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St. Mary Cemetery - Burial Records
Oakland, Alameda County, California

st. mary cemetery
St. Mary Cemetery

GPS: 37.833154, -122.245693

4529 Howe St
Oakland, CA 94611

Date published: November 26, 2017
Total records: 29

St. Mary Cemetery is owned by the Diocese of Oakland.


St. Mary Cemetery was established in 1863. It was the first cemetery established in the community of Oakland. At the time, it was located in the outskirts of town. Since then, city development has grown around it.

At 42 acres in size, there are more than 40 sections devoted to ground burial, several community mausoleums, and facilities for both ground and above-ground inurnment of cremated remains. There are also numerous private family mausoleums on the property. The most recent development, Saint Joseph Section, provides commanding views of the Oakland and the San Francisco skyline. This section has a substantial space for full ground burial; facilities for ground and aboveground inurnment of cremated remains are also provided.

Cemetery Records

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by visitor to Interment.net.

Contributor's Index:

BARNHART, Mary E., birth: 1866, death: 1926, [LY]
BARNHART, William F., birth: 1858, death: 1921, [LY]
BEATRIZ, Jose, death: 22 Nov 1924, native of Algarve Portugal, [LY]
BENDER, Margaret, birth: 1873, death: 1952, [LY]
BENDER, William T., birth: 1905, death: 1961, [LY]
CASENAVE, Thomas S., birth: 1897, death: 1925, [LY]
CORRERIA, Anthony, birth: 1920, death: 1986, [LY]
CORRERIA, Daniel, no dates, [LY]
GOMES, Leopoliza, birth: 2 Jan 1846, death: 30 Aug 1924, [LY]
GRAMOLA, B., birth: 17 Dec 1831, death: 17 Aug 1924, [LY]
HART, Anna L., death: 12 Nov 1924, [LY]
HART, Hazel M., birth: 1889, death: 1978, [LY]
LATROFA, F, birth: 24 Mar 1896, death: 12 Aug 1924, [LY]
MADINE, Catherine R., birth: 1890, death: 1925, [LY]
MALLAN, Lucy, birth: 1888, death: 1952, [LY]
MALLAN, Peter, birth: 1927, death: 1927, (baby), [LY]
MALLAN, Peter J., birth: 12 Jul 1881, death: 29 Nov 1924, [LY]
MEDEIROS, (son), birth: 15 Aug 1923, death: 21 Apr 1924, [LY]
MEDEIROS, Mariana R., birth: 13 Mar 1897, death: 27 Aug 1924, [LY]
PRIOSTE, Frank V., birth: 15 Jul 1851, death: 28 Aug 1924, [LY]
PRIOSTE, Mary S., birth: 1874, death: 1950, [LY]
RELVA, Silva, death: 16 Apr 1925, age: 66 yrs, native of Funchal Maderia, [LY]
RODRIGUEZ, Jose M., death: 25 Aug 1924, age: 35yr, [LY]
SCHUMANN, Emilie Luise, birth: 5 Jan 1840, death: 19 Dec 1924, (under name of Klare), [LY]
SINCLAIR, Lydia, birth: 22 Jan 1907, death: 11 Jun 1924, [LY]
SOARES, Jose S., death: 20 Nov 1924, age: 38yr, [LY]
TAVARES, Joseph, birth: 1881, death: 9 Feb 1937, [LY]
TAVARES, Mary, birth: 1885, death: 6 Apr 1925, [LY]
TAVIS, Carrie, birth: 1869, death: 1924, [LY]

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