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Pleasant Hill Cemetery Records (Kemp Cemetery)
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

U.S. Hwy 70W, apx. 4m west of Hot Springs AR

Lat: 34°27'17"N, Lon: 93°09'44"W

Pleasant Hill Cemetery, formerly known as Kemp Cemetery, is located west of Hot Springs, AR, on Hwy 70.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 63.

Contributor's Index:

Bradshaw, Clarence J., b. Mar 22, 1908, d. Jan 16, 1983, s/o Walter and Daisy Bradshaw, [EC]
Braughton, Bonnie M, b. Apr 19, 1897, d. May 1969, d/o Needom Franklin Braughton and Mary Jane Bunton, w/o Clarence E Braughton, [MF]
Braughton, Clarence E, b. Jan 19, 1893, d. Mar 1980, s/o John Wesley Braughton and Bettie Rogers, m. Bonnie M Braughton in Greenwood TX, [MF]
Braughton, Ida Thomason, b. Jul 10, 1877 Calhoun Co MS, d. Apr 12, 1928, d/o James Monroe and Polly Ann Thomason, m. William Monroe Braughton, Jul 24, 1899, Garland Co, AR, [MF]
Braughton, William Monroe, b. Jun 26, 1879, d. Apr 16, 1961, s/o Curtis Henry Braughton and Mary "Polly Ann" Parker, h/o Ida Thomason, [MF]
Chambers, Sarah Elizabeth, b. Mar 2, 1861, d. Oct 10, 1937, d/o Amanda (surname unk) Shannon (father unknown, but maiden name may have been Alevine or Alewine.), [MF]
Cozart, Cora B Thomason, b. Oct 2, 1879, d. Oct 12, 1972, d/o James Monroe and Polly Ann Thomason, m. Burrell B Cozart about 1896. Another spouse may have been John Dew, [MF]
Cozart, Elza, b. Aug 1, 1906, d. Feb 25, 1939, s/o Burrell B Cozart and Cora B Thomason, [MF]
Cozart, Green Lee, b. Sep 1865 MS, d. 1930 Garland Co AR, s/o Hiram Cozart and Minerve Armstrong, m. Matilda Ann Lucas Dec 1, 1891 Garland Co, [MF]
Cozart, Matilda Ann Lucas, b. Feb 17, 1871 MS, d. Jan 18, 1948, d/o John Lucas and Martha Parker, w/o Green Lee Cozart, [MF]
Cozart, Nellie M, b. 1910, d. 1932, bur. in same plot as Cora B Thomason Cozart, [MF]
Ferrell, Bernie, b. 15 Jul 1911, d. 3 Mar 2001, [KR]
Ferrell, Odie, b. 1892, d. 1949, [KR]
Ferrell, Rhoda Ann Farmer, b. 3 1871 d.19,Feb.1937, m. 17 Nov 1887 to William R. Ferrell, [KR]
Ferrell, T. J. (Jessie), b. 21 Aug 1906, d. 1 oct 1957, twin b/o Bessie Ferrell Harrington, [KR]
Ferrell, William R., b. 17 Oct,1853 d.8 May,1931 Hus. of Rhoda Ann Farmer Ferrell Ferrell Rhoda Ann, b. Nov, [KR]
Garner, Alta Menser (Geurin), b. Jan 27, 1914, d. Oct 19, 1985, d/o U. Grant and Zemmie Lea Menser, [MF]
Groves, James K., b. 1 Feb 1915, d. 1 Jan 2000, s/o James Monroe and Sara Alice Groves, h/o Wanda Miller Groves, [KR]
Harrington, Bessie, b. 21 Aug 1906, d. 11 Feb. 1987, w/o John Henry Harrington, [KR]
Harrington, Charlie A., b. 27 Jan 1897, d Oct 28,1959 , [KR]
Harrington, John Henry, b. 10,Dec. 1901, d. Oct 20,1993, h/o Bessie Ferrell Harrington, [KR]
Harrington, Lloyd C., b. 13 Jul 1928, d. 25 Feb. 1958, [KR]
Harrington, Lois T., b. 22 Oct 1908, d. 21 Dec. 1984, [KR]
Hughes, Infant, b. 1934, d. 1934, s/o Samuel Edgar Hughes and Mollie V. Knox Hughes, [LH]
Kirby-Menser, Dewey Garfield, b. Mar 31, 1901 KY, d. Jun 20, 1932 Garland Co, AR, in a drowning accident, s/o Wesley, d. Kirby and Delila Menser, m. Lyda Brown Mar 19, 1923 in Garland Co, (Note: Lyda reportedly died in Booneville and is believed to be buried there.), [MF]
Kirby-Menser, Marvin, b. Feb 20. 1928, d. Feb 4, 1932, s/o Dewey G Kirby-Menser and Lyda Brown, [MF]
Menser, Bert Leslie, b. Aug 18, 1912, d. Jun 15, 1971, s/o U. Grant and Zemmie Lea Menser, [MF]
Menser, Clarence, b. Dec 2, 1908, d. Aug 10, 1925, s/o U. Grant and Zemmie Lea Menser, [MF]
Menser, Cora Lee Simmons, b. Jan 1, 1876 KY, d. Sep 30, 1946 in Garland Co, AR, d/o W M Simmons and Susie Armstrong, w/o John O Menser, [MF]
Menser, Elvira "Elvie" Rouse, b. Feb 15, 1850 KY, d. Dec 15, 1938. Wife of Solomon W Menser, w/o Henry Rouse, [MF]
Menser, Henry A, b. Nov 29, 1899, d. Dec 31, 1914, s/o John O and Cora Lee Menser, [MF]
Menser, John Oliver, b. May 3, 1871 Graves Co KY, d. Dec 24, 1960 Hot Springs, Garland Co, AR, s/o Solomon D Menser and Sarah M Russ (or Rust.) m. Cora Lee Simmons 1891-92 in KY, [MF]
Menser, Sarah M Russ (or Rust), b. Jan 9, 1846 KY, d. Jan 17, 1911 in Garland Co AR, w/o Solomon D Menser, [MF]
Menser, Solomon W, b. May 31, 1861 KY, d. Jun 2, 1936 Garland Co AR, s/o Solomon D Menser and Elizabeth Jane Menser, m. (Mrs) Elvira "Elvie" Rouse Aug 25, 1891 in Garland Co. No children, [MF]
Menser, Ulysses Grant, b. Feb 11, 1888, in Graves Co, KY, d. Jul 3, 1953, in Hot Springs, AR, s/o Solomon D Menser and Sarah M Russ (or Rust.), m. Zemmie Lea Woodall-Sigman Jun 23, 1907, in Garland Co, AR, [MF]
Menser, Zemmie Lee Woodall-Sigman, b. Jul 17, 1887, d. Nov 23, 1966, w/o U. Grant Menser, [MF]
Menser-Kirby, Delila Susan Catherine, b. Dec 15, 1877 in Graves Co, KY, d. Jun 10, 1964 Hot Springs, Garland Co, AR, d/o Solomon D Menser and Sarah M Russ (or Rust.), m. Wesley D Kirby in Graves Co KY Jun 24, 1900, (Note: after a divorce in 1905, the children were raised in the Menser name), [MF]
Miller, Henry, b. 7 Jun 1901, d. 20 Aug 1979, h/o Maggie Miller, [KR]
Miller, Maggie, b. 27 Jul 1904, d. 1 Jan 1995, w/o Henry Miller, [KR]
Mullins, Roy Rush, b. Nov 25, 1923, d. Aug 16, 1974, s/o Albert Lee Mullins, h/o Eugene "Jean" Braughton, [MF]
Nelson, Beatrice, b. 1908, d. 1940. Believed to be d/o Burrell B Cozart and Cora B Thomason, [MF]
Nelson, Wyott Garland, b. 10 May 1844, d. 13 Oct 1922, h/o Jane Conner Nelson, m. 4 Mar 1866, s/o Mark Matthew and Christeen Epley Nelson, [MM]
Nolen, Frances Carolyn Braughton, b. Nov 4, 1878 MS, d. Feb 6, 1968, Garland Co AR, d/o Thomas A J Braughton and Mary Elizabeth Parker, m. John William Nolen Oct 12, 1894 in Garland Co, [MF]
Nolen, John William, b. Dec 9, 1868, d. Jun 25, 1949, s/o William M Nolen and Martha M Revis, husband of Frances Carolyn Braughton, [MF]
Phillips, Charles W., b. Apr 09, 1839, d. May 11, 1930, h/o Nancy Jane Smith, [EC]
Phillips, Nancy Jane Smith, b. Aug 31, 1849, d. Apr 13, 1933, w/o Charles W. Phillips, [EC]
Phillips, Roxie L. Allen, b. Nov 21, 1890, d. Feb 17, 1981, w/o Thomas Phillips, [EC]
Phillips, Thomas W., b. Feb 28, 1884, d. Feb 28, 1970, s/o Charles W.and Nancy Jane Phillips, h/o Roxie L. Allen, [EC]
Shannon, Amanda "Mandy",, d. Sep 1898 (or 99), m/o James Randolph Willingham, [MF]
Thomason, George W, b. Feb 8, 1874 Calhoun Co MS, d. Jan 22, 1946, s/o James Monroe and Polly Ann Thomason, m. Ruthie Lee Cozart Dec 19, 1920, [MF]
Trafton, Elda Lorene, b. 29 Sep 1926, d. 16 July 1994, wife of Jackson Stuart Trafton, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Hutchison) Short., [MB]
Trafton, Jackson Stuart, b. 20 Aug 1924, d. 14 Sep 1988, hus. of Elda Lorene Short, son of Oron and Louella Trafton, [MB]
Trenor, Frank Henry, b. Jun 5, 1918* Mason City IA, d. Oct 1, 1968 Hot Springs, AR. It is believed that he is the son of Fred John Treanor and Edith Marble. (*Note- Correct birthdate should be Jun 20, 1908.), [MF]
Trenor, Rewey Lee Kirby-Menser (Willingham), b. Jun 5, 1903 Paducah KY, d. May 5, 1987 Hot Springs, AR, d/o Wesley D Kirby and Delila Menser, m. George Everett Willingham, Dec 28, 1920 in Hot Springs, w/o #2 Frank H Trenor, m. May 31, 1943, [MF]
Walker, Alice Parmelia Helms, b. Nov 6, 1875 NC, d. Jan 10, 1942, d/o Thomas W Helms and Martha L Underwood, m. William Henry Walker, Jan 5, 1894, in Garland Co AR, [MF]
Whatley, Opal E, b. Apr 10, 1913, d. Aug 4, 1992, m/o Virginia Whatley Willingham, [MF]
Willingham, Arnold Ray, b. Apr 6, 1931, d. Aug 6, 1968, s/o George Everett Willingham and Rewey Lee Kirby-Menser, m. Janet Marie Hall, Sep 2, 1950, [MF]
Willingham, Billy Fay, b. Apr 5, 1928, d. Dec 18, 1996, s/o George Everett Willingham and Rewey Lee Kirby-Menser, h/o Peggy Harrington and Virginia E Whatley, [MF]
Willingham, Julia Helms, b. Jul 8, 1879 in NC, d. Jun 2, 1917 Hot Springs, AR, d/o Thomas W Helms and Martha L Underwood, m. James Randolph Willingham Mar 26, 1899, [MF]
Willingham, Lee Isabelle, b. Nov 23, 1900, d. Apr 6, 1903, d/o James Randolph Willingham and Julia Helms, [MF]
Willingham, Mary Eva, b. Sep 28, 1925, d. Jun 27, 1927, d/o George Everett Willingham and Rewey Lee Kirby-Menser, [MF]
Willingham, R G, b & d Oct 2, 1923, Stillborn d/o George Everett Willingham and Rewey Lee Kirby-Menser, [MF]
Willingham, Virginia E Whatley, b. May 2, 1933, d. Aug 18, 1995, d/o Roy and Opal E Whatley, w/o Billy Fay Willingham, [MF]

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