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Decipher Cemetery (Rawles Hill Cemetery) Gurdon, Clark County, Arkansas
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Decipher Cemetery Records (Rawles Hill Cemetery)
Gurdon, Clark County, Arkansas

Lat: 33° 54' 01"N, Lon: 93° 06' 19"W
T7S R20W Sec 1

Contributed by Karla Craig, Jun 10, 2007 [karla1964@sbcglobal.net]. Total records = 75.

In Gurdon take E Main Street and follow it turning right onto Red Springs Road. Continue southeast for about 3 miles. Just before Dodgen Road you will see the cemetery on the top of a hill to the left.

This cemetery is called Rawles Hill Cemetery on some maps. I am not sure if that was it's name at one time, or just a name some gave it named after the area.

I don't know who owns the cemetery, but the Dodgens are the caretakers. It is still used and in very good condition.

I visited and read this cemetery on Oct 18, 2006 using a digital camera. This includes all existing and legible stones and markers.

- Karla Craig

Aylor, Birdie "Dollie" Vaden, b. 1-31-1887, d. 8/3/1977, double w/ Oscar Jerome
Aylor, J. E., b. 3-30-1871, d. 5/2/1960
Aylor, Oscar Jerome, b. 7-28-1874, d. 10/4/1963, double w/ Birdie "Dollie" Vaden
Aylor, Selma Ann, d. 1/1/1946, daughter of Arthur & Wana
Aylor, Ussery S., b. 1915, d. 1971
Aylor, Walter "Sonny, b. , d.
Bauer, Estel Lavene (Dodgen), b. 10/4/1936, d. no date, married 1-7-1955, double w/ Francis James
Bauer, Francis James "Hank, b. 9/28/1931, d. no date, married 1-7-1955, double w/ Estel Lavene
Cagle, David Wayne, b. 2/8/1943, d. 5/1/1981
Cagle, Janice Carolyn, b. 1/9/1947, d. 1/2/1987, Mother
Cook, A. B., d. 4-??-1905
Cook, Bobby Carroll, b. 1/22/1952, d. 9/25/1981, age: 29yr
Craig, Allyssah Annette, b. 12/25/1998 Arkadelphia, Ar, d. 1/25/1999 Little Rock AR, age: 1 mon, d/o Laura E. Craig & Danny Baker
Craig, Kelli Annette, b. 4/24/1981, d. 11/14/1997 Little Rock AR, age: 16yr, d/o Gerald L. Craig Jr. & Elizabeth Hill
Currey, Justus Dave, b. 7/7/1912, d. 8/14/1988, married 5-11-1944, double w/ Lucy Bryant
Currey, Lucy (Bryant), b. 9/20/1916, d. no date, married 5-11-1944, double w/ Justus Dave
Currey, Maggie Sue (Smith), b. 10/3/1919, d. 10/16/2000, married 4-26-1936, double w/ Paul Davis
Currey, Nora Ellen (Nixon), b. 9-27-1876, d. 3/21/1967, double w/ William Creed
Currey, Paul Davis, b. 4/7/1911, d. 11/19/1984, married 4-26-1936, double w/ Maggie Sue (Smith)
Currey, William Creed, b. 4-18-1870, d. 9/2/1957, double w/ Nora Ellen
Dempsey, Alta J (Stauffer), b. 7/14/1934, d. no date, married May 30,1953
Dempsey, Mickey J, b. 6/27/1931, d. no date, married May 30,1953
Dodgen, Charlie William, b. 5/16/1918, d. no date
Dodgen, Edward Thomas Jr., b. 10/27/1929, d. 5/5/2000, married 2-7-1954, double w/ Eva Samantha
Dodgen, Edward Thomas, b. 3/12/1908, d. 5/7/1989, double w/Eunice Gills
Dodgen, Eunice (Gills), b. 2/2/1906, d. 3/25/1997, double w/Edward Thomas
Dodgen, Eva Samantha (Irvin), b. 9/2/1929, d. no date, married 2-7-1954, doubel w/ Edward Thomas JR.
Dodgen, Kate, b. 1885, d. 1978, Mother
Dodgen, O. E., b. 1884, d. 1938, Father
Dodgen, Paul, b. 1912, d. 1998, Brother
Edwards, Arthur Ray, d. 7/27/1924, Arkansas Pvt 1cl 4th Engrs, 39 Div
Green, Edward John, no dates, Arkansas S1 USNR World War II
Hammonds, Carl W., b. 9/23/1904, d. 7/19/1976, Our Loved Dad, double w/Florence Dodgen
Hammonds, Florence (Dodgen), b. 11/6/1913, d. no date, married 4-12-1931, double w/Carl W. Hammonds
Hanigan, Era, b. 12/31/1909, d. 11/20/1963
Hanigan, P. H., b. 11-24-1887, d. 7/28/1964, h/o Era
Hathcoat, Joe Paul, b. 1/8/1972, d. 6/30/2006, son of Danny & Peggy (Currey) Hathcoat
Julian, H. A., b. 8/23/1914, d. 9/2/1914, son of J.H. & Lina Julian
Marks, Cornelia Lou, b. 2/23/1938, d. 3/1/1938
Marks, Elgy Humphries, b. 1/26/1911, d. , married 4-28-1937, double w/ Mary Cornelia Aylor
Marks, Mary Cornelia (Aylor), b. 1/26/1911, d. 10/15/1993, married 4-28-1937, double w/ Elgy Humphries Marks
Marks, Mollie, b. 1881, d. 1971
Marks, R. Garland, b. 1880, d. 1957
Measles, Jessie F., b. 6-14-1888, d. 9/24/1984
Merkel, Edward D., b. 2-12-1886, d. 2/20/1975, married 1-9-1910, double with Fannie Reynolds
Merkel, Fannie (Reynolds), b. 9-21-1888, d. 1/30/1965, married 1-9-1910, double w/Edward D
Merkel, Infant Son, b. 8/29/1939, d. 8/29/1939, Infant son of Lawrence & Nancy Merkel
Merkel, Lawrence E., b. 8/17/1911, d. 12/12/1976, double w/ nancy A.
Merkel, Nancy A., b. 12/5/1910, d. 5/2/1989, double w/ Lawrence E
Montgomery, Jewel P., b. 10/5/1913, d. 10/19/2002, married Jul 20,1935, double w/Marie Merkel
Montgomery, Marie (Merkel), b. 6/2/1916, d. no date, married Jul 20,1935, double w/ Jewel Montgomery
Morris, Blanche E., b. 1901, d. 1969
Morris, Ernest E., b. 3-5-1897, d. 6/24/1974
Partridge, Edna E. (Marks), b. 7/13/1941, d. 1/22/1963
Robbs, Aileen (Dodgen), b. 5/12/1922, d. 3/21/1990, double with Roy S. Robbs
Robbs, Roy S., b. 11/2/1914, d. 9/19/1987, double w/ Aileen Dodgen
Stauffer, Anna B., b. 1909, d. 1988
Stauffer, Bert, b. 12/2/1900, d. 12/27/1983
Stauffer, infant, b. 11/12/1932, d. 4/27/1933, son of Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Stauffer
Stauffer, Jack, b. 11/12/1932, d. 4/27/1933, son of Mr & Mrs Ld Stauffer
Stauffer, Jesse E., b. 1898, d. 1982
Stauffer, Richard, b. 8/18/1926, d. 5/28/2003, married 2-4-1950, double w/Thomasene Stauffer
Stauffer, Thomasene, b. 6/24/1932, d. no date, married 2-4-1950, double w/ Richard Stauffer
Tatman, Robert Lee, b. 1896, d. 1975, PFC US Army WWI
Tibbs, L. D. "Sonny", b. 8/1/1934, d. no date, married 4-5-1952
Tibbs, M. "Snooks" (Stauffer), b. 8/12/1928, d. no date, married 4-5-1952
Tibbs, R. D. "Dick" (Richard), b. 1954, d. 1974, Pvt US Army 11-15-1954 To 12-11-1974
Wertherington, Mary Rebecca, b. 1886, d. 1913
Wilson, Beverly Anita, b. 7/29/1950, d. 11/6/1986
Wilson, Doyle O., b. 2/4/1920, d. 1/22/1990, PFC US Army World War II
Wilson, Eula B. Wilson, b. 11/15/1927, d. 12/3/2003, Wife Of Doyle O Wilson
Wilson, Helen, b. 1/30/1948, d. 12/5/1998
Wood, Daniel Mermon, b. 9/10/1915, d. 2/10/1973, Tec3 US Army WWII 9-10-1915 To 2-10-1973, h/o Flora Mae Dodgen
Wood, Flora Mae (Dodgen), b. 2/6/1916, d. 9/10/1995, married 11-9-1936, w/o Daniel Mermon Wood
Wood, Julia (Dodgen), b. 9/18/1906, d. 9/23/1989

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