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Akers Cemetery
Centerville, Fresno County, California

GPS: 36.747344, -119.473111

Trimmer Springs Road
Centerville, CA 93657

Contributed by Donna Hull [dmhull@frazmtn.com], Feb 14, 2001.
Total records = 54.

Cemetery History

Started on land of Harvey Akers. About 1955, family members erected a large monument near the gate with the names of those thought to have been buried here. I have since learned of some errors on that monument and additional information. There are three other families buried outside the fence in the triangle next to the road. They wouldn't help pay for the fence. so were fenced out when the fence was built. One of the families was Caldwell (also Caldwell's inside the fence), but the other family names are lost. The names included on the monument are marked with an asterisk (*) at the end of their entry.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were compiled by Donna Hull.

Sources: Sarah Akers Fike, Etta Evinger Hilliker, May Evinger Piatt, Carrie Williams Mouren, Willard Fike, Thelma Fike Hull, Rowena Akers McHaley, Leon J. Akers, Clarence E. Akers, Marylee Simpson Dugovic and others in interviews from 1944 through 1983. Family Bible records, Fresno Expositor newspaper, and genealogy research (continuing).

Akers, Amanda, wf/o Anderson (Not here, she is bur. Pine Hill Cem, Bitterwater, San Benito Co., CA)*
Akers, Delilah, b. 17 Apr. 1802 Madison Co., KY, d. 3 Apr 1868 Kings River, Fresno Co., CA, dtr/o Jacob Miller & Priscilla Estes, wf/o Henry*
Akers, Henry, b. 7 Jun 1801KY, d. 4 Dec 1868CA, hus/o Delilah *
Akers, Nancy, b. 1864 Hernandez Valley, San Benito Co.,CA, d. 31 Mar 1880 Fresno Co., CA, dtr/o Anderson Akers & Amanda Harlow.
Akers, Stonewall Jackson, b. 1867 Kings River, Fresno Co., CA, d. 1868 Fresno Co., CA, s/o Anderson Akers and Amanda Harlow.
Anderson, Albert G, b. 6 Mar 1876, d. 7 May 1877, s/o A.J. Anderson & M.J. *
Anderson, Mary Clay, b. 13 Nov. 1870, d. 28 Nov. 1871, dtr/o A. J. Anderson & M. J *
Benjamin Arnold Andrews, b. 6 May 1829 KY, d. after July 1, in 1870 Fresno Co., CA. 1st Hus/o Lucinda "Cindy" Harlow.
Blevins, "Darling" (girl), b. 4 Aug 1878, d. 3 Oct 1879, dtr/o D. P. Blevins & E *
Caldwell, Ina Bell, b. 20 Aug 1865, d. 4 July 1869, dtr/o William C. & Pauline*
Caldwell, Morgan, b. 28 Nov. 1863, d. 17 Nov 1883, s/o William C. & Pauline *
Caldwell, Paulina, b. 14 Oct 1834, d. 16 Jan 1887 CA, wf/o William C *
Caldwell, Sam'l., b. 22 Feb 1861, d. 20 Dec 1885 *
Caldwell, William C., b. 12 May 1831 or 1834 TN, d. 28 Apr. 1873 CA, hus/o Pauline *
Clarke, Ellen, b. 1848, d. 23 Nov. 1878, wf/o L. A *
Evinger, Mary Jane, b. 14 July 1863 Kings River, Fresno Co., CA, d. 11 Mar 1898 Fresno Co., CA, age 34, wf/o Daniel B., dtr/o Harvey Akers & Martha Jane McHaley. (grave removed to Belmont Memorial Cemetery in 1950's)*
Evinger, Sarah Jane, b. 9 Apr. 1887 Sanger, Fresno Co., CA, d. 28 Sep 1887 Centerville, Fresno, CA, dtr/o Daniel B. Evinger & Mary J. Akers (grave removed with mother's)*
Glenn, Richard, b. 24 Dec 1875 CA, d. 14 Feb 1875 CA, s/o Richard Glenn *
Glenn, Richard, b. 28 Nov. 1827, d. 8 Sep 1875 CA, bro/o Wm *
Hayden Charles, d. early 1850's. FIRST INTERMENT
Hazel, (girl), dtr/o Clarence Nester Hazel & Janie Moore.
Hill, Albert S., s/o William W. Hill & Pauline *
Hill, Hezekiah, s/o William W. Hill & Pauline *
Hill, Johny, s/o William W. Hill & Pauline *
Hill, William W., hus. of Pauline *
Howard, Albert, b. June 1854 Kings River, Fresno Co., CA, d. after 1860, s/o Hobart E. Howard & Elizabeth Akers
Howard, Elizabeth Akers, b. 18 Sep 1835 Washington Co., AR, d. 26 June 1854, wf/o Hobart Estabrook Howard, dtr/o Henry Akers & Delilah Miller *
Huckaby Nathan, b. KY, d. about 1839 AR., bur. in AR on White River (NOT HERE!)*
Huckaby, Margy Ann, b. 17 July 1842 TX, d. 5 Dec 1860 Kings River, Fresno Co., CA, wf/o David. Dtr/o Henry Akers & Delilah Miller *
Huckaby, Martha Ann, b. 10 Jun 1789 Morgan District, Rutherford Co., NC, d. 6 Oct 1865 Kings River, Fresno Co., CA, wf/o Nathan Huckaby, Mr. Carrol & Birkett Davenport Bowmer. Dtr/o Benjamin Williams & Winnie *
Hutchison, Elizabeth Findley Findley, b. 19 Mar 1829, d. 17 Mar 1883, 3rd wife of her first cousin John Findley and remarried to Sheriff Hutchison. Ma/o Kate Findley Akers *
Lashley, Seborn, b. 6 Apr 1829 GA, d. 23 Mar 1883 CA, hus/o Elizabeth Findley, s-i-l/o Elizabeth Findley Hutchison *
Lewis (boy), b. 1888, d. age 6 wks., s/o George W. Lewis & Margaret Jones.
Lewis, Ida, b. Dec 1885, d. 1903 Centerville, Fresno Co., CA, Dtr/o William H. Lewis & Emma C. Smith. LAST INTERMENT
Lewis, James H., b. 18 Mar 1808 Halifax Co., NC, d. 24 Jan 1892 Centerville, Fresno Co., CA, hus/o Malvina Akers, s/o John C. Lewis & Sarah Williams *
Lewis, Major, b. 1893, d. 1898?, s/o William H. Lewis & Emma C. Smith.
Lewis, Malvina Akers, b. 21Sep 1822 Rockcastle Co., KY, d. 29 Jan 1901 Centerville, Fresno Co., CA, wf/o James H., dtr/o Henry Akers & Delilah Miller *
Lewis, Mary J. Simpson, b.1862 TX, d. ca.1885, 1st wf/o George W.
Moore, Gabriel B., b. 12 July 1812, d. 25 May 1880 CA, (Free Black man) *
Moore, Jimmie, b. 1882, d. 1884, s/o F. Vince Moore *
Parsons, Fredie L., b. 24 Oct. 1871, d. 15 Nov. 1887, s/o J. A. Parsons & Jennie F. Dickinson (Street)*
Patterson, Baby, b. ca. 1873, d. 1875, ch/o Thomas W *
Pierson, Isac, b. 1796 CT, d. aft. 1861 & bef. 1873, Centerville, Fresno Co., CA., 2nd hus/o Elizabeth Huckaby McHaley Pierson Jarrett *
Simpson, Ida, dtr/oThomas W. Simpson & Julia Johnson.
Simpson, Julia Ann Elizabeth Johnson, b. 14 Feb 1853 MO, d. 23 May 1889 Fresno Co., CA., wf/o Thomas W., dtr/o Jacob J. Johnson
Simpson, Thomas Wilbur, b. 15 Jul 1837 Miller Co., MO, d. 9 Dec 1881 Fresno, Fresno Co., CA., s/o Robert Enock Simpson & Keziah C. Greenup, fa/o Frank, John, & Lizzie *
Simpson, William J., b. 17 Jan 1871 Fresno Co., CA. s/o Thomas W. Simpson & Julia Johnson.
Smedley, Chas. F., b. 1 Mar 1850, d. 2 Nov 1881 *
Street, Elizabeth, b. 1878, d. 1880 *
Street, Jennie F. Dickinson Parsons, b. 28 Mar 1847, d. 31 Dec 1889, wf/o J. A. Parsons & J. J. Street *
Tucker, James, b. 9 Sep 1780 TN, d. 11 Dec 1866 Yuma, AZ, hus/o Sarah Ann Huckaby *
Tucker, John H., b. 20 Nov. 1861 CA, d. 21 May 1864, s/o James Tucker & Sarah Ann Huckaby
Weihe, Pauline Hill, b. 17 Nov 1839, d. 21 Oct 1884, wf/o W. W. Hill & Mr. Weihe *
Wimmer, Elizabeth Ellen "Lizzie" Lewis, b. 11 July 1855 Fine Gold, Fresno Co., CA, d. 30 Nov 1880 Centerville, Fresno Co., CA, dtr/o James H. Lewis & Malvina Akers, wf/o William Riley Wimmer

The following are probably buried there also. Further research pending:

Burns, Etta Lorraine, b. 20 Nov 1879, d. 11 Nov 1880
Burns, Fronie Linton, b. 8 Dec 1886, d. 9 Feb 1887
Burns, Ora Elizabeth, b. 3 Jan 1873, d. infancy
Burns, Sarah Lizetta, b. 20 Dec 1864, d. 15 Jan 1866
Evinger, Dorothy Maurine, b. 12 Sep 1897, d. 18 Jun 1898
Evinger, Ella Doris, b. 23 Apr 1896, d. 1 Jan 1900
Fink, Augusta, b. 1965 CA & parents b. in NY
Lewis, Several, Infant children/o Harvey Lewis
Remsburg, C., 1st hus./o Rosa Statham
Street, Baby, ch/o Thomas Street & Augusta Fink, b & d before 1900

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