, [JB]
Burkhart, Jefferson Davis, b. Oct 05, 1863 Ark, d. Jul 18, 1953, s/o James McDonald Burkhart & Mary Polly McLaughlin, [JB]
Cassin, Thomas, d. Apr. 1, 1876, Pioneer Of 1849, [DO]
Coolbaugh, Frederick M, b. 1908, d. 1915, [DO]
Diers, Mattie, d. Apr 26, 1891, age: 29yr, d/o William Baker, w/o w/o Henry Diers, [DO]
Gunsolus, Roy Matthew, b. 02 Feb 1921, d. 08 Feb 1998, [SR]
Hunter, Lawernce Frances, b. 1901, d. 1921, s/o William J. and Mary Omo, [BH]
Hunter, Lucille Mary (StClair), b. 1904, d. 1999, husband William M. Hunter, d/o Ralph and Rena St Clair, [BH]
Hunter, Mary (OMO), b. 1864, d. 1942, w/o William J. Hunter, d/o Isreal and Mary Omo, [BH]
Hunter, Phoebe Cecilia, b. 1893, d. 1940, d/o William J. and Mary Hunter, [BH]
Hunter, William J. Hunter, b. 1856, d. 1930, h/o Mary Nee (Omo) Hunter, s/o Robert and Margaret Hunter, [BH]
Hunter, William M, b. 1895, d. 1948, h/o Lucille M. Hunter, s/o William J. and Mary Hunter, [BH]
Kellogg, Edith N Neff, b. 28 Nov 1887, d. 02 Dec 1980, [SR]
Kellogg, Fannie Delphine Whittaker, b. 13 Dec 1859 Iowa, d. 28 Jun 1936, [SR]
Kellogg, Joseph Irwin, b. 02 Jun 1856 Elvira, Iowa, d. 03 Jul 1921 Fallbrook CA, [SR]
Kellogg, Lillian Edna, b. 19 Oct 1879, d. 04 Sep 1953, [SR]
Kellogg, Rollo Morton Jr, b. 24 Aug 1919, d. 26 Aug 1919 (b. Aug 21, 1919, cemetery record), [SR]
Kellogg, Rollo Morton, b. 26 Jun 1888 Iowa, d. 18 Jun 1974, [SR]
Laird, Elvinah Edith, b. Dec 22, 1909, d. Jun 05, 1977, bur. Apr 14, 1978, [SP]
Laird, Florence Lorraine, b. Apr 05, 1904, d. Sep 16, 1962, bur. Sep 19, 1962, [SP]
Laird, John Arthur, b. Jan 09, 1897, d. Jul 14, 1954, bur. Jul 17, 1954, [SP]
Laird, John Edwin, b. Oct 26, 1903, d. Mar 25, 1939, bur. Mar 29, 1939, s/o Joseph Ernest Laird, [SP]
Laird, John Whitcomb Pierpont, b. May 28, 1844, d. Jul 29, 1911, bur. Aug 01, 1911, s/o Peter Laird, [SP]
Laird, Joseph Ernest, b. Jul 14, 1874, d. Aug 27, 1916, bur. Aug 29, 1916, s/o John Whitcomb Pierpont Laird, [SP]
Laird, Myrtle B, d. Feb 6, 1943, bur. Feb 12, 1943, [SP]
Laird, Peter, b. Mar 22, 1821, d. Jan 10, 1910, bur. Jan 11, 1910, father of John W.P. Laird, [SP]
Laird, Rollin, b. Sep 08, 1880, d. Apr 20, 1929, bur. Apr 24, 1929, s/o John W.P. Laird, [SP]
Laird, Walter O, b. Apr 11, 1915, d. Oct 6, 1964, bur. Oct 12, 1964, [SP]
Laird, William F, b. Feb 17, 1870, d. Feb 7, 1961, bur. Feb 10, 1961, [SP]
Raiburn, Theodore "Ted" Lee, b. 12 Jun 1904, d. 8 Jul 1953, Potter's Field now called County Sec, [BD]
Rayburn, Carma Leta, b. 9 May 1942, d. 23 Jul 1942, infant d/o Mary Elizabeth Sisk & Leo Allen Rayburn, Bur. Potter's Field now called County Sec, [BD]
Strong, Danny Lee, b. 1 Apr 1953, d. 6 May 1976, s/o Pearl & Mirl Strong, [BD]
Strong, Erma "Marie", b. 18 Feb 1922, d. 12 Oct 1970, w/o Ernest V. Strong, [BD]
Strong, Ernest V, b. 21 Apr 1912, d. 2 Nov 1968, h/o Erma Marie Strong, [BD]
Strong, Jimmy E, b. 1 May 1939, d. 31 Jul 1960, s/o Ernest & Erma Strong, [BD]
Strong, Mirl L, b. 26 mar 1915, d. 26 Nov 1982, h/o Pearl, [BD]
Strong, Pearl Marie Doyle, b. 16 Mar 1931,d. 30 Sep 1977, w/o Mirl Strong, [BD]
Torres, Margarita, no dates, w/o Juan Torres, [MG]
Vasquez, Jesus, d. Apr 13, 1973, [DC]
Walsh, Francis, b. Apr 00, 1891 Ireland, d. Nov 05, 1930 Wheeler Ridge CA, [DP]

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