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Fellowship Baptist Church Cemetery
Randolph County, Alabama

Contributed by Al Ragsdale, March 2000 [alandelaine@juno.com ]. Total records = 254.

Fellowship Baptist Church Cemetery
Located in Sec.10, R13E, TS22S
County Rd 16 @ County Rd 75, between Roanoke and Rock Mills, Al

Surveyed Apr.17, 1975 by Vernie Perry & Edgar Stevenson. Written permission was given by Mr. Edgar Stevenson to Mr.John B.Stevenson to transcribe from the Fellowship Baptist Cemetery article, printed in the Randolph Herald.

........, Patricia Ann, d.Jan 28, 196?
Aldredge, Adell, b.1890, d.1968
Aldredge, Cleave D., b.1890, d.1974
Aldredge, J.H., b.1855, d.1922
Aldredge, W.J., b.1879, d.1923
Aldric, Ora Lee, b.1909, d.1913
Aldridge, Harrison Munroe, b.1894, d.1965
Aldridge, Lewis "Pete", b.1919, d.1928
Aldridge, Mittie Jo, b.1928, d.1945
Andrew, Infant, b.1918, d.1918, "son of Joseph H."
Andrew, Infant, b.1930, d.1930, "dau of Mr and Mrs Joe F."
Annie Dell, b.Oct 1910, d.Dec 1910
Arnett, Flossie Earline, b.1926, d. living
Arnett, Frances Berta Hudson, b.1866, d.1949, "wife of J.J."
Arnett, James Hilliard, b.1923, d. living
Arnett, James Lamarr, b.1947, d.1966
Arnett, Jesse J., b.1865, d.1929
Autrey, Aldeice S., b.1930, d., ss Willie
Autrey, Willie D., b.1924, d.1970, ss Aldecie
Ayers, Chris H., b.1877, d.1934
Ayers, Lois Irene Echols, b.1893, d.1949
Bishop, Annie Odle, b.1901, d.1909, "dau of D.L.&M.P.
Bishop, C.L., b.1875, d.1919
Bishop, Claud Jefferson, b.1903, d.1904, "son of D.L.&M.P."
Bishop, David Lloyd, b.1860, d.1951, ss Martha
Bishop, Enoch D., b.1848, d.1931
Bishop, James Jefferson, b.1868, d.1926 "Father", ss May, "son of Stephen Bishop and Elizabeth Strickland"
Bishop, Jesse, b.1898, d.190?, "Thy hands are clasped upon thy breast, we have kissed thy lovely brow, and in our aching hearts we know, we have no darling now."
Bishop, Jewell P., b.1891, d.1895
Bishop, Martha Permelia, b.1875, d.1960, ss David
Bishop, Mary Alice, b.1870, d.1950
Bishop, Mary E., b.1882, d.1966
Bishop, May B.Young, b.1885, d.1971 "Mother", ss James, "dau of John Samuel Seegar and Nancy Chatham
Bishop, Rebecca Burden, b.1854, d.1946, "Mother"
Bixhop, Joseph Wheeler, b.1886, d.1912
Borders, B.D., b.1878, d.1946
Borders, Larry, b.1944, d.1944
Bradshaw, Annie Lane, b.1896, d., ss Richard
Bradshaw, Charlie Frank, b.1906, d.1906, "son of Mr and Mrs C.V.", "How much of light, how much of joy, is buried with a darling boy"
Bradshaw, Emma G., b.1869, d.1951 "Mother"
Bradshaw, F.M., b.1818, d.1886 "born near Lincolnton, N.C. and died Randolph Co, Ala"
Bradshaw, J.L., b.1884, d.1912
Bradshaw, John T., b.1853, d.1904
Bradshaw, Lane, Jimmie D., b.1898, d.1901
Bradshaw, Margaret Virginia, b.1915, d.1917
Bradshaw, Mark, b.1866, d.1947
Bradshaw, Mary G.Lane, b.1858, d.1925, "wife of J.T."
Bradshaw, N.C., b.1826, d.1902, "born in Jasper Co, Ga and died in Randolph Co, Ala"
Bradshaw, Ollie Strickland, b.1873, d.1951
Bradshaw, R.A., b.1856, d.1894, "born in Harris Co, Ga and died in Randolph Co, Al"
Bradshaw, R.G., b.1907, d.1956
Bradshaw, R.J., b.1867, d.1930
Bradshaw, Richard Gordon, b.1885, d.1962, ss Annie
Bradshaw, Sarah Elizabeth, b.1857, d.1945
Bradshaw, Vera B., b.1890, d.1971
Breed, P.B., b.1802, d.1876
Burdett, D.J., b.1838, d.1920
Burdett, Doris, 1932, only date
Burdett, Lou, b.1845, d.1909
Burdett, Oscar D., b.1876, d.1906
Burdette, Eva, no dates, ss Olen
Burdette, Olen, no dates, ss Eva
Burdette, Parker, b.1900, d.1965
Burgess, Eunice Freeman, b.1902, d.?, ss Guy
Burgess, Guy Handley, b.1908, d.1960, ss Eunice
Chafin, Sinie, b.1834, d.1903
Crouch, Arthur S., b.1893, d.1896, "son of J.A.& Jessie"
Crouch, Bessie Lou, b.1888, d.1968
Crouch, Essie A., b.1885, d.1924
Crouch, James A.C., b.1865, d.1820, ss Jessie B.
Crouch, Jessie B., b.1855, d.1895, "Mother", "wife of J.A.C."
Crowder, Daniel G., b.1818, d.1886
Crowder, Dorah, b.1878, d.1896
Crowder, Frank M., b.1899, d.1912, "Weep not, father and mother, for me for I am waiting in Glory for thee"
Crowder, Judson H., b.1871, d.1949
Crowder, Marion H., b.1884, d.1942
Crowder, Mary A., b.1842, d.1908, "No pains, no grief, no anxious fear can reach our loved one sleeping here"
Crowder, Mary, b.18.., d.1850 (?)
Davis, Alfred G., b.1896, d.1933
Davis, Armenta H., b.1874, d.1944 "Mother"
Davis, Curtis Lester, b.1928, d.1928
Davis, Ed, b.1866, d.1920
Davis, Mr.B.H., b.1898(?), d.1948
Dormon, Ada V., b.1883, d.1961 "Sister"
Dormon, Alzada, b.1874, d.1949
Dormon, Dovie, b.1877, d.1969 (Note:Payner and Dormons in same family plot)
Dormon, Henry J., b.1948, d.1912 (must be 1848 but 1948 is what the text read)
Dormon, Pyreen C., b.1848, d.1929 "Mother"
Echols, Fannie Dewberry, b.1887, d.1931 "Mother" wife of W.J.
Echols, James J., b.1864, d.1947
Echols, Mahaley Almon, b.1865, d.1943
Echols, Phineas, b.1912, d.1918
Echols, William Jackson, b.1888, d.1951 "Father"
Effie T.Cooper, b.1885, d.1944, "wife of B.D."
Fincher, W.G., b.1904, d.1950
Getter, Gustie A., b.1848, d.1927
Gladney, Mary J.Ussery, b.1823, d.1899 "Married Thomas Gladney"
Gladney, Thomas, b.1818, d.1886
Henry, Henrietta, b.1865, d.1949
Henry, Martha Jane, b.1857, d.1938
Henry, Mary J., b.1850, d.1899, "wife of T.E."
Henry, Noah Clifford, b.1859, d.1938
Henry, Rev.William H., b.1880, d.1939
Henry, Susie Jane, b.1889, d.1954
Hudson, Annie Bell, b.1890, d.1969
Hudson, Annie Pearl, b.1889, d.1963, ss Charlie
Hudson, Cecille(?), b.1818, d.1879, "born in Hancock Co, Ga and died in Randolph Co, Ala"
Hudson, Charlie Calvin, b.1884, d.1961, ss Annie
Hudson, Dovie Pearl, b.1910, d.1910, "dau of C.L. & D.T."
Hudson, Dovie Pearl, b.1910, d.1910, "dau of C.L. & D.T."
Hudson, Durrell L.Sr, b.1914, d.1947, "Ala PFC US Marine Corp"
Hudson, Durrell, b.1853, d.1871(?)
Hudson, Eloise Freeman, b.1914, d.1956
Hudson, Hudson, b.1872, d.1891
Hudson, Ida Dell, no dates
Hudson, John Tom H., b.1875, d.1957
Hudson, Joseph Thomas, b.1841, d.1929
Hudson, Kiziah Woody, b.1846, d.1919
Hudson, Lorene, b.1874, d.1899
Hudson, Lula Belle, b.1865, d.1938
Hudson, M.Van, b.1837, d.1909
Hudson, Martha Margaret, b.1840, d.1915
Hudson, Martin Van, no dates
Hudson, Olin 1881, d.1881
Hudson, R.H., b.1893, d.1926
hudson, Willie Mae, b.1912, d.1916, "dau of C.C. & A.P."
Hudson, Zebier Van, b.1891, d.1943
James Andrew, b.1911, d.1915
Jarrell, H.E., b.1818, d.1862, "wife of T.J."
Jarrell, J.T.(?), b.1802, d.1865(?), "daughter of Z.J.(?)& M.J.(?)Jarrell"
Knight, A.M., b.1824, d.1895
Knight, Calvin J., b.1872, d.1937, ss Cona(Dona?)
Knight, Dona E., b.1882, d.1969, ss Calvin
Knight, Eunice S., b.1906, d.1973, ss Hoyut
Knight, Hoyt L., b.1905, d.1971, ss Eunice
Knight, J.T., b.1853, d.1863
Knight, Jessie C., b.1910, d.1949
Knight, Martha A., b.1838, d.1917, "Faith points to hope, above the skies where valuous friendship never dies"
Knight, William J., b.1898, d.1950
Lane, C.A., b.1835, d.1889
Lane, Charles Alex, b.1864, d.1932, ss Mary
Lane, Claudie Crouch, b.1889, d.1919
Lane, H.T.(?), b.1833, d.1874
Lane, Infant, 26 May, 1929 only date, "dau of Mr.&Mrs T.?"
Lane, Infant, b.1860, d.1878, "dau of C.A.& W.C."
Lane, Jesse Sr., b.1808, d.1876
Lane, Jesse, b.1851, d.1931 (Note:Trammell and Lane in same family plot)
Lane, Mary Jane, b.1870, d.1946, ss Charles
Lane, Miss Jane, b.1838, d.1911
Lane, Mrs.C.A., b.1838, d.1917
Mapp, Emory A., b.1901, d. living
Mapp, Paulean P., b.1884, d.1930
Mapp, Rosie Lee M., b.1907, d.1968
Mapp, Rufus Lee, b.1919, d.1968
Mapp, W.N., b.1878, d.1942
Matthews, Mary Martine, b.1858, d.1886, "wife of D.W."
Mayfield, W.D., b.1859, d.1875, "son of W.S.&E.D."
Maygfield, E.D., b.1841, d.1888, "wife of W.S."
Milner, Francis J., b.1835, d.1918, "wife of J.H."
Milner, Jessie Laura, b.1862, d.1949
Muldrew, Lawrence, b.1886, d.1886
Muldrew, Lonnie, b.1886, d.1886
Norred, Billy Ray, b.1942, d.1966
Norred, Dalph C., b.1905, d.1963
Norred, Jo Ann Cook, b.1938, only date
Parker, Bob, b.1869, d.1950
Parker, Nonnie, b.1870, d.1947
Payner, Infant, b.28 Jun 1911, d.28 Jun 1911, "dau of J.W. & A.V."
Pearson, Roy, b.1911, d.1959
Phillips, Amon A., b.1907, d.1962
Phillips, Bernie Marie, b.1894, d.1915, "dau of J.H. & J.M."
Phillips, J.H., b.1869, d.1921
Phillips, J.R., b.1855, d.1902
Phillips, James A., b.1861, d.1917
Phillips, John D., b.1932, d.1913 (may be 1832 but text read 1932)
Phillips, Julia M., b.1871, d.1962
Phillips, Minnie F., no dates
Phillips, Will N., no dates
Pounds, W.M., b.1885, d.1911., "son of M.T.&M.J."
Ragland, F.M., b.1850, d.1922
Ragland, Junior, b.1934, d.1934, "son of H.H."
Ragland, son of W.E., no dates
Rushton, Serilda J., b.1855, d.1931, "Faithful to her trust even unto death"
Russell, E. Millie(?), no dates
Russell, John, no date, ss with Miss Tiny
Russell, Maggie, no date
Russell, Melissa R., b.1828, d.1906
Russell, Miss Tiny, no dates
Russell, Ophelia, no dates
Russell, Thomas, no date
Sharman, J.V.(?), b.1878, d.1909
Sharman, Miss Bell, b.1877, d.1907, "wife of J.W."
Shepard, Any A., b.1852, d.1917
Shepard, Inez, b.1934, d.1935
Shepard, J.Douglas, b.1877, d.1933
Shepard, Jessie J., d.16 Jul....., "age 73 years"
Shepard, Jim, d.1956
Shepard, Mark, died 8 Feb 1938, only date
Shepard, Susan L.Phillips, b.1859, d.1901
Sheppard, Gordon Wayne, b.1944, d.1945
Sheppard, Henry Gordon, b.1888, d.1959
Sheppard, Henry Grady, b.1907, d.1961
Sheppard, Mary Sue, b.1910, d.?
Sheppard, Sally E., b.1855, d.1933
Sheppard, W.J., Elder, b.1855, d.1916
Smith, Amos, b.1879, d.1954
Smith, Ernest Jefferson, b.1888, d.1968
Smith, Florence Voncile, b.1911, d.1928, "dau of Mr.& Mrs.E.J."
Smith, Hal P., b.1890, d.1956, ss Winnie
Smith, Lilla Bell, b.1882, d.1930
Smith, Winnie P., b.1894, d.1867, ss Hal P.
Stallings, Nancy, b.1811, d.1889
Stallings, Willie T., b.1881, d.1882, "son of J.W.&S.S."
Strickland, Madison J., b.1868, d.1946
Strickland, Susan Lee, b.1879, d.1937
Strickland, Woodrow W., b.1912, d.1958 "Ala CBM US Navy WW II"
Sudduth, Elbert, b.1812, d.1865 (Masonic emblem)
Sweet, Miss Martha, d.10 Aug 1814 (?)
Trammell, Mary Jane L., b.1879, d.1969
Treutt, Flossie, 1909, only date
Turner, E.B., b.1878, d.1940
Turner, Mrs.S.F., b.1846, d.1901
Turner, T.M., b.1850, d.1907
Ussery, Adolphus L., b.1885, d.1886
Ussery, Alice Mae, b.1907, d.1969
Ussery, Aminenc Alexander, b.1845, d.1934, "He followed by the wayside and the angels took him home"
Ussery, C.J., b.1847(?), d.1868, "married Miss Bettie Sudduth Dec 23, 1867, was member of the Missionary Baptist Church;lived a pious member of the same, was resigned to death and bid all farewell;crossed his hands on his breast and breathed his last in his 19Th year"
Ussery, Calvin Jones, b.1816, d.1884 (Masonic emblem)
Ussery, Carl, b.1893, d.1956 "Pvt 322 Inf Wildcat Div WW II"
Ussery, Cornelius L., b.1856, d.1937
Ussery, Dora Holder, b.1884, d.1940
Ussery, Hermur E., b.1878, d.1907
Ussery, J.H., b.1867, d.1916
Ussery, Joseph A., b.1898, d.1918, "His words were kindness/his deeds were love/his spirit humble/he rest aboe"
Ussery, Lemuel A., b.1876, d.1910
Ussery, M.J., b.1871, d.1921
Ussery, Margie Elizabeth, b.1858, d.1910
Ussery, Mary L., b.1850, d.1918, "She saw the lifelong cherished hopes fulfilled, and caught the welcome of a Saviour's love"
Ussery, Milton J., b.1853, d.1930
Ussery, Molly, b.1873, d.1951
Ussery, Myrtle Ann, b.1893, d.1966
Ussery, Nancy A., b.1817, d.1905, "wife of C.J."
Ussery, Odius, b.1882, d.1938
Ussery, Robert L., b.1875, d.1936, ss Susie
Ussery, Susan E., b.1846, d.1906
Ussery, Susie G., b.1884, d.1962, ss Robert
Ussery, Thelma, b.1909, d.1931
Vines, Anne T., b.1870, d.1949, ss John
Vines, John V., b.1870, d.1953, ss Anne
Vinson, E.A., b.1869, d.1870, "dau of H.W. & S.R."
Vinson, S.R., b.1847, d.1873, "wife of H.W."
Wood, Princes, b.1890, d.1915, "wife of J.J."
Wright, Acie Lewis, d.19 Jan 1969, "age 24 yrs 4mos 13 dys"
Wright, Lydia, b.1881, d.1971
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