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Mobley Family Cemetery Records
Rector, Clay County, Arkansas

Contributed by Katy Cross, Feb 04, 2006 [kacross@gmail.com]. Total records = 32.

From Highway 90 (Main Street) in Rector, turn west onto West 3rd Street. Go eight blocks, turn north onto N. Woodland Heights Drive. This will turn into County Road 429 and continue for about 3 miles on County road 429. It will be on the left, on the Mobley farm, in a stand of oak trees about a hundred feet off the road in a cow field.

The farm the cemetery sits on is still owned by the Bill Mobley family. It is private property, visitors should obtain permission from the family before going to the cemetery. The cemetery is in a fenced area in the middle of a cow field, so visiting unescorted might mean a run-in with the bull. The cemetery is kept well mowed, but the field it is in is not and there is no real road across the field.

The cemetery is the burial place for the Mobley family, as well as the connected Knight and Province families and the slave/servant family that worked for them for more than one hundred and fifty years.

The cemetery was started on the land of the Mobley family farm in the 1860s, the oldest marked grave is from 1876 and the most recent from 1949. There are thirty-five legible markers.

Only about two-thirds of the graves are marked, there are many fieldstones marking many graves, but, as it is a private family cemetery there are no complete records of all those interred. The cemetery is no longer used, so the list is complete. I have pictures of each tombstone as well as the cemetery as a whole if anyone wants one.

I have transcribed all existing and legible stones and markers, acquired from my visit to this cemetery on Aug 14, 2005.

- Katy Cross

Brackenridge, Henri Anna K. (Mobley), b. 8 Mar 1872, d. 17 Aug 1899, wife of N.B. Brackenridge, Henri Anna Klugh
Bradsher, Anna C. (Province), b. 27 Aug 1848, d. 21 Jan 1919, wife of W.M. Bradsher
Bradsher, Epp S., b. 12 Mar 1879, d. 17 Sep 1917, colored
Bradsher, Oscar Harp, b. 2 Apr 1885, d. 30 Jul 1887, son of W.C. and A.C. Bradsher
Bradsher, W. M., b. 7 Jan 1843, d. 24 May 1931, age: 88y 4m 17d
Freeman, Emett D., b. 20 Jan 1889, d. 20 Jan 1889, son of P.T. and J.V. Freeman, stone broken
Knight, Jane, b. 1836, d. 1935, s/w husband Mark, mil Fortune "Mother of Mark", and son Moses, this was a colored servant family
Knight, Mark, b. 1816, d. 1916, s/w wife Jane, mother Fortune "Mother of Mark", and son Moses, this was a colored servant family
Knight, Moses, b. 1867, d. 1949, s/w parents Mark and Jane and grandmother Fortune "mother of Mark", this was a colored servant family
Knight, Mother of Mark, b. 1774 d. 1870s, s/w son Mark, dil Jane, gs Moses, her first name was Fortune, this was a colored servant family
Knight, W. R., b. 7 Feb 1842, d. 7 Nov 1918, Father, William
Mobley, Albert L., b. 11 Dec 1835, d. 8 Oct 1892, Mason symbol, Albert Lonzo
Mobley, Annie E., b. 16 Jul 1881, d. 16 Jul 1882
Mobley, Boyd M., no dates, Son of A.L. Mobley
Mobley, Cesar, b. Nov 1875, d. 26 Jun 1905
Mobley, Cullen H., b. 3 Dec 1832, d. 28 Jan 1883,, Cullen Hardeman, s/w wife Martha A. Mobley--her death date is not listed, she remarried after his death and may not be buried with him
Mobley, Judith E. (Knight), b. 5 Aug 1850, d. 29 Feb 1924, age: 73y 6m 24d, middle name Elinora, wife of Albert Mobley
Mobley, Martha A. (Knight), b. 9 Apr 1843, d. no date, Martha Ann "Mattie", s/w husband Cullen Mobley, she remarried to a Joyner after his death and may be buried elsewhere
Mobley, Mary, b. 1850, d. 1878, colored
Mobley, Nannie B., b. 10 Dec 1880, d. 29 Oct 1948, middle name Priscilla, d/o Albert and Judith Mobley
Mobley, P. R. (Bailey), b. 1802, d. 12 Oct 1877, wife of Ransom Mobley, Priscilla Bailey Mobley, matriarch of the Mobley family in Arkansas, stone is broken and leaning against the back of Cullen Mobley's stone.
Province, A. L., b. 27 Aug 1875, d. 9 Jul 1876, Arthur L., on side of William and Candace Province's stone
Province, Candace (Knight), b. 13 Apr 1853, d. 23 Mar 1915, Mother, s/w William A. Province and four children who died young
Province, D. C., b. 20 Jan 1877, d. 1896, Delia Candace, on side of William and Candace Province's stone
Province, L. M., b. 12 Jan 1891, d. 26 Dec 1891, Lela May, on side of William and Candace Province's stone
Province, R., b. 12 Jun 1889, d. 19 Dec 1891, Ruthie, on side of William and Candace Province's stone
Province, William A., b. 8 Jul 1850, d. 16 Oct 1916, Father, s/w wife Candace Province and four children who died young, full name William Andrew "Billie" Province
Province, William Daniel, b. 12 Nov 1873, d. 3 Oct 1960
Toone, Aley P., b. Apr 1900, d. 12 Jun 1900, dau of G. P. and A. V. Toone, s/w mother Aley Toone
Toone, Aley V. (Province), b. 5 Jul 1862, d. 3 Apr 1900, wife of G. P. Toone, s/w dau Aley Toone
Toone, Infant, no dates, infant of G.P. and A.V. Toone, s/w M.B. and another infant sibling
Toone, M. B., b. 14 Nov 1886, d. 11 Jan 1887, dau of G.P and A.V. Toone, s/w two infant siblings
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