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Jarrett Cemetery County
Randolph County, Arkansas

Contributed by Kenneth G. Jarrett, February 2000 [jarrett@caltel.com]. Total records = 87.

Located just off Highway 328W, about three miles west of Maynard is a concrete marker enclosed in a wrought iron fence which reads, " Site of Salem Church - Organized 1818 - the first Baptist Church constituted in Arkansas." On a hilltop just east of this site is the present day Columbia - Jarrett church building and cemetery. This church resulted from consolidation of two pioneer settlements, Columbia and Jarrett. This particular area has borne many names during its existence.The Columbia area supposedly was first known as Fourche de Maux and was named for a French trapper who was the first white man in the area. Other names by which it has been known are Fourche de Thomas, Foster and Lindseyville.Historians tell us the Columbia just may be the site of the first settlement in Randolph County. The Fletchers, Lindseys, Jarretts, Morrises and Davises and other families located there soon after 1800.Since early in the Nineteenth Century, the Columbia settlement has been popular and reflected its influence on the history of Randolph County. Being located on the Old Military Road, which traversed the county from Pitman's Ferry to Old Davidsonville, many historical figures of early American history journeyed though this part of the country. Written by Nick Shivey

Akin, Infant, b.15 Jan 1929, d.15 Jan 1929, daughter of Ruff & Magi, twin sister of Jennie lee
Akin, Maggie, b.1886, d.1953, wife of Rufe E.
Akins, Rufe E., b.28 Jan 1892, d.8 Jan 1972, son of John William and Sally (Morgan)
Carroll, Opal Akins, b.1916, d.1946, wife of Estes
Cassidy, Oma A., b.1898, d.??, (Ann Pickett) wife of Thomas C.
Cassidy, Herbert E., b.17 Aug 1925, d.7 Oct 1999, son of Thomas and Oma Anne (Pickett), Husband of Mary L. (Brown), WWII Veteran (Obituary)
Cassidy, Thomas Cleo., b.25 May 1894, d.2 Mar 1976, son Theodore & Florence (Stevenson)
Counts, Eva Ann, b.1867, d.6 Dec 1965
Elkins, Billie, b. 5 Oct 1915, Wife of Bob
Elkins, Bob, b. 6 Jun 1915
Harris, Fleecy A., b.12 Sep 1891, d.9 Sep 1983, wife of Estel, Daughter of Wyllie and Kizzie (forest) William, no tombstone
Hill, Bernadine, b.21 Sep 1919, d.13 Oct 1983, wife of Lester, daughter Of J.E. & Alice (Wooldridge) Jarrett, Funeral marker
Hill, James Lavon, b.12 Oct 1944, d.9 Dec 1944, son of Lester
Hill, Minerva Alice, b.13 Apr 1932, d.25 Sep 1975, wife of Clarence, Daughter of J.E. & Alice, (Woolridge) Jarrett
Hill, Shirley Ann, b.2 Jul 1941, d.11 Jul 1941, daughter of Lester
Hill, Timothy Ray, b.5 Oct 1960 - 21 Jun 1999, son of Clarence and Minerva (Jarrett) Hill
Hubbard, Ida E., b.2 Feb 1897, d.15 Jul 1921, wife of J.W.
Jarrett, Albert, b.20 Jun 1901, d.1 Oct 1908, son of J. C. & Alice
Jarrett, Alice, b.26 Jan 1874, d.21 Aug 1919, wife of James C.
Jarrett, Ava Jewell, b.19 Sep1930, d.??, wife of James Joe
Jarrett, Charles I., b.10 Feb 1853, d.21 Feb 1890
Jarrett, Edna Mae, b.14 Nov 1905, d.17 Feb 1959, wife of Oscar M.
Jarrett, H.C., b.19 Dec 1827, d.4 Nov 1868, husband of L.C.C.
Jarrett, James C., b.7 Sep 1868, d.15 Feb 1936
Jarrett, James Ervin, b.6 Jan 1894, d.19 Jun 1976, son of James & Alice (Carroll)
Jarrett, James Joe, b.8 Jun 1926, d.20 May 1961
Jarrett, Joseph A., b.3 Feb 1864, d.17 Aug 1957
Jarrett, Louis C., b.1 Mar 1851, d.6 Oct 1915
Jarrett, Lovalar [C], b.17 Sep 1854, d.30 Jan 1914, wife of L. C.
Jarrett, Mary Alice, b.2 Dec 1899, d.1986, wife of James Ervin
Jarrett, Oscar Mc Clure, b.7 Jan 1897, d.21 May 1983, husband of Katie (Ramsey) , son of J. C. & Alice (Carroll), Pvt U.S. Army WW1
Jarrett, Sular A., b.21 Jul 1887, d.25 Jul 1908, son of L.C. & L.E.
Johnson, Joseph D., d.6 Jan 1951, Age 65 yrs 9 mos 23 days
Kerley, Infants, b.3 Jun 1948, d.3 Jun 1948, twin sons of Otis and Iva
Kerley, Iva Christina, b.04/26/1908, d.01/23/2000, Husband Otis Byron Kerley, Daughter of James Conway and Elizabeth Alice (Carroll) Jarrett, (Obituary)
Kerley, Otis Byron, d.died 20 Oct 1984, age 77 yrs 11 mos, husband of Iva Christina Jarrett
Koster, Anne, b.1 Jun 1901, d.1 Dec 1972, wife of Lewis
Koster, Lewis, b.15 Jan 1885, d.8 Jan 1969
McCoy, Jennie, b.15 Aug 1888, d.25 Nov 1970, wife of T. R., daughter of John William & Sallie (Morgan) Akins, (No tombstone - Obituary)
Osborn, Fleecy, b.12 Sep 1891, d.9 sep 1983, wife of Leslie
Osborn, Leslie, b.19 Dec 1891, d.10 Jul 1944
Osborn, H. Ray, b.17 Aug 1914, d.7 Jun 1975, Pfc U.S. Army W.W.II II
Pease, Carrie E., b.2 Nov 1866, d.16 Jun 1962, wife of George E.
Pease, Eula, b.1905, d.1918, daughter of George and Carrie
Pease, Florence, b.1903, d.1918, daughter of George and Carrie
Pease, George E., b.30 Oct 1859, d.16 May 1948
Pease, Mildred L., b.15 Apr 1916, wife of Murray L.
Pease, Murray L., b.5 Feb 1903, d.24 Jul 1973
Pease, Nelson Henry, b.2 May 1891, d.16 Feb 1972, son of George Lincoln and Carrie E. (Chase)
Punch, Mamie R., b.26 Nov 1906, d.13 Oct 1976, daughter of Leondus and Carrie (Killion) Rhodes, (no tombstone - obituary)
Purdy, Jessie, b.1 Dec 1897, d.23 Jul 1906, son of Tom and Nettie, (from 1969 EHC list)
Roberts, Earl C., b.6 Nov 1906, d.2 Dec 1974
Roberts, Ida C., b.1875, d.1950, wife of Jacob H.
Roberts, Infants, b.21 Sep 1903, d.21 Sep 1903, twins of J. H. and Ida C.
Roberts, Jacob H., b.1879, d.1910
Roberts, Ruby Estell, b.2 Feb 1917, d.26 Sep 1980, wife of Earl C., daughter of Max & Oma (Anne Pickett) (Cherry)
Shank, Avid N., b.1911, d.1968
Shank, Elnor., No dates, daughter of J. Frank & Marion
Shank, J Frank, b.1882 , d.1950
Shank, Marion Edith, b.1886, d.12 Aug 1965, wife of J. Frank
Shank, Mildred O., b.29 Nov 1913, d.??, wife of Robert A.
Shank, Pauline, no dates, daughter of J. Frank & Marion
Shank, Robert Arnold, b.14 Jan 1914, d.18 Oct 1970, "Jack", son of Frank & Marion (Pease)
Shank, Walter, no date, son J. Frank & Marion
Williams, Alice R (Montgomery), b.13 Feb 1908-??, wife of David Edgar
Williams, Anna B., b.2 Nov 1918-? , wife of Luther P.
Williams, Annie E., b.23 Jan 1888, d.28 May 1966, wife of C. Luther
Williams, C. Luther, b.14 Sep 1883, d.10 Dec 1951
Williams, Charles S., b.19 May 1925, d.20 Nov 1928
Williams, David B., b.1911, d.1951
Williams, David Edgar, b.15 Nov 1889, d.8 Jul 1978, son of Wiley and Kizzie (Forest)
Williams, Felix, b.22 Oct 1875, d.27 Dec 1940
Williams, Felix , b.13 Jul 1927, d.13 Jul 1927, son of C. Luther and Annie E.
Williams, Infant, d.8 Feb 1940, son of Anna and Luther
Williams, James M., d.13 Apr 1940
Williams, Jennie E., b.15 Aug 1889, d.25 Nov 1971, wife of Felix
Williams, John S., b.18 Nov 1904, d.5 Jul 1954
Williams, Kissy R., b.28 Aug 1861, d.6 Aug 1943, wife of Wiley
Williams, Lester D., b.13 Jan 1914, d.25 Oct 1919, son of C. Luther D.
Williams, Lillian Ines, b.26 Jun 1912, d.15 Jul 1917, daughter of Felix and Jennie
Williams, Luther P., b.20 Jan 1914, d.29 Sep 1973
Williams, Mamie, b.26 Nov 1906, d.13 Oct 1976, wife of John S.
Williams, Margaret Elgie, b.2 Jun 1908, d.8 Apr 1985, wife of felix Vester, daughter of Silas Alford & Etta Lou (Cull) Brooks
Williams, Thomas Vester, b.25 Aug 1933, d.29 Sep 1935
Williams, Wiley, b.19 Jul 1859, d.12 Aug 1924
Williams, Wilma, b.1915-d.??, wife of David B.

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