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Ten Mile Cemetery
Saline County, Arkansas

Ten Mile is located 1/2 mile from Garland County line and 1 mile from Hot Spring County line. It is in Saline County but at one time was part of Hot Spring County prior to the Reconstruction Era following the War. The oldest stone is 1850 and belongs to Sarah Ann "Rigsby" Crowder wife of G. B. Crowder and Daughter of John & Keziah Rigsby who are buried at Fairplay Cemetery, Saline County, Arkansas.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 34.

Contributor's Index:

Burks, Lillie Bell, b. Oct 13, 1879, d. Nov 21, 1934, [MR]
Burks, James A., b. Mar 11, 1871, d. Aug 10, 1940, [MR]
Burks, Sarah Isabelle, b. Feb 14, 1873, d. Sep 3, 1900, Wife of J. A., [MR]
Crowder, Sarah Ann Rigsby, b. Dec 21, 1825, d. Oct 1, 1850, Dau. Of J. & K. Rigsby, [MR]
Grant, Lillie Neal, b. Jan 13, 1915, d. Dec 11, 1968, [MR]
Grant, Nettie E., b. Mar 13, 1890, d. Jun 23, 1972, Wife of Tobe, [MR]
Grant, Tobe, d. Jan 15, 1962, age: 76 yrs. 4 mos. 5 days, Hus of Nettie, [MR]
Herndon, John I., b. Feb 20, 1878, d. Jun 19, 1950, School Teacher, [MR]
Houpt, Albert N., b. Apr 1, 1890, d. May 7, 1976, [MR]
Houpt, Baby Jake, b. Sep 22, 1906, d. Mar 21, 1907, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jake, [MR]
Houpt, Egbert, d. Jul 28, 1882, age: 66, Erected by his children, [MR]
Houpt, Floy M., b. Nov 12, 1875, d. Feb 27, 1925, Mother, Wife of Sid. R., [MR]
Houpt, Jake, b. Jan 9, 1861, d. Aug 20, 1910, age: 49, "Sheriff, Garland Co", [MR]
Houpt, Melvin E., b. Nov 13, 1897, d. Jan 31, 1917, [MR]
Houpt, Oscar M., b. Dec 21, 1900, d. Aug 2, 1902, "Son, Sid and Floy", [MR]
Houpt, Sid R., b. Nov 11, 1870, d. Dec 22, 1937, Hus of Floy, [MR]
Lowrey, Martin Fletcher, b. 9/15/1908,d.8/3/1994, h/o Theola, son of Benjamin & Ercie Lowrey, [SW]
Lowrey, Theola Shaw, b. 2/21/1913, d.10/7/1997, w/o Martin Fletcher Lowrey, dau. of John Llewelyn Shaw, [SW]
McClamrock, Lucius Leo. Casey, b. Sep 7, 1909, d. Oct 28, 1964, "Camp No. 1260, SCV", [MR]
McMinn, Ray, d. 7/27/1972, husband of Bernice Shaw-McMinn, [SW]
Patton, Lucinda Warford,
b. 1884, d. 1927, [MR]
Rigsby, James A., no dates, Hus of Julia, [MR]
Rigsby, Julia Warford, no dates, Wife of James Asa, [MR]
Shaw, Ernestine, b. 8/15/1926, d. 2/28/1986, wife of Ruey Shaw, [SW]
Shaw, John Llewelyn, b. 6/17/1893, d. 5/14/1983, son of Nathan & Nancy Ellen Shaw, [SW]
Shaw, Robert, b. 2/27/1932, d. 5/11/1987, son of John Llewelyn Shaw, [SW]
Shaw, Ruey, b. 9/1/1919, d. 1/17/1970, husband of Ernestine Shaw, son of John Llewelyn Shaw, [SW]
Tittle, Nancy Margaret Shaw, b. 1/20/1923, d. 8/8/1975, d/o John Llewellyn Shaw & Leddie May Stokes-Shaw, [SW]
Vance, Robert C,
b. 6 Sep 1856, d. 27 Oct 1930, son of Enoch and Susan Vance, Unmarked grave, verified by Ark D/C #1429 , [PH]
Warford, J. H.,
b. Aug 16, 1851, d. Apr 19, 1906, [MR]
Williams, Brunce S., b. Jan 21, 1885, d. May 17 1970, Double with Cindy H., [MR]
Williams, Cindy H., b. Feb 5, 1894, Double with Brunce S, [MR]
Williams, Gertrude Z., b. Aug 24, 1908, d. Nov 29, 1971, Double with Virgil, [MR]
Williams, Virgil, b. Aug 7, 1908, Double with Gertrude, [MR]
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