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Liberty Hill Cemetery
Crawford County, Arkansas

Contributed by Kim Schildwachter [PoohysMom@aol.com] Total records = 47.

Located one mile south of the Washington County Line in Crawford County. Right at the Liberty Forestry tower. Many Washington County residents are buried there. Earliest marker date is 1878 with the Yancy family, but there are about 100 sandstone markers which are very old and probably the earliest., A beautiful cemetery on a hill and well kept.

Copied from "Flashback - Washington County Historical Society" Vol 18 # 2 May 1968

Bailey, Jasper W, Civil War Soldier
Bailey, William M, b.1900, d.1956, WWI
Brown, B J, b.1851, d.1898
Brown, Elisha, b.1824, d.1898
Brown, Elizabeth W, b.1826, d.1885, w/o E. Brown
Brown, J N, b.Oct 2, 1856, d.Apr 23, 1919
Brown, Phoebe, b.Oct 12, 1860, d.Nov 15, 1910 wife
Brown, Sylvonia, d.May 18, 1878 1885, d/o J.N. & P.V. Brown
Collins, James M, b.Jul 4, 1875, d.May 16, 1958
Collins, Pvt. Forrest, b.Jun 8, 1912, d.Oct 17, 1944, WWII
Collins, Pvt. Jonah, b.Mar 28, 1899, d.May 15, 1954, WWI W.VA
Collins, Pvt. Sylvester, b.1897, d.1943, WWI W.VA
Collins, William F, b.Feb 22, 1862, d.Aug 16, 1948
Courtney, Mary Yancy, b.1850, d.1878
Cox, Alma, b.1895, d.1913
Cox, Dorothy Marie, b.1942, d.1943
Cox, Mae, b.1908, d.1919
Cox, Sadie, b.1867, d.1910
Cox, Vina, d.1930
Cox, W S, b.1864, d.1938
Cuzick, Clay Lavon, d.1936, s/o Eugene Cuzick
Cuzick, Lee, b.Nov 12, 1911, d.Jul 14, 1913
Cuzick, Oscar, b.Jun 22, 1882, d.Sep 21, 1950
Cuzick, Rachel Rozeller, b.Mar 22, 1884, d.Aug 18, 1961
Cuzick, Sarah Elizabeth, b.Nov 20, 1885, d.May 9, 1921
Cuzick, Thomas C, b.1804, d.1886, Age 82 yrs, 9 mos
Golden, Merle Percy, b.1924, d.1925
Goldman, Elizabeth M, b.1872, d.1920
Goldman, Rebecca I, b.1865, d.1902
Goldman, W M, b.1865, d.1955
Higginbothan, Don Meritt, d.Oct 12, 1882, Age 2 yrs, s/o V.M. & Clara
Jones, Edward S, b.1876, d.1937
Jones, Luther, b.1888, d.1966
Jones, Miriam, b.1856, d.1925, w/o T.J. Jones
Jones, Nola M, b.1883, d.1961, w/o Edward Jones
Mannan, Bell, b.1902, d.1903
Mannan, Ethel, b.1893, d.1895
McAnelly, Betty, b.1884, d.1901, w/o John
McFarland, William H, b.1840, d.1913
Self, Rebecca, b.1861, d.1882, w/o W.T. Self
Workman, Hannah, b.1878, d.1961, w/o S.W. Workman
Workman, S W, b.1855, d.1926
Yancy, H W, b.1841, d.1890
Yancy, Mary Witt, b.1810, d.1892
Yancy, Meridith, b.1803, d.1898
Yancy, Oscar Arizonia, b.1883, d.1883
Yancy, Thomas Meridith, b.1879, d.1879

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