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McGill Cemetery Records
Garland County, Arkansas

Lat: 34° 35' 17"N, Lon: 93° 04' 38"W

Contributed by Debra Garner, Feb 15, 2002, last edited Aug 23, 2010 [debig@wletc.com]. Total records = 74.

Located near the Walnut Valley area on Hiway 7 North in Garland County AR.

This cemetery is maintained by volunteer workers. In 1996 it was endangered and still is. It sits on forestry land, as far as I know.

I walked and read this cemetery on Oct 28, 1996.

- Debra Garner

Bailey, Clyde Eugene, b. 2-4-1933, d. 6-15-1952, (funeral home marker)
Bates, Nancy E., b. 7-31-1872, d. 12-25-1963, dau. of Andrew Bates & Annie Burks, Married 1st. Elisha
Boyette, Clyde E., b. 9-1-1920, d. 04-19-2002
Boyette, Sylvia P., b. 11-29-1932, d. 10-9-1984, dau. of James Aaron Graves & Delilah Fox
Breshears, Audie, b. 1914, d. 9-5-1996, Married Odis Breshears 10-4-1934
Breshears, Carl A., b. 5-19-1902, d. 11-17-1983, son of Jake Breshears & Betty Minton, Married Mary Jane M
Breshears, Carol, b. 4-18-1940, d. 8-31-1940, child of Carl Breshears & Mary McCoy (funeral home marke
Breshears, Fred Otto, b. 12-24-1937, d. 12-7-1994, son of Charlie Breshears & Lola Graves, SCPO US Navy-Viet
Breshears, Jimmy C., b. 6-16-1944, d. 6-13-1946, son of Charlie Breshears & Lola Graves
Breshears, Lola E., b. 9-25-1915, d. 10-28-1988, dau. of James Aaron Graves & Delilah Fox
Breshears, Mary Jane, b. 6-20-1906, d. 3-29-1983, dau. of Sam McCoy & Laura Porter
Breshears,Charlie, b. 1917, d. Living, Married Lola Graves 6-30-1935
Cain, Jessie A., b. 1-1-1860, d. 3-10-1948, (funeral home marker) Married 1st Mary Harwood 9-30-1883
Cain, Mattie, b. 12-25-1869, d. 1-4-1947, (funeral home marker)
Cook, Inf. Paula, b. 10-24-1974, d. 11-16-1974, (funeral home marker)
Cook, Lola V., b. 6-13-1932, d. 7-30-1960, (cremated) dau. of Carl Breshears & Mary McCoy. Married S
Davis, Mary E., b. 1847, d. 2-14-1935, (funeral home marker)
Delano, Kenneth B., b. 1-24-1942, d. 6-2-1942, son of Daryl Delano & Edith Ragland
Fox, Elisha L., b. 8-14-1860, d. 7-20-1943, son of Newton Fox & Elizabeth Danders, born in SC married
Garner, Maude E., b. 3-10-1879, d. 6-30-1918, dau. of Eli C. McClendon & Martha Bradley
Garner, William Calvin, b. 11-17-1874, d. 3-30-1952, son of Pleasant Garner, Married Maude E. McClendon
Granthum, Emma, b. 1899, d. 4-17-1912, (funeral home marker)
Granthum, Henry, b. 1881, d. 4-15-1960, (funeral home marker) son of Dave Granthum & Laura Massey
Granthum, J. P., b. 1890, d. 5-6-1932, (funeral home marker)
Graves, Bert, b. 2-15-1916, d. 1-28-1988, (funeral home marker) son of Floy Graves & Lydia Fox
Graves, Floyd, b. 4-9-1895, d. 4-13-1978, son of Randolph Graves & Ida Hamilton, Married Lydia Fox
Graves, Jessie, b. 1855, d. 1910, (funeral home marker) son of Gilliam Graves & Delialah Ha
Graves, Lydia, b. 5-18-1901, d. 11-23-1982, dau. of Elisha Fox & Nancy Riley
Graves, Nancy E., d. 11-20-1932, (funeral home marker) 3rd wife of Jessie Graves
Graves, Sherman, b. 12-22-1924, d. 1-10-1987, son of Floyd Graves & Lydia Fox, Pvt. US Army Korea Marri
Harmon, Infant, b. 9-15-1909, d. 8-20-1910, child of Joe and Eugenia Williams Harmon
Harris, Andrew Hardin, b. 2-15-1963, d. 1-19-1991, son of Earl W. Harris & Joan Stokes
Harris, Earl Wayne, b. 1-4-1932, d. 1-16-1986, (funeral home marker) son of Ransom H. Harris & Selma Coc
Harvey, Christie Lee, b. 3-17-1953, d. 3-17-1953, (funeal home marker) dau. of W. P. Harvey & Beulah Graves
Hendrix, Inf. Annie, b. 12-29-1980, d. 1-2-1981, (funeral home marker) dau. of Allan Hendrix and Kelly Bal
Herron, Inf., b. 1901, d. 1901
Ivey, Floyd, b. 10-9-1904, d. 4-21-1983, (funeral home marker) son of James L. Ivey & Bertha Bish
Ivey, Mary, b. 1907, d. 10-17-1923, dau. of James L. Ivey & Bertha Bishop
Ivey, Raymond, b. 4-16-1928, d. 12-25-1984, (funeral home marker) son of Floyd Ivey & Ruth Comstock
Kelly, Carl, b. 1905, d. 5-11-1933, (funeral home marker) son of Frank Kelly & Lillie Breshea
Kelly, Ethel, b. 6-2-1919, d. 9-15-1937, dau. of James T. Kelly & Elizabeth Bishop
Kelly, James Talbert, b. 2-22-1876, d. 5-12-1943, son of Elijah Kelly & Mary Ann Smith hus. of Elizabeth Bi
Kelly, John F., b. 1900, d. 8-11-1927, (funeral home marker) son of James T. Kelly & Elizabeth B
Kelly, John, b. 5-5-1875, d. 11-19-1939, (funeral home marker) son of Elijah Kelly & Polly Ann Arm
Lamb, R. C., b. 4-18-1871, d. 4-27-1938, (funeral home marker)
McCoy, Archie S., b. 1-24-1915, d. 2-18-1976, son of Sam McCoy & Louise Wheeler. Married Mary E. Mille
McCoy, Betty, b. 8-8-1926, d. 5-26-1989, (funeral home marker)
McCoy, Clinton F., b. 1-14-1966, d. 6-11-1982, son of Franklin McCoy & Donna Rains
McCoy, E. Marie, b. 1921, d. 4-18-1928
McCoy, Leoda, b. 12-7-1939, d. 12-2-1964, (funeral home marker) child of Archie McCoy & Mary E. Mi
McCoy, Mary Elizabeth, b. 5-11-1919, d. Living
McCoy, Walter D., b. 3-31-1933, d. 1-13-1990, A 2 C US Airforce
McCoy, Walter T., b. 1918, d. 7-1-1920
McGill, George W., d. 9-6-1883, son of James McGill & Margaret Ann Gray
McGill, James L., b. 3-27-1934, d. 6-31-1966, son of John F. McGill & Ola M. Weaver, Ark. SP 3 Co. C 249 Eng. Consl
McGill, John Fletcher, b. 2-8-1906, d. 12-12-1974, son of James M. McGill & Maggie Cox, married 1st. Lois Gr
McGill, Mike M., b. 3-27-1888, d. 1-10-1965, son of Moses C. McGill & Polly Hardin
McGill, Moses Argus, d. 6-15-1881, son of Moses C. McGill & Polly Hardin
McGill, Moses C., b. 3-9-1857, d. 8-27-1932, son of James McGill & Margaret Ann Gray, Married Mary Sil
McGill, Ola Mae Weaver, b. 12-23-1904, d. 12-1-1992
McGill, Polly Silvania, b. 8-13-1848, d. 5-23-1915, dau. of Lewis Hardin
McGill, Robert M., b. 7-3-1885, d. 2-11-1940, (funeral home marker) son of Moses C. McGill & Polly Hard
Merritt, George Charlie, d. 10-9-1959, (funeral home marker)
Porter, Laura, b. 7-18-1884, d. 4-6-1970, (funeral home marker)
Porter, Lunsford Eugene, b. 1-20-1876, d. 8-20-1955, (funeral home marker) son of Joe Porter & Katherine Tarv
Roper, Ruby Ellen, b. 8-5-1917, d. 2-21-1919
Swanson, Warren, b. 11-5-1921, d. 8-16-1979, (funeral home marker)
Terry, C. W., no dates, (faded funeral home marker)
Terry, Infant daughter, b. 2-5-1956, d. 2-6-1956, (funeral home marker) dau. of Otho Terry & Betty Fowler
Terry, Infant, b. 7-27-1945, d. 7-27-1945, (funeral home marker) son of Otho Terry & Betty Fowler
Terry, Leonard W., b. 4-7-1908, d. 7-14-1953, (caruth marker) son of Jesse Terry & Susie Adams, Married
Terry, Levi Floyd 'Pete', b. 11-26-1911, d. 4-8-1996, son of Jesse Terry & Susie Adams
Terry, Maggie Lane, b. 2-5-1913, d. 2-17-1959, (funeral home marker) dau. of J. O. Outler & Virgie Clenn
Walters, Nancy Jane, b. 10-18-1868, d. 4-3-1942
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