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Clarksville Cemetery
El Dorado County, California

clarksville cemetery, clarksville california

GPS: 38.65440, -121.06154

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Contributed by Candis Ward [candislward@hotmail.com], Feb 02, 2005.
Total records = 80.

Driving Directions

Driving east on highway 50 from Sacramento to Placerville you can see the cemetery on top of a hill, on the right side of the freeway just after you pass the El Dorado Hills turnoff.

Cemetery History

This small public cemetery is located in the outskirts of El Dorado Hills, Calif. Unfortunately, there is no access to this cemetery at this time due to work on the roads, but later there probably will be easy access.

There used to be an old gold mining town there called Clarksville and there are still a few old ruins that you can see in the area. This cemetery was also known as Mormon Tavern Cemetery for a period of time.

Cemetery Records

Records below were transcribed from all existing and legible tombstone inscriptions by Candis Ward during a visit to the cemetery on November 30, 2004.

Ball, Gracie M., b. 15 Nov 1869, d. 30 Oct 1905, Native of California, on same stone with Richard J. Roberts and John Richard Roberts
Beffa, Geremia, d. 26 Feb 1880, age: 30y 23d, Native of Switzerland, erected by Alphonse Beffa
Black, Ellen, d. 19 Jun 1867, age: 2y 2m 10d
Black, infant, d. 12 Mar 1864, daughter of J. & Sarah A. Black
Black, Oliver J., d. 6 Aug 1867, age: 5y 5m 23d
Bristow, Marjorie Eilson, b. 21 Oct 1921, d. 5 Mar 1978
Carsten, George T., b. 11 Nov 1813, d. 27 Jan 1891, native country, Prussia
Carsten, Marie, b. 6 Feb 1814, d. 5 Feb 1901, native country, Sweden
Chappel, Richard, d. 16 Apr 1868, age: abt 67 yrs, native of Yorkshire, England"
Clark, Abigal, d. 20 Sep 1860, age: 85 yrs, native of New York, mother of D.P., g-mother of Mary E. Porter"
Clark, Harriet I., d. 22 Feb 1863, age: 24 yrs, native of New York, wife of D.P., mother of Mary E. Porter"
Davidson, Mrs. M. A., b. 1846, d. 1915
Donahue, George T., no dates
Donahue, George, no dates, In memory of
Donahue, Theresa, no dates, In memory of
Donahue, Theresa, no dates
Dunning, Don Lewis, b. 1890, d. 26 May 1905
Dunning, Sarah Eliza, b. 11 Dec 1864, d. 2 Jan 1953
Everett, Addie Fitch, b. 23 Mar 1859, d. 5 May 1888
Feil, Lin Bernard, b. 1 Aug 1943, d. 19 Jun 1999
Fisk, Chas. E. , b. 08 Sep 1856, d. 1 Nov 1931
Fisk, Eliza J. , b. 20 Jun 1828, d. 8 Jul 1925
Fisk, Henry H., b. 28 Apr 1861, d. 2 Dec 1925
Fisk, Ira B., b. 31 Oc 1858, d. 10 Jun 1937
Fitch, Albert W., b. 18 Dec 1863, d. May-55, Uncle Bert
Fitch, Geo. C., b. 29 Aug 1824, d. 25 Feb 1904, native of Ohio
Fitch, Mary E., d. 23 Jun 1871, age: 39y 3m 19d, wife of Geo. C. Fitch
Fitch, Wilbur C., b. 07 Jan 1853, d. 2 Jun 1934
Joerger, Joseph E., b. 10 Oct 1877, d. 10 May 1961, (Papa Joe on top of stone) Good Samaritan of God's country, known for his kindness and generosity to all
Joerger, Le Roy Joseph, b. 16 Jul 1906, d. 5 Jun 1977, Ride to El Dorado (inscription on the top of the tombstone)
Joerger, Mabel C., b. 21 Apr 1883, d. 8 Jul 1967, (Nana) She led a long full life devoted to her family and friends
Johnson, Ed, no dates, In memory of
Johnson, Ed, no dates
Johnson, Eddie C., d. 7 Jun 1860, age: 7m 5d, son of H.M. & A. Johnson
Johnson, Frank, no dates, In memory of
Johnson, Frank, no dates
Johnson, Geo. W., d. 28 May 1878, age: 76y 4m
Johnson, Judith, no dates, In memory of
Johnson, Judith, no dates
Johnson, Mrs. A. B., d. 1 Aug 1893, age: 86y 10m 3d
Kyburz, Bolla F., d. 24 Jan 1876, age: 7m 16d, child of A.B. & E.F. Kyburz
Kyburz, Cornilla J., b. 1855, d. 1888, wife of Spencer
Kyburz, Sam'l. E., no dates, Corpl Co. D. 2 Cal Cav
Kyburz, Spencer L., b. 1882, d. 1885
Lewis, McClure, b. 09 Jun 1892, d. 11 Nov 1918, Brother
Martin, George D., d. 9 Nov 1861, age: 4y 9m 19d, son of Thomas and Sarah J. Martin
Martin, Sarah Jane, d. 1 Apr 1863, age: 31y 6m, wife of Thomas Martin
Mc Fadin, John, d. 24 Apr 1892, age: 82y 5m 25d
McKinley, Elizabeth Joerger, b. 4 May 1903, d. 22 Oct 1993, (Betty)
McKinley, Walter A., b. 3 Aug 1899, d. 22 Mar 1967
Miller, , b. 17 Sep 1835, d. 20 Feb 1922
Miller, Jack, b. 27 Nov 1842, d. 13 Mar 1920
Miller, Sam, b. 16 Sep 1837, d. 12 Nov 1903, Burried in a small gated area, on the same stone it reads at the top The Miller Brothers
Miller, Sam, b. 16 Sep 1837, d. 12 Nov 1903
Morse, Rosella A., d. 11 Mar 1863, age: 1y4m, daughter of O.N. & M.A. Morse
Myers, Sylvester E., b. 7 Nov 1913, d. 13 Mar 1991, SFC E 7 US Army WWIIKorea
Nunn, Reid Ellison, b. 30 Jul 1916, d. 24 Dec 1992
Patterson, ?, d. 26 Jan 1877, age: 67 yrs, native of Pennsylvania, son of John Patterson
Porter, Chas. W., d. 10 May 1901, age: 69 yrs, native of New York, husband of Mary E. Porter
Renwick, Howard Sheldon, b. Dec 1906, d. Jul 1975, Time stands still for no man, not even the clock maker
Renwick, Jean C., b. 13 Jun 1923, d. 14 Jan 1991, (Mom) Beloved Mother, daughter and grandma
Roberts, John Richard, d. 1910, son of Richard J. and Gracie
Roberts, Richard J., b. 12 Mar 1868, d. 21 Sep 1912, born in Penygroes C. C., (Father)
Sailly, Fs(?), d. 21 Mar 1876, age: 54 yr
Sherman, Wm. H., d. 12 Nov 1854, age: 40y 10m
Smith, Edward P., b. 15 Feb 1840, d. 20 Mar 1911
Smith, James T., d. 24 Sep 1858, age: 22 yrs, beloved brother
Strohecker, Juanita, no dates
Wilson, Annie, d. 6 Nov 1882, age: 79 yrs (Grandma), (Fitch plot)
Wilson, Eliza, b. 20 Sep 1839, d. 17 Feb 1915, wife of I.N.
Wilson, Ester Maria, b. 6 Dec 1920, d. 28 Mar 1990
Wilson, Florence "Billie", b. 30 Apr 1909, d. 17 Oct 2000
Wilson, Geo F., b. 20 Apr 1867, d. 5 Aug 1956
Wilson, George F., Jr., b. 21 Jun 1919, d. 2 Dec 1981
Wilson, Isaac, d. 24 Mar 1878, age: 52 yrs, native of Illinois
Wilson, John Newton, b. 9 Feb 1909, d. 25 Nov 2000, Musical notes are on his stone
Wilson, Mary Myrtle, b. 01 Jun 1883, d. 15 Mar 1984
Wilson, Twin babies, d. 1 Jan 1907, children of Geo. F. & Myrtle Wilson
Wilson, Twin babies, d. Jan 1907, children of George and Myrtle Wilson
York, Emily, d. 26 Jan 1861, age: 28 yr

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