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Fairplay Cemetery Records
Saline County, Arkansas

A relatively old Cemetery. Some elders say it predates the Civil War. It is an active and very large cemetery

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 24.

Contributor's Index:

Eldridge, John H., b. Jan 1, 1836, d. 9 May 1922, CSA, [MR]
Eldridge, John Richard, b. May 22, 1861, d. 8 Jan 1944, "Rich", [MR]
Eldridge, Nancy Rebecca, b. Feb 8, 1859, d. 20 Oct 1921, Wife of J. R. Eldredge, [MR]
Rigsby, Benjamin F., no dates, Hus of Dorcas, [MR]
Rigsby, Dorcas Warford, no dates, Wife of Benjamin F., [MR]
Rigsby, Frances McLeod, b. 18 Sep 1922, d. no date, [MR]
Rigsby, George R., b. Mar 13, 1895, d. no date, [MR]
Rigsby, Isaac Benjamin, d. Aug. 25, 1952, age: 82, Son of Benjamin, [MR]
Rigsby, James, d. no date, [MR]
Rigsby, John, b. 1799, d. no date, [MR]
Rigsby, Lillie V., b. 3 Dec 1900, d. 20 Dec 1948, Wife of Geo. R., [MR]
Rigsby, Pearl Hamm, b. 8 Nov 1903, d. no date, Wife of Geo. R., [MR]
Rigsby, Raymond E., b. 5 Feb 1923, d. 2000, Hus of Frances McLeod, [MR]
Warford, Hazel, b. 2 Jan 1901, d. May 1978, [MR]
Warford, Hulda, b. Jan 11, 1882, d. 3 Mar 1963, [MR]
Warford, Isaac , b. 1849, d. 1920, Father of Dorcas, [MR]
Warford, Isaac , b. 6 Jun 1907, d. no date, Infant, [MR]
Warford, J. Egbert, b. Dec 7, 1884, d. 20 Feb 1958, [MR]
Warford, Mary A., b. 1865, d. 1959, [MR]
Warford, Mary E., b. 1862, d. 1938, [MR]
Warford, Millie, b. Jan 29, 1896, d. 20 Apr 1914, [MR]
Warford, Wiley M., b. 1860, d. 1923, [MR]
Warford, William, b. Feb 27, 1852, d. 27 Dec 1903, [MR]
Warford, Willie I., b. May 22, 1887, d. 12 Feb 1905, [MR]

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