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Hill Cemetery Records
Alpine, Clark County, Arkansas

Lat: 34° 11' 25"N, Lon: 93° 22' 27"W

Contributed by Richard Rodgers, Nov 06, 1999, last edited Nov 08, 2007 [rerodgers@windstream.net].  Total records = 77.

Alpine, Arkansas is located six miles from Amity, Arkansas on Highway 8 South. Turn onto Alpine Road across for the Alpine General Store. Stay on main road for 3.2 miles. Look for Hill Cemetery sign, turn right and follow road to the cemetery.

Complied Oct 23, 1999 by Alice Shirley and I.

- Richard Rodgers

Adcock, Melissa Renae, b. 12/8/1967, d. 12/11/1967, daughter of Lindel
Ashbrook, M. J., b. 8/16/1889, d. 3/25/1912, wife of W. P
Ashbrook, William P., b. 8/2/1832, d. 10/15/1919
Bailey, Jessie D., b. 7/3/1849, d. 4/2/1922
Bailey, Willie Ann, b. 12/26/1871, d. 8/10/1914, wife of Jessie D. Bailey
Bell, Hazel R., b. 8/25/1917, d. 4/11/2004
Biggs, John, F., b. 7/27/1904, d. 3/18/1977
Cornutt, Bill F., b. 12/16/1887, d. 1/8/1905, husband of Mary
Dixon, Katy, b. 11/9/1878, d. 8/21/1909, Wife of W. Joe Dixon
Dixon, W. Joe, b. 3/1/1873, d. 2/16/1953
Dwiggins, Arthur Albert Claudusno dates
Floyd, Bessie Eugenia, b. 12/7/1894, d. 1/6/1919
Floyd, Leonard C., b. 5/14/1835, d. 10/12/1911
Floyd, Mary E., b. 10/16/1850, d. 10/15/1911
Garner, Addie, b. 2/7/1885, d. 1/2/1986, m. 2/3/1901, wife of Jessie B. Hill
Garner, Mertie, b. 5/30/1886, d. 2/21/1974, wife of Arthur S. Hill
Hill, A. B., d. 2/27/1993, age: 76yr
Hill, Agnes Jackson, b. 7/31/1902, d. 4/3/1984, m. 8/8/1920, wife of H. O. Hill
Hill, Alvria, b. 5/27/1916, 2/27/1993
Hill, Arthur S., b. 5/15/1881, d. 9/7/1975
Hill, Betty J., b. 2/25/1949, d. no date, m. 3/24/1925, w/o Curtis O. Hill
Hill, Claudius R., b. 7/29/1942, d. 2/11/2005, s/o W. T. & Winnie R. Jackson Hill. HT1, USN, Vietnam
Hill, Curtis O., b. 10/3/1944, d. 10/28/2004, m. 3/24/1965
Hill, David, b. 12/5/1862, d. 1881
Hill, Donald Edwards (Donnie), b. 3/28/1967, d. 11/12/1988
Hill, Ethel, b. 2/28/1911, b. 5/1/1911, daughter of Arthur
Hill, Henry O., b. 11/22/1901, d. 5/3/1992, m. 8/8/1920
Hill, Infant, b. 5/25/1943, d. 5/25/1943, son of H. O
Hill, Infant, b. 9/28/1912, d. 12/10/1913, daughter of Arthur & Mertie
Hill, James F., b. 9/16/1921, d. 11/20/1973, son of Walter Hill. PFC, Army Air Forces, WW II
Hill, Jessie B., b. 2/4/1877, d. 1/16/1971
Hill, Jessie D., b. 10/12/1939, d. 11/8/1963, son of A. B. (car accident)
Hill, Johnny Mack, b. 10/21/1946, d. 9/10/2004, m. 12/9/1966, h/o Betty J. Powell, s/o James F. & Connie Rinkle Hill
Hill, Josephine Hart, b. 1841, d. 1946, wife of Richard Hampton Hill
Hill, Karleton Ray, b. 7/30/1968, d. 2/28/2007, s/o Claudis R. & Shirley Harris Hill
Hill, Martha, b. 1881, d. 1921
Hill, Mary, b. 1/28/1874, d. 5/1/1899
Hill, Matthew, b. 9/15/1881, d. 9/15/1881
Hill, Mirtie, b. 5/30/1886, d. 2/21/1974, wife of Arthur Hill
Hill, Richard Hampton, b. 1835, d. 1910
Hill, Rufus H., b. 12/20/1910, d. 4/20/1966, son of Walter Hill
Hill, Sallie B., b. 9/3/1923, wife of Alvria Hill
Hill, Sam Allen, b. 10/11/1913, d. 12/24/1924, son of Arthur Hill
Hill, Sara Jane Rutledge, b. 1/8/1944, d. 4/25/2005, m. 4/24/1965, d/o Willis & Susie Jane Stone Rutledge, w/o William T. Hill
Hill, Sister, b. 8/28/1911, 10/1/1912
Hill, W. T. (Tomie), b. 6/??/1865, d. 7/??/1901
Hill, W. T. (Tommy), b. 7/16/1908, d. 4/7/1987, m. 6/23/1929
Hill, Walter M., b. 1/14/1872, d. 10/9/1962
Hill, Willaim T., b. 5/12/1944, d. no date, m. 4/24/1965
Hill, Winnie Rebecca Jackson, b. 6/14/1914 d, 7/22/2002, w/o W. T. Hill, m. 6/23/1929
Jackson, Henry Virgil, b. 1/9/1921, d. 4/19/1945, Killed on Okinawa with the 96th Inf. Div
Jester, Isabella Lashea, b. 1/30/2003, d. 1/13/2004
King, Laurel Dennis, b. 12/16/1934, d. 8/9/1988, TSgt, USAF Vietnam
King, Margie, b. 4/2/1935, wife of Laurel Dennis King
Lee, Charles C., b. 8/12/1918, d. 3/29/2005, s/o Harry L. & Addie Hobson Lee
Palmer, Infant Twins, b. 1938, d. 1938, of Page & Estelle Palmer
Pryor, Carl, b. 2/12/1902, d. 3/31/1962, nephew of Maud Jackson
Riggs, Faron D., b. 6/23/1962, d. 1/13/1963, son of Ray
Riggs, Myrtle Thomas, b. age 64-3-17, d. 8/21/1998
Riggs, Philip, b. 2/11/1966, d. 6/16/1976, son of Ray
Riggs, Raymond, b. 3/24/1926, d. 5/26/2005, m. 9/7/1961
Rinkle, Daniel, b. 7/13/1927, d. 6/8/1997
Rinkle, David Wayne, b. 9/2/1946, d. 10/31/1998, USMC
Rinkle, Kenneth A., b. 2/17/1955, d. 9/4/1997
Rinkle, Lessie, b. 6/13/1919, d. 7/??/1920, daughter of Matt
Rinkle, Lorene Harper, b. 8/22/1924, d. 10/26/1998
Rinkle, Matt, b. 4/20/1893, d. 9/14/1925, son of Henry
Rinkle, Shelby Gene, b. 2/23/1945, d. 6/28/1958, son of Daniel & Lorene
Roberts, Lealer, b. 7/2/1904, d. 7/21/1905, dau of Monroe Roberts
Roberts, Monroe C., b. 9/13/1915, d. 4/11/1917, son of Monroe Roberts
Smith, Jannie Lou, b. 1958, d. 11/28/2002
Smith, Warren Eric, b. 9/1/1972, d. 8/25/2004, s/o Jerry Lyn & Kathie Holcomb
Thomas, Florence Chandler, b. 9/15/1898, d. 7/1/1988
Tweedle, M. A., b. 12/11/1836, d. 11/18/1913, daughter of Willie A. Bailey
Watts, Tina A. Hill, b. 5/4/1966, d. 10/22/2006, s/o Curtis Oliver & Betty Crawley Hill, w/o John Watts
Wilson, Jane, b. 3/10/1850, d. 4/4/1908
Younger, W. D., b. 12/10/1872, d. 12/8/1917

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