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Reeltown Baptist Church Cemetery Records
Reeltown, Tallapoosa County, Alabama

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 32.

Contributor's Index:

The Church is located off Alabama State Highway 49 North on the south side of Reeltown. It is also can be further located directly between the Reeltown High School Gymnasium and the Football Stadium.

Elder, Carrie C., b. 1875, d. 1948, Elder Grave Plot, [RW]
Elder, Howard C., No dates, Son, Elder Grave plot, [RW]
Hammock, Columbia Anna, b. 09/11/1869, d. 09/15/1942, [RW]
Hammock, James M., b. 02/14/1875, d. 02/21/1948, [RW]
Wilkerson, Annie W., b. 11/21/1883, d. 03/11/1958, [RW]
Wilkerson, Charles Egbert, b. 09/09/1878, d. 04/07/1924, [RW]
Wilkerson, Charles Lovelle, b. 11/10/1917, d. 11/17/1940, [RW]
Wilkerson, Charles, b. 04/26/1887, d. 05/12/1917. s/o F.B. & L.A., [RW]
Wilkerson, Clinton L., b. 10/11/1911, d. 03/03/1912, Son, s/by Eugenia, Johnnie & Stella, [RW]
Wilkerson, Elder H., b. 11/09/1885, d. 01/09/1942, [RW]
Wilkerson, Eugenia E. Elder, b. 03/18/1849, d. 06/22/1908, w/o Irwin S., [RW]
Wilkerson, Eugenia, 01/28/1925, Only date on marker, plot with Clinton, Stella & Johnnie, [RW]
Wilkerson, Frances A., b. 07/17/1823, d. 10/18/1907, w/o Samuel J Webster, [RW]
Wilkerson, Geni, b. 1860, d. 1946, Elder grave plot, [RW]
Wilkerson, Irwin S., b. 07/08/1837, d. 08/16/1903, [RW]
Wilkerson, Johnnie L., b. 07/18/1885, d. 01/13/1968, plot with Stella, Clinton & Eugenia, [RW]
Wilkerson, Kate B., b. 10/03/1887, d. 07/16/1911, [RW]
Wilkerson, Len, No dates or other data, [RW]
Wilkerson, Lovonia Ann, b. 01/06/1855, d. 08/25/1936, w/o Barrto, spelling correct, [RW]
Wilkerson, Lula, b. 1867, d. 1941, [RW]
Wilkerson, Mamie L., b. 09/29/1891, d. 04/25/1911, w/o Chas Egbert, nee Johnson, Mamie and Nannie were beleived to be cousins or possibly sisters. Also listed as wife of C. E. Wilkerson. Died age 21, [RW]
Wilkerson, Marion Curtis, b. 06/14/1914, d. 07/23/1953, s/grave plot with Annie, [RW]
Wilkerson, Mary Samantha, b. 09/09/1832, d. 12/22/1906, [RW]
Wilkerson, Maulde Stough, b. 10/01/1882, d. 04/05/1971, [RW]
Wilkerson, Miledge C., b. 09/25/1825, d. 02/19/1901, [RW]
Wilkerson, Mollie, b. 1881, d. 1945, s/w W.G., [RW]
Wilkerson, N. A., b. 10/20/1820, d. 07/24/1901, w/o M.C., possibly N. Araminda, M.C. probably Miledge C, s/graveplot with Timmie, [RW]
Wilkerson, Nannie Lou, b. 10/18/1874, d. 12/22/1900, w/o C. E., nee Johnson, did in childbirth at age 26, [RW]
Wilkerson, Stella T., b. 08/09/1886, d. 04/05/1971, w/o Johnnie L, plot with Johnnie, Clinton & Eugenia, [RW]
Wilkerson, Timmie, b. 11/07/1857, d. Oct (unreadable), s/graveplot with M.C., [RW]
Wilkerson, William Gilbert, b. Sep 09, 1878 - 1951, s/w Mollie, Believed to be the twin brother of Charles Egbert Wilkerson, [RW]
Wilkerson, Winfred B., b. 12/27/1883, d. 05/15/1911, [RW]

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