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Steward Cemetery
Crawford County, Arkansas

Contributed by Jim Winn, Aug 08, 2000 [jwinnfsm@aol.com]. Total records = 62.

The Steward Cemetery is located on the old home place of William Steward. It is in Section 1, Township 10 North, Range 31 West. It is located in the old Lancaster Community. About 5 miles North of Alma, go North on Hwy 282 for 1 2/10 miles, turn left on Lancaster Road ( Old County Rd - 27) and go 1 � miles till you come to Frog Bayou. Do not cross the creek, but turn left under the railroad trestle and continue up the drive to the old rock house. Go to the right of the house through the gate and down the drive alongside the East bank of Frog Bayou for about two hundred yards to the cemetery. Steward Cem is enclosed in a chainlink fence with a wrought iron gate with the name STEWARD on it.

William Steward was born in Connecticut on July 4, 1788. He spent much of his life as a boy in Oswego, N. Y. He fought in the war of 1812, was wounded in the battle of Chipawa and was in Fort Erie when it was blown up. Steward came to Van Buren, Crawford Co, Arkansas in 1836 and purchased land from the government upon which Lancaster was built. He built a home in 1837, moved his family to this land and built the first grist mill and saw mill in the county. William Steward married Phoebe Dean in 1817 and had three sons, Harvey, Alexander and Darwin. Phoebe died about 1830 before they arrived in Arkansas. He married Malissa D. in Indiana.

This file contains all of the visable and known burials with the exception that in the early days of the cemetery, slaves were buried on the west side (creek side) of the cemetery about half way from the front to the back. They were once marked with field stones and some of them still remain.

This listing was compiled on 31 Jul 2000 by Jim Winn, assisted by Kathleen O'Kelley, [kathleen@okelley.org] both of whom are Steward descendants, working for the preservation of this cemetery.

- Jim Winn
8200 Meadow Drive
Fort Smith, AR 72908

Brammer, Emma Green (Steward), b. 18 Apr 1896, Lancaster, d. 29 Nov 1969, Lancaster, w/o Lee P. Brammer
Brammer, Leland Powell 'Lee', b. 27 Nov 1896, Rogers, Benton Co, AR, d. 1 Sep 1980, h/o Emma Brammer
Carlock, Blanche A. (Porter), b. 12 Nov 1893, d. 19 Jan 1970, w/o Joseph N. Carlock
Carlock, Joseph N., b. 14 Feb1900, d. 19 Sep 1971, h/o Blanche (Porter) Carlock
Clark, Frank Elmer, b. 1 Mar 1898, d. 12 Dec 1987, h/o Mattie M. Clark
Clark, Mattie M., b. 7 Jan 1908, d. 5 Jun 1995, w/o Frank Elmer Clark
Cook, ? (boy), b. no date, d. 1 May 1885, Lancaster, Drowned in Mill Pond with Steward boys
Dillon, Adelia, b. 30 Jun 1885, Lancaster, d. 2 Oct 1887, Lancaster
Dillon, Allen, b. 11 Mar 1887, Lancaster, d. 19 Nov 1895, Lancaster
Dillon, Eldridge, b. 3 Jan 1879, Lancaster, d. 19 Mar 1904, Lancaster
Dillon, Fannie, b. 17 Nov 1890, Lancaster, d. 17 Sep 1895, Lancaster
Dillon, Luther, b. 3 Oct 1883, Lancaster, d. 3 Oct 1887, Lancaster
Dillon, Phebe (Steward), b. abt 1860, Lancaster, d. 1 Jun 1917, Lancaster, w/o Robert L. Dillon
Dillon, Robert L., b. 2 Feb 1842, TN, d. 22 Mar 1904, Lancaster, Second h/o Phebe (Steward) Dillon
Gentry, Katherine M. (Steward), b. 4 Dec 1930, d. 21 Dec 1996,
Goins, Autumn Rose, b. No Date, d. abt 1999, ? Mystery Burial
Lloyd, Fannie (Robertson), b. no date, d. no date, Died of childbirth along with child, buried in concrete enclosure. No Marker
Lyons, George, b. 1876, Hancock Co, TN, d. abt 1891, Lancaster, age 15, died of pneumonia
Lyons, Mary (Anderson), b. 1858, Hancock Co, TN, d. Apr 1923, Lancaster
Lyons, Ruth, b. abt 1879, Hancock Co, TN, d. bef 1900, Lancaster
Lyons, Samuel J., b. May 1848, Hancock Co, TN, d. Apr 1923, Lancaster
Neal, James, b. 18 Jun 1793, d. 20 Jul 1868, Lancaster, Capt. 3 Regt. Ga. Mil., War of 1812",
Proctor, Bonnie, b. Apr 1923, d. no date, Lancaster
Smith, Franklin Thomas 'Frank', b. 11 Apr 1913, Crawford Co, AR, d. 22 Aug 1975, Ft. Smith, h/o Velma Smith
Smith, Robert Lee 'Bob', b. 2 Feb 1942, Mountainburg, AR, d. 5 Jun 1994, Mountainburg, AR", h/o Janice (Coleman) Smith
Steward, Adelia (Dillon), b. 28 May 1845, d. 2 Apr 1876, Lancaster, First wife of John Steward
Steward, Adelia, b. 2 Feb 1879, Lancaster, d. 26 May 1880, Lancaster, d/o John & Sarah E. (Lloyd) Steward
Steward, Agness (Ratliff), b. 1830, d. 28 Nov 1868, Lancaster, Second wife of Harvey Steward, s/o Delilah (Ratliff) Steward
Steward, Alexander, b. abt 1820, NY, d. 1853, s/o William & Phoebe (Dean) Steward, Killed in war with Mexico
Steward, Allen, b. 11 Mar 1870, Lancaster, d. 7 Nov 1899, Sacramento, CA", s/o John & Adelia Steward
Steward, Bennie, b. 16 Jun 1877, Lancaster, d. 1 Oct 1877, Lancaster, s/o John & Sarah E. (Lloyd) Steward
Steward, Carrie, b. 18 Jan 1872, Lancaster, d. 5 Nov 1875, Lancaster, d/o Henry & Ella Steward
Steward, Cole 'Cale', b. 6 Sep 1943, Lancaster, d. 18 Jan 1944, Lancaster, s/o Wallace and Ida (Woods) Steward
Steward, Delilah (Ratliff), b. abt 1820, d. 11 Jun 1845, Lancaster, First w/o Harvey Steward, s/o Agness (Ratliff) Steward, Died from an explosion when a powder horn fell into the fireplace.
Steward, Edward Thompson, b. 9 May 1875, Lancaster, d. 1 May 1885, Lancaster, s/o James Ratliff & Talitha C. (Bassham) Steward, Drowned in Mill Pond
Steward, Ella (Tyrone), b. abt 1853, MS, d. 28 Sep 1901, Lancaster, w/o Henry Steward
Steward, Frances 'Fanny' (Presley) Steward, Barfield, b. abt 1831, d. no date, Lancaster, w/o Henry, Third wife of Harvey
Steward, Francis J., b. 27 Sep 1857, Lancaster, d. 28 May 1868, Lancaster, d/o William & Malissa D. Steward
Steward, Gerald Coble, b. 5 Sep 1919, d. 25 Jan 1990, h/o Lela (Childers) Steward
Steward, Harvey Jones, b. 4 Apr 1869, Lancaster, d. 1 May 1885, Lancaster, s/o James Ratliff & Talitha C. (Bassham) Steward, Drowned in Mill Pond
Steward, Harvey, b. 1 Jan 1818, NY, d. 31 Jan 1873, Lancaster, Masons symbol, Husband of Delilah (Ratliff) Steward, h/o Agness (Ratliff) Steward, Third h/o Fanny (Pressley) Steward, Barfield
Steward, Henry, b. 12 Aug 1848, Lancaster, d. 14 Feb 1887, Lancaster, s/o William & Malissa D. Steward, h/o Ella (Tyrone) Steward
Steward, Henry, b. 8 Feb 1827, d. 8 Oct 1855, Lancaster, Masons symbol, First h/o Fanny Pressley
Steward, Ida (Woods), b. 21 Aug1901, d. 5 Nov 1966, Ft. Smith, w/o Wallace Steward
Steward, Jacob Brazine 'Brush', b. 1873, Lancaster, d. 7 Mar 1923, Lancaster, s/o Henry & Ella Steward, h/o Sarah (Lyons) Steward
Steward, James Ratliff, b. 18 Jun 1843, Lancaster, d. 17 Feb 1899, Lancaster, Co. D Texas Cav. C.S.A., s/o Harvey and Delilah (Ratliff) Steward, h/o Talitha Cumi (Bassham) Steward
Steward, Julia, b. 18 Sep 1864, Lancaster, d. 27 Mar 1892, Lancaster, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth (Marshall) Steward
Steward, Lucy, b. 3 Nov 1873, Lancaster, d. 1 Jun 1875, Lancaster, d/o John & Adelia Steward
Steward, Mae, b. 1894, d. no date, Lancaster
Steward, Malissa D., b. no date, d. 29 Feb 1872, Lancaster, Second wife of William Steward
Steward, Robert, b. 28 Dec 1871, Lancaster, d. 28 Jun 1875, Lancaster, s/o John & Adelia (Dillon) Steward
Steward, Samie, b. 25 Dec 1871, Lancaster, d. no date, Lancaster, age 1 Day, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth (Marshall) Steward, Twin of Willie
Steward, Sammie, b. 2 Apr 1876, Lancaster, d. 22 May 1876, Lancaster, s/o John & Adelia (Dillon) Steward
Steward, Sarah E. (Lyons), b. 1877, Hancock Co, TN, d. 1913, Lancaster, w/o J. B. Steward
Steward, Susie, b. 29 Mar 1881, Lancaster, d. 12 Sep 1884, Lancaster, d/o John & Sarah E. (Lloyd) Steward
Steward, Tudie, b. 14 Nov 1883, Lancaster, d. 17 Jul 1885, Lancaster, s/o Henry & Ella Steward
Steward, Vivian Imogene (Gilstrap), b. 19 Jul 1936, d. 7 Mar 1989, w/o Wallace Steward Jr.
Steward, Wallace Cole, b. 31 Aug 1898, Lancaster, d. 27 Oct 1963, Ft. Smith, h/o Ida (Woods) Steward
Steward, William Thomas, b. 9 Apr 1845, Lancaster, d. 17 Sep 1882, Lancaster, s/o William & Malissa D. Steward
Steward, William, b. 4 Jul 1786, CN, d. 23 Nov 1862, Lancaster, h/o Malissa D. Steward, Died when he fell from his horse returning from a trip to Van Buren, AR
Steward, Willie, b. 25 Dec 1871, Lancaster, d. no date, Lancaster, age 1 Day, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth (Marshall) Steward, Twin of Samie
Tole, Tammy Lynn, b. 7 Jul 1977, d. 10 Apr 1991,
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