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Dillard Cemetery Amity, Clark County, Arkansas
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Dillard Cemetery Records
Amity, Clark County, Arkansas

Contributed by Richard Rodgers, 1999, last edited Nov 17, 2007 [rerodgers@windstream.net].  Total records = 66.

From Amity take 182 West 2.6 miles to Scott Road. Turn right onto Scott Road and go 3.1 miles to cemetery. After you turn onto Scott Road and go 1.9 miles it will become Sugar Loaf Road. Just continue on and you will come to the cemetery.

Although this cemetery is still being used it is not very well maintained, and I did not find out who owns it. This cemetery was probably named after Judia Dillard since her grave is the oldest.

I walked and read this cemetery in the summer of 1999, updated Nov 09, 2007.

- Richard Rodgers

Burchfield, Elmer, b. 6/29/1881, d. 2/6/1934
Burchfield, Floy Louise, b. 4/17/1924, d. 10/27/1925
Burchfield, Infant, b. 1/13/1933, d. 1/13/1933, son of Elbert and Zonia Burchfield
Burchfield, J. C., b. 12/3/1922, d. 12/8/1922, son of Claude & Bertha
Burchfield, J. F., b. 2/7/1884, d. 5/5/1917, husband of Hassie
Burchfield, Joe M., b. 9/26/1926, d. 8/30/1978, m. 1/3/1948
Burchfield, L. E., b. 12/3/1922, d. 12/8/1922, son of Claude & Bertha
Burchfield, Lillie, b. 8/31/1898, d. 5/6/1988, wife of William Vernon Slaughter
Burchfield, Martha, b. 11/29/1875, d. 4/27/1940
Burchfield, Maxine, b. 11/8/1929, d. 9/18/1996, 1/3/1948, wife of Joe Burchfield
Burchfield, Richard, b. 11/7/1896, d. 5/17/1906, son of Rev. A. M. & Mary
Burchfield, Rufus A., b. 11/29/1876, d. 11/15/1957
Burchfield, S. E., b. 12/25/1845, d. 12/17/1898
Burchfield, S. H., b. 2/17/1878, d. 4/9/1930
Burchfield, Viola, A., b. 7/24/1887, d. 6/1/1959, wife of Rufus Burchfield
Burchfield, Zonia, b. 5/31/1908, 4/19/1993, d. 12/27/1927, wife of Elbert
Cady, Grace Chloe Harvey, b. 2/18/1907, d. 7/21/1988
Collins, Sara Francis, b. 11/6/1919, d. 1/28/2001
Dillard, Judia, b. 12/11/1826, d. 1/18/1869, wife of W. F. Dillard
Dillard, W. F., b. 5/14/1833, d. 3/21/1883
Fitzgerald, Ida M., b. 10/22/1883, d. 9/27/1885
Harvey, Billy T., d. 6/22/1958, age: 10mo 10da
Harvey, Dewey S., b. 1898, d. 1898
Harvey, Dora, b. 1907, d. 1909
Harvey, Ella Lois, b. 1913, d. 1914
Harvey, Fred, b. 7/26/1905, d. 4/10/1909
Harvey, George W. Jr., b. 9/10/1927, d. 5/7/1993
Harvey, George, b. 11/4/1867, d. 1/17/1940
Harvey, Infant, b. 1969, 1969
Harvey, J. L., b. 12/13/1839, d. 1/26/1928
Harvey, James T., b. 10/20/1880, d. 1/10/1961
Harvey, Jonny, b. 7/7/1903, d. 7/8/1903
Harvey, Joyce Ann, b. 1966, d. 1967
Harvey, Lydia M., b. 10/18/1879, d. 9/27/1930, wife of Wade Harvey
Harvey, M. J., b. 10/21/1842, d. 9/25/1906, wife of J. L. Harvey
Harvey, Margarette Ann, b. 10/25/1936, d. 8/21/1996
Harvey, Mark Edwards, d. 1/18/1963, Age 7 yrs 5 mos 5 days
Harvey, Martha E. (Mattie), b. 4/1/1874, d. 3/24/1963
Harvey, Mattie, b. No Date, 1957
Harvey, Nettie, b. Age 61-2-3, d. 9/21/1965
Harvey, Richard D., b. 8/5/1965, d. 8/13/1965
Harvey, Virgia Lambert, b. 3/22/1888, d. no Date
Harvey, Wade H. (Rev.), b. 11/7/1876, d. 1/7/1959
Hawkins, Ida O., b. 3/25/1877, d. 3/22/1973, wife of John H. Hawkins
Hawkins, John H., b. 12/23/1874, d. 9/9/1961
Jester, James A., b. 3/24/1897, d. 11/18/1919, Husband of Nellie Jester
Keley, G. W., b. 1845, d. 1925
Keley, N. E., b. 1860, d. 1926
Looper, Anna Bea Burchfield, b. 12/19/1917, d. 1/12/1968
Raley, Charles L., b. 11/18/1856, d. 1/26/1981
Raley, Infant, b. 12/1887, d. 12/1887, son of Charles L. Raley
Raley, Sarah E. Dillard, b. 9/16/1859, d. 9/12/1950, wife of Charles Raley
Raley, Sarah Linna, b. 9/2/1881, d. 1/20/1901
Raley, Thomas E., b. 4/18/1893, d. 5/23/1949, Ark Pvt. 151 Inf. 38 Div. WWI
Slaughter, Alford, b. 1915, d. 1930
Slaughter, Beulah Illene, b. 1912, d. 1912, daughter of W. V. Slaughter
Slaughter, Floyd W., b. 4/4/1922, d. 8/8/1989, U. S. Army WWII
Slaughter, Gracie, b. 1893, d. 1912
Slaughter, Haskell R., b. 11/18/1932, d. 3/13/2007
Slaughter, Infant Twins, b. 1910, d. 1910, of R. T. & Darcy
Slaughter, William Vernon, b. 3/7/1885, d. 1/6/1973
Southland, L. Marie Slaughter, b. 3/26/1928, d. 9/28/1983
Spradlin, Bessie Harvey, b. 10/25/1922, d. 2/18/2000
Still, Carl Green, b. 10/25/1904, 10/31/1981
Still, Junior C., b. 4/13/1936, d. 2/26/1937, son of Carl Still
Still, Oma Harvey, b. 7/23/1908, d. 2/26/1984, wife of Carl Still

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