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Garner Cemetery Amity, Clark County, Arkansas
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Garner Cemetery Records
Amity, Clark County, Arkansas

Contributed by Richard Rodgers, Nov 06, 1999, last edited Oct 13, 2011 [rerodgers@windstream.net].  Total records = 23.

Take Highway 8 from Amity, Arkansas toward Arkadelphia. Go approximately 3 miles to Walker Road. Turn right onto Walker Road and continue until you see the sign for Garner Cemetery. (Approximately 2 miles).

I walked and read this cemetery in fall of 1999.

- Richard Rodgers

Chancellor, Walter E., b. 3/21/1908, d. 4/1/1908, son of J. E. & N. C. Chancellor
Garner, Baby, son of Lee & Meda Garner
Garner, Barbara Lea, b. 8/30/1949, d. No date, m. 1/4/1965
Garner, Cal Henry, b. 5/10/1900, d. 10/28/1904, son of H. L. & M. Garner
Garner, Issac, b. 3/10/1850, d. 7/29/1925
Garner, James Edward, b. 7/13/1945, d. 8/10/1998, m. 1/4/1965
Garner, Jesse Morgan, b. 11/10/1853, d. 11/23/1930, m. 1/7/1877
Garner, Jesse, b. 3/15/1825, d. 1890
Garner, Jessie James Jr., b. 10/17/1929, d. 7/29/1933
Garner, Jessie James, b. 6/11/1894, d. 6/14/1968, m. 2/6/1924
Garner, Lasca Lee, age 52 years, d. 5/1/1992
Garner, Lillie, d. 4/14/1897
Garner, Margaret J., About 22 years of age, d. 2/28/1823, wife of J. P. Garner
Garner, Margaret, d. 2/26/1883
Garner, Mart
Garner, Mary Adeline, b. 10/10/1857, d. 7/9/1903, m. 1/7/1877, wife of Jesse Morgan
Garner, Monroe, b. 4/12/1870, d. 1873, brother of Jesse Morgan Garner
Garner, Ophellia Deaton, b. 6/29/1906, d. 9/24/199, m. 2/6/1924, wife of Jesse James Garner
Garner, Susan E., b. 4/9/1844, d. 11/28/1902, wife of Isaac Garner
Garner, Zeffie S., b. 12/27/1904, d. 2/13/1905, daughter of M. & H. L. Garner
Jones, Infant1, son of Tom & Ona Jones
Jones, Infant2, son of Tom & Ona Jones

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