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Evergreen Cemetery & Crematorium - Burial Records
Oakland, Alameda County, California

evergreen cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery & Crematorium
By Mercurywoodrose - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

GPS: 37.771817, -122.181622

6450 Camden St
Oakland, CA 94605

Date published: March 28, 2007
Total records: 22

Evergreen Cemetery and Crematorium is a privately held, California corporation.


Evergreen Cemetery, founded in 1902 and located in the Frick neighborhood, is the second largest cemetery in Oakland (after Mountain View Cemetery). A Jonestown Memorial is in Evergreen Cemetery, and is the final resting place of hundreds of unclaimed bodies from that tragedy.

The cemetery is not accepting new burials, however a crematorium still operates.

Cemetery Records

This is not a complete listing of burials for this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Contributor's Index:

AVILA, Frank, birth: 1891, death: 1967, [EC]
AVILA, Gertrude Stephenson, birth: 1897, death: 1989, [EC]
AVILA, William W., death: 1937, [EC]
BERTELSEN, Anna L. K., birth: 1888, death: 1972, [EC]
BERTELSEN, Soren J., birth: 1881, death: 1964, [EC]
DAMLOS, Betty E., birth: 1881, death: 1884, [EC]
DAMLOS, Paul, birth: 1880, death: 1884, [EC]
MCCOOL, Sheryl, birth: 1811, death: 1884, [EC]
MCLORIE, Hazel, birth: 1889, death: 1988, [EC]
MCLORIE, Hugh, birth: 1889, death: 1957, [EC]
MCLORIE, John Kerr, birth: 1926, death: 1988, [EC]
MEILBEK, Ella, birth: 1881, death: 1943, [EC]
NITTLER, Dorothy V., birth: 1915, death: 1969, [EC]
OGDEN, Ira A., birth: 1889, death: 1954, [EC]
OGDEN, Robert E., birth: 1914, death: 1966, [EC]
OGDEN, Sophie N., birth: 1885, death: 1973, [EC]
RADLER, Clara M., birth: 1887, death: 1968, [EC]
RADLER, Joseph C., birth: 1887, death: 1948, [EC]
RADLER, Lois M., birth: 1918, death: 1931, [EC]
RUEPP, Arnold, birth: 1862, death: 1927, [EC]
RUEPP, Louise, birth: 1871, death: 1969, [EC]
RUEPP, Raymond A., birth: 1899, death: 1982, [EC]

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