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Lewis Family Cemetery Records
Garland County, Arkansas

Contributed by Joe Mefford, Jun 13, 2004 [dojomeff@cox-internet.com].
Total records = 13.

On private property. Farm owned by Glen and Sharon Davis 1722 So. Crystal Springs Rd. Located approx 3 miles south of US 270 Crystal Springs, AR.

This is a private family cemetery, so permission needs to be acquired to visit the cemetery. It is owned and maintained by Glen and Sharon Davis.

This is a complete reading with the exception of 4 or 5 small markers that cannot be read. One family member was buried there as recently as 1995, but I found no stone for that burial.

I visited the cemetery and read all existing tombstones on Jun 11, 2004.

- Joe Mefford

Fisher, Fannie, b. 5 Apr 1890, d. 18 Oct. 1919
Lewis, Blaine, b. 25 Aug 1884, d. Sep 1972
Lewis, Cora, b. 12 Apr 1896, d. 8 Mar 1968, wife of Blaine Lewis.
Lewis, Edison, b. 23 Jan 1911, d. 5 Nov 1919 (Litlle Rough)
Lewis, Elizabeth, b. 25 May 1853, d. 4 Oct 1825, wife of John M. Lewis
Lewis, Fanny,b. 1 Jun 1814, d. 26 Aug 1903, mother of John M. Lewis
Lewis, G. A., b. 3 Mar 1882, d. 6 Jun 1956
Lewis, Garfield, b. 25 June 1912, d. 28 Jun 1995
Lewis, John L. Jr., b. 31 Aug 1888, d. 8 Apr 1959
Lewis, John M.,b. 24 Dec 1853, d. 29 Oct 1929
Lewis, Lincoln, 1905, inf son of Garfield & Melissa
Lewis, McRae, b. 16 June 1923, d. 5 Jul 1972
Lewis, Rosa, b. 11 Nov 1890, d. 25 Feb 1940, wife of John Lewis, Jr.

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