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Kinnibrugh Cemetery Records
Farmington, Washington County, Arkansas

Lat: 36° 02' 27"N, Lon: 94° 15' 07"W, approx.

Contributed by Shannon Seyler, Jul 10, 2004 [archangel505@yahoo.com]. Total records = 31.

Although it is near several major structures in town, this tiny cemetery can be somewhat difficult to find. If taking Highway 62 from Prairie Grove, AR, go to Farmington, and then turn left on Double Springs Road. Pass the high school and turn right onto Rhea's Mill Road. You will probably see a large cemetery, but that is not the Kinnibrugh Cemetery. Stay on Rhea's Mill Road and pass City Hall. On the opposite side of the street is a building that may have been the old fire department. Near that is a small parking lot. Park there, and you can walk to the Kinnibrugh Cemetery. It is located next to a ball park, near the bleachers.

You'll have to look for this cemetery, as it is a bit hidden from view. You can see the elementary school from the cemetery. The cemetery is fenced and well-kept, although some of stones have been broken. There are a number of unmarked fieldstones, and some of the stones were quite difficult to read.

There are some unmarked graves there, and some of the stones were quite difficult to read, but this transcription contains every visible grave that I could find and actually read.

My husband, Randal, and I walked this cemetery on Dec 27, 2003.

- Shannon Seyler

Allen, Dixie B., b. May 28, 1863, d. Mar 13, 1901
Allen, James A., b. Mar 21, 1894, d. Oct 16, 1918 France, "58th Medical Unit"
Allen, Jane, d. July 4, 188?
Allen, Lemuel R., b. Dec 26, 1890, d. Jun 15, 1892
Allen, Lemuel T., b. Jan 13, 1858, d. Aug 20, 1938
Allen, Lila D., b. Mar 31, 1889, d. Jun 16, 1890
Broyles, Alice Engels, b. Aug 28, 1866, d. Jan 16, 1945
Broyles, Henry Engels, b. Aug 9, 1898, d. Mar 1, 1994
Broyles, James Franklin, b. Nov 28, 1869, d. Oct 6, 1962
Clark, Henryetta, b. 1835, d. 1855
Engels, Hester, b. Mar 30, 1865, d. Mar 30, 1865
Engels, Isabella (Kinnibrugh), b. Nov 19, 1834, d. Feb 25, 1925
Engels, J. Henry, b. Oct 24, 1857, d. May 13, 1880
Engels, Jennie E., b. 1860, d. 1880
Engels, William H., b. Aug 27, 1830, d. Mar 19, 1917
Gaskill, Bertha Engels, b. Oct 5, 1872, d. Oct 10, 1973
Gaskill, William Albert, b. Mar 31, 1873, d. Apr 13, 1945
Hendrix, James V.P., b. Mar 2, 1925, d. Jun 21, 1989, "Loving Father, Friend, Veterinarian"
Kinnibrugh, Eliza J., d. Sep 19, 1879
Kinnibrugh, J. W., d. December 12, 1863
Kinnibrugh, James, b. Oct 22, 1792, d. Dec 9, 1843
Kinnibrugh, Jane, b. Aug 15, 1799, d. Nov 15, 1872
Kinnibrugh, John M., b. 1842, d. 1931
Kinnibrugh, Virginia, b. 1847, d. 1925
Kinnibrugh, William, b. 1838, d. 1863
Mayes, Carman Bell, b. Apr 22, 1853, d. Mar 1, 1894
Mayes, Frank, b. Mar 21, 1846, d. Jan 8, 1937
Moore, Polly, b. 1793, d. 1873
Shreve, Barbara, b. Nov 12, 1810, d. Oct 7, 1891
Shreve, George Chesterfield, b. Feb 20, 1837, d. Nov 15, 1906
Shreve, Wilson, b. Nov 15, 1808, d. Feb 14, 1891
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